Update: Presidential F-150 Sells for $300K

2009 Bush F-150 Barrett II

The 2009 Ford F-150 King Ranch once owned by President George W. Bush for use on his ranch in Crawford, Texas, was sold this past weekend at the annual Barrett-Jackson Auction outside Scottsdale, Ariz. 

The truck was donated by the former president so proceeds from the sale would benefit the Fisher House Foundation, a not-for-profit organization best known for the support they offer America's veterans and their families. 

With prodding by talk-show host Jay Leno from the stage (who donated for auction one of his favorite New Holland tractors earlier this year), bidding topped out at $300,000 before the gavel hit the wood. Check out the video that Autoblog.com has posted by clicking here.



I wouldn't even give 3 cents for Furd!

That truck is gorgeous! King Ranch interior too. I honestly think the 04 and up F-150 is the best looking truck Ford ever built. It's only rivaled by the 67-72 Chevrolet model from any competition. I do like the new Dodge Ram but I'm not a fan of sloped forward (muscle car) front ends myself. I'm seriously considering one like that in black. 300k though for a used truck? It would have had to be driven by George Washington himself. Not GW. And I liked the guy but c'mon. Besides, his pockets are so deep he could have just given 300k to our brave veterans.

Great truck, benefit, and President.

I don’t understand how any proud truck owner on this site could be so immature to leave negative comments on something that is a good cause to our Veterans. Just because some of us may not drive Ford (I don’t, I’ve always driven Ram or Chevy), doesn’t mean you have to attack this article and our President (hell I refuse to call the current one my president... I never voted him in.) I think it’s a great looking truck, and I’m sure it’s well taken care of, and in better shape and a heftier ride than most here probably own. I’m proud that this President was a truck owner. Obama drives a Chrysler 300 which he sold at auction, and not a penny went back to any cause.

Talk about resale value ;). Kudos for the truck donatipn and to the person who bought it.
We dont have much say in the wars we fight but we do have a huge voice in how we honour our fallen.

Where is the presidential Tacoma or Tundra.. oh that's right, nevermind. LOL

I think our current Prez has a presidential Prius.

You would have to give someone $300,000 to take RAM or a GM/chevy

The RAM logo looks like the women's reproductive system. No wonder they are girly man trucks. I won't even get started with GM/chevy.......BIGGEST GIRLY MAN TRUCKS EVER and this is fact

I agree that at least the funds went to charity which is always nice to see. For the rest of the comments isn't there some way to electrocute someone via the mouse or keyboard?! I am thinking this would be a good solution to a lot of problems on this website since they refuse to get a couple of moderators.

Anyone know computer programing?!

It is truely pathetic, some of the jerks on this site, how in their right mind could they even consider saying anything negative about the cause? truely idiots!

300K. Good for Fisher House and GW.
Glad for both.

I know prgramming, C++ and Java. Michigan Bob never ceases to amaze me. TROLL DELUXE!

I think we all know thiers some wacos on here. Whether or not you like Ford or George bush, you can't bash a charity event thats actually going to a good cause.

@Red I never said the cause was bad, just that I wouldn't give more then 3 cent for any Furd.

I think we all know thiers some wacos on here. Whether or not you like Ford or George bush, you can't bash a charity event thats actually going to a good cause.

@Rich, this is what Bob (and all of the Bobs', Greg's, Sierra's, Tyler's and Bvonscott) do. He is a shameful human being of the lowest level. I commend the former President for doing this. Just as I commend Mr.Ackerson for selling his Corvette for charity. Both are very worthy causes.

Great news, glad for everyone involved. Great looking pick-up.

Truely a class act and truely a worthy cause, none better in my book, and a great looking truck, and from, what history will show U.S. was a good pres. and history will also be much kinder o G.W.B than B.H.O., if he is not removed from office first, has anyone ever heard of obama ever giving to any cause? and I am not talking about the muslim brotherhood.

A great cause. As a disabled Vet fisher house is top notch. GW was a good pres and Commander in Chief.

Someone told me Rick Hendrick bought this beauty, I don't know for sure. Sure is a nice one.

Thanks for confirming your UTTER STUPIDITY MICHIGAN BOB!

ordering is now open for the Ram 1500 Hemi with the eight-speed automatic.
The 2013 Ram 1500 Hemi with eight-speed automatic does not yet have an official gas-mileage estimate; with the six-speed, which is to continue production indefinitely, the truck is rated at 14 mpg city, 20 highway. In contrast, the standard V6 Ram, which comes with the eight-speed, is rated at 17 city, 25 highway; the Aero boosts that to 18/25,

With the eight-speed, the Ram Hemi is expected to get substantially better gas mileage; the Grand Cherokee went from 13/19 to 15/21 with a moderately different version of the V8 engine, an increase of 2 mpg across the board. Acceleration is also expected to increase, across the board.

