It's Official: Ram 1500 to Get V-6 EcoDiesel

2013 Ram Tradesman II

It's official: The Ram 1500 will be the only half-ton pickup to offer a small turbodiesel as one of its engine options. Set to go on sale by the third quarter of this year, the Ram 1500 will get the same small turbodiesel that's supposed to go into the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is the VM Motori 3.0-liter V-6 EcoDiesel rated at 240 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque.

According to USA Today, Fred Diaz, CEO of Chrysler's Ram brand, said that customers have been asking for this and, according to some sales experts, the move is likely to add as many 10,000 sales annually. Pricing has not been announced but it's likely the diesel option will be more expensive than the Hemi premium engine option, meaning several thousands above the base 4.7-liter V-8/six-speed transmission combination. We expect the new ZF eight-speed transmission will be the standard transmission. 

No word yet on whether there will be a manual or automated-manual transmission option. 

This new engine option will make the Ram half-ton the first in the current segment to offer the torquey motor, and it is likely to significantly help the lineup improve its fuel economy averages. Pricing and EPA mileage numbers will be released closer to the on-sale date, but fuel economy numbers for the Grand Cherokee, on average a few hundred pounds lighter than a Ram 1500, are 21 city/30 highway (EPA estimates) for the 4x2 and 20 city/28 highway for the 4x4. Those numbers are likely to be similar for the half-ton truck as well.

To read the full press release, click here

2014 VM Motori 3.0L V-6 engine II

Quick Specs

Type and Description            60-degree V-type, liquid cooled

Displacement                       182 cubic inches, 2988 cubic cm 

Bore x Stroke                       3.27 in. x 3.60 in., 83mm x 92mm

Valve System                       Chain-driven DOHC, 24-valves

Fuel Injection                        Common rail, solenoid injectors, 2000 bar

Block Construction                Iron block, aluminum heads

Compression Ratio                15.5:1

Assembly Plant                     VM Motori Cento, Ferrara, Italy

  2014 ZF 8-spd II



DEF needed?

@Mark Williams,
Ford with it's Transit, GM with the Colorado and RAM now with the Promaster and RAM 1500. Small Diesels are slowly being introduced to the general public instead of being the reserve of rich SUV owners.

This is the best news I have heard today. Please don't make it a 10K upgrade like in the 3/4 and 1.

Great News to hear, has made my day. GM and Ford will follow with a more durable diesel engine. Baby Duramax is on it's way!!!

Hell Yeah!!! Just heard this on Twitter. I can't wait. Glad I waited. This is my next truck for sure. THANKS CHRYSLER!!!! I say at least 27mpg.

@Ken Lyns

Yup. They all do now. (Well, except for one VW engine that will have it when it's updated.)

Not really a big deal anymore, you can even get the stuff at Walmart now.

I hope it's easier to work on than the 3.0L Mercedes diesel.

Holy sheep sh-t batman. That kills Nissan's shot at an industry exclusive.
If it is priced competitively, around 3-4k, it will sell well.

I bet Ford will be forced to up the ante, the diesel in the LandRover is all ready out their. The Transit already has an approved for USA diesel which would be quicker to bring to market.

GMC just got kicked squarely in the Ecotec SBS balls. How do you counter that?

Toyota - 2015 is now an eternity away.

Finally!! A diesel pickup that can fit in my garage!!!

I'm going to wait a year to make sure they work the kinks out and see how other manufacturers respond, but as of right now it looks like I'm going Mopar for my next truck.

Hopefully I can get it in a regular cab/short bed truck with cloth bench seating and a plow. It will make a perfect replacement to my aging K5 Blazer.

Leave it to Ram Trucks to be the segment leader.... AGAIN! Love my old Dodge Ram. Horse power leader in 03. Now we need the 6.4L Hemi in the 2500's and Ram Trucks will have answered my prayers. Go Ram. The rest will follow Ram ....the leader.

