Ram 1500 R/T Could Turn into Ram GT

W_RamSRT_illus_cdauto_10213 II
Rendering by Chris Doane Automotive

According to several of our sources, we could be on the verge of seeing a Ram 1500 R/T or SRT pretty soon. Or might it be called the Ram 1500 GT?

In a recent Automotive News article on the recent introduction of the Dodge Dart GT, auto writer Larry P. Vellequette notes that everyone expected the sporty performance compact to be given the familiar R/T badging, but instead was labeled GT. The little car gets the snappy engine, manual transmission and all the standard sporty accents and details expected in an R/T model -- except it's not called an R/T. 

A Chrysler spokesperson said in the article that the segment had gone through some changes since the proposed Dart R/T model was announced, so the automaker decided to load it with all the performance pieces, discount the price and call it a GT. Could this mean we'll be getting a sportier Ram trim package that could possibly debut at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit? Maybe at the Chicago Auto Show next month? And could that model be called the Ram GT? We certainly hope not.

If Ram Truck does decide to bring back a sportier pickup, we hope the automaker names it properly and calls it the R/T Package or, more simply, the SRT Ram. Attach Super Bee or Daytona or whatever name you like, but just give it the punch it deserves. And if Ram wants to discount the model price a bit, that would be even better.

As some may recall, we spotted a 2013 Ram R/T regular cab RamBox pickup at the Chrysler Proving Grounds in Chelsea, Mich., during its What's New for 2013 media event last summer. We also remember the Quicksilver concept Mopar had at the 2011 SEMA Show. The add into the mix this mock-up Chris Doane put together for us and we wouldn't be surprised if all this smoke lead to something new from Ram Truck. We should note that Ram Truck has not confirmed the R/T, but we still think it would be a pretty good idea.   



GT would be copying Ford

@ Rich,


Furthermore,the Dodge Dart was never offered with the R/T name,they had G.T , G.T.S , G.S.S and Swinger and the Dart Demon !!

So tell me where Dodge is copying Ford with the Dart G.T ?

This is just a rumor about the RAM G.T,by some guy writing his opinion down.

By the way I also own a 1978 Dodge Magnum G.T (95% stock fact.low compression 400 big block hipo never rebuilt,No lean burn computer,better carb = high 13's in the 1/4 with 3.54's,reworked tranny gearing)

Ford had a GT in 1963.

The first chassis built by Abbey Panels of Coventry was delivered on March 16, 1963. The first "Ford GT" the GT/101 was unveiled in England on April 1 and soon after exhibited in New York.


Saab had a GT in 1958.


Italy had the first GT.

The GT abbreviation, so popular across the automotive industry, traces to the Italian tradition of referring to their luxury performance cars as gran turismo. Manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo,[1] Ferrari and Lancia led the way starting from the end of 1920s.


Exactly,the Dart GT is not copying Ford ! As The Ford GT40 was a very rare obsure car people didnt know it existed even back in the 60's.

So,the Dart G.T was the first mass produced car with the G.T name..so I am right,Dodge isnt copying Ford !

Also Dodge had the X.E name before Nissan and the S.E name and the R/T (Hondas uses the R/T on some Ridgeline models) and some say the GT name was used on Lancia,Alpha Romeo and Ferrari all of those are the same company as Chrysler now,so I guess Ford is copying Dodge lol !

Fiat which owns Ram, also owns Ferrari, so Fiat probably wants a Ram GT, instead of RT.

Ram is Italian owned now in Turin, Italy so Ram is copying themselves, the Italians. The Rams of today are Italian. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Fiat should name the next trim level the Pepperoni edition.

The Ram box can be used for storing breads, peperoni and salami for picnicking.

Mangia! Mangia!

It looks quite nice sitting that low, sort of reminds me of one of our Holden or Ford utes.



Posted by: HEMI V8 | Jan 12, 2013 11:06:33 AM

RAM GT!!!!!

@Hemi GT
I already own a "GT" pickup a Mazda BT50GT. So the Ram isn't the first again.

