It's Official: Ram 1500 to Get V-6 EcoDiesel

2013 Ram Tradesman II

It's official: The Ram 1500 will be the only half-ton pickup to offer a small turbodiesel as one of its engine options. Set to go on sale by the third quarter of this year, the Ram 1500 will get the same small turbodiesel that's supposed to go into the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is the VM Motori 3.0-liter V-6 EcoDiesel rated at 240 horsepower and 420 pounds-feet of torque.

According to USA Today, Fred Diaz, CEO of Chrysler's Ram brand, said that customers have been asking for this and, according to some sales experts, the move is likely to add as many 10,000 sales annually. Pricing has not been announced but it's likely the diesel option will be more expensive than the Hemi premium engine option, meaning several thousands above the base 4.7-liter V-8/six-speed transmission combination. We expect the new ZF eight-speed transmission will be the standard transmission. 

No word yet on whether there will be a manual or automated-manual transmission option. 

This new engine option will make the Ram half-ton the first in the current segment to offer the torquey motor, and it is likely to significantly help the lineup improve its fuel economy averages. Pricing and EPA mileage numbers will be released closer to the on-sale date, but fuel economy numbers for the Grand Cherokee, on average a few hundred pounds lighter than a Ram 1500, are 21 city/30 highway (EPA estimates) for the 4x2 and 20 city/28 highway for the 4x4. Those numbers are likely to be similar for the half-ton truck as well.

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2014 VM Motori 3.0L V-6 engine II

Quick Specs

Type and Description            60-degree V-type, liquid cooled

Displacement                       182 cubic inches, 2988 cubic cm 

Bore x Stroke                       3.27 in. x 3.60 in., 83mm x 92mm

Valve System                       Chain-driven DOHC, 24-valves

Fuel Injection                        Common rail, solenoid injectors, 2000 bar

Block Construction                Iron block, aluminum heads

Compression Ratio                15.5:1

Assembly Plant                     VM Motori Cento, Ferrara, Italy

  2014 ZF 8-spd II



@ALL1, you are right, the Ford EcoBoost is still a great motor. I rented a 2.0L EB Ford Escape and was able to climb hills with ease at low-rpm while accelerating in a high gear. I could take off in 2nd gear at the lights (manual selection) and still smoke the tires (it was FWD). The EcoBoost and diesel are neck and neck for low-end torque. The advantage is acceleration for the EcoBoost and fuel economy for the diesel. It's great that we have all these choices!

Looks like the GM folks will have to wait another year and will have to come out with something amazing for 2015 truck of the year. Too bad, so sad.

I would think with GM owning the other half Fiat does not own, they would be going round and round over who gets this engine first.

As ALL1 did point out tho, Ram can really stand to raise payloads. Some of their trucks are right there with Ford, such as 4x2 single cabs with v-6s, but when they add on the options, they need to raise the GVWR. I believe my 4x4 quad has the same 6700 GVWR as a 4x2, yet has 200 plus pounds more of driveline for the 4x4s. One thing that irked me was the quad and crew cab sit on the same wheelbase, so why a differance of 100 pounds of GVWR? Some want to haul people (crewcab), some want to haul stuff. They can do it with progressive coils, for those that don't want the air suspension. I know my $88 air bags hold weight pretty good. But they aren't getting the most out of the air suspension if they don't up the payload some! If they would just make a crew cab 4x4 have about a 7200 or 7300 GVWR, and not worry about Ford and their payload bragging rights and pencil whipping tow rating, like Ford did right after Ram put out their V-6 tow numbers, they would be alot better.

Of course, there will always be people using 1/2 tons like 3/4 tons all the time. I read a review on about somebody with a 2010 2011 or so F-150, rated to tow 11,300, but he tows 11,700, and 3 or 4 guys with him.

Some will constantly cry about stuff, where they should just get the next higher rated truck.

It would be a no brainer tho, diesel with same torque as an Ecoboost, but an even lower rpm, backed by a better spaced set of gears in an 8 speed with more gears, of course, instead of trying to make a gasser turbo hold up.

Assembly Plant: VM Motori Cento, Ferrara, Italy

That's a major reason why its official on the Fiat-Ram. Sergio Marchionne wants to add jobs to Italian homeland and keep the Italisn plants that are doing nothing moving. If we go by the pic in this post: regular cab made in Mexico, 8 speed designed by the Germans, and engine made in Italy. The American parts content just went down another notch.

@ALL1, no, I said it will work hard. I didn't say it was high RPM. And it will still suck alot of fuel, when working hard.

That guy in that video probably didn't have it in tow haul, and it could've used the 1.5 to 1 gear, only enabled by using tow haul, or electronic range select. Part of the problem is, if placed in drive, 2nd gear (the 1.67 gear) is far from the 1 to 1 gear. More gears feels the void better. Yeah, I know, that ecoboost makes more low speed torque. Fords been making the 3.5 for what, two years now? lets see them get a bunch with over 100,000 miles. I would trust a diesel alot more when the cylinder pressure gets up there. But then I bought my hemi to pull 6,000 pounds, which it does fine. And there are alot more of them with 125,000 to 150,000+ miles out there, with few problems.

