It's Official: Ram 1500 to Get V-6 EcoDiesel

2013 Ram Tradesman II

It's official: The Ram 1500 will be the only half-ton pickup to offer a small turbodiesel as one of its engine options. Set to go on sale by the third quarter of this year, the Ram 1500 will get the same small turbodiesel that's supposed to go into the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is the VM Motori 3.0-liter V-6 EcoDiesel rated at 240 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque.

According to USA Today, Fred Diaz, CEO of Chrysler's Ram brand, said that customers have been asking for this and, according to some sales experts, the move is likely to add as many 10,000 sales annually. Pricing has not been announced but it's likely the diesel option will be more expensive than the Hemi premium engine option, meaning several thousands above the base 4.7-liter V-8/six-speed transmission combination. We expect the new ZF eight-speed transmission will be the standard transmission. 

No word yet on whether there will be a manual or automated-manual transmission option. 

This new engine option will make the Ram half-ton the first in the current segment to offer the torquey motor, and it is likely to significantly help the lineup improve its fuel economy averages. Pricing and EPA mileage numbers will be released closer to the on-sale date, but fuel economy numbers for the Grand Cherokee, on average a few hundred pounds lighter than a Ram 1500, are 21 city/30 highway (EPA estimates) for the 4x2 and 20 city/28 highway for the 4x4. Those numbers are likely to be similar for the half-ton truck as well.

To read the full press release, click here

2014 VM Motori 3.0L V-6 engine II

Quick Specs

Type and Description            60-degree V-type, liquid cooled

Displacement                       182 cubic inches, 2988 cubic cm 

Bore x Stroke                       3.27 in. x 3.60 in., 83mm x 92mm

Valve System                       Chain-driven DOHC, 24-valves

Fuel Injection                        Common rail, solenoid injectors, 2000 bar

Block Construction                Iron block, aluminum heads

Compression Ratio                15.5:1

Assembly Plant                     VM Motori Cento, Ferrara, Italy

  2014 ZF 8-spd II



@ Emilio Palacios

Even at $4,500(which I think it will be around $5,500 realisticaly) it will take you a long time to break even and that is using the Grand Cherokees combined fuel mileage estimates which the truck will be lower. Given that I drive my truck roughly 15,000 miles a year, the 18.5 combined I get on my Ecoboost, and the 24 combined mpg of the Grands Cherokee's version of the 3.0 diesel it would only save me $444.26 in fuel a year. That would take me 10 years to recoup a $4,500 intial cost. If it allowed me to tow more then yes it would be worth it, but 10K lbs is about the most I will tow and my Ecoboost easily handles that.

However, most Ram HEMI owners that usually get about 15 mpg(according to combined so that would be $1087 of fuel savings which would be a little over 4 years for the fuel saving to pay for the initial cost. Although the main reason of a diesel in a truck should be for more towing ability and not just fuel savings.

You can plug in your own numbers and see how long it would take you to break even on $4,500 given your fuel mileage here ( ). For you, it might be worth it, for me no.

In Australia, the Grand Cherokee Hemi and V6 diesel are the same price. So a bit premature to start complaining about a speculated $4500 premium.

All1, exactly. I put 30,000 miles + on my truck a year. I remember 1 year I put 45,000 miles. And for most Farmers and real truck users. They put at least 25,000 miles a year. And don't compare that Eco-Boost to a Diesel. Our Managers got them trucks this year brand new. They only average 15 mpg at the best in farming conditions. My Hemi averages the same in the same conditions.

All1, and you know BullyDog and others will be making Chips for these Diesels. Which could easily bring the Horse Power numbers to 400 and torque over 500 without sacrificing any fuel. For as low as $500. They do it now for that cost to Heavy Duties.


Don't forget, when you go to sell that diesel truck, you usually make a good portion of your initial investment back, as diesels typically have a significantly higher resale value.

On some vehicles, the resale advantage on the diesel is enough to cover the option price. Especially if you buy and sell your truck outright (rather than finance or lease).

Obviously, whether or not it's worth it will be up to the purchaser to decide once all the details are released, but for some it will make a lot of sense.

For me personally, it's a great option to have, as I've got my own diesel pumps at our equipment yard and buy diesel fuel in bulk. Due to this, I typically get a slightly better price than what people are paying per gallon at the corner station. Therefore, not only do I save a little more money than average, but it's a lot more convenient to be able to fill up at my pumps.

Yes it gets away from "Barn Door Radiator" style of traditional US Heavy trucks. I suspect a lack of a sleeper goes in line with where this will be run Brazil and Turkey. In Turkey another company called Otosan will produce it with possibly a Cummins diesel.