They came out in 2011.

@ Dan..Others !

Again the Dart was called a GT because in the 60's they had a Dart GT,they never had a Dart R/T !

It is speculation by the journelist saying there will be a RAM GT ,so far there is no word of a RAM GT.

The Dart GT is basically just sportier trim on the Dart,no engine upgrade.Once more engines are available they will have a performance Dart R/T and a more superior Dart SRT !

Furthermore,I cant understand the undeducated comments on this site,I just have to remember most people are "Limited" so they come up with terms pepperoni ect...You just show how uneducated/unintelligent you are.

Not a fan of trucks being called GT.

I thought you would enjoy this.

Building Jen's Fall Guy Truck

PS Public debut of the 2014 Chevy and GM trucks is this week.

well how about bring back 1965's CSS (Custom Sports Special)

When they are done designing it and start producing it I will be waiting to blow the doors off it. They better not do it at the Chicago Auto Show as that spot is taken http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2012/11/2014-toyota-tundra-rumored-for-chicago-auto-show-debut.html. LOL

I hope they don't make have to up the boost http://urdusa.com/Pulleys-Supercharger-Pulleys/c102_108/p1260519104/Supercharger-Pulley-for-TRD-3UR-FE-5.7L-Supercharger-System/product_info.html.

Dodge had a GT in 1961 !

1961 Dodge Lancer GT !

Talk about a grand pile of childish posts. GT stands for Grand Touring or Grand Turismo. (Nothing to do with the video game).
It either meant a more luxurious and less sport oriented touring car, or was also a race class.
It is a European term and has been used longer than the dates of first use in North America.

The Dart is built on an Alfa Romeo chassis and it would play homage to those Italian roots and maybe a tie in to the original.

A muscle truck would be cool.

@Bobby - FallGuy had some cool stunts, all real with zero computer generated trickery.

RAM GT!!!!!

Posted by: HEMI GT | Jan 13, 2013 7:10:46 PM

They can call it a GT, R/T, SRT, Fiat, or what ever will help them sell more trucks because they got a llllloooonnnggggg way to go to be number one. Even if they sold twice as many trucks as they did in 2012, Ram will still be more than 58,000 away from outdoing Ford's title. Saying that you have guts, glory, or the first to have a GT truck until you are blue in the face does not make you number one. Going out and proving it year after year by doing things right to outsell the competition does. You may not like Ford and say they are crap over the Ram all you want, but apparently there a lot more people who disagree with you by putting down their hard earned money for Fords versus Rams by more than 2 to 1. Say what want, you don't get the title of best selling truck for the last 35 years for building crappier trucks than 2nd and 3rd place.

On a side note to the topic. I think Ram should call it the LRE package after Little Red Express to pay homage to it's past. The 1979 Dodge Ram Little Red Express was the fastest American production vehicle in that year. Yes, you heard right, a truck was the fastest American production vehicle due to loopholes in smog regulations for trucks that Dodge took full advantage of for a short 2 year period. That is just my two cents.

For those of you that are too young to remember the Little Red Express, here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEC4LVWzbNM


Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!! This truck looks awesome. I drove by glendora dodge the other day and saw a black R/T on the lot. Looks mean. Really changed the front grill on these. Love the head lamps.


You posted editorial Ram 1500 R/T Could Turn into Ram GT which gives users bunch of information concerning meticulous subject recognition for this allocate.

As the 2013 Ram 1500 R/T is already hitting the showroom, it's unlikely that they'll rename that one the GT - R/T already has a place in the public's mind - it's a good looking truck too !. Logic is that, if Ram bring out another model, it'll be named SRT. That way, it follows all the other high performance models offered by Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, and now Ram......

The GT abbreviation, so popular across the automotive industry, traces to the Italian tradition of referring to their luxury performance cars as 'Gran Turismo'. Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Lancia led the way starting from the end of 1920s.

