We Hold Panel Discussion on 2014 Tundra

Chicago-Auto-Show II

As part of the world debut of the 2014 Tundra at the Chicago Auto Show next week, Toyota will conduct a panel discussion following the press conference from 11:00 to 11:30 AM (CST).

The panel discussion will be moderated by editor of PickupTrucks.com, Mark Williams, and will include Toyota Division Group Vice President and General Manager Bill Fay, Tundra chief engineer Mike Sweers, and Calty Research and Design president Kevin Hunter. Both the Tundra press conference and panel discussion will be broadcast live via Livestream.

We're hoping to have both the live webcast of the press conference (9:00 AM CST) and panel discussion (11:00 AM CST) here at PickupTrucks.com, but if you are having any problems with the links, it can also be seen at http://new.livestream.com/toyota.

Feel free to send along suggestions on what we should ask the panelists, then watch to see if you use your questions during the webcast. 

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I feel jealous, I don't drive a Tundra aka Real truck. My RAM has coil springs at the rear end and it's so embarrassing, all the time I take somebody to the rear seat I hear like smooth this car is driving, almost like a limousine and how fast and precise it is without any shaking when driving curvy roads. I want to get a real truck like my friend Tundra has. When I was sitting at the front, I could feel the kicks to my back on nicely paved road. Reminder, that I am in the real truck. I didn't even try to sit at the rear seats. That would really say Take it red neck , this is real truck you sitting in!
Well, next time Tundra is going to be mine.
It's always slower than HEMI, but we all know, that real truck is not for racing. And I think, that RAM dropped the balls with the new 8 speed trany, because it's going to be even faster and more efficient. Real truck eats all the gas and grass beside the road on the way to the site and not take just a sip.
My RAM is just a poser I am embarrassed with.

@ Big al
800kg is 1763lb

@elvira/zveria or TRX4 Tom or Hemi V8 or whom ever else you are.

1. If you read my comment it stated 800 odd kgs. It wasn't a definite measure. And yes, I'm very proud of you. You are quite accurate that 800kgs is 1763lbs.

2. We had a bit of a stoush a little while ago, why don't you post on some site like Bananas in Pyjamas/Super Heros, something more akin to your aptitude/character.

It's also funny that TRX4 Tam re-appeared the same time/date (including time zones) as you did.

TRX4 has knowledge but lacks IQ (intelligence) to use that knowledge as a tool. He is a savant, a learned idiot, just like you, and the other Fiat/Ram fanboi's.

@ someone

I would argue that (some) of our 1/2 tons are overbuilt relative to a "world" pickup, but may have a softer suspension, and could handle more.

For example, the all new Ranger/BT-50 has a GVW similar to my 1/2 ton Tundra. However, so they have comparable components to deal with that similar weight?

Tundra has 13.9" front brakes; Ranger has 11.9"
Tundra has 13.6" rear disks; Ranger has 11.6" DRUMS (WTF?!)
Tundra has a 10.5" rear axle; Ranger has a 9" rear axle
Tundra has 5 14mm studs with a large PCD; Ranger uses 6 12mm with a smaller PCD (not as strong)
There are probably other examples.

I am not trying to bash the Ranger, but point out that many 1/2 tons may be used primarily as a passenger vehicle, but still have stout components.

I have thousands of miles on my Tundra with payloads around 2500lbs. To prepare for this, I replaced the stock tires with E rated and installed Timbren overloads. At this weight, I have done mild offroading but have probably never driven over 70 MPH.

Granted, I don't do that everyday--if I did, I would probably have an F350.

A savant should read "a learnered idiot" not " a learned idiot".

You are correct, but I wouldn't say US 1/2 pickups are overbuilt.

You also have to look at the empty weight of the vehicles and general use of the vehicles. Over here SUV versions of our mid sizers have discs all round.

Drums aren't necessarily bad either. They are in fact better at stopping heavier loads. My BT50 is exactly the same as a Ranger and the rear drums are over 12". It stops as well as my SUV with discs all round.

Discs are superior under constant breaking because of cooling.

Larger diffs, again look at the empty weight of the vehicle and loaded weight.

I don't know if your V6 pickups run the same diff as a 6.0 litre V8 pickup.

