First Look: 2014 Toyota Tundra

2014 Toyota Tundra Limited II

The latest salvo in the full-size pickup truck war was just launched as Toyota introduced the newly redesigned 2014 Tundra at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show today.

We should note right up front that there are no structural changes to the frame or chassis, no additions to the existing wheelbase or cab configurations, and no changes to the existing three powertrains. However, the new Tundra gets significant changes to interior and exterior overall designs, and of special note, there are more trim packages specifically designed to better compete with the growing luxury pickup truck market.

At first glance, the most obvious changes made by lead designer Kevin Hunter (he's president of Toyota's CALTY Design Center in Southern California) are to the larger and more angular front grille and face of the truck. The new grille integrates three separate pieces and is designed to give the front end a bolder, more aggressive look that's partnered with wider fenders and modified headlights. Designers put more character lines and visual depth over each fender well to beef up the truck's profile.

Around the back, there is a new tailgate with an integrated spoiler, and each truck will have the Tundra's name "stamped" into the back of the truck's tailgate. Both the taillights and rear bumper get new, unique designs as well.

With all the changes to the exterior, the news that's likely to get the most attention is what Toyota designers have done to the inside. Always a sore spot among Toyota fans and critics alike, the previous-gen Tundra's look — not the massive interior volume — was always seen as the weak link. Among the most significant changes in this new, more integrated design is that the driver now has easier access to all audio and climate controls, which was not true before. Gone are the hollow tube instrument gauges that have been around since the truck was introduced nearly seven years ago. In their place is an all-new, more modern instrument panel with the requisite center-mounted multidata display screen.

2014 Toyota Tundra Limited Interior 2 II

With the cab and wheelbase configurations the same, you can expect the interior size dimensions and seating arrangements to stay similar as well, and we do like that Toyota will keep the front bench seat option available in regular cab, Double Cab and CrewMax Tundras.

Also high on the target list for Toyota designers was to do a better job of separating existing trim packages and adding to them, namely at the higher, more profit-oriented levels. In fact, Toyota will now offer five trim packages, which will include the base SR, SR5, Limited, and two new premium trim packages: one called Platinum, with a more upscale feel, and the other called 1794, with a more Western-style feel and flavor. And, in case you were wondering why the year 1794 is so important (we were), it's because that was the year of the founding of the ranch upon which the San Antonio truck plant (that makes all Tundra pickups) now sits. Although the ranch no longer exists, Toyota wants to continue the ranch's legacy in the form of this new ultra-lux trim package.

Each trim package, we're told, will offer details inside and out in an attempt to keep the visual look and feel of each truck unique. We fully expect that Toyota hopes to take advantage of the growing luxury truck market with these two new packages, giving the new Tundra a better chance of competing with the F-150's Limited, Platinum and King Ranch, as well as Ram's Laramie and Longhorn editions.

Although some may criticize Toyota for not going far enough with its changes, focusing much of its attention on a refreshed design, we should note there have been several smaller mechanical improvements to the truck (under the skin) that will surely help improve its full-size truck appeal. Just a few of the changes we'll note include improved sound and sealing technology across all interior levels, all shock valving has been retuned to provide better handling and ride quality across a wide spectrum of rough-use situations, and the steering system has been modified and strengthened for improved high- and low-speed control.

2014 Toyota Tundra Limited 2 II

Also worth noting, the 2014 Tundra includes several segment-first technologies like a standard backup camera and view screen on all models, a blind spot warning system and a new cross-traffic alert feature that should help drivers avoid accidents in parking lots and on neighborhood streets.

Pricing for the 2014 Tundra will not be announced for several months, but we don't expect anything crazy. No doubt the upper limits of the new Platinum and 1794 Edition will play into the $45,000-and-up range.

For Toyota's full press release, click here.

2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 II

2014 Toyota Tundra Limited Interior II


I'm no fan of the metallic finish Toyota is so enamored of using in it's recent interiors.

Im gonna have to say No.

I see they didn't surprise us with styling improvements. No Thanks!

looks good if you can get by that hideous hood

Disappointing, I expected a lot more after 7 years....

im diggin it!

Anyone notice they are calling the one higher end trim level "Platinum". I think this may cause problems since Ford also uses that trim level as a high end trim level designation.

Nissan has also used Platinum as a trim level. I don't think it will be an issue.

So they copied the Ford F150 interior? And a Japanese truck now has a western theme? How original! If you can't beat 'em, join 'em (must be Toyota's new mantra).

Ram wins again...

First impression: Not excited and a bit dissapointed to be honest. Why does every truck has to have this massive oversized grill? The cabs and bodies are so bloated already.

Seems like a minor refresh design wise and a nice new interior with a few more upscale packages. No new engines, no diesel, no 6.5' bed with a CM, no proper off road package etc etc. Knowing Toyota, the next redisign will happen sometime after 2020. Now I kind of have the same feeling as which GM launch. They have not done enough.

