We Hold Panel Discussion on 2014 Tundra

Chicago-Auto-Show II

As part of the world debut of the 2014 Tundra at the Chicago Auto Show next week, Toyota will conduct a panel discussion following the press conference from 11:00 to 11:30 AM (CST).

The panel discussion will be moderated by editor of PickupTrucks.com, Mark Williams, and will include Toyota Division Group Vice President and General Manager Bill Fay, Tundra chief engineer Mike Sweers, and Calty Research and Design president Kevin Hunter. Both the Tundra press conference and panel discussion will be broadcast live via Livestream.

We're hoping to have both the live webcast of the press conference (9:00 AM CST) and panel discussion (11:00 AM CST) here at PickupTrucks.com, but if you are having any problems with the links, it can also be seen at http://new.livestream.com/toyota.

Feel free to send along suggestions on what we should ask the panelists, then watch to see if you use your questions during the webcast. 

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Ask how much its going to cost. I want to buy the first one off the line!

I don't care what Toyota does they will Never outsell the domestics! That is just pure fact!


I don't think thier is to outsell the domestics, but it seems your a little uptight about it.

If Toyota made the same changes, Ford did to the F150 rear springs. Toyota would haul more, tow more etc... But they did not, they stayed with the standard ase springs. Toyota is the better truck no matter what it is up against! Period.

Ask if they are going to come out with a 3/4 ton so I can pull my 5th wheeler with it....

Baby Tundra ... ahem Hilux? :) Please ask about the diesel option. Should go hand in hand with Datfish's question about a 3/4 ton.

Please tell me it doesn't have those stupid outdated 70's square wheel openings like that new Silverado does. I think Toyota may be poised to take third spot behind Dodge and Ford in sales if they do this right. I've given up on Chevrolet after seeing the next truck. It's as bad looking as the last one with a slightly improved interior. I'll be interested to compare this new Toyota to the Ford and Dodge offerings.

The Tundra people did boast about outselling or trying to outsell GMC Sierra in 2007 and 08. I remember the articles and the comments. The fact is the only reason people paid attention to the Tundra back then was because it was new. Now it will be different because it is just a refresh. Let's face it. Everyone knows if you want a real truck you don't buy a Tundra. Sorry if that dissapoints Toyota fans.


please ask them what cab/bed configurations will be avaliable as well as the rear gear, transmisson, and engine options will be avaliable. ask them what they think of chevy's new powertrain, ram's new powertrain, and ford's current and future powertrain. ask them what their goals and expectations for this next truck are. ask them if the tundra will have more truck like design. MOST IMPORTANTLY, ASK THEM IF THERE WILL BE A TUNDRA HD!!! it has been long rumored a tundra hd with a catapillar diesel will debut. reg cab standard and long bed, double cab standard bed, and crew cab standard and short bed is what everyone else is going to. 6 speeds are most likely, but need to be across the board, v6 included. the v6 needs can be downsized, but at least powered up. the 4.6 can be dropped, but 5.7 needs about 425 hp. a diesel needs to show up, and the hd does as well. tell them to put the damn cartrige filter up top or go back to spin ons. the oil changes on the new tundras are a pain.

I am exicted to see this truck. My last five trucks have been Dodges and have been disappointed with the last three, two hemis and one cummins. If this truck looks good I will buy one.

I would like to know GVWR ,GCWR, and towing specs .

@Len ,why post hate on a thread that is asking for questions to be asked ot truck conference? Imediatly you ramble off about Tundra not being #1 in pick up sales, really, i doubt Toyota cares about being #1 in sales of trucks, they are #1 sales globaly ,so they have no worries,or like in your case..insecurities.

With Ram being bought out by the Italians and the HD made in Mexico, I am looking to other trucks and possibly a Tundra for my next truck.

Will there be a Raptor Fighter or Power Wagon equivalent?

Will it have a fully boxed frame this time? if not, they would never be able to use the same type of rear springs as the F-150.

It looks like the new one will have a more pronounced hood bulge and grille(somewhat like RAM) and more squared-off headlights.

I can already see the tacoma face on this truck.

Will the interior be upgraded? Will there be a real limited slip differential? Will there be any new technology or engine improvements to get better gas mileage?

I echo the call for frame questions (although based on the pics the frame looks to have the same rivets under the cab like the current triple tech frame...so ), diesel questions, and the annoying oil filter housing.

When you all Goolge the 2014 Tundra, look through the row of photos and it appears that they have a photo with the truck fully exposed already, it looks much like an oversized Tacoma, the overall appearance seems more conservative in appearance than the outgoing model, but overall not bad.

