First Look: 2014 Toyota Tundra

2014 Toyota Tundra Limited II

The latest salvo in the full-size pickup truck war was just launched as Toyota introduced the newly redesigned 2014 Tundra at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show today.

We should note right up front that there are no structural changes to the frame or chassis, no additions to the existing wheelbase or cab configurations, and no changes to the existing three powertrains. However, the new Tundra gets significant changes to interior and exterior overall designs, and of special note, there are more trim packages specifically designed to better compete with the growing luxury pickup truck market.

At first glance, the most obvious changes made by lead designer Kevin Hunter (he's president of Toyota's CALTY Design Center in Southern California) are to the larger and more angular front grille and face of the truck. The new grille integrates three separate pieces and is designed to give the front end a bolder, more aggressive look that's partnered with wider fenders and modified headlights. Designers put more character lines and visual depth over each fender well to beef up the truck's profile.

Around the back, there is a new tailgate with an integrated spoiler, and each truck will have the Tundra's name "stamped" into the back of the truck's tailgate. Both the taillights and rear bumper get new, unique designs as well.

With all the changes to the exterior, the news that's likely to get the most attention is what Toyota designers have done to the inside. Always a sore spot among Toyota fans and critics alike, the previous-gen Tundra's look — not the massive interior volume — was always seen as the weak link. Among the most significant changes in this new, more integrated design is that the driver now has easier access to all audio and climate controls, which was not true before. Gone are the hollow tube instrument gauges that have been around since the truck was introduced nearly seven years ago. In their place is an all-new, more modern instrument panel with the requisite center-mounted multidata display screen.

2014 Toyota Tundra Limited Interior 2 II

With the cab and wheelbase configurations the same, you can expect the interior size dimensions and seating arrangements to stay similar as well, and we do like that Toyota will keep the front bench seat option available in regular cab, Double Cab and CrewMax Tundras.

Also high on the target list for Toyota designers was to do a better job of separating existing trim packages and adding to them, namely at the higher, more profit-oriented levels. In fact, Toyota will now offer five trim packages, which will include the base SR, SR5, Limited, and two new premium trim packages: one called Platinum, with a more upscale feel, and the other called 1794, with a more Western-style feel and flavor. And, in case you were wondering why the year 1794 is so important (we were), it's because that was the year of the founding of the ranch upon which the San Antonio truck plant (that makes all Tundra pickups) now sits. Although the ranch no longer exists, Toyota wants to continue the ranch's legacy in the form of this new ultra-lux trim package.

Each trim package, we're told, will offer details inside and out in an attempt to keep the visual look and feel of each truck unique. We fully expect that Toyota hopes to take advantage of the growing luxury truck market with these two new packages, giving the new Tundra a better chance of competing with the F-150's Limited, Platinum and King Ranch, as well as Ram's Laramie and Longhorn editions.

Although some may criticize Toyota for not going far enough with its changes, focusing much of its attention on a refreshed design, we should note there have been several smaller mechanical improvements to the truck (under the skin) that will surely help improve its full-size truck appeal. Just a few of the changes we'll note include improved sound and sealing technology across all interior levels, all shock valving has been retuned to provide better handling and ride quality across a wide spectrum of rough-use situations, and the steering system has been modified and strengthened for improved high- and low-speed control.

2014 Toyota Tundra Limited 2 II

Also worth noting, the 2014 Tundra includes several segment-first technologies like a standard backup camera and view screen on all models, a blind spot warning system and a new cross-traffic alert feature that should help drivers avoid accidents in parking lots and on neighborhood streets.

Pricing for the 2014 Tundra will not be announced for several months, but we don't expect anything crazy. No doubt the upper limits of the new Platinum and 1794 Edition will play into the $45,000-and-up range.

For Toyota's full press release, click here.

2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 II

2014 Toyota Tundra Limited Interior II


The changes cater to grocery getters which has to be a diminishing customer base.

PICKUPTRUCK.COM........ the only site with the most cry babies.... lol....

Nice interior, but like GM, I think there missing the boat. No mecanical improuvements? Too bad for them.

I gotta tell ya...I really wanted to like this truck, but I'm just not feeling it. The interior looks good (if a bit Ford-y), but that grille is even uglier than the previous one (especially on the darker paint colors). I'd really hoped Toyota would come out with something a bit more revolutionary than a new grille, fancier interior and stupid luxo-money-grabbing trim levels. Where's teh SUBSTANCE? These changes probably will keep the Tundra competetive for a while, but break no new ground.

After the recent lay-up that was the 2012 Tacoma "redesign" I guess I should've expected this...Toyota has grown complacent.

