'Spied!' 2014 Silverado Z71 With Beadlocks?

2014 Silverado Z71 Beadlocks II

Although we have no specific confirmation about a more aggressive Z71 off-road package (all we've heard are rumors), we did notice that during one of the capability videos on the new 2014 Chevy Silverado website, there seems to be a 4x4 truck navigating a rocky trail on what looks like a set of beadlock wheels.

We've only seen the Z71 Package that Chevrolet had on the floor of the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, but that electric-blue truck did not have beadlock-type rims. Ford announced last summer that its current-model 2013 Raptors would be offered with a new beadlock-type wheel as an ordering option, but we've heard no similar announcement from GM regarding its coming truck. 

The beadlock video shot is quick and happens within the first five or six seconds, but we suspect this could mean some serious testing was done with aggressive tires and wheels on what could be some kind of off-road package. From the camo-ed look of the truck, it doesn't look like a legitimate Raptor fighter, but we say anything that beefs up the look and capability of the current Z71 Package is a good direction to take. 



Beadlock wheels are illegal in just about all states to be used on public roads, they are the fake look-alike ones...

I have to agree with Oxi on this one. Just lookalikes but still nice looking.

With the profit margin on high optioned trucks I bet GM cannot afford to sit on the sideline with no higher option levels for long. With this newest generation I expect two things:

1. a Raptor or Power Wagon type of off-road truck

2. the return of the SS. Maybe with whatever powers the next gen ZR-1 under hood or perhaps mildly detuned version like the CTS-V and Camaro ZL-1 (yes, yes GM philes I know that the CTS-V and ZL-1 motor isn't the same product as the ZR-1 detuned but it is the same displacement and same supercharger)

GMC does have to make up ground in the options war. Ford initially dominated the high end market and Ram has caught up with great success. The Denali package was okay but only available in the Sierra and it only put GMC at the level of the Lariet and Laramie which are a few trim levels down from the top of the heap. Silverado unfortuanately had a high end trim that wasn't even on par with the Laramie or Limited. I'd put it on par with the FX4 leather package which is mid pack for Ford.
The GM crowd will flame me for that comment and yes, I already know that what is most important is a reliable drivetrain, but if it isn't a comfortable place to be in, then customers wanting luxury won't buy it.

More beadlock info - they are "not legal, but they are also not illegal...."


Spokane WA USA

Raptor wheels are street legal. Also patented so GM may be out of luck on this one.

The Tacoma is the one with the fake bead locks. We don't know what these GM ones are yet.

+1 for oxi. Beadlocks illegal 99% of the ones who see on the road are those lame fakes ones. But real ones in real off road situations are nice to have.

"Beadlock wheels are illegal in just about all states"

@oxi, Really? What is the law? Post the exact law here.

On Rockstompers website, Scott had a contest to see if anyone could find ANY law that states that beadlocks are illegal. For 2 years, not one person could find a law that says they are illegal. Even if you do have real beadlocks, cop pulls you over and you can claim they are just street locks since there are so many out there now.


well they would definitely be look alikes since true beadlocks are not street legal.

If anyone can find the law I do belive that Scott@rockstomper has a $50 reward for such code in ANY state in the US.

What is comes down to is this: beadlocks are street legal if GM stamps these wheels DOT approved. Beadlocks itself is not illegal. It is a common misnomer.


More on this:

I did a lot of research on it before I posted the "bounty" on it... and it's stood, unclaimed, for at least three years so far.

There is a Federal standard that basically says that all roadgoing wheels have to be DOT stamped, but nothing preventing a manufacturer from DOT stamping a beadlock wheel. In fact, if you check out Champion Wheel's comments (on their site) you'll see that beadlocks are actually road legal, but most beadlock wheel manufacturers choose not to stamp their product DOT, thereby hiding from lawsuits behind a smokescreen of vague (and often misleading) language.

If you care to research the FMVSS on the subject, there's nothing about beadlocks that is in violation of DOT standards... but there is a requirement that all road wheels be DOT stamped, and a manufacturer stamping something DOT, makes them liable for it.

If you go so far as to research the FMVSS, you'll find that the very concept of "DOT approved" is misleading, as DOT does not approve anything. DOT writes standards, and specifies how to perform testing, but does not do testing, nor do they provide approval.

PS The DOT approved mark is always inside the wheel so it's not like someone can look at your wheels on the road and see the DOT mark or not.

More on this here:

I've notice them in the videos wasn't sure what to make of them. At most I figure maybe the tester got the rims himself or something since seeing the blue Z71 a month or so ago. I guess there is always a chance they are still hideingtpackages and trims since we do not have all the spec's yet.

@oxi, Your leaf springs are illegal when loaded.

Beadlocks are not illegal because there are several legal beadlocks made.

Even if beadlock rims were illegal, that there isn't a way to enforce it because the DOT stamp is on the inside of the rim.