Oh boy. More junk from our friends at Fiat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I see the crazed RAM fans are on the loose. AT least Ford fans don't behave this way thank goodness.


gt is either "gran turismo" or "grand touring". they are the same, one is italian and one is english. this could be the part about the fiat takeover that isn't appealing; loss of heritage. but it may be good for the future, idk. for all the morons the 2013 ram 1500 r/t is ALREADY on sale. go to the ram trucks website. powertrain is carry over but it has the new headlights that are blacked out. still the 4.10 rear end and 65rfe and most likely high stall torque converter with a 395 hp hemi. the 5 hp increase is because of new power steering setup. i think that when the 8 speed becomes standard on the hemi rams that the 4.10 will disappear because you don't need that much with the 8 speed to go fast, a 3.92 8 speed will be fine. as to which hemi they use idk. but imo they should just make a regular sport reg cab short bed 2wd (take r/t off and quit 4.10 in 1500s when 8 speed becomes standard) and just make an srt with 6.4 hemi to take the r/ts spot.

IMO Sport Trucks don't really work out. They are trying to be a sprots car and a pick-up and don't do either very well.

The GMC Sierra GT from the early 1990s...

Ram should definitely build the SRT model so all of Chrysler's brands have an SRT model.










2012 Ford F-150 Recalls
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Recall Date: 05/03/2012 Model Affected: F-150

Read more: http://www.motortrend.com/new_cars/08/ford/f_150/recalls/#ixzz2HyIU4Pzw

here is another one:



The Dart GT gets a 2.4 non turbo, so it will atleast have decent torque in it's class, but it wont be a hot rod. Not everybody will want the turbos. What it will be is upscale leather interior, and 18" wheels and so on.

They only named it GT because there was a Dart GT in the day. I had one, it was a 1969, but it certainly wasn't any sort of hot rod, when you consider it had a 225 slant six with a three on the tree trans. While the GTS/Swinger Darts got disc brakes, my GT got 9" drums, lol. (the GSS, Grand Spaulding Sport, which wasn't made by entirely by Dodge, it was made Dodge built and modified by Mr Norm@ GRAND SPAULDING Dodge.) But I did have buckets, and fancy trim! Complete with a Reverb-O-Mattic effects box for the radio! They were also available with V-8s, but in 1969, it was only the 318 two barrel.

As for the trucks, maybe they can do a limited run of SRT 6.4 engines, that would quit down those GM and Ford boys that are so proud of their 6.2s!

@Josh: who in the world would want the R/T with 3.92s and an 8 speed? It would spin the hell out of the tires! 3.55 and an 8 speed would have more starting ratio then a Ford with 3.73s, and 3.21s would almost as much gear as a Ford with 3.73s, but second gear would have a bit more pull then even a Ford with 4.10s in second!

1st gear Current 6 speed Ram with 4.10s: 12.3
1st gear with 3.92s and 8 speed: 18.46
1st gear with3.55s and 8 speed: 16.72
1st gear with 3.21s and 8 speed: 15.12
1st gear in a Ford with 3.73s: 15.55
1st gear Tundra 5.7-4.3 gears; 14.33

Ram 6 speed 2nd gear with 4.10s: 6.85
2nd gear with 3.55 and 8 speed: 11.15
2nd gear with 3.21 and 8 speed: 10.08
2nd gear in a Ford with 4.10s: 9.59
2nd gear in a Ford with 3.73s: 8.73
2nd gear Tundra 5.7-4.3 gears: 8.43

I think the higher you gear it up, traction control would just have to do it's best to control wheelspin, and so the first gear with 3.92s wouldn't help it.