They need to move the Design team to San Antonio it looks like the people at Calty have been smoking too much medical marijuana and the powertrain people get a extended vacation

I don't understand, if they changed nothing under the hood, why did they raise the hood and add a wide nostril or unibrow along the top edge? That is a bit strange.
Other than that it has a lot of Ford on/in it. And listening to the interview it was nearly a copy of what the GM guys said they were striving for... less roundness, more tight square edges, a tougher look. Who's design does that sound like from the past many years? Ford's.

This truck is actually super small inside. I see they didnt fix that yet. Not really impressed. I dont think a simple refresh is in order after 7 years.

one of my buddies has a 2011 or 12 Toyota Tundra with the 5.7 and while it does have pep, and the interior "looks" nice... there were more rattles and creeks than a 1999 chevy with 250k on it.. and the seats were horribly uncomfortable... just saying... this one doesnt impress me either.

Epic fail. They had an opportunity to upgrade their aging powertrain and bring the mpg ratings inline with the new trucks coming out of Detroit and they didn't. Toyota needs to realize that the Tundra is not a Camry. Folks are not going to buy the Tundra just because it says, "Toyota" on the fender. Given the size and monetary clout of Toyota, this appears to be a half-hearted effort at best to improve sales. I don't think Toyota is really serious about selling full size trucks in America.

Wow I've never seen the Toyota boys in such denial. "NO, it can't be, this just CAN'T be the new Tundra!!" "well...Toyota doesn't need to sell a lot of trucks" haha. The headlights look odd but overall only a little worse than the current look. The interior looks like a huge improvement but not enough to make me interested. But the big let down for me is no new powertrain. I'm really interested how the next two years will go with truck sales. Will people trust the new dodge? Will the GM twins sell more than Ford after a somewhat disappointing new design? Will the next f-150 be as disappointing as the latest tundra and gm redesign? My only guess is the Tundra probably will lose market share and Ram will gain some but remain a distant third place. It's a toss up to say whether Ford or GM will be number one (when combining gmc and silverado) but I would put my money on Ford.

Well no chassis or powertrain changes. Not much of a redesign. Toyota is the only one using C channel now in half tons. The arguement about its better for hard work no longer stands as GM and dodge have already went fully boxed and I bet Ford does too very soon.

I owned a Tundra and all I can say is, Toyota must not pay attention to customers or forums. They really missed the mark on fixing what was improtant to people.

What's that old saying? "You can put lipstick on a pig....but it's still a pig."

Well the interior looks a lot better, not a fan of the massive grills Ford, Toyota, and GM have gone too. The rear bumper where it wraps around the sides is not flush, big gap, but I suppose this make for less damage to the fenders if you do get hit in the back.

I think if the grill surround was body colar and then just chrome insert it would look a lot better.

So basically they gave it a Ford interior and a new nose, after what, 7 years?

February 7, 2013: Mark it in your calendars as the day Toyota gave up.

I love my tundra but I can't see myself replacing my tundra with this. I think I will be looking the gmc but I will wait to see what Nissan will offer. I do wish Toyota future success with the tundra but I am not as brand loyal as most you probably thought.

I was fearing that yota was going to give this the full refresh this truck needed after 7 years, and give the segment a class competitor again. But it isn't going to work with this trash.

The Frame desperately needed upgrades, but I guess the weakest in the segment is good enough.

The exterior "upgrade" is still the worst in the class

The with the new GM interiors looking pretty good, this interior upgrade only makes it better then the Titan.

The drive train is starting to be very dated, and really only beats the Titan for balance of power and efficiency on motors the compete directly with this 5.7. It has good power, but the poor FE isn't going to cut it with the Hemi 8 speed, EB and DI on GM motors. The trans, while it puts the power to the ground pretty well, needs to have wider spacing to be considered class competitive.

Sorry yota, this isn't going to help you sell enough trucks to make you relevant in the pickup segment.

After watching the rest of the interview, I must say I'm even more dissapointed in the Tundra launch than I was after the GM introduced their twins in December.

To be honest, that looks like a typical refresh from Ford. Make modest changes then call it all new. The dash and the design and shape of the vents resemble an F-Series truck. I expected a lot more especially since this design has been out for 7+ years, and I don't see them gaining market share with this. The grille on the second truck pictured is just plain fugly.

toyota can do whatever they want with the shocks and springs, but untill they do something about making the frame stronger, and less torsional twisting, it is only going to handle so well, it might ride smoother, but that is not handling better.

I wonder if there is an intercooler under the hood. The raise portion at the front could suggest that.

Still no Diesel? Then it ain't a truck.

I don't mind the looks of this but then again I didn't mind the looks of the old one. It looks like they tried a beefier Tacoma look on this truck.
Character lines to the body?
That is one way to mke the sides more resistant to bending. Chevy did the same with the 2014's.
I hate the "they're copying me" comments usually, but - can you say looks like the "best seller" inside?