@Josh - I had heard that Cat was moving away from road going engines but when I looked at their site, they are now offering their own line of commercial trucks for dump/mix vocational trucks.
I seriously doubt that Toyota would outsource a diesel engine since Hino is their commercial arm.
Big Al from Oz had said that Toyota has partnered with BMW on diesels for personal use applications in Europe. They've also partnered for hybrid technology, and sports car co-development.

Mark, please ask them if the Lexus 8-speed automatic will be available behind the 5.7-Liter (or larger displacement) V8?

With RAM going to an 8-speed behind a V6, I would hope that Toyota would see fit to put that silky-smooth 8-speed of the LS460 behind the Tundra's 5.7. It's beefy enough. We've towed an 8X12 twin-axle flatbed loaded with sod behind it and had no problems.

I don't hold out any hope of an enlarged 5.7 to, say, 6.2 liters, because of CAFE and the greenweenies, but were that to happen it would really put me in the mood to trade my 2009 Limited for a new one, if Toyota offered a 6.2 V8.

"Toyota taking the 3rd spot behind Ford and Ram in sales." Right, like that's really going to happen.

@raymondj, Have a link? All I can see is photoshopped Tacoma front end and one Camry front end as a joke.


"I don't care what Toyota does they will Never outsell the domestics! That is just pure fact!"

Uhh, Toyota actually does outsell the domestics!

That is why Toyota is the global number 1 in auto and truck sales!


Real truck is a matter of personal opinion... typical rubbish speak from haters!

Thanks Mark.

I'm hoping for a backward compatible e-locker.

oxi, If you can talk about what is real off-roading, real off-roader, real off-road trails, real off-road rides, why can he not do the same on real trucks? Like you said, it's just a matter of opinion. I guess you only want people to agree with you and anyone who does not is a "hater."

I would like to see them model the styling after their 1985 trucks. I don't care for the tacoma look. I think that would be a mistake.

oxi, The question is concerning only trucks, as this is a truck site. Toyota doesn't sell near as many trucks as the domestics do. Yes, cars included is another story, but that is not the question.

As for a question. As them if they are ever going to build a true truck. For us that actually use our trucks as trucks and not grocery getters, anything less than a 3/4 ton is simply incapable. And don't give me the BS that you pulled the space shuttle, because I could hitch up 6 of my horses and do the same thing.

Toyota's current trucks are mostly only popular with the hippie and tree hugger crowd. To ever compete with the domestics they will need to go mainstream and square up the body. They will also need to get tougher with up to 1 ton capacities.

I always maintained in the 80's that if Toyota ever came out with a truck it would really hurt the domestics. Toyota only failed in the styling department. Square and tough is the only thing that will compete with the domestics.

Steven | Jan 31, 2013 3:48:32 PM

Who cares if Tundra is number 10? As long as it is available for the thousands of people who bought one and liked it.

I've had Ford, GM, Dodge, GM and Ford. Now I drive a 2009 Tundra and my next one will most likely also be a Tundra. Maybe even a 2014 model. I like it better than anything else I've owned.

Please ask them, if they will have a HEMI and air ride as option.

The frame is a big deal for me too sinces the main cause of the ride issues, I couldnt carry the little one on concrete highways without ending up with puke in the back seat. So is the frame improved? Will be be called quadrasupertech or some silly marketing name for a frame design from the 80's? (yes my 80's s10 even had a boxed front and c channel rear frame)

Id love to go back to a Toyota pickup for my daily driver. And those that say well its a truck, my old 2001 F250 crew/7.3/4x4 rode better.


What is a real off-roader and real off-road ride? Please define. Is this some kind of technical term or opinion?

4.0 V-6,Direct Injection,VVT,Super Charged 350 hp,8-Speed Auto,And Way Better Interior,Thanks.

Ask them if they plan to make a Raptor-fighter.

@zviera -
The 5.7 IForce is already more "modern" than a 5.7 Hemi. Do some research. The "Hemi" badge on the side of your truck is just a trademark. That Trademark has also been attached to a 4 banger Mitsubishi engine.

I wonder how much vitriole would of been directed at Toyota if they used air-ride and it generated a "suspension overheat" warning light when you used it off road?

That same overheat warning has been occuring on Jeep vehicles with air ride.

