Spied! 2014 Toyota Tundra CrewMax

ToyotaTundra1.KGP.ed-2341724378 II

Photos by KGP Photography

We've just received these images from our spy shooters, and here's what they had to say after catching this prototype undergoing winter testing in Canada.

With the recent news that Toyota will unveil a new full-size pickup at the upcoming Chicago Auto Show (Feb. 9-18), much speculation has begun as to what we'll actually be seeing when the covers are finally pulled off. Will Toyota launch an all-new, drastically redesigned Tundra, or will Toyota take the path it took with the newest Camry — thoroughly updating the current platform to strategically address its shortcomings while saving on development costs? From the look of these first shots, it appears that it took the latter path.

Plastic camouflage hides many of the styling nuances, but we can see evidence of a heavily redesigned front fascia with blocky, flat-topped headlight clusters and an all-new grille treatment. The greenhouse looks to be little changed from the current model.

The full-size truck market is shaping up to be as competitive as ever, with a 2014 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 just dropping, an ever-improving Ram Truck lineup, an all-new Ford F-150 deep into its mule phase (with final prototypes on the way) and a new Nissan Titan scheduled to hit the market pretty soon as well.   

It will be interesting to see the final report on the scope of the effort Toyota has put into the 2014 trucks, especially when considering its difficulty in cracking into meaningful sales numbers when compared to the established players. We know we'll be hearing more on Toyota's 2014 Tundra, but for now, peruse our spy photos.

ToyotaTundra3.KGP.ed-2341724388 II

ToyotaTundra2.KGP.ed-2341724380 II

ToyotaTundra6.KGP.ed-2341726126 II






Toyota: reliable, resale value, quality
Ford: cheap, poorly built, ugly
Chev: ugly, marginal quality
Ram: one word "Dodge" remember they brought us the K car

Want a truck that lasts buy a Tundra. Want a cheap truck buy one of D3. The used car lots are full of them. Look for a Tundra in the same lot a million to one its not there.

These people that come on here and bash other truck brands are rediculous. No truck on the market Today is completete trash. You can't go wrong buying any brand weather a Ford or a Toyota. If you don't like a particular brand don't buy it, but don't come on here and bash other brands just because its not the brand that you currently drive and most have no experiance with the brand they are bashing and have never owned that other brand.

Looks like a homely truck hiding under that camo. It sort of resembles an F-150 or Super Duty with that ugly protruding front snout. big mistake!


I agree 100% man! I could not have said it better myself. Adopting Ford styling cues is a sign of no creativity and weakness. Toyota has seemed to have lost their way with this design. Hopefully the Tacoma won't go down this dark path. I just don't know about Toyota anymore.


You idiot, those two fire stories you posted, the first one the driver of the Nissan was killed. I am not a fan of the Tundra but lying about it won't help your sales pitch for the Dodge...

Typical PUTC Commenter:

"I've gotta tell ya guys...even though all I have to go on is a few grainy photos of a thoroughly camo'ed vehicle and zero actual specifications, I would definitely buy a [Ram/Ford/GM] over this foreign piece of crap!...THEY TERK ARE JERRRRRRRRRBS!!!!!"

...you guys crack me up.

I think this my be a Rapter version, Look how high the wheel well's are off the tires, not the black tape but the round outline up about a foot off the top of the tires. I think this truck is missing the big tires that it will come with to fill those openings.

I would say its a heavy duty becuase it deffinatly rides a lot higher then the current Tundra, the five lug wheels may be a disguise to trick.

This brings us a whole new meaning of "2 bagger"!

@tj - 100,000 idiots? Toyota couldn't find any because as your post proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, all of the idiots purchased from GMC.

If Toyota had a good looking upcoming new truck that's innovative, futuristic or broke new ground, NOW would be the time to show it. If not, you keep people guessing.

The 2014 Tundra will be an updated 2007 - current, which isn't a bad thing or necessarily outdated. But if the 2014 Tundra test mule/prototype was anything worth seeing, we would've seen it already.