Read more at: http://www.allpar.com/news/index.php/2013/01/2014s-ram-8-speed-hemi-ready-for-ordering

The price paid was for a charity not the truck. This article's heading is very misleading. You are starting to really hurt for things to write about.

@ Mark Williams

Please ban Michigan Bob and HEMI V8. They flood the comment section with childish nonsense on every article and post comments and links not even regarding the article they are posting in. See above post for example

thank you

Good article. Many veterans and their families are most appreciative of this, and we should be more appreciative of their service and sacrifice for our country. This is a real positive action and should be applauded by all.

@Mikes Fx4, Boooo Hoooooo! Don't cry. Somebody has to cover the real truck news. That Hemi 8 is on it's way.


@ ford sucks its to bad u wont pay 3 cents for a ford, cause it will go farthhe than any gm or dodge for 5 cents, fords are the best truck, everyday everyday everyday

2013 Ram HD: The King of Towing at 30,000 Pounds
Posted by Mark Williams | January 8, 2013
A new frame, stronger Cummins & trans, and a beefier suspension give top honors to Ram HD.

Recall a big blow to Escape, Fusion
Chris Woodyard and Meghan Hoyer, USA TODAY 8:21a.m. EST December 4, 2012
Ford hasn't yet pinpointed the problem that led to 13 engine fires.

Customers are being told to park their vehicles; will be given loaners
As embarrassments go, Ford Motor couldn't face a worse recall than one that wraps together two critical 2013 vehicles and a technology that it has spent the most time and money trying to burnish: Fusion sedan, Escape crossover and the EcoBoost turbocharged engine.

Yet on Monday Ford was at a loss to explain why the 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine in two big-selling models was overheating and might catch fire — or how it plans to fix the 89,153 vehicles involved. Ford is urging owners to park their vehicles, contact their dealers and arrange for loaners.


FORD IS GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It came with 2 tow trucks and six full time employees, 2 mechanics plus 4 body men to fix rust.

@HEMI ahahahaha you must live in your moms basement, love to see a ram pull 30,000 lbs and not break, u need a speacial lisence, ford will be the tow king again, and we all know the new cummins sucks comapred to the older ones. DODGE IS GARBAGE, and the goverment has not approved the 30,000 claim, fords go farther thats my my 5.4L HAS 300,000 show me a hemi thats worked as hard as my Triton, never happen, rams are for gurly girlys at least bush knows fords are the best.


Please stop these people from picking on me and my lowly
F-250. I just can't take it. This had put me in therapy. I cried myself to sleep last night. Please make it stop. These dang TROLLS!!!! Why do people call me a troll? I never say anything out of line or anything troll-like.


Hahahah cute comment Bob. Troll!

Why has this site done nothing about the same people who post under different names just to troll? This is getting old and one reason why I don't come to this site as much as I use to. I love the articles but the comments and the fan wars are getting old fast. Everyone here is passionate about their favorite ride but there is a fine line between ribbing one another and some of the garbage I see on here. The technology has been around for awhile now to tell if someone is posting from the same computer, its not hard to do. Please do something about this soon. Look at the other sites that have moderators for some ideas. Having 15 comments all from BOB with varying names of is getting old fast.

Thank You Mr. President for your gift and thank your dad for 1000 points of light.

Gm is famous for releasing info slowly, like when they released the new frame, suspension platform on the HD trucks. When they did release info, the next day Ford released new numbers to inch out GM numbers, and changed nothing, just added majic dust. Only to have the Duramax kick its " ALL NEW Superduty a$$. Afetr all the hype and hundreds of articles put out by Ford about it's new 2011 Superduty, it seemed it was old by the time it actually hit the dealers, and Ford looked pretty bad after all the hype when GM silently had their new HD truck available, and much more of a workhorse than the Ford SD. GM likes to announce ratings, power numbers closer to build dates, rather than 6 months before you can order the damn truck. This site has always been Ford biased, thanks to Mike Levine(idiot pencil pusher IMO).

I know the Atlas is just a concept vehicle and when if it reaches dealers it will not be nearly the same, but as a cancept it is awesome and derseves the award.

Replacing blown out spark plug. LOL

2009 an "old" truck? I wonder what that makes my '99?
...a fossil I suppose. :(

@JasonH - slap a new paint job on it and some square fender flares and it will look as good as new (read 2014). I'll get flamed by bob for that comment.

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