Manufacturers don't design a ute/pickup as if it is continually working to a maximum capacity or our utes and pickups would be built like MDTs/HDTs or tractors.

Braking ability would be comparable to your 1/2 ton pickups, bcause of the weight differences.

The biggest difference between our and your pickups is the chassis/suspensions and safety.

@Big al
What's so funny that some other guy lives in the same
time zone like me. Can you explain it to me please? Before you do, let me tell you, I am not alone in Alberta and we have more trucks then you have kangaroo.

@elvira or zveria or TRX4 Tom or Hemi V8 or whom ever else you are.

You might be related to Lou:) coming from Canada.

@Bigal with small truck
I don't have relatives in Canada, but at least 5 more guys with the same point of view like me. That's really encouraging and makes me happier.
On the other hand, there is nobody like you. You are unique, alone with your ideas nobody supports in here and definitely nobody to me.
So please find some kangaroo forum ,where somebody would listen to you, because your ideas doesn't work for NA market and I am the only one who little understand you at this forum. That's only my advice.


I just think you have to be reasonable. With five 200 lb adults, you still have 650 left over. That is a reasonable amount for cargo in a half ton that is fully loaded with overweight passengers.

If the person is going to carry so many adults and more than 650 lbs of cargo on a regular basis, they are going to adjust their purchase accordingly. Max tow gives you an average of 300 lbs more payload. HD Payload can add another 300 to 500 lbs on top of that. If you expect much more than that, you don't need a half ton, and are being totally unreasonable.

A supercrew can seat up to 6. But I like to think of the seating capacity like the towing capacity. Technically it can seat up to 6 but it will seat 4 comfortably. I don't see 3 200+ lbs men sitting across the front and 3 200+ lb mean sitting in the rear on long trips on a regular basis. Realistically you will at most have 4 at 200 for 800 meaning you have 850 lbs left in a non-max tow truck. This is reasaonable and this is a half ton (1000 lbs) afterall.

@elvira or zveria or TRX4 Tom or Hemi V8 or whom ever else you are.
This forum isn't about teams. You fanboi's try and make it a team effort. I view this as engineering, manufacturing, some politics etc. There are many more on this site with my views on what this site is all about, not necessarily what I like or think.

This is good as it educates me and hopefully I can educate others to see what I see.

I'm not a fanboi, so if you have 4 other bed partners concerning Fiat Ram then how good is your judgement when all you do is to try and belittle other brands or even the positive aspects of other brands.

It's okay to like a brand, but as I once wrote when your perception of a product becomes a belief then your ability to make better judgement is impaired. This is constantly displayed by your other names you post under, maybe you are lonely and have created a group of psuedonyms to play with and agree with you.

Look beyond the Fiat Ram brand name, you'll be amazed there is a bigger world out there. And maybe you might like other products.

You would be surprised how many in NA would love to have our pickups, its ashame that their are trade barriers in place to reduce this opportunity.

But constantly brand bashing isn't condusive to good debate. It displays your limited capacity to interact on an adult level.

Good bye.

@Paul - I thought I was being reasonable. CrewCab 1/2 tons don't have big cargo capacities. Mine is listed as 1540 and if you ad max tow/load it goes up to 1810. That is a 270lb difference in weight. That is a 2010 5.4 with 3.55 gears SuperCrew 4x4 6.5 box.
The other 1/2 tons aren't that far off in a crewcab. They have an advantage of no long box which gives 100 lb more capacity. That in itself shows another aspect of the "not really for work" nature of 1/2 ton crewcabs - the 5.5 foot box. It is even more telling when they subtract for the added box lenght instead of increasing capacity.

It has been an interesting discussion and I do see your point.

@Bigal with small truck.
I did my research and have chosen RAM.
This is the best truck for me and for my needs. I am not going to buy what you want me to. Definitely not a smaller truck from Australia for double of money. Your trucks are small and pricing sucks.
There is nothing you can do. You are wasting your time at this forum talking BS over and over nobody listen.
I really hope you meant Good bye and we won't hear from you anymore. Please find some forum in there and discuss your overpriced polytrucks to make you happy again.