From USA Today. Fred Diaz being quoted.
"Chrysler Group will announce Thursday that it will offer a diesel in the standard-duty Ram 1500 pickup in the third quarter this year, making it the first modern half-ton pickup in the U.S. market with a diesel power option.
That should attract a significant number of buyers, because while a diesel typically costs more than a gasoline engine up front, it uses less fuel, has greater pulling power, often lasts longer and has higher resale value — dollars-and-cents issues important to business users who account for many pickup sales.
Ram's internal studies show that "customers have been emphatically asking for this, thirsting for it, craving it," said Fred Diaz, CEO of Chrysler's Ram brand in a phone interview from Mexico (Diaz is also CEO of Chrysler de Mexico).
He wouldn't forecast sales, but said, "The business case (for Ram) is a positive one. This isn't just a little side note. We plan to do good business with the diesel."
That's because he thinks the POOL OF HALF-TON DIESEL BUYERS IS DEEP. "This isn't a one-and-done or a fad," he said.

Amazing. If it is priced in the 3-4k range, it will sell well.

Nissan - that kills any chance of coming out with an industry exclusive.

Ford will have to up the ante with a diesel of their own. There is the diesel that Ford built for the Range Rover. I believe that engine is coming to Canada in a Range Rover. There also is the diesel in the Transit. I'd rather see the bigger Land Rover engine in a pickup since it should have more Hp and Torque.

GMC - They just got kicked squarely in the EcoTec3 SBS gonads.
How can GMC respond to that? That partnership with Isuzu makes a lot of sense now.

Toyota - 2015 has just turned into an eternity away.

@Big Al from Oz - a prophet in the wilderness. LOL


Just some extra thoughts -
I wonder what will happen to the Cummins V6 that was being developed for Ram?
I'm sure Cummins will now be able to find a customer for it.

A red "C" on the fender of a Ford or Chevy would be bad PR for Ram since they built their reputation on the I-6 Cummins.

If this engine is a huge success, that may put Cummins future with Ram in jeopardy.

420 ft.lbs of torque.That's a kind number....

I saw him on the TTAC forums spreading the Gospel to the heathens LOL. Sounds like he has a few "converts"

TROLL BOY LOU, How is a 240HP 420lb feet of torque in the 1500 Ram going to negatively effect the class leading Ram heavy duty with the Cummins @ 350 HP 850lb feet of torque?

Ram just slapped G.M. Ford Toyota and Nissan in the face. AGAIN!!!!!!!!







Great news!

Now if only they could do something about the lackluster payload ratings. If they can boost that up to 1800 lbs in a crew or quad cab then they'd have a Ford and GM beating truck.

240 hp and 420 lb-ft. Think I'd much rather have the ecoboost at 365 hp and 420. I don't get the hype, diesels just seem like way too much hassle for me unless they're big and being put to work. I live where it gets cold tho, so my experiences may have tarnished them in my ming. Still tho, 240 hp. As long as you never need to pass anything or get up to 160 km/h in a hurry.....

I love the way Ram has "Guts" to make, not risky moves, but smart moves to get "Glory". Their strategies of becoming secretive until the last moment. It helps them to buy lots of time before the competition can even put simular features on the market.

@ed edson
It is how the power is delivered very low in the rev range. You have the Ducato(Promaster) hitting 115-120mph in Europe. They can sing along when pushed.

@Ed Edson, forget what you're reading on paper, this motor powers the Grand Cherokee to 60mph quicker than the Hemi! My dad uses his GC diesel for towing horses and he described it to me the other day as "feels like you are not towing anything." People talk about horse power, but really it is torque that is the key, even when you are not towing!

Wow, $7000 upgrade. Given that my Ecoboost 4x4 gets 18mpg combined, and this Diesel with it's numbers probably will get 24 combined. It would take me almost 9 years just to break even on a $7,000 upgrade charge if fuel prices stayed the same as they are right now. Fuel would have to be over $6.00 a gallon for me to recoup my money in 5 years with the 15,000 miles I drive annually. Add that to the fact that the Ecoboost has over 120 more horsepower and the same low end torque with the added maintenance and DEF costs. I could see getting one if it did better than my Eco at towing, but that is highly unlikely given the power numbers.

