Spied! 2014 Toyota Tundra CrewMax

ToyotaTundra1.KGP.ed-2341724378 II

Photos by KGP Photography

We've just received these images from our spy shooters, and here's what they had to say after catching this prototype undergoing winter testing in Canada.

With the recent news that Toyota will unveil a new full-size pickup at the upcoming Chicago Auto Show (Feb. 9-18), much speculation has begun as to what we'll actually be seeing when the covers are finally pulled off. Will Toyota launch an all-new, drastically redesigned Tundra, or will Toyota take the path it took with the newest Camry — thoroughly updating the current platform to strategically address its shortcomings while saving on development costs? From the look of these first shots, it appears that it took the latter path.

Plastic camouflage hides many of the styling nuances, but we can see evidence of a heavily redesigned front fascia with blocky, flat-topped headlight clusters and an all-new grille treatment. The greenhouse looks to be little changed from the current model.

The full-size truck market is shaping up to be as competitive as ever, with a 2014 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 just dropping, an ever-improving Ram Truck lineup, an all-new Ford F-150 deep into its mule phase (with final prototypes on the way) and a new Nissan Titan scheduled to hit the market pretty soon as well.   

It will be interesting to see the final report on the scope of the effort Toyota has put into the 2014 trucks, especially when considering its difficulty in cracking into meaningful sales numbers when compared to the established players. We know we'll be hearing more on Toyota's 2014 Tundra, but for now, peruse our spy photos.

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Cab does look the same but then we all thought the same until the GM twins were released too. They may be similar in style but they're still totally new...not just refreshed. Looks good for the truck market though. Love it!

Please sell this truck with the camo on it. With the camo it looks way better than the whale of a truck it is now

Wow, cheap camo for cheap truck! It looks like it just entered Death Race.

The best way to fix the short comings of the current tundra can be addressed as follows; buy a F150

I'd have to say I would buy a Ford F-150 before I would buy this. I don't like the way they are copying the Ram nose. They are going to interfere with Ram's progress to take out GM in 2013.

the front end is clearly different. the cab to me is the same cab, but no idea whether the doors will look the same.

The front valance is very different looking and that is not an exhaust pipe of the current 5.7.

the mirrors are different looking as well.

the truck does not appear to be sitting any lower at all.

i here that there may be a new luxury package and a larger fuel tank and a few other things that i'm excited about but this is the first pictures ive seen as well.

The body work looks a bit leaner.

Maybe Toyota should take a page from McLaren and use the black and white paint scheme but use various race tracks rather than swirls or blocky shapes. BMW uses pretty swirls maybe that would work?!

Anywho at least they are making some needed updates, hopefully they are mor than skin deep. Since they do not have the market penetration and 70+ years of history making large trucks in the US they should continue to be out in front like they have something to prove becuase frankly they do.

It appears Toyota got the idiots who designed the square wheelwells on the new Silverado to do their camo.

They did a good job concealing it. That exhaust pipe looks compatible with a 4 banger.

Toyota is #1 in global sales!

The reason they passed China Motors was because they sold 600,000 heavy trucks and buses!

CM gave up on that market to focus more on selling to Chinese!

lol, peeps complaining about the camo cover.... lol!!!

Kinda looks like a 4 Runner Front end only bigger, the cab is the same, can't tell much about the bed.

Awesome - can't wait to see the finished product in Chicago!

It appears it doesn't quite have the Michelin Man, luv handle look anymore.

lookslike theyre following the tacoma route, lools more like a refresh n a redesign...

"Will Toyota launch an all-new, drastically redesigned Tundra, or will Toyota take the path it took with the newest Camry — thoroughly updating the current platform to strategically address its shortcomings while saving on development costs? From the look of these first shots, it appears that it took the latter path."

I agree with the author. Toyota is just doing a refresh.

I like what I see so far. I guess I'm in the minority that thinks the current Tundra is a good looking truck, and the F150 is uglier than dog crap.

I'd have to say I would buy a Ford F-150 before I would buy this. I don't like the way they are copying the Ram nose. They are going to interfere with Ram's progress to take out GM in 2013.

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Jan 29, 2013 2:38:39 PM

That's funny right their. I don't care who you are.

The last truck i would ever buy after rebuilding my Dodge would be a FLAMING F series pick up.

They may have more cheep fleet sales, but they are far from the best truck for my money. Look no further then their reliability and recalls. 27th out of 28 and # 1.

this thing is buuuuuttttttttt ugly...

judging by the camo... card board, black tape and the rags over the hood they are out of money... lol

Maybe that thing has a Highlander v6 hybrid underneath.