@Zveira - since when is the validity of one's opinion based on popularity? You sound like some parents at my children's school who get pissed off if their kid didn't get a Valentine's card from everyone else.
I agree with most of Big Al's comments and if I disagree I can do so in a manner that doesn't involve bashing. That stems from mutual respect. If one wants their opinion respected then one must respect the opinion of others.
Why is that ideal completely alien to most of the sheepherder's on this site?

Just read his childish comments calling me idiot and many different names right in here. I don't have respect for people like that and don't have respect for you.

still looks like a tin can to me.

@Lou--I agree with your and Big Al's assessments of the crewcab and the load capacities. Most of us that have crewcabs, including me, bought one to have the passenger capacity and a bed to haul items in but nothing too heavy. As with everything when you buy a truck you make compromises as to what you need the most and what you need the least. If hauling heavier loads was the most important thing to me I would buy a single cab 3/4 ton truck. Get the truck that most meets your needs as you have Lou with your sons and dog and as I have.

Ask them when the hybrid is coming out.

Ask them when they're going to start giving their loyal buyers what they want and stop trying to kowtow to the rednecks?

hey guys i think EVERYONE is missing a point about GVWR. the occupants count as 150lbs. a piece as toward payload is concerned so of course there is a safety measure in place here, if not like you guys say you would be over very easily. i'll give an example.............

My 2010 CM tundra 4x4 5.7 whose payload is for simplistic terms 1500lbs. and towing capacity 10,100lbs. Myself and 4 adults and one 11 year old kid. coolers (2 of them one with food one with drinks) a bunch of luggage and fishing gear. In tow behind the truck a 95 20' Lund Tyee I/O with a 4.3 mercruiser on a tandem axle trailer. boat and trailer weigh in at approx. 4500 lbs. OK, so calculations tell me probably 350lbs. in the bed, 4 adults is 600 lbs. plus a kid we'll call 75lbs and approx 450lbs. tongue weight is 1475lbs. which is within limits. NOW, actually i weigh 210, my best friend 265, his dad 235, dads buddy 185 and the kid 110lbs. the bed still has approx. 350 lbs. and the boat we'll still say 450lbs. (more than likely its 650 with gas and gear) so now were at 1800lbs. The facts are this setup going north on I75 at 70-80 MPH i still got 13.5 mpg and the back of the truck wasnt sagging the slighted bit. just removed the rake from the front and i was able to reach down to the left of my steering wheel and adjust my headlights like a didnt have a load at all, how many can truly say that they achieved that while REALLY traveling those speeds............. safely??? these GVWR's are givin as a guideline to make it easier and as a safety measure. For reference of overdoing it i have loaded 76 8x8x16 medium weight cinder blocks in the truck as well which probably totals OVER 2300lbs. and with one other passenger. the truck could have cared less as it didnt bother it the slightest bit.

Test, i had 15- 16 items to improve tundra but it didnt get posted. will try this test before i retype it all again

Items to improve Tundra:

1) LARGER FUEL TANK at Least 35gals
2) Reduce over boosted power steering.
3) Put an on Center notch in power steering
4) Bed storage like in Tacoma
5) Thicker sheet metal. These trucks dont get good fuel mileage, cant we add a little more steel to the sheet metal? Im afraid to have anyone lean on truck or when i wash the roof have to be real careful where i place my balance hand.
6) better fuel mileage. My 1970 GMC with a 350ci engine( 5.7L) with a 4.10 rear end got 11-15mpg. 40 Years later my 2010 Tundra Dbl cab with 5.7L gets 14-17mpg. that is less than a 20% improvement in 40 YEARS. That is a joke for progress. This goes for all the mfg not just toyota.
7) DO NOT make any changes to the AC system. It is the best in the business. If Toyota changes the ac system and it performs any less than in my 2010 Tundra, i will NEVER buy another tundra. I think toyota is running some non-freon product in other vehicles and heard it performs poorly / substandard.
8) Remove the round binnacles at the dash. Those round silver tubes make it hard to get the info one wants from the gauges with a quick glance, its like looking through a bunch of tubes or pipes that stick out to obstruct view and it takes too long to get the info one wants, not good taking the eyes off the road long imo. I think these round binnacles are just for styling and are not very functional at all. I may remove mine at some point. Plus with just a flat surface, much easier to keep clean.
9) Incorporate the ideas from the new Chevy truck for center console charging station and device holder / stand.
put in multiple 12v plugs, usb and at least one 120v outlet and little trench trough to hold a phone, ipod etc like in the new chevy, a great idea design imo. Also put this idea in either the bucket seat or bench seat configuration. And or put all these charging ports in the center console.
11) 6.5 ft bed on the crew cab model
12) Lower ride height
13) Taller gear ratios like a 3.55 or 3.42, 3.31 for better hwy mileage and less rpms
14) Improve the touchy gas pedal. Stiffen it up and remove the lag when one steps on the pedal and the engine responds. Why is it that the old throttle linkage and cables going to old carburetors responding more quickly then all this drive by wire stuff?
15) Change windshield design or add a gutter on drivers side. Every time i wash the windshield with ww, the fluid runs to my driver's side window and makes it hard to see my mirror. That doesn't happen on the passenger side.
17) What happened to the sliding center console lid on the newer trucks? I will swap mine out if a buy a new tundra.
18) Mount trailer plugs above bumper not below as currently
19) Longer square hitch tube receiver
20) Horizontal round tab eyes for trailer chains vs the almost vertical tabs on current factory hitch.
21) Thicker sheet metal and doors to have that vault like closing sound (thud) that german vehicles have. Its a truck not a prius, cant you put some steel in it ??