I can see the fanboy diesel lovers being blinded by the fact that is a diesel and go out and buy one regardless if it is needed or not. Those that slightly tow might bite given how annoying and loud towing loads up hills with the high reving Hemi 5.7. (To be fair, my brother-in-law had an exhaust on his Ram, but even he said it was annoying after being in the upper 4,000 rpms for over 10 minutes.) I can see why those Ram owners would want a low end torque diesel over the higher in the rpm power of the Hemi. Those that actually do real towing will just go out and buy a 2500 or 3500. The majority of Ram buyers that don't tow that will probably stay with the Hemi after a quick calculation that the initial cost would actually cost them A LOT more than fuel saved when they trade it in 3-5 years later.

All in all, I say well done Ram with putting a diesel in a 1/2 ton truck. I can see this working for them if the do some pretty good marketing. They can try and make it fad to drive a diesel so people will try to be apart of the cool club to own one just how our wives spend $1500 on a person just to say she has one. That way, those that don't need one that will never even come close to towing or hauling that much will spend all their paycheck to get one just because it's the cool thing to do like most 2500 and 3500 owners that always leave their tow mirrors fully extended even when they aren't towing. If Ram played they cards right and marketed it that way, I can see it being a hot buy. Although, even with that, I don't see it giving Ram enough extra sales to topple Ford by a long shot. It would have to take more than an Italian made diesel and a farmer commercial to do that regardless of what the fanboys say or want to believe.

Seems like the Italians know how to build a good little diesel...

Not very impressive when you compair the power figures to the EcoBoost. And will definately be more expensive. Once again Ram/Chrysle/dodge is only as good as the company that owns them. So good job Fiat.
I recommend everyone stay clear of this italian built engine. Look at all the Italian super cars (looking at you ferrari) that are constantly catching on fire.
Fiery death
Fiat.......................oh sorry Ram

All1, show me where it's a $7,000 extra for the Diesel. This isn't a Heavy Duty engine. I wanna see where you got that figure from.

Horsepower Buffs: It's every bit as important where in the power curve and for how long the numbers are generated as it is the peak number that is generated. You never feel that peak with a good diesel. It's like taking off in a jet airplane. Gas engines suck!

the Jeep Grand Cherokee will have the same motor and 8-speed and it is a $4500 option. It is pretty pricey but will still likely sell well. with the broader market and increasing return to scale maybe this can be brought down to $3000 which makes it a lot more attractive option.

With this move I highly suspect the Durango, mini-vans and the LHX platform to quickly get the same option. For Fiat-Chrysler this could be upwards of 60-100k extra diesel motors to sell. That alone should help smooth out the costs.

@ Emilio Palacios

Second paragraph, second sentence.

"Pricing has not been announced but it's likely the diesel option will be more expensive than the Hemi premium engine option, meaning several thousands above the base 4.7L V-8/6-speed transmission combination. "

This better not be another hype. If Ram puts out a diesel 1/2 ton everyone will do the same. The 4.5L mini Duramax puts out over 300 hp and 500 ft /lbs, would like to see it in a light duty pick up. The only problem with the diesel option is it will put the 1/2 ton diesel in the same price bracket as the HD diesel with twice as much power. If this comes to production there will be a lot of happy truck buyers, too bad diesel is more at the pump than gas nowadays, this sucks.
Someone here posted this is an industry first for Ram, think again guy, we still own a GM 1/2 ton diesel from the 1980's, gets 24 mpg and has 524,000 miles, diesels last a loooong time.


"several" != "seven"

@ ed edson, I don't get the hype, diesels just seem like way too much hassle

Posted by: ed edson | Feb 13, 2013 9:54:06 PM

Chrysler Group will announce Thursday that it will offer a diesel in the standard-duty Ram 1500 pickup in the third quarter this year, making it the first modern half-ton pickup in the U.S. market with a diesel power option.