Looks like TOYOTA will keep those C channel frames. I guess it will be cheaper for TOYOTA when they have to replace them from rotting off from rust. lol
Amazing Tundra Frame Rust Photos | Tundra Headquarters Blog

I think this my be a Rapter version, Look how high the wheel well's are off the tires, not the black tape but the round outline up about a foot off the top of the tires. I think this truck is missing the big tires that it will come with to fill those openings.

Posted by: Rocky | Jan 30, 2013 7:28:30 AM

Lord help Toyota if this thing IS ANYTHING LIKE THE CRAPTOR!!! Bent frames and a rip off high sticker price will be the norm.

Toyota recalls 2.5 million vehicles over fire risk. UPDATE: A new statement has been added to some news reports stating “documents filed by U.S. safety regulators show customers have reported 161 fires and nine injuries.” We have found that this “fire” is really classified as an “electrical fire” such as when the switch gets hot and smokes. Further analysis of the report shows that there were 161 incidents.

Hemi V8, this article is reguarding the up and coming Tundra, it has nothing to do with recalls about models currently on the market.

Um - that camo over the hood is hiding something big. I bet that hoodline sits waaaayyyyyyyy lower than ever before. I wonder if that is their big surprise...that they decided to not follow the leader but make a front clip that is truly aerodynamic.

I bet you are looking at a 2wd v6 high miler test mule. They are making sure it can pull that pig of a crewmax.

As for a stupid observation, it also looks like they got smart and put the front tow hooks higher, in the bumper.

It definitely looks like a smaller truck.

2013 vs 2014 side by side:


It looks exactly the same size to me. From the looks of it, exterior-wise, the most there will be is a minor front facelift like the Tacoma.

HEMIV8: I just went onto the tundrahdq site you posted a link too, and I can't believe all the fools that fall for that crap! even the suckoiya has the same frame! and they are full of rust also? where is that manuf.? and doesn't that have coil springs in the rear? man what garbage! I would bet my little ol Dakota (2003) has less rust, and no rust problems for a long time to come, and would be every bit as strong as any tundra frame! after all they are very much the same, boxed in front and open channel in the rear, or in the case of the Dakota boxed to the rear of the cab and open from there back! and I have been running it on the beach since new! and all my friends that have the taco and tundras have had major rust problems, and we all drive in the same places, some of them are fishermen by trade, and not one of them has their original bed, they all have home made flatbeds, and one older taco has a chevy S-10 bed!!! I have not seen such rust, since my Scout II days, but in reverse! in the Scout II it was the bodies that rotted away, in the toyotas it is the frames, and then the bodies! I know of one guy around here, with a Camaro body on a Scout II frame! I know after reading that link I am going to have rust nightmares!

I have no problems with the looks of the current Tundra. I like the front, but the tailgate has a strange crease in it, the taillights are a little odd, and the sides have some strange bulges. Those things would not be deal breakers but if they softened the sides, took out the creases in the tailgate, and put more traditional taillights on it, it would look much better. The price would be the major factor for me in that it is much higher priced than Ford, GM, and Ram but it is not a significantly better truck. It is a good truck just not better. A little cleanup on the current model just like a cleanup of the sides of the Silverado would greatly improve its looks. So the front of the Tundra looks similiar to the Ram, I think that is actually a good thing (nothing wrong with the looks of the front end of the Ram).

I agree with Dave. It's the same physical size and cab. The minor changes will be to the front end and tailgate. It will have the same powertrain. Unless I am missing something there is not much of a surprise.

@Hemi V8--Those pictures are pretty bad. I have not heard of any issues with the newer Toyota trucks. I know many people that have Toyotas that have had very few problems. Toyotas to me are overpriced and are out of date compared to the other manufacturers. Maybe 20 or more years ago Toyota had significantly higher quality but the American manufacturers have made significant gains in quality and the Korean manufacturers are every bit as good or better than Toyotal. There are plenty of good cars and trucks on the market today and the competition has not only caught up but surpassed Toyota. I would only consider a Toyota Tacoma because they are about the only ones making a smaller truck, but if I were buying a midsize car I would choose a Sonota, Accord, or a Fusion over the Camry because they are much more up to date and better over all.