@ Emilio Palacios

As far as lot's of miles, I have put almost 10k miles on mt Ecoboost SCab 3.15 that I just got the first work day of December. I am averaging 19.8mpg according to my fuel card records with about 65% highway 35% city. It easily handled the 7k lbs that I put behind it one time which does not surpise me since that is way below it's rating even for a 3.15 rear axle.

Farmers and ranchers here in Texas, like my father-in-law, usually buy 3/4 and 1 tons because they need more payload than towing ability for tools, feed, and auxiliary fuel tanks. So a 1/2 ton would be out of the question on that case for the most part. You were right about the farmers mileage, my father-in-law currently has 230k miles on his 2003 F350 4x4 Supercrew with an 8ft bed which is a little over 25k miles a year.

As far as the chip, I have an SCT tuner with custom tunes from 5 Star tuning( putting me over 400hp and well over 500lb-ft of torque. There are others like Superchips, Edge, MPT, Innovative Diesel, and Livernois Motorsports that have tunes for the Ecoboost as well that add power and fuel economy too. There are Bullydog tunes for it, but Bullydog is a joke compared to the others.

It's great to see a diesel in one of your 1/2 ton pickups.

Fiat/Ram is on a winner here. But the others will follow suit rapidly.

I had an idea Ram would be the first.

Projected sales of 10 000 per annum? I think that would be an under estimation.

The first problem is Ram will try and extract as much profit first up. So wait six months or so before you buy one. But when the V6 diesel Grand Cherokee was released here there it took over 6 months to recieve your new diesel SUV.

I think Ford will offer the I-5 Duratorque in the F-150. This engine is manufactured globally and demand can be met.

The Duratorque is also a cheaper engine to manufacture than the VM V6 or the Ford Lion 3 litre V6 diesel.

I pointed out twice that the leading edge of the hood on the Tundra at the Chicago Motor Show had and air scoop for an intercooler, but no one responded.

Toyota being Toyota will most likely offer the 4.5 twin turbo Landcruiser V8. But this will be expensive, but that is what Toyota will do.

I see lots of posts regarding the Tundra's capacity, but why should Toyota build an HD V8 diesel. A V8 diesel Tundra would attract many current HD buyers as it would be competitive against them.

Also, Nissan have the 3 litre Renault V6 diesel we get in our Navara.

GM only has the I-4 2.8. But I have read Caddy will be using them and the output will be increased substaintially over the current 2.8 fitted to our Colorado's.

Sweet dreams.

I average 27.5 mpg all day long with my 85 Chevy with a 454.

See ALL1, I can make claims too, but it doesn't make them true.

I have seen been in several EB F150s. The EVIC in the trucks all showed much lower numbers then your claim, the lowest being low 12 and the highest being a high 16. The owners reported MPGs of around mid 15s.

You need to get off your high horse about the EB. It doesn't get great FE, especially when working. Even Consumer Reports has evidence showing downsized turbo gas engines to not get better FE then the NA engines of similar power.

This VM diesel is going to be a better engine.

I have read some interesting articles on the EPA testing of diesels in the US.

Apparently most diesels return a higher EPA result than gasoline engines in real life.

There are stories of many diesels outperforming the stated EPA figures.

But the EPA isn't biased against diesel.

I have a 3.2 Duratorque (same engine as the Transit) dual cab 4x4 pickup that weighs about 4 700lbs empty.

On a drive a few weeks ago (fishing) I drove about 460 miles return.

I had 3 men and gear for a 4 day fishing trip. I drove at 85mph for about 150 miles, 75mph for 150 miles and the rest at about 65mph. This includes at least 20 over taking manouveres of about 1/2 a mile each past road trains where I accelerated to over 105mph.

So it wasn't an economy run. We finished work at lunch and decided to get to the fishing spot early and sink some beer.

I used sixty litres of fuel or about 16 gallons. This equates to slightly over 26mpg.

Is that you DenverMike?

Now we'll see if all those people crying about not having a half ton diesel and those claiming to buy it tomorrow from whomever is first to introduce it will put their money where their mouth is. I suspect that if its more than a few thousand extra there's going to be a lot of back peddling and excuses - just like those that claim they'd only get manual transmissions but when it's actually offered the take rate is absolutely dismal.

Posted by: PUT UP OR SHUT UP | Feb 13, 2013 11:39:44 PM

The Grand Cherokee with the Hemi or VM V6 diesel come with a AUD5 000 premium over the Pentastar.

Converting into the usual US - Australian vehicle price differences, I would hope it would be about $3 500 US.