To all the bashers and fanboys, the above can apply to almost all the other trucks as well. I just want to improve my next tundra since i think it is the best truck out there for the $$ i paid.
If any of the others had these features and RELIABILITY and RESALE, they would get my purchasing dollars. My friends know all the research i do and many have followed my choices.


1. bigger tank is a definite
2. not sure of your issue with the power steering i love mine. EPS would be great as long as they dont put a woosie unit on it like ford did.......... people want to plow snow and i have no clue how ford missed that one
3. relates to #2
4. bed storage would require a Sheet molded composite bed like the tacoma and then all you'll here from the haters on this site is "the bed is plastic junk" all the while the SMC bed is MUCH stronger than the metal bed.
5. the truck gets great fuel economy compared to a properly equipped truck by another manufacturer. maybe toyota should offer some more dumbed down models like the others that arent really made to work but get 2 mpg more. thanks i'd rather have a truck that tows 10,100lbs AND i can get 19.6 running 75 mph.
6. refer to 5 i covered both
7. i have NEVER heard a single complaint of AC systems not working well on any toyota. i can assure you every single one i turn on in the 90-100 degree heat blows ice cold air.
8. i agree its not easy to see through the tunnel gauges from the passenger side.................... i dont mind them at all, i actually prefer them but it seems as if more people i hear dont like them so maybe a change is needed (and i believe it is).
9. i'm not sure what tundra you have i'm assuming a 40/20/40 bench because my center console truck has PLENTY of room for ipod and phone charging places. i have rear dvd so my truck has 2 12v in front of me 1 12v outlet in my console and a 110v ac on the back of the console. also to note my truck has bluetooth which stores my entire phonebook, nav. usb port aux jack bluetooth multimedia streaming (music plays from phone or ipod-pad through bluetooth and my steering wheel controls control that device) also the truck with 402040 bench if you have the right package has a 12v plug under the center seat. you have a place to sit your phone in the back of the center seat when folded down and a 12v plug is on the back seat side in between the cup holder...... not sure the problem your having with this option, but i hope they make it better for you.
10. bed bounce was solved awhile back. my CM doesnt have this problem, but i'm sure they made it even better
11. TOTALLY agree i want a 6.5 ft crew max as well! dont look for it though. it takes about 45 million to certify another frame to accomplish this. i was told if they used the dbl cab long bed frame the CM would have a 7 ft bed........... i say build it! but i doubt it.
12. WHY would you want the ride height lowered? i like having more ground clearance! i bought a truck and i take it off road.
13. if they give alternate gear ratios i HOPE they dont mislead customers like Ford, GM, and Ram do. (explanation; they make the standard ratio the one that gets the fuel economy rating and then OPTION the lower ratio for towing purposes and then the EPA fuel ratings ARENT FOR THAT TRUCK ANYMORE. the problem is Joe Public doesnt know the difference and then is mad because he doesnt get the mpgs.)
14. this is a little more to answer but listen closely and you will understand.......... Drive by cable throttle will react the same if you push it to the floor NO MATTER HOW QUICKLY YOU DO SO. the tundra is NOT this way. Your throttle input is determined by HOW FAR AND HOW FAST you depress the pedal, if you wanna go push it down quickly as well. I PROMISE you'll see a difference. PS i agree the tip in is touchy
15. this is definitely something that could be improved on, FWIW at least your wipers stay on the windshield and dont bounce all over the place at 75mph like other trucks......... ya'll know what i'm talkin about.
16. WHY should they make a TBC standard? it adds cost and different people want and need different styles of controllers. maybe make one an option but NOT standard. i think it would ONLY be nice IF its A. the style i need and if A. is true than B. it would look nicer being integrated.
17. the sliding console lid went away in 2011. take one outta something else or get the stiched leather one from a Sequoia like a did ha ha.
18. why do you want the plugs up above the bumper? then they are in the way of license plate the lights and alot of trailers dont have the extra wire.
19. why do you need a longer trailer hitch receiver? the tundra is THE ONLY TRUCK WITH A CLASS V HITCH RECEIVER, i'm not sure why you need one longer?
20. i'm again not sure where your coming from here..... what benefit would you get from horizontal?
21. if you put dynamat in your doors it WILL sound that way which is what i've done. the reason they dont is because of weight and fuel economy that you soooo desire ;)