Ram 6 speed 3rd gear with 4.10s: 6.15 (yeah George, it's a 6 speed!)
3rd gear with 3.55s and8 speed: 7.45
3rd gear with 3.21s and 8 speed: 6.74
3rd gear in a Ford with 4.10s: 6.23
3rd gear in a Tundra 5.7-4.3: 5.82

Ram 6 speed 4th gear 4.10 gear: 4.10
4th gear with 3.55s and 8 speed: 5.93
4th gear 3.21 8 speed: 5.36
4th gear 4.10 Ford: 4.67.
4th gear Tundra: 4.3

With a 3.21 they can run right at 100 mph thru the quarter mile, and only need to shift 3 times.
With 3.55s, they would barely use 5th gear.
With 3.9s they could use alot of 5th gear, at the cost of trying to get traction in 1st.

This is a 4800 pound truck, with 395 hp and now the torque at 50 rpm sooner, 3950. Atleast with a 3.21 or 3.55 and 8 speed, you can actually cruise without spinning the hell out of the engine.

So if a person wants to drive 100 miles to run a drag strip, the mileage won't kill them, and they can be very competitive.

The person that wants to go alot faster and do more would want to put in an all out racing diff anyway.

That person however is not me, but it would be fun! No thanks, I have a 3200 pound car that can run quicker without a payment.

I am sure Big Al will be here to say I need to stop talking about gears and diffs, and George will be here to say it NEEDS 3.92s.

That is a sharp looking truck. Definitely a muscle truck. Would be a blast to drive.

@Lou--Also the Pontiac GTO which was named for Grand Turismo which was a Tempest that had been modified. That was a sharp car.

GT= Gay Truck

Actually think it looks pretty cool but can't stand the comments from the other motards on this site.

If you are going to bicker over brands dont do it over whos "allowed" to use the GT badging/name many MANY companies use the naming of GT to attach to sportier models. Now if companies starting ripping off srt, svt and ss that would be a different story guys

Maybe SRT Ram GT? (sarcasm)
Mopars should have R/T or SRT - GT has anbody else...

All1: when you say "the fastest production vehicle that year" is a big statement, because it was not the fastest, it may have been the quickest made in America, at the time, but was no where near the fastest, I am sure of this, because I had a friend two houses down I grew up with that had one brand new, I was quick thats for sure, but not the fastest, or the quickest, you could buy a new Vette at the same time, with the LT-1 350 of the day, and even with low compression, was quicker, if it had the 4spd with 4:10 posi, it was both quicker, but also faster, at least in the stock classes at NH dragway, and if you remember the speedo's only went to 80mph back then! the one thing I do remember about Ike's LRET, was you could not keep rear tires on it from constantly burning up!

I just read a story about a 1964 Dodge D-100 CSS (Custom Sports Special that came with a 395hp 470ftlbt Wedge engne! and the story is back in PUT.Com sorry no date given I found it by google and then they took me there, author was a guy named Don Bunn. Nice old truck!

They've already been building a Ram R/T since 2009. It's a regular cab short bed with 4.10s in the back.

@Jeff S - agreed. The Pontiac GTO was a cool car. I had never heard of a Dart GT before. Chrysler stuff was never popular in my neck of the woods. Like some of the Chevy guys who hated the GMT900's had pointed out multiple times, guys like to buy the same performance or family vehicles as their pickups. No one ever wanted a Dodge truck until the Cummins or 1994 body style. I only knew 1 guy that was a hardcore Dodge car guy and all of the cool stuff he drove he had to go 500 miles away to buy.

Why it's so "hard" to call it SRT, put an 6.4 HEMI under the hood and make a perfect comeback of the world's fastest production pickup truck for the streets? Fiat, enough of your incompetent, inefficient brand-stretegy!!! Let me think, that others from the Big Three will follow, because not anybody want an off-road truck and drive it on the streets. Beside that Chris Doane made very tasteful rendering - like it so much!

R/T = Rednek/Truck.

These are nothing but noisemakers for the TransAm set. Not serious work tools.

The Rams of today are Italian!

Not entirely. Fiat own a share, not the entire brand.

GT means Grand Touring in most realms, as a 1970 dodge dart GT owner, and now a new Hemi Ram Express owner I am already making my own Ram GT. I started this project about a year ago.
who cares who first used it, a gt mustang is definately the most "gt" badges vehicle ever made.

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