2013 Chicago Auto Show: Live Ram Truck Webcast

Chicago Auto Show 2 II

Take a look below and be a part of Ram truck's live webcast from its press conference at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. We'll have more information and photos to offer as we learn more about these new pickups and vans at the show. Stay tuned.


Can't wIt


3.0L diesel Ram 1500 with 8-spd?

One can only dream I guess.

Will the ever show the crew cab long bed version?

Hey Mark Williams, Can you show us that awesome Power Wagon with a 4" Mopar lift and 37" tires. That truck is awesome.

Put the 3 liter Ecodiesel in the Ram 1500 pickup!!!

Diesel please!!!

So the moral of the story might be: alot of Tundra fans that were expecting a better truck will probably jump ship when Ram steals the show.

IF Ram steals the show.....

Hopefully we'll get some info on the 2013 ram 2500. I can't believe it's still not on dealer lots yet. I've been waiting for months to order one of these and nothing.. dealers have no idea what's going on.

its like the nissan frontier 2013...a little hype yet you still can't get one.

it's better then a couple of mediocre refreshs from GM and Toyota.

wow ford use GM all terrain hd front grill design to make ford atlas go check the truck wy pickup truck dont make a side by side picture but the gmc look more stuff in the front and side..

@ Dan I work for a Chrysler dealer. Whats going on is a longer run of 2012's for the HD's. The 2013 1500 are on the lots. There will be no model year 2013 HDs, they will have a 2013.5 model year, so they should be out in a few months. Not sure why, but that is the plan

The video is kind of wonky. It doesn't fit the window correctly so you either have to watch it really small or let part of the picture get cut off on the right and bottom.

This was a tough video to watch from end to end. I hate PR videos.
I had to laugh at the EMS body conversion. It could work as a EMS unit but with 174-hp and 295 lb-ft of torque in a 3.0-liter diesel - I'd be sh-tting myself if I had to try to pass a super b-train on a winding road with only a short straight stretch to play with.
The front drive will make this unit a darling with the upfitters since there isn't much to worry about behind the cab.
It will be interesting to see if they can gain good market penetration compared to the Transit with more powerful engine choices.
The new "troll" editing has done a wonderful job of keeping the "I hate Eurotrash" types at bay as well as the "I'll only buy a traditional Chevy van" types at bay.
Nice to see the car companies showing confidence in the market.

The Fiat Ducato here is getting that kind of power out of its 2.3 litre diesel.

I don't know what Fiat is doing. The only thing I can think of is they are dropping the same 3 litre that Iveco uses in their trucks.

If they are, it is a truck engine and will probably last for 100 000s of miles. The torque will come on quite low and it will be pointless to rev out beyond 3 000rpm.

Considering Ford took the limelight in Detroit, I would think the other manufacturers will try and have something up their sleeves.

One can only hope.

@Big Al from Oz - So far, no streak and no sizzle!


no one has mentioned the fact that there is a smaller than ducato (promaster) doblo as well as a larger daily. some people keep talking about rear wheel drive and more power, well have you thought about the fact that the "americanized" daily has yet to be revealed. furthermore, since the doblo competes with the transit connect, it is likely to replace the ram c/v tradesman. this is only the start. i thought the vm motori diesel would make it too, and i thought it would be rear wheel drive, but i was wrong. i guess the daily will be rwd (maybe). one thing is for sure, these are work vans and since powertrain options have modernized, we will never see v8 vans again period. everyone is crying about euro vans, but hey, they are ugly and made for work only, so why do you want rwd and a v8 wasted on something that delivers packages?

Just another new Dodge with a V6 which will never be able to compete against the new GM engines. I wonder if Dodge's reliability history will improve with their new truck. I doubt it!

Heck, I was thinking they were gonna announce a diesel for the Ram 1500.

Oh well. This is good, but not what myself and a bunch others, I think, were hoping for.

@Al: maybe the 2.3 runs too dirty for the states? Like others have said in the past when talking about pollution: I've lived in El Paso Texas (in the early 90s) and went to Juarez a few times, and you can see the differance the smog makes. You can look at both sides of the border and see a big nasty bunch of smog over Juarez.

I like the low rpm power, but of course, it will take more to operate. But for the purpose of towing, it changes mileage not as much when the trailer is hooked up, as opposed to gas. It's not for everybody though.

the nine speed automatic for fwd vehicles will eventually replace the 62te when the transmission can be mass produced. who knows about all these dual clutch and automated manual transmissions, but it makes sense to eventually replace them too. my question is, once the nine speed appears (most all of chrysler's vehicles with a v6 to get the transmission will switch to 3.2 pentastars) will the work vans get the 3.2 or stay with the 3.6. the the 3.2 is the same motor with a smaller bore (work vans don't need hp). but the 3.6 would give the van the power it deserves, but the nine speed will make a 3.2 perform like a 3.6 6 speed, so keeping the 3.6 but adding the nine speed is like a powerboost. adding the 3.2 with the nine speed is like boosting fuel economy with the same power.

i guess the 3.0 v6 by vm motori is rwd only? in europe they use a 2.8 v6 by motori for fwd. could this 3.0 I4 by fiat replace the 2.8 v6 in europe? fiat owns vm motori 50%. just something to think about. and it only makes since to put the 3.0 v6 by vm motori into the 2014 ram, i hope sergio knows this!

@ big al from oz

good point about the 2.3. well there are the 2.3, 3.0 fiat inline fours, then the vm motori v6s (2.8 and 3.0). maybe they are going 3.0,3.0 for the u.s.? maybe the 3.0 I4 has a better torque band or more power with DIESEL EXHAUST FLUID emissions crap. i would say that they only want the most power for american markets as with other smaller engines not coming to the u.s. but you said the 2.3 makes the same power as the 3.0 I4 in wherever you are. they could be trying to stay simple. imo the 3.0 I4 is ok, but i would add mutijet II, multiair II, and eventually give it the nine speed. the 3.6 could easily be replaced with a 2.4 I4 world engine with multiair, direct injection and a turbo within a turbo to reduce lag. inline 4s are balanced v6s are not (naturally). and with an industrial work van small inline motors in fwd makes it a whole lot easier and less time consuming to service (especially considering the front of these "global industrial" work vans).

did i mention the future 9 speed is rated for 354 lb-ft of torque max? using this transmission, they could up the hp and torque of the fiat I4 to 200 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque (making it a little closer to the I5 "duratorque" from ford). the reason i said 325 instead of 354 is because you never want to "push the limit".

@Josh - thanks for reminding us that Fiat has several other vans in the pipeline. They did say that this van will remain front drive from 1/2 ton to 3/4 ton to 1 ton configurations. Those sizes will provide overlap to Ford's Transit Connect and the larger Connect.
I suspect that the Daily will show up to fill the gap from 3/4 ton to 2 ton or maybe larger configurations.
The Daily is available in 4x4 so that would make for a great multipurpose platform.The only negative would be that it would potentially cut into Ram 3500 - 5500 sales.

@ lou

maybe that is what will eventually happen. eventually as vehicles modernize and downsize we could see all chasis cab trucks dissappear in favor of modern van chasis cabs. but then of course ford still makes the f series chasis cabs alongside the e series chasis cabs (i have always wondered why some ambulances were e 350s and some were f 350s). the only vehicle in the future with a V8 and rear wheel drive will be a medium duty (2500-3500) pickup truck.

Any info or pictures on the new trucks yet Mark?

The Ram is a full-size pickup truck manufactured by the Chrysler Group LLC. As of late 2010, it has been sold under the Ram Trucks brand. Previously, Ram was part of the Dodge lineup of light trucks.

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