i hope i helped a little but also i'm curious to hear your answers as to why on the questions i asked. many things a agree with you on.

@ jeff s.

the last page you made a post that included some info about the georgetown, hebron plants ect.

I just want to say i TOTALLY agree with you.

@Hemi lol
My argument regarding dual cab base model or stripper trucks as you call them, are they are more than likely to be actual working trucks.

Why not equip them to perform work without having to optioning them to work. Drop an extra leaf in, so if it costs $50 pay it. This would increase the utility of the vehicle substaintially.

Many small vans ie Ford Connect etc have at least the same or greater payloads as your base model trucks.

Your argument shows that the normal suspension on a 1/2 ton truck is more aligned for a SUV. Keep the "normal" 1 500lb suspensions for the daily driver/SUV/family truckster pickups.

@hemi lol

#2. The PS has no on center feel whatsoever, so you really have to pay attention all the time to where you are in your lane. With all the distractions, phone, radio etc. be nice if it had some on center feel or notch. In my mazda speed 6 it has great on center notch so no wandering or constant vigilance of the steering wheel. Plus you can drive with your pinky finger with this over boosted PS in the tundra imo. This is my first truck with such an over boosted ps unit. I dont think i want electric, more complex and uses a lot of amperage which doesn't help mileage either and may lead to premature alternator failure? I just like things to be less complicated.
#4 would have no complaints from me on a composite bed, i don't concern myself with the haters, they can spend their $$ on the junk.
#5 I agree, tundra gets better mpgs than the others. The engine is the best by far. Runs smooth quiet & like a BOH when ya stomp on it. The Ford ecoboost is nice but there will be issues with the turbos for sure and the advertised mpgs is bs. Just maddening when in 40years only 20% improvement. Its a conspiracy by govt, big oil and auto mfgs do as told i think. If we all drove diesels without all smog crap we would use half the oil or less than currently. THink of all the gas tax our govt would lose if we used half the oil we do now?? plus oil co profits maybe cut in half if all vehicles got dbl the mileage they do now?? ITs always about the $$ not what is best for the consumer imo.
#7 My ac is awesome but heard that they are trying alternatives to freon in maybe some tacomas or cars. Will ck under hood if i buy new if still 143A freon & temp gun
#9 I have bucket seats, I do like the setup i have seen in the new chevy better than in my tundra is all as far as the plugins setup like a power strip and little trough to hold devices just below the plugs, than a pan to hold more devices if necessary. Nice and simple imo. Sure i can make everything work in the tundra, just like things to be as clean as possible. No other truck comes with the holster in center console. With all the idiots out there now a days may have to bring a 2nd amendment tool along for the ride.
#10 my truck still has bed bounce on some concrete fwys here in phx az. i usually slow down to get rid of it. GOing to try some Rancho 9000s with the dial for damping, maybe that will help. the stock bilsteins are too soft imo, even more so since i did a suspension lift up front to level truck and installed the bilstein 5100s in front. COuld be transferring more weight to rear, overloading the rear shocks.
#11 a 7 ft bed would be perfect, could load a couple dirt bikes an close the tailgate, that would be Nice.
#12 maybe mis-stated, lower step in height, not for me but for my passengers, all ages sometimes. I have NFab steps but maybe the powered amp step comes down lower but wouldnt want it on my side when i get out.
#13 true but then they should just adjust the advertised mpgs for the gear ratio but that isn't deceptive like most mfgs and dealers are these days. All kinds of lies and misinformation to get one to the dealership these days.
