Recall Alert: 2013 GM Full-Size Vans and Pickups

2013 Chevy Silverado Ext II

By Jennifer Geiger

GM is recalling 54,686 model-year 2013 versions of several pickups, vans and SUVs due to a faulty park lock cable, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The affected vehicles were built from Nov. 7 through Dec. 18, 2012, and include the 2013 Cadillac Escalade EXT; Chevrolet Avalanche, Express and Silverado; and the GMC Savana and Sierra. You can check your vehicle’s build date on its' build sticker on the driver-side doorjamb.

In these vehicles, a fractured park lock cable or malformed steering-column component could allow drivers to shift from Park with the ignition key removed or the key in the "Off" position. This could cause the vehicle to roll away unexpectedly, increasing the risk of injury or accident.

GM will notify owners starting Jan. 17, and dealers will replace the affected parts for free. Owners with questions can call Chevrolet at 800-630-2438, Cadillac at 866-982-2339 or GMC at 866-996-9463. NHTSA's vehicle safety hotline (888-327-4236) can also provide more info or go to

2013 Escalade-EXT II



Hope they fix it before someone gets hurt. Just goes to show you that they all have problems.

I thought they discontinued the Avaalanch Cadallac?

Maybe they need to check the cobalts out as well.I have the same problem with my 06 cobalt,and im sure mine isn't the only one.

Well, at least they remembered the hood latches on these at got those steering wheels on.

A little off topic but that is one seriously ugly truck up top. Why does Chevy flare out the sides of their trucks now? It looks just horrible. The bed and front fenders wreck the entire thing. I sat at a stoplight yesterday and across on the other side were two Silverado's side by side at the light. One was like the one up top, one was a 90's model. The 90's looked so much better and narrower. I was trying to figure out why the hell GM went and made the front ends so wide and massive now. After seeing this picture, it makes sense. They made it so wide to match the bulging flares. Yet both look awful so why do it?? It's really damaged their truck looks. I see they did something similar on the new ones too here. Why are they doing this stuff?? They're no wider on the inside. Just massive increases in outside dimensions for no apparent reason. It looks ridiculous.

I'm actually surprised this was caught and alerted so quickly; those trucks are only 2 months old and most are probably still on the dealers' lots.

As for whether or not it is safe just remember, this "park lock" didn't even get put in cars until the '70s and there were still very few incidents. It wasn't until people got into the habit of parking their cars and leaving the engine running that we started seeing stories about driverless cars.

I would like to have a new vehicle that you don't HAVE to press the damn brake pedal to shift out of park, like the old days, before Audi had the runaway problem.

Guy gets run over by two trucks!

What do you know? Rolls downhill "like a rock"

thats junk gm for you rusty vechiles dont last long

Seriously rick? Anything intelligent you would like to add? Rust all depends on where you live and how you care for a vehicle. Where i am from there are 20 year old GM trucks running around with original paint and NO RUST. However on the East Coast of Canada, after 5 years , a vehicle ,(ANY BRAND), is usually rusted badly. Ram, Ford ,GM they all rust at the same rate under the same circumstances.

Very true out there everything rusts. But there is some trucks I noticed that rusted away in southern ontario more than others over the years. The pre 93 mazda trucks rusted there faster than anything else i always thought. I lived there for 24 years watching them disappear while those beautiful chevs from the same period were looking fine and still around actually.

Here in southern OH I notice a lot of Chevy trucks with the rear fenders rusted out around the wheels and the lower section up next to the cab, don't notice this much on Fords, some Dodge have it.

I didn't even know the GovtMoCo Savana was still being made. All I ever see is the Chevrolet Express.