And you are right, it's Ford proganda. Funny how the Ram was so far behind in the Davis Dam shootout, at the 60 mph, but it narrowed it to 3 seconds. Funny how they didn't invite Tundra, which has a better trans then a Ford. Or maybe they did, and the Ford lost, but they didn't want to show it?

@ Paul

while the current 8-speed is ZF sourced it is built in the US. for the 2013.5 seires of builds the 8-speed will move to the tweaked Chrysler specs and all parts, assembly, etc will be done in the US. That might help some of the cost aspect as well.

$4500 is the price premium on the Jeep so if Ram has a similar charge, I think Ram will have a tough time selling a lot of these.

The price will not come down. It will only go up. The only way it will go down is if they get stuck on the lots and the dealers discount them.

Ram did a study where they found that over 80% of their owners towed less than 6000 lbs so they don't need a diesel for towing. If you think you need a diesel you probably need a 1 ton truck anyway.

So the Hemi is better than the EcoBoost is no good because the EcoBoost is only a little bit faster and not a lot faster? I guess by that logic, the 49ers won the Superbowl!

Hey Paul? Do you know where the Ford and GM 6 speeds were designed? That's right, ZF. Ram is going to build the 8 speeds in the states. The AMERICAN content was already the same, because it is listed as MEXICAN part content with a Hemi. Which by the way, when you add up Rams 69% or so US/Canadian content, and %22 Mexico, it comes out MORE NORTH AMERICAN then (WHATEVER YOU ARE PITCHING) Which beats the China/Japan/Thailand/Korea.....

Who knows, maybe they will build them in the states?

Nice tease but that's not a small diesel.
Diesel or not you couldn't pay me to own a chrapsler ever again.

This is just another A Diesel Is Coming! articles but the diesel never comes. I'll believe it when I see it.

Using current AAA gas prices.

Vehicle 1
22 mpg hwy
$/Year $1974.55 on gas

Vehicle 2
30 mpg hwy
$/Year $1632.00 on diesel

Difference $342.55/Year

$4500.00 / $342.55 = 13+ year break even point

Bump up the mpg on Vehicle 1 to 25 mpg and the $ saved/Year is $105.60 and the breakeven point is now 42 YEARS!

I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 5.9L Cummins and stock it had 235 hP and 525 lb/ft torque. It weighs over 7500lbs with me, passengers and gear. Power wise, it cannot compare to the modern HD 3/4, 1 ton trucks, but it lopes along just fine down the highway, gets near 20 mpg empty and 14 miles mpg towing a 3 horse slant horse trailer at 65 mph and maintains speed just fine. Those of you that think a 240 hP engine in a 5800 lb vehicle is underpowered..well, IMHO you don't understand DIESEL power! I would also be surprised that RAM would introduce the truck with the same power fiqures as the Jeep Grand Cherokee has. The Ecoboost has 420 lb/ aggressive as RAM has been, why would they introduce an engine with the same amount of torque as the Ecoboost has? I wouldn't be surprised to see torque fiqures near 450 lb/ft.

Yet another post from Paul.

Paul, if a person tows heavy, then maybe you should figure that mileage as well, right? The amount of weight of say ALL1, for instance. A 7800 pound added weight. Now the differance between the diesel and gasser is the diesel will not drop as much.

The diesel isn't for everybody. If you don't tow, or tow light? Get a V-6 gasser. If you tow say 5500 to 7000 regularly, get a v-8 gasser. If you tow heavy,(atleast for a 1/2 ton) like 8,000 pounds, get a diesel.

I can believe the 21 or 22 MPG rating of a gasser that can tow say up to 10,000, but you start talking about a gasser with 25 MPG ratings, it WONT TOW AS MUCH AS THIS TORQUEY BEAST! You are talking Pentastar 4x2 mileage there! So it has around a upper 5,000, low 6,000 max tow, while the diesel in this case should have no problems moving over 10,000.

Apples and oranges, man.

Putting a diesel in a half ton is about efficiency, not huge HP. Efficiency (fuel economy) and durability are the main hallmarks of a solid diesel engine. For those that want ecoboost HP buy an ecoboost.


The 2001 5.9 Cummins 5.9 had 235hp with 460lb-ft of torque for the regular engine and 245hp with 505lb-ft for high output version. I worked for Cummins during that time period and have those numbers memorized. I still love Cummins, but with current regulations combined with the added cost of ownership, I try to stay away from them unless the day comes that Iaabsolutely need one.

Chrysler profits boost Italian auto giant Fiat
"I can confirm that we will not shut any plants in Italy
In a conference call, Marchionne said Fiat would buy all of Chrysler "as soon as I can afford it"

Fiat 500 production moves from Mexico to Poland
When the next-generation Fiat 500 arrives in 2015, production will reportedly move from Toluca, Mexico to Tychy, Poland.

The Mexican plant currently builds 500s for the Americas and China, while the Polish site takes care of the European market.