I hope they bring the diesel Jeep Wrangler over soon then. the PentaStar junk is just not enough to make me part with my lowly 3.8L. I had to make the 2013 model scream to feel like it had any torque, not much better than the old tech in my 2011 unless it is floored above 4k rpms!

I don't care if it is the 2.8L or the 3.0 L, although I would prefer the 3.0 Liter. Damn, I hope this happens. Truck wise, I 'll just keep my old '92 F150 with gas engine in it....I don't use a truck everyday anyway, so it serves it's purpose well. A 3.0L diesel Wrangler Unlimited trim would be killer, still would want a 6 speed manual though, I could care less for all that shifting of a 8 speed auto (might as well have a CVT), not to mention should I have to repair/rebuild an 8 speed auto on my own dime. I wonder what the fuel mileage would be on the 3.0L in my wrangler, I get ~ 21-22 highway, ~19 avg mpg now....gotta be better than that.

The Folks at RAM ain't sitting on thier ass.
This is very proactive, they are serious about the truck market.
Way to lead RAM!


Ram seems to be the most responsive automaker to the market, and it's really making me want one. Great job!

Well , the block in this engine isn´t common iron. It´s Compacted Graphit Iron just as the Ford Super Duty 6,7-liter engine.

A difference.

I likey! VM Motori EcoDiesel for 1500, Cummins for Heavy Duty. Ford is shaking in its "'Boost" and had a "'Stroke". Seriously I love all trucks, even the derp-faced Tundra.

Ram just hammered the final nail into the competitions coffin.

I would think Diesel will be fairly quiet, my dad owns a VW T-Reg with the V6 TDI... it's quieter idling, at highway speed and towing than a V8, is a torque monster, and gets great mileage.
I'd like to see them offer it in the Laramie so I can put on my 30K miles a year and break even on the cost sooner, while feeling better about not getting 15mpg avg that I get in my WJ or my Silverado.

If I take the mileage of my 2012 quad cab hemi at a best of 19mpg and compare to a conservative 24mpg for the same truck with this diesel the 5mpg difference equals over 250km's per 121lt tank. Having this range is a huge advantage to me. The smooth power is a bonus.

Not positive I'd get one but I will seriously look at it. I'm glad someone is finally putting this configuration on the market. The notion of V8 diesels with ridiculous power was only fun on paper. Put a good, exisiting smaller displacement diesel in the mix and it becomes realistic. If it hits a legitimate 25mpg it can be a huge success.

420 lb/ft!! At 1,700 RPM!!! Suck that Ford!!!

As a reformed GM guy and now and an F-150 Ecoboost owner I want to congratulate Chrysler on this. Finally! But if you look deeper this diesel and the ecoboost are about the same overall. Yes the ecoboost has more HP but the torque figures are identical.

If you take close look at the ecoboost it is pretty much a diesel engine that runs on gasoline. It has DI, it has an injection pump just like a diesel, the turbos help provide 90% of the torque under 1500 rpm.

I think in day to day living between the two trucks it will be a wash. Maybe slightly tilted in favor of the Ford if DEF and high diesel maintenance costs are the case.

As far as payload, the Ram suffers from the rear coil springs, they just can't carry the payload that leaves can. Maybe the airbags will help that.

With this development the Ford and the Ram are pretty much leaving all of the competitors behind. The next two years are going to be very interesting for half ton trucks in general. Its a good time to be a consumer.

@ALL1: Given that your Ecoboost sucks gas when towing as well.....I gotta ask what your brother in law tows that he has to run a Hemi at upper 4,000s? Size, weight....What did he do, buy a gasser to tow 10,000 pounds on a regular bases?Because your v-6 would be working hard as well with whatever weight it takes to make a hemi run upper 4,000 for 10 minutes.

A diesel like this aint foreverbody, people that don't tow heavy wouldn't benifit as much, but it should get alot more mileage then your Egoboost. Which we will wait and see if Ford can straighten them out. Otherwise they will have alot of failure, with their intercooler covers, to help those that get check engine lights and transmission issues, that barely tow.

As a reformed GM guy and now and an F-150 Ecoboost owner

@SilveradoDriver, welcome to the club. I still love all of the old Chevy trucks and still love their engines though. The trucks themselves just took a dirt dive in the late 90's and kept digging a deeper hole with each new model. Uglier, not as nice anymore, cheaply built etc. How do you like your EcoBoost? We just bought one for my wife last month and she loves it. I'm not sure I'd want such thing in my SD but for the 150 it seems to work well. This diesel new from Dodge will have Ford and Chevy scrambling no doubt. I gotta give Dodge credit. They just keep hitting harder and harder. Not that I'd ever own one personally but I'm sure they've made some converts out of former Chevy guys just like Ford did. Particularly with this latest model. It really is a sharp looking truck to their credit. Super lux interior too.

