2013 Chicago Auto Show: 2014 Tundra Intro Live Webcast

Chicago Auto Show 2 II

Assuming everything is working properly, just click below and you'll be on the floor of the 2013 Chicago Auto Show for the world debut of Toyota's next-generation 2014 Tundra full-size pickup truck. Look for more information and news about the newest full-size pickup in the segment as we dig deeper to get more details.


I am the first one to comment.
I'm awesome like the 2014 Toyota Tundra

Nobody looks Japanese in those photos...

Mike sweers the chief engineer of the Tundra is as american as apple pie. He grew up in a farm setting and i truly believe this man gets it! we will see soon enough...............

Let me jump in hear before I even see the new Tundra and predict what my comment will be.
"Nice looking. Definitely an improvement. I think Toyota will be bumping Ram out of third place soon".

Let me just say this....

Designed in America
Build in America

And before you go off on saying you should buy domestic, you are hypocrites. Look around you, your cellphones, computers, stereo's. tv's, the cloths you wear, how many of those are made in America? I don't prefer one brand over the other, if I don't like a certain brand I don't come on here and start bashing. If you don't like it, don't buy it! Right now I drive a 2000 Silverado with 247K miles on it, best vehicle I ever owned, but I would never buy the current 2007-2013 Silverado, lots of problems. At the moment I like the current F150 but when I'm ready to buy a new truck I will buy the one I like at that moment whether it be a Chevy, RAM ,Ford, Toyota or maybe even a new Nissan. Just my opinion.

So.. That's where GM's old bed toolings went.

Wow. A new Tailgate and a F150 interior. Not impressed.

It's pretty much a copy or combination of the big three. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I expected something original, so I'm a little surprised. But thinking of how they started the Tundra design as original and it was a flop, this makes more sense. There is just enough Ram, GM, and Ford flare in this Tundra that any owner of another brand would feel comfortable jumping to this design.

just when you thought the tundra coulden't get any uglier...........................Is that grill out of the avalon. I'd say its safe to say the big 3 won't have to worry much about this ugly thing!

lipstick on a pig comes to mind, did they mention what the frame is like? where are the pics of the inside?

I looked up anticlimax in the dictionary... picture of this truck.

I do not care for full-size much but bring on more competition like the Tundra...

I do not see many changes here, I cant wait to see the specs on the frame and see what the interior looks like?

I think overall it is more appealing as it is tougher and more "traditional" looking. However, as with most modern Toyotas, the front end is just.. awful! Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that grill is just grossly oversized with tiny headlights.. Can't wait to hear the details on all of the changes!

Eee gads, that speaker doesn't sound very comfortable or professional.

I have been having trouble to get the video working, but just got a quick look at the interior, not to bad, it looks like a tacoma inlarged

Now that's how to make a lame presentation. No specifics on fuel economy or HP. Ridiculous applause for Toyota design staff. Speaker sounding like he's going through puberty.

I don't think toyota has a clue in the big truck market.The first tundra looked ok but nothing special

The second one with the bass fish front and elephant doors and the odd interior was a let down.

Now they take a swoopy old cab design then add a avalon looking grill cut two lines into the bed side and call it a chisled design.Congrats to them though they finally put in trailer brakes 5 yrs to late.

Ford will rule the truck game for yrs to come it looks like now.With Chevys 1998 new truck look and this ungodly looking tundra thing the only competition ford should have is from ram/fiat and what ever titan brings to the table next yr.

Can't wait on the atlas to get here from ford. Now that is a truck!

Stick a fork in them, they are done.
No Valvematic on any engines.
No 8 speed automatic.
No center differential.

and a huge retrograde step to dual beam headlights.
Complete crap!

I like what i see on the interior for sure. The exterior, not so much. Guess it would grow on me. Looks like they just took a few ideas from Chev, Ram and slapped em on the exterior.
Waiting for the engine and rear ratio specs. And best to see in person. They did a lot of changes i asked for. Will it make me buy it over my 2010 model? not sure at this point.

@ George C

Valvematic? seriously? they were the FIRST to offer dual independent variable valve timing 7 YEARS AGO!

The transmission if really the same is the ONLY one with a variable lockup converter that locks in in either 3rd,4th,5th,or 6th gear making it truly 10 different ratios.

center differential is on Sequoia and why does it need to be on a truck? its cool but an expensive option. i wouldnt want one like GM offers with no low range and i believe the ford is the same way. NO thanks i'll keep my low range............. unless of course they gave us the same one on the sequoia which you would then have 5 different driving modes...... RWD, AWD high, 4WD high, AWD Low, and 4WD Low.

I've owned 5 Tundra's over 13 years, and registered nearly 200k Tundra owners. Can anyone here say that? I didn't think so.

The 2014 Tundra is not really a redesign, it's a refresh, and your owners are not pleased. Today Tundra owners world-wide have expressed their displeasure with this new, 2014 Tundra. I know, I've had to answer several dozen emails about it today.

In my opinion the Tundra should not be about what leather we sit on, or what sheet metal surrounds us. It should be about what moves us. And today, the 2014 Tundra failed to move us.

@ hemi lol I thought you knew a thing about vehicles. Toyotas tranny realy has 10 ratios? A slipping torque converter does not equal a gear ratio.

@hemi lol
Everyone else has VVT on the intake & exhaust (well, except for Nissan's 5.6, they only have intake VVT-and a fixed length intake manifold)
Toyota introduced Valvematic over six years ago on their 80.5mm cylinder bore engine family. They could have easily adopted Valvematic to their 94mm bore design.

There aren't ANY pickups with a center differential. The Dodge Ram was the last one, and that went away circa '06-'07.

'variable lockup converter'. That sounds like PR speak. All torque converters today have a continuously variable slip mode. Back in the day, the converter clutch was either open or closed, the slipping function was only to make the transition from open to closed transparent.

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