#14 Throttle. I love timing stoplights and when it turns yellow, one good push and i make the light no problem. It Hauls A$$ ! Love it !! but it can be touchy sometimes. supposedly there is a company that sells a product that cures the lag but dont think i want to spend $300 on it.
#15 YOur dead on about the wipers staying on windshield of tundra at 75+. I remember my last dodge an 07 thought the wipers were going to vibrate off the truck ! lol
#16 TBC or at least an optionfor one. I hate when they hang down by your knees, so i mounted mine in that pocket (ashtray) just in front of the console shifter lever. Would prefer a factory look and fit / finish. Yeah i can be a picky A$$.
#17 thanks for the tip on console lid, my still slides and i use it quite often actually.
#18 Good Point, Trailer plugs, your right about wire light wire length usually to short if plugs above bumper bottom lip. The plugs seem a bit vunerable down there. though i havent hit em dragged em yet. though i have in some of my other trucks, but they all were lower.
#19 just be nice if it stuck out a bit more imo when i install the hitch or hitch lock or attache chains or install moto bike hauler since i have a shell on truck. Guess used to my last truck and it must have stuck out more since everything was easier to install or remove. #20 chain tabs. last truck were round holes and flat (horizontal) to hitch, was just easier to connect chains since mine are long and run through the holes than bolted back to safety chains. I towed about 8-9K (Chevy truck on a trailer and 3 street bikes) from denver to Phx pulled like a champ. went 80+ the whole way to make time. got only 8-9mpg, not complaining at all. Truck Hauls A$$ loaded or empty. But at 8-9 mpgs had to watch for gas stations pretty close with that 26 gal tank and the low fuel light comes on when you actually still have like another 4 gals in tank.
Thanks for the dynamat tip in doors. Did you do all four?
Is dynamat the best sound deadening product?

WOW. Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Let's see where they're REALLY made.
Chevy Silverado: Flint, MI
Chevy Colorado: Shreveport, LA
Dodge Ram: St. Louis, MO; Warren, MI
Ford F-150: Dearborn, MI; Kansas City, MO

@Zveira - You must have a really short memory. The whole name calling thing started a few threads ago. Big Al wasn't the instigator.

Mark Williams,

I just rewatched your 4 part video series on youtube where you interviewed Jeff Luke on the new GM trucks. Those videos are amazing! That is exactly the kind of stuff I would love to see more of! Watching Jeff sweat a little with your very specific questions shows just how perfectly you were able to get as much info as possible for us. I would love to see more of the same kind of interviews with each manufactures engineers, and specifically related to this post, the new upcoming Toyota Tundra. Thanks a lot for all your hard work to provide us with in depth and up to date info.

Will there ever be a HD version? Or at least one that can tow as much as a f150 ecoboost?

How about a Real Locking differential?

6.5 ft bed on Crew Cab?

New Dash?

Engine Choice?

Question for you to use:

Bbeyond an excellent powertrain, the 2nd gen Tundra has been a laggard. Six years in and it still doesn't offer an integrated trailer brake controller. Trailer sway control for 2011 will only brake the truck's wheels, not the trailer's too. GM and Ford beat Tundra's fuel economy.

I'll mention some quality issues too: cracked tailgates, rear driveline, unloaded ride quality. Do you believe you got the engineering and features right on this next Tundra?

Revised question for you to use:

Beyond an excellent powertrain, the 2nd gen Tundra has been a laggard. Six years in and it still doesn't offer an integrated trailer brake controller. Trailer sway control will only brake the truck's wheels, not the trailer's too. GM and Ford beat Tundra's fuel economy.