I bought a tundra junk junk junk junk junk juuuuuuunnnnnnkkkkk!

Never again will anything with a toyota name plate enter my garage.

Jeff well said, the gap between 1985 USA. Vehicles Vs. 1985 Japan built vehicles is no longer! Domestic stuff stacks up very well now globally . The big three have been producing full size pick ups for a hundred years. Toyota , Nissan , 10-20?? No brand bashing just stating the facts . On full size trucks, my money goes to Detroit .

After owning a Tundra I will never go back to the GM and Ford Garbage

@ rodger what about your tundra ,makes it so you do not want to own a gm, dodge or ford product again?

Leave it to HemiV8 to troll for dirt on a competitor's brand. The ironic thing is that the 2 brands that Hemi trolls the most are Ford and Toyota which both have markedly better long term reliability and durability ratings than Ram.
I'm sure he'll chime in about Ford's drop in ratings but that is "Initial Quality" and the fall is directly related to an overly complex and poorly thought out My Touch.

@HEMI V8 and sandman4X4
Could you please keep your trolling to the 2nd gen Tundra as that was the 1st gen Tundra frame. It kind of makes it hard for me to trust anything you say because you just appear to be D3 Fanbois as I have told Sandman4x4 on other occasions.

"I bet my Tundra frame is way stonger than a Ram HD." I would compare my frame to a truck up in class but it might make me seem like a fanboi.

GPZ85, mostly the fact that I don't have to spend my time going to the dealer for repairs. Don't get me wrong I am a Dodge guy at hart but after 65K my last Dodge or Ram now was in the shop ever other month for a 600-800 dollar repair and so far I have not had that with the Tundra, I am at 90K on my 07.

Lou, you got the wrong guy. I don't post often hear just to read news about pickups. Not trolling , just stating facts.

I am surprised at posts from the "previous Tundra owners" that now hate Toyota... .

I would be the FIRST to say if I have had a problem with my Tundra; I just haven't.

In the last 10 years, I have bought (new) from these brands:

Acura (Honda)
Mazda (Ford)
Pontiac (Holden)

Those are in order of my experience in reliability. I had never owned a Toyota before, but it has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever bought--and that is surprising since I have worked it well beyond its specs (8000 GVW) for thousands of miles. Maybe that is why the Tundra and Super Duty use a more forgiving frame... .

The VW was an absolute piece of crap.

Oh, and while we are grasping at straws, I think that the hood camo is to hide a scoop to feed the top mount intercooler for a diesel... .

@gpz85 - my comment was aimed at hemiv8 not you, that is why my post started with @hemiv8.
I own a F150,and I have nothing against the Tundra. I've only heard of bad things about it on this Site. Everyone I know likes their Tundras and have had great reliability. The only guys I know that owned Tundras and went to another brand was because they needed a 3/4 ton.
If I were to compare what I hear in the real world to reliability data, the Tundra, and F150 rate very well. The Chevy/GM trucks have great reliability for their drivetrains but body and interior wise have been poor. Ram trucks don't rate well at all.
Like you said, "No brand bashing, just stating facts."

Hopefully this one is going to look half way decent.
The current Tundra look would be inproved if you were to smash it into a concrete wall.

@ roger thank you for input about the tundra , the reason I asked is because two people that I know have had bad rust issues with them. But never any mechanical complaints.

@ Lou I would agree with your thoughts on how they all stack up ! The wild card to me is dodge? In the late 90's I rember test driving a brand new dodge ram, and while getting on the gas to merge on a highway the tranny was slipping like hell.

2014 is going to be a great year for trucks lots of new stuff coming!

am I seeing this right? does this truck have 5 lugs?

@gpz85--All the American branded trucks are of good quality and most people will get many years of good service out of them with proper care. Under extreme use and/or extreme weather such as Lou's brother then the truck is not going to last as long, but for most of us we will get many years of reliable service. I have owned Fords, Chevys, and Chryslers and overall I have had good experiences and have been pleased. American manufacturers have had periods of not so great vehicles such as the 70s and early 80s but for the most part they provide a good quality product at a fair price.