That should attract a significant number of buyers, because while a diesel typically costs more than a gasoline engine up front, it uses less fuel, has greater pulling power, often lasts longer and has higher resale value — dollars-and-cents issues important to business users who account for many pickup sales.
Being first with a standard-duty diesel pickup could attract 10,000 additional buyers the first year.

I bought my first 1/2 ton in 03. Ford and Chevy did not offer a 6.4 bed with 4 doors. Now that I have owned a Dodge Ram and know the reliability and capability their is no reason to buy any other brand of truck having proven it self to me. I am sure Ram will attract 1st time buyers and buyers from other brands with this small diesel. Once you prove yourself people will return to your brand.

Too bad Cummins is going into the Nissan and not the Ram light duty. Although probably cheaper for Fiat to use the Italian diesel over the North American workhorse, pitty.

To the haters saying Ecoboost has more HP........I thought the advantage of the Ecoboost was low RPM torque?? I would guess this 3.0 will make torque at a lower RPM and get much better real world mileage towing and empty than Ecoboost.

Don't forget that the first 5.9 Cummins was approximately 160 HP and 400 ft lbs in a HD, and it pulled some hellacious loads.

Pretty sure 240HP and 420 Torque will be just fine in a half ton. Especially if the 8 speed trans is used which seems likely from the article.

It's about time we have been heard. I can't wait. I'm just so excited. Way to go Dodge, or may I say RAM. The best trucks are made by ya'll. I do need to say though, your trucks look really tough up high, the average person can't get to the bed like we used to. Drop the truck down some so we can use the truck again without having to get all the way in the bed. Again though, KUDOS. I love your trucks. I'm still loving my 2005 Dodge Ram SLT. The Hemi has plenty of power and it looks really sweet with my 20" chrome wheels. I installed dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers on it too. I put them on there so people wouldn't ask if it had the Hemi. Now they just know.


I had a couple of 6.2s as well. Never even got close to 24mpg, and did engine swaps more then I swaped tires. They were junk. But you are right, GM was the first to do LD diesels. But Chrysler will be the first to do a reliable LD diesel.

Sounds like a winner! 26+mpg with 240/420ft-lbs is a far cry from my 18mpg 1998 Dodge Dakota 5.2L with 230/300ft-lbs.

@HemiV8 - Relax.
Ram was going to use a Cummins V6. It was tested in A Ram truck and SUV. If there is huge acceptance of a non-Cummins engine (read Fiat/Iveco) in a Ram truck that may give Fiat the excuse to let the Cummins contract expire and go with an inhouse (read Fiat/Iveco) diesel. It would be cheeper and more profitable for Fiat.
Take the blinders off and look at the big bold world.
I am not trolling, it is called open debate and the exchange of ideas among truck fans.
Give it a try sometime.

That engine/transmission combination should definitely be a strong one, even with the comparatively low HP.

More than likely it's making peak torque at ~2000rpms, or just off idle (way lower than any of the gas V8's, and even lower than the Ecoboost). Then you've got the 8-spd, which has a lower first gear and wider ratio spread than either Ford or GM's current 6-speed transmissions.

With the right axle gearing, it should be a real stump puller of a setup. It probably won't have the top end the other higher HP engines do, but down low it should pull like a little freight train.

Makes me want one even more for plowing.

The engine will be a 3-liter turbo V-6 from Italy's VM Motori, which has supplied diesels to Chrysler since 1992. It's the same engine that Chrysler had said it would offer in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, starting in May.