I've had a lot of Toyota trucks over the years. I've had 4runners, pickups, T100s, Tacomas and Tundras and if there's one thing I've learned about Toyota is that they follow their own rules and guidelines when it comes to their products. They're pretty oblivious to everything happening to the market around them. I really thought they'd do some major changes but it's sad they've done so little. No reworking of the powertrains? Really? Keep doing what you're doing Toyota and literally push yourself out of the market altogether. Looks good on you. Go put your attention into your Camrys and Corollas like you've always have.

I had an 08 Tundra and it was a great truck, but I've since purchased a 11 Denali HD diesel with no regrets. I was eager to see this new Tundra, but surprise, surprise, it's a disappointment. Toyota should have been the first truck manufacturer with an Ecoboost-like engine. It would have so fit their portfolio and a year after Ford (of all companies) does just that there still isn't a thing from Toyota.

Looks lot better then the last one. They fixed up the sides, but they messed the grill up some and that yucky looking Ford dash.

I would have to say it is quite ugly. The stylists may have had a different vision.

Toyota being Toyota seems to be providing another ordinary product at a premium.

I would think the gasoline engine will improve, I think the engine has more potential. The only saviour will be if they drop a diesel in it.

Cut and pasting a Landcruiser front end would have made the Tundra more handsome, and they already had the design.

The only way GM can outsell Ford (with their trucks combined) and Ram (if GMC was to outsell them and Chevy to continue to outsell Ram) is by offering massive incetives, which they are doing,and will have to do when Ram gets all their 2013 lineup out.

So you can imagine the resale of the GMs down the road, you can get them for a song now. Selling the most doesn't mean making the most from them, GM is a fine example of that. They are more so trying to "keep others brands from selling" with huge rebates and giveaways.

I think alot of people that buy GM trucks don't ask for much. They like plain things that are average, and will put up with more.

@Nitro: I don't see how anybody can say the GM twins tried to copy Ram. I don't see how? They look nothing the same.

They did say they "looked at aerodynamics to improve straight line stability, bed bounce, and other issues that are going on in the truck".
I don't think they should have quoted Consumer Reports three times, as if they make decisions based on CR.
Give Mark Williams credit for wrapping it up with "we'll take this as a great first step".

Not a great refresh, but ok. It sure isn't any uglier than the other options out there. Mechanically, the truck is already great, so I don't know what they could have have improved there. I wouldn't have minded if they would have went with a fully boxed frame all the way to the back as long as it wasn't hydroformed. The improvement in the interior was a good step forward as well and while it looks similar to the high end interiors on other trucks, it probably won't start falling apart in 6 months.

How about that diesel Toyota?

I bought a 2007 Tundra when they came out and traded it less than 2 years later. Some sort of air intake system kept failing and locking the truck into "safe driving mode" which meant it had to be factory reset or couldn't go over 45 mph. Warranty covered it once and from then on it was $900 per episode. Toyota offered no help and blamed me by saying I had gotten "Sand and dirt" in there somehow each time. I hunt and fish alot so I drive on alot of dirt rodes. Somehow I thought they had anticipated that someone might want to do things like that in a "truck." That truck was a piece of crap. Will never buy another Toyota. BTW 99,800 miles on the Dodge I got in the trade and Zero issues on the same rodes.

Sorry but a typical Ford refresh like on the F-150 was over 2000 new parts and starts with the frame and extend all the way through the truck to the powertrain, interior, and exterior. This Tundra was not even close to that level of major change.

I want to know about the Tacoma 2014 is going to be a change?

The Tundra just seems out of proportion, where as the Domestics all to seem layed out correctly (for Americans).
I don't think the Pug nose gets it done, maybe its an Asian thing.
This is the biggest complaint that I hear people say (they look odd).
The first gen Tundras were better proportioned to me, but they really wern't fullsize. That ment they missed the fullsize domestic target.
This gen tried to over compensate for the first one, again missing the target.
People still look at Domestics to get the job done.
Most Tundra owners that I see in my area, are diehard Toyota people & or live in upper scale residential nieghborhoods. Not much truck hauling going on there.
This may be why they havn't threaten the Domestic manufactures.
Toyota will not keep a low volume vehicle in it's offerings.
The Supra, Echo, Celica are some that come to mind, that just faded away.
No one seems to make much noise about that when toyota drops a model. That may because they don't like to admit failure.
I know that Toyota would do a complete re-design every 5 years on thier models. The Tundra is overdue for a total revamp.
Could the Tundra be the first truck that that simply fades away? I doubt it, that would be like the Japanese surrendering. Oh wait, they already did that once.