I think thier will be a market for it, but its not for everybody. 230HP and 420lb feet of torque is plenty of power, Gas V8 Pickups were in the 230HP range ten years ago with way less torque

It's kind of funny that GM owns 50% of VM MOTORI,lol.

To clear up the "cost of DEF" you can now buy it at Wal-Mart for about $11.50 for a 2.5 gallon container. That makes it as cheap or cheaper than diesel. It doesn't add any cost. Just don't buy it from the dealerships.

here's an interesting article in regards to the VM:

Here I have been toying with the idea of using a 4cyl Cummins in my Dakota! but I am now wondering what it would cost to use one of these? just imagine, 4X4 8spd auto with reg cab truck that weighs 4200lbs now, and with a small tweak from Gale Banks, I could be looking at 250+hp and 450lbfttq! and I bet with the right gearing, I would get about 30mpg hyw and 25city!!! and be able to tow as much as the max the factory says, which is 6800lbs without a swet! I wouldbe willing to put 10-12K into this! as the truck is in fine condition now, with no rust anywhere in the body, and just a few fine flakes in the chassis, I could leave it looking stock with a quite exhuast, and be a real sleeper. Or just trade it in on a new reg cab Ram 4X4 diesel, good by Ecco-Boost!! have the same tq, and no high rpm's, (4000-6000rpm's), as the EB does have good low end tq. but no real power before 4000RPM in reality, I know, I have towed and hauled with it, and that is the way it is, and now that it has blown a head gasket, I do not want to go to far with it, how would you feel?

This should be very interesting for sure. GM and Fiat both own 50% of VM Motori and GM is using them in the Cruze due this summer.

Lou: as far as single axcle tractor go on the U.S. it all has to do with axcel weights and bridge formulars and length, there are in a few instances though, in a big trucking co. they have there own design where what is called the converter for double trailer and triple trailer, (the set of wheels and fifth wheel that connects the two trailers together), has a unique design that lets it slip into a single axcel tractor in back, to convert the tractor to a double or tandem axcel tractor, the only drawback to this design is you only have one drive axcel back there, and there is limited traction, I know I was unable to make it up an asphalt hill in the rain! with an emty trailer, in the rain! I hated to drive that truck!

I've owned an 06 Liberty with the VM 2.8L CRD.28+mpg hwy and I live up in the mountains.On fairly flat roads I would guess that it would have gotten 30+mpg.Not too bad for a 4x4.It had stump pulling torque and was pretty damn quiet for a diesel.VM makes a good engine imho.

So, let me get this straight ...$4500 more for the diesel engine, higher maintance costs and higher price for fuel ? I hope they don't really try to market this as ECO . It may be great for towing, but dollar for dollar, if you are trying to save $$ in the cost to travel, I do not see where this is really an option. This comment goes for any manufacturer.

Dodge is taking a smart risk on rolling out the VM diesel. I suspect that within MY14 GM and Ford will follow suit with competitive diesel engines. All three manufacturers are wise to address the pent up demand for light duty diesel trucks. Could [diesel 1/2 ton] segment sales hit 100K sales/yr by 2016? I wouldn't be surprised.

lolchief: I have been looking for one of those for my sister who lives in N.H. just for the fact that they are good in snow, and get goo mileage, but when one comes on the market, they are gone in a day or two, and the resale on them is more than the cost in the first place, so there is a good example of what the Ram should be like!

That is good news for the 1/2 ton market. Hopefully Ford and GM won't be too far behind. I see where GM announced that the Cruze compact car is going to have a turbo diesel availble soon. I guess that is a domestic brand exclusive right now like the RAM 1/2 ton if I am thinking right.

There is no way this is going to be a $4500 premium over the Hemi! You don't think Ram wants this to go against the Ford EcoBoost???

I really think it's time for Ford to do the 4.4L V8 diesel (that's already in production!). It has a marginal increase in fuel consumption over the V6 diesel (only 1mpg on the Range Rover), and a crap load more power and torque! It would help Ford sell a lot more F-150s and Expeditions.

@paul810 and jeep, this engine has to be coming soon for the Wrangler, it HAS to be. It is all the Wrangler needs. Now, how sweet would that Wrangler pickup be with this motor?

I am curious which cab configurations and trim levels this will be available with? I hope they make it available across the board. Seems like they would want to and spread the costs? This will suit our foresters perfectly. They put 50k miles a year on a truck, and need the diesel badly but don't all need the HD. Often times its just highway and a ATV and an overnight bag. I just hope RAM doesn't only make this available on a crew cab Lariet and higher or something. We need this motor in a Big Horn extended cab.