In the Jeep, the diesel is rated 240 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque. By comparison, Chrysler's well-known Hemi gasoline V-8 is rated 360 hp and 390 lbs.-ft. in the Jeep.
Booming Ram sales could come close to 400,000 this year

Chrysler boosts Ram production 32% at main plant.
Chrysler Group is boosting Ram pickup production dramatically at its Warren, Mich., factory, aiming to build more than 300,000 trucks there this year, up from 227,000 last year.
It's a sign of how important pickups are to Detroit automakers' profits, and how aggressive the car companies intend to be.
Chrysler had said in November it would add workers at the Warren Truck assembly facility to meet growing demand for the Ram 1500, which is the standard-duty version of the truck. But the scale of the production increase only now is clear.
A Jan. 24 memo from the factory to its employees, explaining a new work schedule and shift rotation, says: "Warren Truck Assembly will build more Ram trucks than the plant has ever built. Growing from 227,000 in 2012 to over 300,000 in 2013."
One byproduct of the production boost: Workers will go to four 10-hour days a week instead of five 8-hour days, and more will wind up working weekends.

I was surprised reading that article that kbowma12 posted. Fiat owns 50% of VM Motori and GM owns the other. Plus the stuff Gale Banks is doing with this motor. The RPMs they are talking about this thing running at. 5K+ RPMs quickly in a diesel? This isn't like anything anyone here has ever seen or tried.

I'm a truck fan first, and I do love Fords and have owned several GMs. But this has some real potential. I have had some concerns lately with the rest of the Ram /Chrysler quality. I know several people with new Jeeps that have had some serious issues. And some with none. I don't like the 50 % success of having a quality built vehicle. I want closer to 95%.

I'm really excited to see this come to market. I'll be ready for a new truck this fall, and was pretty much thinking ecoboost all the way, but i'm definalty willing to look at this, along with the air suspension. Wost case i can lease it to begin with, if everything is good in the first year or two, then i can buy it out right. If not, return it no hassle and go back to ford learned a lesson.

Its official, the 2014 Toyota Tundra is no longer relevant.

You want strange how about a Ford HDT truck powered by Fiat!!!. The is the new Brazilian Ford Cargo with a downsized 10.3 Litre IVECO. Normally the engine is 13 Litres. Would be a bit underpowered for use outside Brazil. Must admit it looks OK.

@HemiV8 - thanks for the extra information. Could you please post the links to your cut and paste. It helps with further research of the core story.

Do you have information as to whether or not they will build this engine in the USA or import it from Italy?

This would be a good engine choice for the Power Wagon. I'd love to see that happen.

@howam00 - a 4,500 price tag may be too steep. As you have mentioned, as this engine finds its way into more products, the price will go down.

@mike - trolling does not help the conversation. VMMotori and Iveco have considerable experience with diesels. I had read somewhere that they had co-developed engines with Cummins.

I suspect that this is just the start of the leaking dam, it will not be too long and we will see a flood of diesel engines.

Will this move embolden VW to bring the Amarok stateside? or will this new competition be a nail in its coffin?
I can see this move by Ram hurting sales of the next gen Colorado diesel. Americans prefer big trucks so this will be a double edged knife cut to GMC. It will cut a piece of the pie out of GMC's large and small truck sales.

This is awesome news for the truck industry. Sure hope it catches on for all the 1/2 tons and fullsize SUV's.

I just thought of something......

They need to put this engine in the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

420ft-lb @ ~2000rpms with a 73:1 crawl ratio?

Yes Please!

@Robert Ryan - it is a nice looking truck. Not a very big sleeper. I bet it has a decent coefficient of drag. Funny how single axle tractors have poor acceptance in North America. I can see why in my part of the world but in the more temperate parts of the USA, a single axle would do fine.

All1, I'm going to hold you on that $7,000 dollar figure. Im guaranteeing you're way off. I say $4,500 tops.

@Paul810 - I'd rather see it in a Power Wagon. That would be a big seller, use it in light duty 3/4 ton truck applications. Most people do not need a 800 lb ft gorilla.
If you could get 20 mpg out of it in that kind of application. No one would want to buy a gasser 3/4 ton with the exception of el-cheepo bid fleet sales.

Its about time somebody broke the mold. Hopefully Ford will get off their butt and get their baby powerstroke in the the F150 and get the diesel Ranger over here. Im sure GM is gonna have their midsizes come with a small diesel too.

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