I do find that some years and models are worse than others for rust. I've noticed that the chrome on all of the newer trucks doesn't hold up as well as older trucks. It takes much more maintenance to keep the chrome looking good. They pit easier as well. I can see why painted bumpers have become popular. They probably are easier to maintain in the long run.
Some say rust is worse now because of the de-icing chemicals they use. I can always tell where they use the de-icer liquids becuase they get on the brakes and smell real bad when hitting the brakes. At times, it smells almost the same as siezing a brake and frying a rotor. The first time it happened to me I had the dealership check my brakes and they were fine. They were the ones that pointed the finger to the de-icers. My wife's van has had that same smell develop at times. I asked the Toyta service centre the same question and they validated what the Ford dealer had said.

I live in British Columbia,Canada and our vehicles dont rust !

Lowermainland/Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island vehicles dont rust !

Only exception are the Japanese,most are better now but some new Toyota vans still rust here,real cheap metal because no domestic vehicles rust here..Honda's were real bad until the early 00's.Never did work on a recalled rusty Toyota Tacoma wonder if their frames are rusty here,we never see them on the roads here,dont sell well in this area.I remmeber the 90's model toyota's they all were rusty,we always laughed at them we did countless head gasket and transmissions on those,have not seen many in the last several years,guess they are all in the junk yard !

I buy alot of older collector cars and you can tell when a car is from back east or up north,as they are rusty.

My old neighbor had a 1967 Chrysler New Yorker 2 dr/ht ,that he drove every day rain/shine and the odd snow fall..This car was rock solid,zero rust under,none in floors ,none under the hood,none on engine accessories ect.I had to buy it as I alway offered him cash when he was alive but he refused ,his daughter sold me the car and I still have it.Even his wifes 1995 Ford Tempo is solid with no rust (not going to buy that one lol).

Even our trucks after 10 years have no rust anywhere,even the ones people dont wash all the time,even the engine accessories dont rust,as we get some from back east to work on and they are rust under the hood the accessories,bolts,nuts ect..And its a nightmare doing brakes on those,or fuel filter the brake lines,gas lines are rusted...

When my truck is on a lift getting tires rotated, Diff oil change, etc.. I take a can of flat black and paint the underneath of my truck. Not only preventing rust, but keeps it looking good. I have seen Rhino lined frames on trucks and jeeps.

Why all the complaints about rust when the article was about gearshift locks?

The new liquid de icers are more of a problem then the old rock salt, I work in operations for a trucking company and can tell you that it is eating our equipment up, even the floor boards. We have intstructed our drivers to use think rubber floor mats to prevent the chemicals on thier boots from makking holes.

I do find that some years and models are worse than others for rust. I've noticed that the chrome on all of the newer trucks doesn't hold up as well as older trucks. It takes much more maintenance to keep the chrome looking good. They pit easier as well.

@Lou, new chrome is so cheap it's not funny. All makes and models are bad although I've noticed the current model Silverado's are abnormally bad. The worst truck I've ever seen for rust in 48 years of life is the former Silverado's bodies. Those beds just rot away over the rear wheels until there's nothing left of them. The rockers are shot or literally nonexistent on most around here. Piss poor metal from GM. They used the same metal on the wife's Uplander van and my daughter's Cavalier. Just cheap as cheap could be. Both have rotted out rockers to no end. The Cavalier is about shot bodywise from rust. Very sad to see what GM turned into in terms of cheapness and poor quality. Had I known what these vehicles would have looked liked 5-7 years down the road, I would have never bought them. They are very well taken care of too. Always washed, waxed and garaged. I'm very leary of new Chevrolet products now.

@DWFields - someone made a comment about Chevy's rusting and it took on a life of its own.
That happens a lot around here if you haven't noticed ;)

I purchased a brand new GMC Sierra in 2011. The chrome was replaced 3 times before the warranty was up and the windshield was in better shape than the paint after the first winter. I tried to have the paint covered through warranty, and thought I was successful until my local dealers service manager changed her mind. I owned a 2002 GMC that has better paint and chrome than my new vehicle. I guess my expectations of this truck were too high because GMC will not stand behind their product and address the fact that I can remove the paint on my truck with masking tape.

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