Mpg looks good but the hp and tq are a little light. Good to see in the half tons because more will follow with better options.

@UncleBud, Jeep uses a 2.8L I-4 diesel for Wrangler internationally, so I suspect if and when a Wrangler diesel becomes available here, it will also use the 2.8. No doubt the V6 is better and more powerful, but it does cost more to manufacture than the 2.8 I-4. Perhaps they should both be available in the Wrangler!

A base model,(work truck) should be offered with the diesel option.I doubt it will have a manual trans though.In my way of thinking all trim levels should have the same power train options and that is especially true when we talk about diesels.Work trucks would reap the benefits of the increased power,and mpg,and would be cheaper ergo sell more.In volume the price of the diesel would be lower too.A win-win imho.

@ Sandman4x4: yeah,ya hafta be fast to get one of those.Well worth it too.


Niceee work Ram!

Finally... I've been waiting for this for a long time and will reward Dodge (for being the first to put it in production) with a new 2014 Ram EcoDiesel 1500.
For all the talk of GM and Ford having a 1500 diesel that would be better... For now it is just that, all talk. Kudos to Ram for being a leader instead of a follower, as we will soon see the other manufactures will scramble to put a diesel in their 1500 due to the success of the Ram EcoDiesel.

@ Alex: sergio macaroni already said that the wrangler (jk) will not get the v6 diesel.It will be the 2.8L 4 bucket....which is in it's self excellent.I had a liberty 2.8 and loved the driveline in that small beast.

@lohchief, very nice! I have heard it is one of the most reliable diesels ever.

The "gotta have it" buyers will gobble it up initially, but the pricing of this diesel engine will be critical over the longer term. If it comes in at a $4000 or $5000 premium, a lot of potential buyers will simply walk away from it. Back in 2003 when Ford was going to offer the Navistar 4.5L turbodiesel in the F-150, one of the reasons given for canning the diesel was price ... Ford didn't think that enough people would pay a $4000 to $5000 premium for it. To be fair, there were other reasons the engine was cancelled, but those reasons could have been addressed.

That being said, if it is priced competitively and sales are strong, I suspect that Ford will take a very hard look at putting either the 3.6L Lion V8 turbodiesel or maaaaaaaaaybe the Lion-based 4.4L V8 turbodiesel into the F-150.

Diesel engines sold in the US will remain at a sales disadvantage until the per-gallon taxes on gasoline and diesel are equalized.

Big Al, the Australian dollar is almost at parity with the US dollar, so the AUD5,000 premium you mentioned comes to about $5200 US.

Dodge Ram with this Diesel will be my next truck for sure. With a chip, air intake and bigger exhaust, can usually give a big bump in power & mpg if needed, nice to have that option if one so chooses. Cant do that with a gas guzzling v-8
Just hope it actually will be available this year. Dodge Ram is really slow in delivering any of the new V-6 or any 8 speed transmission trucks so far. For those ecoboost fans, you better let off the gas pedal when climbing big hills in summer or let it idle awhile to cool off the turbos. I personally wont touch one and their real mpg is no better than a V-8 unless you drive 55 or less on the fwy, which no one does unless you want to get run over or create an accident.

Maybe the Grand Cherokee TD owners can chime in. I bet it's a P.I.T.A. to work on. Possible problems might be throw-away stretch bolts (like VW uses), weird and expensive special tools and diagnostics, cam belts every 40k or 60k miles... be careful what you ask for. Or maybe they got it right, lets find out.

@ TRX 4 Tom

It was on out last trip we took from south Texas to Rally on the Rocks in Moab, Utah. I told him it would be best to take mine since Turbos do better at high altitude, but he was insistent on taking his his new 2012 Ram. We had a four people in the cab with gear and towing two RZRs and two ATVs with more supplies on the trailer totaling out to 7,800lbs. The Hemi was able to pull the trailer up the inclines going into the mountains, but it was in the high revs doing it compared to my truck pulling the same load the previous year.

If you think the Ecoboost is a high rever, then you have ever towed with one. Even on the inclines it is in the low rpms like diesels. You have to completely throw the old way of thinking that a V6 has to work harder than a V8 mentality out the window like I did when I first got this truck. Pound for pound, it will pull the weight easier especially when tuned.

I know this is Ford propaganda, but it is the best video I can find to show you what I mean by low revs vs the Hemi.

This is what I've been waiting for. Then I went to manufacturer website and found that I can no longer spec out an extended cab with an 8' bed anymore. When did they stop offering those? If I'm not going to get a real bed in the truck, I may as well buy a Taurus and take the trunk lid off

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