From 2002 to 2005, I used to drive an FJ40. I ran 35" SSRs on trail-ready beadlocks. I got pulled over a few times and the beadlock question never came up. Maybe that's because I live in NM?

raptor and powerwagon competitor? no. look how small those tires are. look how low that truck sits. the beadlock rims were most likely used so they could test the suspension to the max. gm does stuff like that, get used to it. gm does things like testing suspensions to handle extreme conditions traction and control wise but does not make a raptor fighter to benefit from tuned suspension. they are just making the z71 have more control and traction. they are not making a "raptor". in other words, they want to be able to say that their low sitting 4wd truck can handle well over rocks and such even though the frame will scub (off the wax). control, but no ground clearance or tech features or off road gadgets.

Beadlocks are not illegal. The reward is now up to $100. to prove that beadlocks are illegal.

There is a running $100 reward for anyone who can prove that anywhere in America there is a law specifically stating that beadlocks are illegal on the street. I think Rockstomper is holding the challange, and it has been unclaimed for several years now.


These are few that are on the market:

DOT Compliant Bead Lock Wheel....... NOW AVAILABLE!!!

High-Impact DOT Approved Aluminum Beadlocks

Hutchinson Beadlocks DOT Approved


This seems more like a Rock Warrior Tundra (4x4 off road appearance package) than a Raptor or Ram Runner fighter.

Ok wiseasses...

oxi did NOT say beadlocks are illegal!

Secondly, what oxi meant to say is that if they are not DOT approved they will not be able to be used on public roads in MOST states...

oxi is the king off-roading so he knows what can and cannot be used on public roads! oxi knows that beadlocks are a must-have for serious scalers and rock crawlers!

@Josh current GM 1500 trucks are no Raptor fighter but they do sit higher then the F150's in halftons. I had a 06 anf 08 F150 the crossmember was easy to drag in ruts on frozen ground. The plastic wind chin may drag but it don't make you go oh s*&%t like when you hear metal on rock like the F150.

I'll believe Chevy has a real offroad truck when I see it. They don't have a SFA truck and I highly doubt the new Silverado (body design and fresh interior) was designed with a long travel IFS set up in mind. It's my understanding the new body still rides on the same old 900 chassis the current truck does. I call BS.

Perhaps the beadlock wheel mixup stems from split rims being illegal. Maybe some people equate beadlocks with split rims.
@Jay - pull your head out of oxi's butt. The world will reveal itself as a much nicer place when you do.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Department of Transportation, Title 49, Chapter V, Part 571, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standarts, 571.110 S4.4.1 and 571.109 S4.4 describe in detal the requirements for legal combinations of tires and rims. If a Tire manufacturer uses a beadlock of a specific manufacturer and model, and lists this by name as well as dimensions, interior and exterior, as a test rim for that tire, then that combination would be legal. But guess what- nobody does this, and nobody is going to. So there. That took me only a few minutes to SEARCH for on the dot's website. You will not find a law featuring the word "beadlock", it takes more interpretive intelligence than that.

"It's my understanding the new body still rides on the same old 900 chassis the current truck does."

-It does. The new K2XX is essentially a heavily mce'd version of the gmt-900. Regardless of how they want to spin it.

@CJ, if it's the same base how the heck will it take on the Raptor? Look at this Chevy 900. The thing's a joke. Chevy can't even get a Power Wagon-Super Duty truck out there with a beam axle up front. What the hell makes them think they can take it to the Raptor level and jump the damn thing???


Lou just got owned by oxi.

Which is it? First you say "Beadlock wheels are illegal in just about all states to be used on public roads". Then you try to retract that to say you didn't mean it. Then you say some combination of the two statements is what we should believe.
In the end, there are no laws stating they are illegal. There is no record of anyone getting a ticket for running beadlock wheels on public roads. You were wrong. Please be man enough to admit it.

Typical oxi. Makes a stupid comment then tries to cover it up. Oxi must be a politician.
@TJ - read my comment aimed at Jay.

DOT-compliant Hutchinson beadlocks:

The new K2XX is essentially a heavily mce'd version of the gmt-900. Regardless of how they want to spin it.

@CJ50, that's a fact. Chevy calling their upcoming truck new is as much of a farce as Ford calling their 2009 MCE'd F-150 "all new". It was a 2004 with a serious make over. Granted, Chevy copied the Dodge cab (and tailgate) on the upcoming truck, underneath the new body though, it's the same 900 you can buy now. You do get the upgraded DI V8 and they're even spending a few extra pennies to give you 2 free disc brakes out back too. I suppose that's new. For Chevy anyway.

They're getting there though! Before too long they'll be properly painting their frames instead of crap waxing them and even making a real 4x4 like Ford, Dodge and Toyota do!

Hey Acne Pad,
So your saying Tire manufacturers won't list bead lock information for their tires? Then how do you explain this:

That took no time to find in fact I found it so fast Im posting this from last week. Go PATS!! Nobodies stopping us this year.

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