2013 Chicago Auto Show: 2014 Tundra Panel Discussion Live Webcast

2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 II

Click below to learn more about the key players surrounding the newest full-size pickup truck in the segment: the 2014 Toyota Tundra. The truck has a new look, an all-new interior gauge and center-stack layout, as well as something doubly special for the luxury truck buyer. We'll have more stories to come.


That was the lamest interview I've ever wasted my time watching. Lets talk about stamping metal, the plant, and everything but the truck! Why? Because there is nothing to talk about when it's just a face lift. I was hoping for a lot more with this version, but I guess Toyota is happy with the 100k a year in sales.

I would have loved to hear more tech specs during that broadcast................................

I suppose theyre being vague for a reason and we'll know more in the months to come.


No Toyota is a master of not telling you everything this early. thats why they didnt speak all about it.


I totally agree. Snooze fest, softball interview. Why not press them on drive train changes? The above changes won't change Tundra market share. And what's with all those similar photos?

I don't think there is much to say, they took a pretty good truck, tweaked the look and gave it a nice interior... but it's the same truck for the most part.... I'm a huge Toyota fan, and I understand they don't like changing stuff all the time because it can lower overall quality and longevity etc... But I was really hoping for something more than this...

the headlights look ridiculous on that truck.

I'm also disappointing. I'm a Toyota fan looking to purchase my first truck soon and I thought this may sway my decision away from domestics...it has not.


We like Toys too. We have a '12 Sienna, Just had a '11 Camry, and have had an Avalon and 3 Tacos. I leased an 06 Tundra because I didn't care for what the 07's looked like. Now that it's more of the same but with a really homely grille, I will be looking elsewhere for now and wait another 5 years to see what the next one looks like.

If a piece of sh*t had a Toyota emblem on it, hemi lol would want to drive it.

The worst looking truck I have ever seen. You couldn't pay me to drive one of those. I'd rather just drive my equipment on the road to customers than to be seen in that hideous looking thing.

The silver one in the background isn't bad looking.

I think its a great looking truck especially the silver one. The interior is outstanding

Weak, not impressed at all, 2014 GM's crush this truck. I am asking GM to do the drame test against Ford, Ram and Yota so we can all watch the Yota's frame break in half.

Rick. People that think this is a nice looking truck have bad taste.

...and probably bad breath

Pablo, Its my opinoin, if you don't like it so be it, but I'm sure Toyota will sell plenty of these to other people who agree with me.

Interesting interview. I found several points stood out. They said "our view of the truck market has adjusted a bit". I wish Mark would of asked some questions at to what they meant by that. They were overly optimistic at first with their expectations in relation to market penetration.
They refered to the previous (current) Tundra as "organic" and the new Tundra as more "industrial" in its shapes and lines.
I actually liked the side profile of this truck more than the old Tundra.

They did admit to bed bounce and tuning the suspension for a better ride.

When asked why they didn't go further with new engines etc they pointed out that they will not release anything new unless they are sure that it will hold up to what customers expect. That was an interesting comment.
When asked about all of the changes in the truck market and the insinuation that they weren't keeping up, they did take a run at the competition by saying their truck engine (5.7) was very modern when it came out and it still is competitive.
They pointed out that the "bread and butter" engines of the competition are still pushrod engines. Ouch Ram and GMC. They also mentioned Consumer Report and how real world testing showed that the Tundra got comparable MPG and also was deemed a better value that a V6 turbo, ouch Ford.

They even said that they were trying to move away from Toyota's conservatism.

Big Three truck guys and the Big three all have forgotten or not realized that in the grand scheme of things, Toyota is not a bit player to be taken lightly.

Judging from the comments, I wonder how many people took the time to watch it all?

Nice Tundra Did It Come with a Purse?

Have they said there weren't going to be drive train changes or did they just skirt around the issue? To me everyone says they are carryover engines but have they directly stated that? The unveil he did say they were going to maintain the 3 engine strategy and then pointed out some stuff about the current 5.7 but never actually said if there were or weren't changes. Toyota could be hiding it bc I know everyone is waiting for the new GMC numbers and back in 2007 GM was embarrassed when they unveiled their HP numbers and the tundras were more with the 5.7

I like the new design, black grill surround on a black truck would take away the heft of the grill and interior looks much better. My problem is that I have a camper that I tow with my truck (1/2 ton) that weighs 8000#. With my F150 I'm at 73% it's capability and with the Tundra I'd almost be at 90% which is too close for me. If the frame and engine are as strong as they say, why can't it keep up on paper. I know that they follow the new standards and I might actually be overloading my current truck, but at least this way I have some standing with a warrenty if it breaks.

@Scott- they did avoid any mention of new drivetrains. Their responce was that the 5.7 was advanced at the time it came out and is still competitive with anything new on the market. The 4.0 V6 is far from competitive with anything currently out their. In the Tacoma it doesn't yield better mpg than most of the current V8's. The 4.6 - I don't know anyone with a Tundra with that motor. That is like Ram with their 4.6. No one (almost no one)buys it.
they also elluded to the fact that they won't release anything until it meets all of their reliability expectations. Does that mean they are testing something?
I wish that Mark would of been more aggressive with his questioning.

What is the 1794 reference with the new Toyota truck? Is this to commemorate the year of Santa Ana's birth??? not sure that would play well in Texas

@Jason - 1794 was the "birthdate" of the farm that they built their factory on.

I don't understand the childish comments, doe not change my mind. I buy Toyota because they stand behind their vehicles.

I have seen Toyota replace springs on a 20 year old truck (no cost) because they did not think they should break.

Ford screwed up the design on one of their engines where the spark plugs blew out of the head. No help whats so ever from Ford. Same goes with all the big 3, they don't stand behind their vehicles.

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