It looks like they barrowed the new hood from the current Nissan Titan. Take Tundra. Add the Nissan hood and up size the front end from the Tacoma and here we go. The Tundra has some good things going for it. If they can learn from Ford and Ram on their successes they may have something here. An 8 speed auto with a high output V6 would go along way with people who just want a truck to put around in. If they can snag fuel economy numbers in the low to mid 20's highway and upper teens to low 20's around town, folks who dont need to tow 11,000 Lbs of fun or work and just want a family hauler may be interested. For people who need to tow or haul, hopefully some frame improvements and some improvements to the 5.3L V8. The wish list is long.

The grill and hood look just like the Ram/Ford Atlas, the cab and rear windows are like the Ram. It sits a lot higher than the 1/2 ton Ram, not that that matters to those that don't rock crawl or booney bash. I think it will do well in sales, they have proven to be very reliable. Looks not bad , never owned a Toyata product , but the owners of them have no complaints. What's the payload on the Tundra truck nowadays? With the leaf spring suspension is the GVWR more than the current Ram 1/2 ton? I seem to see more of these trucks out on the road lately, and a few local contractors have been useing them, and like the power/ reliability and ride.

lol haters judging a truck that they haven't even seen without camo. Just makes you look so close minded.

It appears Toyota got the idiots who designed the square wheelwells on the new Silverado to do their camo.

- This! Sad to say, the Tundra looks better. Those GMC Terrain fenders on the Silverado look absolutely ridiculous.

The last truck I would buy is a Fiat Power Wagon.

2 star Overall Dependability from JD Powers

55% below average from CR Reliability Study.

Ram heavy-duty gets 2 stars and and catches fire in federal crash test

Shortly after the test, NHTSA says, "smoke and flames were observed from the engine compartment." None of the available NHTSA photos or videos captured the fire, but this picture of the truck's engine compartment after the crash does show signs of burning around where the radiator smashed into the Hemi V-8 engine.


Hemi burnt to a crisp

I like it. If it had stacked lights it would look just like the Ford/Atlas concept, hood and grill.
Someone said the sqaure fender opening of the GM don't look good, i have to disagree, GM has had square fenders forever, it is their trademark and looks good. Why should they be round like Ford or Ram, then people would call them copycats LOL. Anyway , i think the Tundra is as good as any 1/2 ton available.

Maybe because the Wheels are round? Just doesn't look right with square fenders, they didn't look as bad, but with the big flares they new GM's look like it has saddle bags.

@Rick Well at least most guys will save on adding the bulgy Bushwacker fender flares you see on almost every truck out there. Built in Flares, better than plastic add ans in my opinion. Like i said GM has had sqaure cut fender openings for as long as i can remember, GM wants the truck to keep that typical GM look, good or bad, they sold a lot more than Ram and close to Ford if not more. This new Toyota will be slammed by everyone n no matter how good it looks, truck bashing is a sport on this site ....

Hard to tell under all that padding,but I don't see a "new" truck here but hopefully a significant refresh.

I see the front changes it appears more square and best of all they changed the front fascia as on the current tundra it sticks out further than the grill which sticks out further than the headlights.

As for other changes I would like I hope they keep the tripletech frame just soften the leaf springs (better ride) and add a air suspension to the rear. If anybody has anything to say about it I can tell them thats how Petebilt and Kenworth do it. That also how I do it right now

I will wait for the debut to see if I am right and if it will make my final cut with the 2014 GMC Sierra 1500.

Hopefully they fixed AIP problems.....

You bunch of bafoons, It's a decoy. Why would Toyota keep it so secret and then two weeks before the reveal have it spied!

And let me say this I'll take a Toyota over a shoe box on wheels like Ford puts out anyday. That thing is nasty looking and not in a good way. They give uou cheap gimmicks and uou forget that the thing is shaped like a brick.

Someone explain to me how the hell anyone can say the F150 is shaped like a brick when you sit a Chevy (new or old) next to it? The Chevy is a box on wheels, and sad to say the new Chevy is no better. Tundra only had a face a mother could love. Just saying...

I see the telltale rivets on the frame rails under the cab. Bet that means no fully boxed frame, just a carry over. So they are just changing the looks to make it appear more American. I was really hoping for the Tundra to really be a competitor. Well they can keep their rubber band frame pickup. I can say this because I owned one. I dont hate Toyota but hated the Tundra, love my FJ cruiser, its nice to look in the mirror and not see my tailight (the toyota's stick out to the side so you can see the edge in the mirror) not flapping around, oh thats right, the FJ even gets a boxed frame.

This is the current Tundra and someone just made a bunch of money selling some pics of a truck wrapped in cardboard and black tape.