I will not bash Toyota, Honda, or Nissan because they still make a good product, but they are resting on their past and especially Toyota have failed to keep up with the competition. Yes Toyota is Number 1 in the World but the competitors are innovating and updating at a much quicker pace. Hyundai has come a long way from making cheap cars with average quality to making high quality cars such as Sonota, Genesis, and Sante Fe which are every bit as good or better than anything that is Japanese. Ford has come a long way and is blazing new trails in the auto world (not just trucks). GMs newly redesigned cars have come a long way too and the new full size trucks appear to be better though they could still use a little more refinement.

As a consummer it is good to see the competition rise up and create a better product. I am sure the new Tundra will be a good truck but the full size truck market is very competitive and the domestics will not sit still especially Ford.

@ sandman 4x4

Yes the Tundra is a 14 mm 5 lug. the other half tons are 12mm 6 lug. never did understand why they chose a 5 lug but with HD sized lugs 5 is plenty.

@ Jeff s

where do you come up with this stuff? Toyota is resting on its past? how exactly do you justify that comment? The Tundra STILL this day has equipment on it that no other truck has and has been on the truck since 2007! the fluid to fluid heat exchanger that the zf 8 speed is bragging about having to help with warming up and also being a cooler is the ONLY other trans to have that being released in 2013 but 6 YEARS AGO it was on the Tundra and today is on EVERY VEHICLE that Toyota produces with a towing package and many of the 6 speed trans they build on cars as well. Toyota is YEARS ahead of the competition in many many ways you should really check your facts before posting some bogus comment like you did

hemi lol--Look at the Camry then look at Hyundai and Ford. Camry is a solid car but it has been outpaced. Same with the Corolla and the competition. Tundra is ok and has a few things that the competition does not have but it is far from being a leader. When comparing price and what you get for your money Toyota is not as competitive. Are Toyota trucks worth thousands more than the competition? Maybe for you but for others the answer would be no. If the Tundra was leaps and bounds better than the competition then it would be Number 1 or Number 2. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it is a bad truck and that it will not last, I am stating that it is not the best value for the money. Would I ever own a Toyota, maybe but I will always look at what is available and choose what I deem is the best value for me. I have friends that have Tundras and Tacomas and have been very satisfied.

hemilo-Now if you are talking about hybrid technology I would then give the edge to Toyota. They are well ahead of the competition with the Prius and it has proven itself over the past 15 years.

Also when you go to a Toyota dealership they act like you should be grateful that they will spend the time just to talk to you. Just pay full sticker with no questions. They have an attitude just like the Mercedes, Audi, and BMW dealers and for me I would just rather buy from some who appreciated my business more. I found this attitude especially at the Lexus dealership. Again I have no issue with Toyota itself I just find the competition's products more to my liking and they treat me better.

If it ships like this, it's a definite plus! I'm afraid it will still be an ugly truck underneath it all. The Nissan for as old as it is looks better everyday next to a Tundra.

Tundra might not change that much on the exterior. They could be following what Ford and Ram are doing just a little refreshing which is not necessarily a bad thing to do. Most truck buyers do not want too drastic of a change and it is much less expensive to refresh. It will be interesting to see this truck after the introduction at the Chicago auto show. I am sure there will be an article and pictures on this website on the Tundra during the auto show.

@ Jeff s.

how is the camry outpaced? it to has MANY things on it that are class leading and class exclusive... those heat exchangers i mentioned are on a camry too. the camry gets better mpg than ANY car in its class and is the ONLY one to have a system as advanced as Entune with nav.

by the way you contradicted yourself in saying if the Tundra was the best it would be #1 or #2......... BUT, then you said the camry was outpaced......................um by YOUR OWN words you said that the camry was outpaced so WHY has it been the #1 selling sedan for 15 of the last 16 years! 2012 camry sales were OVER 400,000 units!!

Im gonna guess that someone at toyota store pissed you off years ago and thats why you dont like them. why do i think this you ask?? Go to ANY Toyota store today and NONE of them will expect you to pay MSRP for a car unless it was a new release.
You should probably give them another chance and go to a different dealer as i dont ever treat anyone that way nor does anyone else at my store. Yes if you didnt know i do work for a dealer.

the corolla is dated i'll give that to you but its STILL the number 2. and a solid choice that will get you 40mpg for real even though the sticker only shows 34mpg highway. corolla is the best selling nameplate in automobile history! over 40 million since 1967 or 1968 have been sold.