I love my Tundra 4.6 DC 4x4 BUT It really needs better MPG. I don't tow, just haul a lot of messy stuff in the bed: 1.why can't Toyota offer different axle ratios?Can we get a 3:55 or 3.42??
2. Will they offer a "Rambox" type of option? Or maybe under the bed like the Titan? Just today I was out in the cold wind trying to rearrange the tools and the tie downs under the rear seats. I could get a toolbox-but with a 6.5' bed a box soaks up a lot of room. 3. How about a standard cargo management rail in the bed? 4. Can we get a manual transfer case lever? I miss that (in my old Chevy trucks.) Having said the above..it really is a good truck and the quality is way ahead of the GM trucks I have owned-and building it gave some Texans work!

@Ken - when Oxi figures that out he'll get back to you....... Actually, he'll spew a bunch more BS and then when he realizes he is full of crap will deny ever saying it. Then when he gets cornered for spewing crap, he'll call us all "haters" and "jealous", and then he'll hide in his BOTT cave. When the heat dies down he'll resurface to start the cycle all over again.

Ask them,can you just leave,get lost with your recall a day lemons !

I bought a new 08 Tundra pile of junk and a new 08 Corolla for the wife,a total nightmare !

Tell Toyota people to repay me for my lost money and wages for buying their inferior products !

Shame on me for trusting the journelists,saying Toyota's are reliable/trouble free.That is the biggest load of B.S !

Mechanics even say American cars/trucks need less maint over its life span ,and I would agree !

So much for Toyota's high resale value..I lost $15,000 in trading them both in,both were 1 year old and under 10,000 miles !!

Toyota,never again !

What did they use as a bench mark in developing this new truck? F150?, Ram?, Silverado?

How they plan on drawing Domestic brand loyal truck buyers into buying a Tundra?

Ask them to build a truck that is TRULY the most powerful, longest lasting, most reliable, most capable, most comfortable, most efficient, and best value! Don't just tell us it is!!!

Posted by: Jay | Jan 31, 2013 2:26:22 PM

That was not me!

@Josh and Lou

There will be no chance of a Cat on road diesel from here on out. Rather than meet the strict teir 4 on road emissions they bowed out of the market. The Trucks you see on Cats website are rebranded International Paystars? They are an International truck though. Navistar bought the C15 tooling from IH and put their electronics and emissions on it. They have yet to make that engine clean enough to actually run on the road.

Don't Toyota have enough small diesels in their inventory to bring one over and keep it in house. That is the way its going with Over the road too. All truck manufacturers are making their own diesels as stock now. Other makes, like Cummins an option.

@toyotas are lemons

A wee bit dramatic dont you think? Not to mention you statement is riddled with lies. If you had a bad experience with toyotas that's to bad. But I can guarantee that I can find plenty of people who bought a domestic pick up and a domestic car for "the wife" and have planty of problems.

With all you whining you're more suitable for a Kia soul.

Ask them when will they discontinue this joke of a full size truck...which it is not.

rusting frames, poor fitting seats..mirror set back to close to the doors, guages you cannot see thru the steering wheels.

I think it was made for orientials not for grown men.

And the award for being a xenophobic bigot goes to Scott. Congratulations for showing the rest of us what inbred trailer park trash sounds like.

@Jeff, I am far from being a tree hugger and those I know who drive Tundra's here in WV are not "tree huggers" either.

Too bad that this site is ruined by the vocal minority of juvenile idiots that need to make up for their small manhood by brand bashing.

Why even camo it? Heck, the 2014 GM twins are out of the closet. Atlas Concept? The 2014 Tundra prototype is just a mild update of the current truck and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's a 'truck', girls (look it up).

The constantly updated '99 thru current Super Duty is headed for 20 years old and that's perfect. It's doors still look sharp. Real trucks (medium duty and up) redesigns are on 20 year cycles. Buyers of cute cars demand a complete redo every 4 years. Pickup trucks? Girls?

oxi never said anything about off-roading in a Tundra!

Don't be picky, just be happy with a major refresh!

Toyota doesn't need a Heavy Duty because most people who own one do not use the payload everyday or pull trailers everyday! You're wasting a lot of money owning one!

I see too many Heavy Duty trucks just driving around town EMPTY with NO trailers!!! HELLO. Buy a real car if your not going to use it every day!


If you want comfort, buy a car!

Honestly that is why most buy full-size pickups, to have that extra room to relax and chat on their smart phones when they're supposed to be working and driving...

All I see are Heavy Duty trucks that go down the highway and do nothing. They are luxury toys for their owners, and nothing more!

@Jason L,

My Corolla goes off-roading everyday, it's called parking on my driveway!

@ Durastrokinns,

Toyota outsells CM (China Motors, formally called GM) in heavy trucks, so again what are you talking about?

@Sandman4x4- what is so special about the F150's rear springs, that you keep mentioning them?

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