@ TundraHDHQ, TUNDRA burns to the ground after head on collision killing the driver. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? WOW!

September 20, 2012
Tuesday, January 29, 2013
TUNDRA explodes after head on impact killing the driver.Wow can you believe that?


Did the prototype has started to rust.


I can believe it because that's annectdotal cherry-picked info that you are famous for.

You have a greater than average chance of that happening in a Ram HD. In a Tundra, less than average.

It looks better wrapped up in garbage bags. The government should pass a law making all toyjunkas wear garbage bags. What's so funny is it still has not come close to selling 100,000 trucks each year. I can't believe toyjunka can't find 100,000 idiots to buy this POS.

2012 ram catching on fire?

Has anyone heard of someones 2012 ram catching on fire my buddies dam truck suddenly caught on fire while driving smoke was coming out of the dash board and they all jump out and that was it bye bye ram


There was a member on here not to long ago that had that happen to him. Ive also heard a few other cases..cant remember what the problem was?? Somebody will chime in and let us know the cause lol


Ive seen at least 2 other members on here that had theres catch fire... dont remember if they ever said the cause though


I'm not sure they could determine the cause of that one that burned on the beach - it was burned to the wheels... I do remember the truck was sitting parked when it lit on fire, tho (wasn't being driven).


Yours did too? Were you driving it? Yours wasn't the one on the beach - I think that guy went out and bought a Ford or GM.


See, Hemi, Rams are not fire-free. Far from it. These people are quite familiar with Rams catching on fire. On the F-150 forum I visit I don't recall anyone having a fire.

Here's the one that burned up on the beach:

My truck burnt to the ground!!!!!!!

The scary thing is the people posting here hope it's not a trend. They have seen this a few times before on the 4th gen Ram.

Chrysler/Dodge fires

More fires than Ford and GM?

For More Information Visit:

From T. Heilbrun - I am writing this because I now own a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Hemi truck that has a very distinct ticking sound coming from the lifters. Now we all know this is not a desirable sound coming from an engine compartment. I have owned Chryslers from the time I was 15. My first car was a 1971 Dodge Demon 340. I then acquired a 1964 273 Plymouth Valiant and a 225 1963 Valiant. As of now I still own a 1973 Charger 500 with an original 440 six pak and a 600 hp '73 duster with a 340 six pak. The list goes on with my numerous Mopar's so as you can tell I know them inside and out. I rebuilt each one. After the first 1500 miles it started ticking badly as though one of the keepers had slipped a notch on one of the valve stems. I brought this to the attention of the dealer and I was given a bunch of BS excuses and the runaround! I want my truck fixed no more excuses. I have been a loyal buyer of Mopar all my life and this is unacceptable. The Dodge dealer told me to simply drive it until the motor blows. So I decided to trade it in and they wouldn't even give what was owed on it so I went to another dealer and when they heard the tick they said they wouldn't trade for it until I got it fixed! They said it wasn't worth anything to them with that noise and could not in good faith resell it! So I now have a 40,000 dollar truck that is no good.

From D. Paradis - I just found your website and I plan on reading the whole thing. I wanted to let you know that my 2000 Dodge Stratus caught fire yesterday in a parking lot and was a total loss. The interesting thing is when the fire dept arrived one firefighter commented "Dodge Stratus, big surprise." THEN when my insurance adjuster called me she told me that I was the 6th 2000 Dodge Stratus owner who filed a fire claim in the past TWO weeks! And that was just HER caseload! I am a little more than upset. Because it was a fire loss I have to pay for my rental vehicle out of pocket then wait for the settlement to be reimbursed. Even then, I know I won't get enough to buy another car. As a single mom with 2 kids and a handicapped woman who lives with me I don't need this kind of problem. I am astonished that this is happening and consumers are left to pick up the pieces. Even my mechanic said he has heard of this problem with Dodge. I will NEVER buy another car from Dodge, Chrysler, ever.

Americans build reliable and quality truck toyota tundra. Let me say this i dont hate f150 but my coworker bought a 2007 f150 and at the same time i bought my 2007 tundra. Four years later guess what his f150 leaking oil like crazy every where and mind plain dry. The best selling truck in america failed. If you want the longest lasting truck the tundra is the one.

@Hemi V8, Do you have a Pinterest page?

Here is Tundra HQ's Pinterest page.

For all you people saying "it looks the same" don't forget that the current F150 still has the 2004 body, that makes them the oldest 1/2 ton truck now. Just because they change the head lights and grille doesn't make it a whole new truck!

The current Tundra looks have grown on me some. I hope they do a good job with this truck, we will seen in just a few weeks.

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