I'll mention some quality issues too: cracked tailgates, rear driveline, unloaded ride quality. Do you believe you got the engineering and features right on this next Tundra?

You must mistaken me with some other guys and don't remember. Bigal started to call me different names alvira TRX4 HEMIV8...polish guy, Fiat fan, even my first car was Fiat, he has no any experience with, pushing me to buy diesel, even I had my first of the 4th diesels 21 years ago. So this chicken is going to teach me how good diesel engines are because he was born yesterday. What a joke forum is this I am done with. I can't learn anything in here just losing my time with people talking BS. I lost my mind and you pulled me down at your level, because you don't know any better. Have a good night .I am done in here forever. You can keep talking about kangaroos.

@hemilo--And that is why I do not hate Toyota. My criticisms of Toyota are not out of hatred or fanboyisms but as a consumer that sees an area where Toyota could improve. I see areas where domestic based vehicles can improve, particularily the new full size GM trucks which are definitely improved but some of other issues have still not been addressed. To be honest all manufacturers have their strengths and weaknesses and all the pickups are good. I do not wish Toyota failure because that would be the same as wishing my neighbors who work for Toyota the same and wishing my state and my locality the same.

For the most part today's cars and trucks although considerably more expensive are much better quality than those of 20 or more years ago. My 99 S-10 is a testimony to that in that most vehicles 14 plus years or older would be scrapped years ago, but most of today's vehicles with proper maintenance will last for years without major problems. I have owned GMs, Fords, Chryslers, Mitsubishi, Honda, and Isuzu and all have been very reliable. I have not ever owned a Toyota but I could very well own one in the future. My wife's 2000 Taurus with the 24 valve V6 was bought new over 12 years ago and still looks and runs like a new car as does my 99 S-10. My 2008 Isuzu I-370 had transmission problems but Isuzu covered the tow and replaced the transmission and I have had no further issues. Issues can happen with any vehicle it is how the dealer and manufacturer takes care of the issues.

I do want to hear your points of views.

But, you attack, and use the argument that I want you to buy only diesel mid sizers. I have never spoken to you about what vehicle to buy, and I would never tell anyone to buy a particular product. It's an individual choice.

Yes, we've had small diesels in Australia for decades now as well. We also know about the advantages of diesel.

I will however point out the advantages of our mid sizers. From my comments you must realise the NA mid sizers can't compete with our mid sizers, that is the reality. The closet vehicle you have to compete with our mid sizer are your 1/2 ton pickups.

So, making comparisons will occur.

And, some of our NA contributors point out the benefits of a full size truck.

But don't come and make posts like you did previously or I will counter your argument. Look at your tone and how you address people, as Lou stated if you treat me with respect I will generously give.

Some of your posts are fanboism, like a product but don't become condensending or arrogant about a product. Then you will put people off side.

As Robert Ryan wrote the fanboism is adolescent, from what you say you are at least 40-50 years of age, but your writing style and depiction of topics and issues doesn't reflect this.

Please, enter into debate, but remember don't print crap.

My sources inside tell me the Tundra will move upmarket, and abandon things like the regular cab and V6 engine. Start the truck just under $30k. More of a GMC Sierra competitor, than a volume model.

That's fine with me. But the FIRST TRUCK that gets a diesel to market in 1/2 ton form will make BANK!

Is Toyota gonna be the smart one, or will someone else read the tea leaves better?

@BlackDynamite - I doubt Toyota will go with a diesel first. They are too conservative for their own good (at times) and they have partnered with BMW for light diesels. They have a long line of Hino diesels but they might be too heavy for a 1/2 ton. Their Hino engines would be okay for a 3/4 ton or 1 ton. I know several guys who left Toyota because they needed a HD and they said they would of bought a 3/4 ton Tundra diesel if it was available.

People are so up tight about vehicles...like what you like and shut the hell up......I love cars and trucks...but i don't read comments because....no one knows what there talking about....people leave comments like "do your research" and with no cited data or disclaimers they regurgitate everything they hear....if you all love cars so much...act like it and speak in a rational way and leave your child like feels out of it...

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