Make me sad, since this is bad news for Tacoma too if this is the direction they are taking. I guess the front clip/interior update on 2012 Tacoma will be here to stay for a while judging from this launch. Can't wait for the Colorado to show up. Toyota needs its ass kicked to wake up. Anyway, for now will patiently wait for the interview later today and for more updates.

Why the hell did they ruin that front end?

I love it - the Tundra is such a good looking truck and it's ability to out haul any other truck in its class makes it the truck for my family. The spacious backseats allows room for a car seat and two adults to ride comfortably. Our family had owned a Dodge, Chevy, Ford, and now a Toyota ---- we will never go back. The truck rides so smoothly and we have never had any mechanical issues with it and its going on 155k miles. LOVE this truck, will never own anything but a Toyota Tundra!

Seems to look best in light Silver as it tends to blunt the overachieving chrome nose...nice Truck but a bit yesterday...will wait to see what if any significant power train and chassis upgrades that hopefully were made

The exterior looks like it was designed for Optimus Prime in another Transformers movie. The ineterior is a ripoff from the F-150. Toyota will have to invest more resources if they truly want to make a dent in the truck game.

I'm a little disappointed that Toyota didn't focus on beefing up the frame of this truck.

Wow, that's a bit overstyled on the front end, and it looks bulky. I wonder if the very top part of the grille actually lets in air, or is it just for looks? It looks no better then older models.

I see the instument panel finally got an update, it looks better, but the center stack, mmmmm, not so sure of. I see the trailer brake controller finally made it, but it's on the left. I bet if they did a survey they would find more people like them on the right, but if they did a survey of Toyota owners or potential owners, they like them on the left, meaning they like whatever Toyota gives them.

Lets see, the 5.7 makes it's max torque at 3400 now, that's good.

V-6 wise, they still attach a 5 speed to their 4.0L. That engine needs wound up more then a Ram or Ford to make make max torque.

I don't see this truck seeling much better then the current one.

I noticed that too with that grille. Maybe a color matched grille would work better for some colors.

I feel like this should have been 2011 MY mid cycle refresh, and we should have been waiting now for lets say a 2015 MY proper redisign...

We will see what else we will learn about the truck after the interview today..

Front bumper looks like Chevy's a few years ago on the corners...better bring a shovel to acsess the tow-hooks when you are stuck in snow or mud...maybe 5" off the ground.

They didn't address its weakest point at all - the frame.

@ Brad G

The Toyota Sequoia was the first to have a Platinum package. shortly thereafter Ford used it on the 09 refreshed f150 and Toyota then used it on the 2010 Tundra when it launched the platinum so if anyone should be worried it should be ford since Toyota used "Platinum" first.

I never seen much in the tundra,and I still don't.Too each their own.

@TRX 4tom

where are you coming up with powertrain info since its not released yet.

Good god that front end is hideous! The 2012 looks way better. And agreed the interior is a rip off of the F150. Those are the same air vents on my 2005 FX4. Toyota just following the leader i guess. :/

@ Lance

the frame doesnt need beefed up plain and simple. the only way people think that is if they listen to the ford propaganda

Looks like the Toyota and Ford partnership for the hybrids actually resulted in more than just powertrains. Looks like Ford let them use interior pieces and basically same grill design. Not a bad thing, but makes each truck feel less "unique".

Well, I don't know about you, but I thought the then new 2010 I test drove 65 miles had a pogo stick ride, the back bounced around when empty.

Looks like to tow hooks are still really low.....

@Brad G: I believe they had the Platnum trim level before Ford did, but some of these trim level names have been used by all sorts of manufacturers.

also to mention, am I the only one that noticed the upper glove box is now gone? I use all the storage in my current Tundra. Makes me wonder if they made other areas bigger for storage.

The AC vents was pull from the Ford F 150 parts bin,the interior is a big improvement even though it was copied from an F150. The front end looks horrable. No engine performance upgrades, this is not good. There going sideways while Ford and Ram are going upwards

Fail!!Looks like Toyota took a page out of GM's redesign playbook. F150 Interior and vents and a new tailgate. Wow. Great improvements Toyota.

@hemi lol: I just pulled those numbers off the top of my head.

Lord, that aint right, I apoligize.

Look just above the fourth picture, (the left front of the truck), it says: For Toyotas full press release, click here.

@ hemi lol:

Actually Nissan first offered a Platinum package in 2004 on the Pathfinder.

Toyota had an ugly truck and made it even uglier!! They tried to copy the big 3 and turned out half a**.

No one should be surprised at the amount of change from Toyota. Just like the Camry and Corolla, changes are evolutionary with minimal powertrain updates. Economically speaking it makes sense and really solidifies their case for reliability. I could weigh in on "what Toyota should have done" and "what I wanted to see but didnt..." but those purely subjective opinions. Nice work Toyota, continue to enjoy consistent income on your trucks.

They are having issues with the frame cracking on the Tundra's. Brother works at a toyota/chevy dealer, and they're warrantying a good number of these because of the frames cracking..

I thought they fixed the frame problems long ago...

They should have made improvements to things that actual truck buyers want, like a stronger fully boxed frame.

I suppose the cosmetic improvements will help lagging sales somewhat.