Finally Tundra's are not priced thousands more than the competition. where does that come from? if you compare a 5.7 tundra you must compare it the the ecoboost or 6.2 from ford, the 6.2 from GM, or the 5.7 from Ram otherwise you compare apples to oranges. in EVERY single case the Tundra's MSRP is less than the competition.

no thanks! i will pass on the turdra.if i have to buy a truck it will be from the big three... you know...... the ones that makes real TRUCKS!!!

Yeah, I don't know if it is fair to judge a brand based upon experience at a few dealers.

My closest Toyota dealership was/is full of jerks--but one about 70 miles away (where I bought by pickup) are great to work with.

I can understand how it can taint your opinion, however. My brother has a 2008 Ram (same year as my Tundra). It has been to the shop for a number of things. It took several trips to get them to replace the rear window (it leaked). His front differential is leaking now. The dealer at first tried to convince him that it wasn't leaking--it was just road grime (I wonder how he got that puddle in his garage?). They are now basically telling him to drive it until it fails--real comforting for a guy that lives in Alaska with twin baby girls.

I think the dealership "service" will eventually make him sell and buy another brand.

hemi lol --I am not the only one who thinks most Toyotas are dated. Read most of the articles and they come to the same conclusion. As for going to Toyota and Lexus dealerships I have been to both as recently as October, 2012. I have driven Camrys, Sonotas, Fusions, Malibus, and others. Camry was not bad but it had lots of hard plastics and was not finished as nice as some of the others. One reason Camry sells so well is because of its past reputation, but the other intermediate cars have caught up and the intermediate and compact car segment has many great cars to choose from. If you don't believe me then look for yourself. Unlike you I think it is a good thing to have this competition because it gives an incentive to improve and update a product. I never said Toyotas were bad, I just don't think they are as up to date as the competition. As for Corolla again I never said they are a bad car but after driving an Elantra, Civic, and some others it is not as nice. Again you distort what I am saying and if you prefer Toyotas that is your choice. I also never said that I would never own one but except for the Tacoma they are just not on my list.

I am not a fanboy of any particular brand so I can just as easily choose one brand over another. Also I do not have to use a ficticious name to post under because my real name is Jeff and not hemi or any other made up name. I also don't sell cars so I do not owe my allegiances to a particular brand. I am a consumer first and a product loyalist last. Yes if a product gives me good service I will consider it next time but if a competitor comes up with a better product I will look at that product.

@Dav--Good points. The dealership where I bought my S-10 years ago had much better service in the past. It has gone down hill in the last year. Good service and treating the customer right is always the best practice regardless of brand. I have repeated my purchases of many things based on the service that I have received. I would not blame your brother in the least for not wanting to buy another Ram, particularily from that dealer. They should have taken care of him not only on a moral basis but just because that is just plain good business.

@HemiLOL - JeffS isn't a fanboi anti-toyota dude. I have to agree with him. Toyota has a great product but they are starting to fall behind in comfort, design, and drivetrains. My wife and I have a 2010 Sienna and it has been very reliable but truth be told, it is a bland appliance that was overpriced. The Odyssey was nicer inside but was also pricy. I wouldn't touch another Caravan but even the Koreans had nicer and more up to date interiors. Even the global compact truck test said the Hilux is outdated. The Tacoma gets comparable mpg to most full sized trucks. How is that up to date?
We aren't bashing Toyota for the sake of bashing Toyota.

hemilol: my Dakota has 6 lugs!

@sandman 4x4, RAM 1500 has 5 lugs for instance too. As posted above, I believe they are different size. 1st gen Tundra had 6 lugs, so does Tacoma and 4runner.

@Lou--Thank you Lou, that is exactly what I meant. I have no problems with Toyota, I just think there are other good competitive vehicles on the market. I would like to see Toyota update their products more, especially the interiors. I am not a fanboy.

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