Change isnt always good !

It wasnt a hideous truck before (the front end was too short) but the grille was decent looking,now its HIDEOUS !

The try to copy the Dodge RAM but again ,Toyota is an epic FAIL !

Nice job, Toyota! The interior is a MAJOR improvement and I like the nose job and tailgate changes as well. Plus, I can still enjoy the smooth V8 and transmission and count on it to feel the same at 100k miles as when it was new.

wow listen to the haters lol lol lol

hey devo 340, it was designed by americans. maybe your eyes are off? funny as i'm american and i like the layout of my tundra BETTER than anything Ford, GM, or Ram has out. you say they dont compete with the detroit 3 but last year Toyota sold 250k trucks and ram sold 293k. thats not too far off and i guarantee you they are paying attention to toyota. You say toyota wont keep low volume vehicles lol thats funny!!! land cruiser sold about 2500 last year, 12,000 sequoias, 11,000 FJ Cruisers just to name a couple. they did kill the Supra for cost, echo was replaced by the yaris, and the celica replaced by the Scion TC. for your last comment nothing needs said........ that was a disgraceful comment to all of us REAL Americans...... and im even a redneck sayin that

The interior looks great. Being ford"ish" is not a bad thing. The snout is ugly but not any worse than the current truck.

Overall - A big win over the GM twins without having to make any real changes.

Looks like it has about the best ground clearance, no low hanging crap in the front like on the Dodge and Chevy, and to a degree the Ford.

Introducing the Prius VI....

I would go sofar as to say the silver truck with the fine chrome lines in the grill is far better looking that the dung brown truck, with the big F-150 type bars (gray of all colors), lookes hidious! did anyone ever tell them brown and gray do not match? maybe it would look better monochromatic, you know all dung brown, instead of seagull gray! the interior looks fine, kinda like my F-150, and a lot like the chinese F-150 knock-off!

Nice interior. The Ram looking front is not the best looking but still, overall looks like a good truck.

@hemi> You real American's only purchased 101,621 Tundras last year, compared to the Italian's who purchased 293,363 RAMs last year. Source,
A little fuzzy on your numbers there Patriot.
Most of Tundra sales are on heavly discounted trucks with 0% intrest & they are still not moving these things.
My opinion is that Toyotas are not being taken serious in the 1/2 ton truck market by the customers that buy 1/2 ton trucks for work & play. The numbers reflect it. This also reflects in the Nissan Titan as well.
Hell, I'm glad you are proud of your Toyo.
I'm not telling you what to buy, just pointing out why the Fullsize Imports havn't been a threat to Domestics.
I'm glad to see the Domestics staying motivated to improve thier product. They got their asses handed to them in the first Japanese wave with cars, & I don't think they will let that happen to thier cash cows.
By the way, too early to celebrate the WWII victory?

The Tundra looks fine, get over it folks!

No means yes...

So ugly means you like it deep down...

Lots of comments means it is getting attention and will probably improve sales over current Tundra. Toyota will hit its market share they will be seeking...

Note: Toyota is the global #1 in auto sales, so you guys can degrade all you want but more humans in this world trust Toyota products last year than any other make, so keep whining, nobody is listening!

I think the problem here is that after 7 years they managed to copy F-150 interior and did a few changes to the sheetmetal. Imo. I think they also screwed up the front end with a massive dispropoprtional grille, but I realize everyone has different tastes. This could have passed for a 2011 MY refresh, but not as 3rd gen Tundra. Maybe it should be known as 2.5 gen or even better 2.25 gen Tundra.

As toyota is letting the taco lapse into mediocrity,it looks like they are also doing it to the tundra.Next they will complain about lagging sales etc.Too many engine improvements for toyota to ignore,yet they redo the interior with a few outside cosmetic changes and the same old tech under the hood.Shame on you toyota....

That thing looks FUGLY UGLY! HELL NO!

Uglier has replaced ugly. Toyota misfired on this one. Better luck with the next gen Tacoma.

Mark it down 2-7-13 the day that yota gave up the pickup market.

I guarantee the Turdra will not be around 7 years from now.

What a disappointment Toyota. Way to NOT raise the bar. Oh wait...they raised the hood-line. Sighhhhhh

The grill is a little different and the head scoop is new, but I am not surprised that there is a lot of difference. Toyota is playing it safe. If you look at all the all new models of Toyota, they have refreshed exteriors but nothing really fresh. As long as Toyota is number 1 in the World they have very little incentive to change and they still sell a large number of vehicles in the US with little or no discount. Nice truck but it is just nice in a field of highly competitive trucks that offer more. This truck will not excite very many but it will not alienate the average Toyota buyer. It will sell, but it will not break into the top 3 truck sales leadership. It is respectable.

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