They claim they have alot of "segment firsts", which are sometimes stuff that Ram and Ford offer already, but because it it standard on a Tundra, they claim it to be a first.

That also drives up the price. But it's not like tundra was shooting for fleet or work truck buyers.

I don't guess they care much for gas mileage, which is fine for folks like Debinder who has a Tundra, but gas prices aren't comming down. Maybe because gas was a bit lower two monthes ago explains alot of the great truck sales lately.

As for the people that thought Tundra and Tacoma would outsell Ram, think again, it aint gonna happen with this truck. Atleast Ram (as well as Ford) give buyers a V-6 truck that will run circles around a Tacoma, on less gas. With more cab space.

I'm not sure why but the placement of the headlights seems a little off to me. Not sure if it's functionality or just styling but it seems like with a grill and fender that high it should be placed a little lower for max visibility-like in the 2012-13 versions. Front end will take getting some used to seeing... I think the Tacoma is Toyota's better looking truck.

@ TRX 4 tom

im sure those specs will NOT be what they really are when the launch actually happens

I waited months for this and delayed my purchase of a 150. I have no loyalty as this will be my first truck. I am so disapointed that I waited and lost a particular truck I was looking at. Never should have waited. Got burned. By the way, what is with all these silly platinum and limited packages on trucks? I have driven luxury sports cars my whole life and the interiors of these higher end trucks are gaudy looking for 50k plus vehicles. Wrong leather, wrong wood, etc. Go sit in a luxury e series mercedes or a loaded 3 or 5 series BMW and wait til you see what in those 50k+ cars. The trucks are making huge margins on those packages but at the same time look inexperienced in creating a luxury truck.

I generally like most of the visible updates (not the front end in the brown model, which I assume is the 1794 model) and the interior is much, much better which should help some sales but not addressing the powertrain was a mistake and lost opportunity for Toyota.

I have a feeling they are holding out for the 2016 models for the new CAFE figures but as many mentioned the DI and 6-speed across the board or even 8-speeds like they have in the Lexus division would have gone a long way towards playing with the big 3.

Toyota did a mediocre job with the Camry but did a great job on the Avalon. I thought they were really gung-ho on fixing more and more but the Tundra is a bit of a let down.

Will any of the exterior changes amount to any increase in the highway mpg's?

Maybe the news that Nissan will be showing a concept or realsing details on the new Titan in a couple of weeks will be better news than this Tundra.

OH, WELL. My next truck will likely not be a Tundra. The only possible way would be if the regular cab still has that great storage space-and a big discount.

It looks like they made the bed rails higher(?) Seriously that is dysfunctional-most people are not 6"4 or over.

They are talking now about making the truck harder, bolder blah blah blah. COULD THEY NOT MAKE IT MORE EASILY USED???

Do they expect no one to actually use these to do worK?

How about a standard bed step.? How about new V-8s??

GMC here I come.

how does the saying go? imatation is the greatest form of flattery? in other words, toyota is saying nice job Ford!

Toyota took a round truck and put a bass face on it with elephant doors. The truck was very ugly.

Now they take the old round middle half and elephant doors and put a huge bi-polar grill in its place and chevy slash's over the fenders.They copy fords interior to the max and finally put in a trailer brake controller 5 yrs to late and on the wrong side.

If they diden't fix the frame the people sitting in the back seat will have wip lash by the time they get where they are going.If any of you have not rode in a tundra in the back seat on a ruff rd you are in for a treat.Just don't eat anything you don't plan to spew out.Even better pull a trailor and ride back there ,Make sure you buckle up and don't have any open drinks you don't plan on sharing. lol

Toyota and its poor recall record over the last 5 yrs and now this bi-polar design is just sad!

@hemi lol: then why did they bother putting it out? It does show a change in the torque RPM.

We will have to wait and see.

Toyota's domestic strategy doesn't require a half million sales per year to hit their income goals. Ford/GM/Chrysler don't have near the car sar sales of Toyota so they have to hit huge truck sales to be profitable. I read a report earlier this week that truck sales represent nearly 90% of Ford's 2012 profits. No wonder thery pour resources into it. I have no doubt that Toyota could have released an "all new" truck like they did for MY2007; however, they don't have to.

I think this truck looks terrific. It doesn't suprise me at all with all the negative comments here. Lead designer Kevin Hunter should be proud of what he has done with the Tundra. He had a really good canvas to work with.
I always thought the 2nd generation Tundra(2007-13) just missed the mark on styling. Never was crazy about the sloping front nose. Always thought the tailgate was ugly. And how they ever signed off on that interior can only make you wonder. The interior now looks really sharp. Don't really care if you get a sense of copy cat feelings with the F-150. The hood and nose now looks mean, and the tailgate looks much better. Kudos to Toyota for the big improvements.

With Toyota's car tech and mpg improvements in those realms, they couldn't bring some of that to the Tundra? this is overall a pretty sad 'refresh'. They have a great powertrain to work with, they could have made great things out of the tundra.

funny how toyota looks like a ram or ford, and the new GM twins also try to copy ford and ram, guess they have too

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