The decision is based on declining car sales in Europe. Moreover, in early 2011, Fiat moved production of the third-generation Panda from Tychy to Italy to protect jobs in its home country.

European d├ębut: New Jeep Grand Cherokee MY 2014

During the conference call, Sergio said he did want to build Jeeps in Italy and in fact he wanted to export them to the US.

In addtion, Sergio is trying to negotiate with the Italians to get tax rebates on the exports to help export them to America.

The Ram and Jeep guys can still say, yeah but we are still going to build Jeeps here. But this is going to be a new Jeep sold in Europe but also exported here to the US. So just because it is a new Jeep, people are going to be apologists and say it doesn't matter. The truth is it could have been built here and exported instead of in Italy and exported. This is the absolute truth. It is very clear from the Bloomberg piece and the conference call.

Another important piece from the conference call is the savings of $1. The new benchmark for Chrysler to produce Jeeps elswhere will be if the savings are at least $1. It is clear they are considering this. Now it will be just a few Jeeps in China and Italy, but who knows what is next? Sergio wants to protect jobs in his country, his homeland, but we also need jobs here.

Tundra will be more American than Ram very soon.

@Put Up or Shut Up--"Now we'll see if all those people crying about not having a half ton diesel and those claiming to buy it tomorrow from whomever is first to introduce it will put their money where their mouth is. I suspect that if its more than a few thousand extra there's going to be a lot of back peddling and excuses - just like those that claim they'd only get manual transmissions but when it's actually offered the take rate is absolutely dismal."

I consider myself to be the definition of "unusual". I have said something about buying a diesel from the next company to build one. Old GM LD TD V8s are so worn out these days, they aren't worth buying for $100. At $4500, I can justify that. If Ram wants to charge the same amount as they do for the HDs, that will kill the demand for the 3.0. Ram has to keep the bottom line in mind if they plan to sell these in a (relatively) high amount. And just so you know, I drive a truck with a manual transmission. I don't care what the take rate was back in 1994. It was offered, I wanted it, so I got it. Now, I like the current Ram trucks, they will offer a diesel. I wanted one, now I just have to wait to get one.

JUNK! its italian made, all italian made things are junk! go back to cummins and then get back to me

Now we see where you are going with this Paul. You are a disgruntled Tundra boy!

Lol! Toyota can't make the thing ride very good, they just now upgraded their dash, finally added a trailer brake control, and they can't produce good mileage (decent, yes, but not competitive) Since you started talking about mileage, 21 MPG and Tundra don't go together,lol, atleast with a v-8!
Then they made them really ugly!

Frame is behind.....

But hey, keep building everything bigger then it needs and hope folks buy it!

LOL, pulling a stripped down space shuttle a few hundred yards, on near flat ground! LOL!

Wrong again. Quit being mad at me and just love me again. Chrysler is to blame here for selling out.


Well this is a great comparison for me. With an 8-spd transmission this little diesel ought to really geat up and go! Sorry to hear about your distaste for the modern diesel. That's what great about America though, everyone can choose to drive and spend their money on whatever the hell they like!

Now if this was CNG or hybrid or EV the government would be giving away cash to buyers.

Diesels can offer nearly the same fuel advantage as a hybrid.

No, there isn't any bias towards diesel with government policy.

A lot of money is wasted on the wrong technologies.

Niec job Dodge, this will get the others on their toes to launch theirs. If GM uses the same motor it will be interesting to see how this one performs first.

Also like others have stated the costs of regular maintenance will be interesting if DEF and oil changes are hella expensive. the initial costs and higher price of diesel will slow it down some but i think they can easily sell 10k of these a year if not more (maybe under estimating sales like Ford did with the Raptor?)

Would have to weigh the costs and benefits to see if it is worthy. Wonder how loud it is, diesels have been getting much quieter lately, especially cars!

If the Dodge gets say 1 less mpg all around compared to the Jeep it will still average mid twenties overall which is more than the hwy mpg of the V6.

Again, good job, competition makes everything better!

Then you see this and kind of lose hope on this success...

If GM is to provide a diesel in their 1/2 ton pickups it will be the 2.8 litre diesel.

GM own 100% of this engine.

Also, Caddy are looking at the 2.8 diesel and are thinking of producing a "high power" version of it.

The current 2.8 diesel we get in our Colorado is about 180hp and 350ftlb of torque. From what I have read this has the potential to be developed further.

Rember, it comes down to cost. A 4 cyl diesel will cost less than a V6 and if it can be competitive in the hp and torque department the cheaper option will be used.

@Paul, well then you are a GM boy, or Ford boy. Whatever the differance, Ford gets alot from Europe, and GM, from wherever they can source it! Judging by your American content comment, since Chevy is low, I would say Ford. Of course, Ford makes a good deal of vehicles in Mexico (have you checked lately?) The Rangers had engines from Germany, transmission from France, or whatever...Oh, GM builds some in Mexico too, and so does Toyota (yup, even some Tacomas.)

But maybe you will make atleast a fair comparison? You are talking highway mileage with gassers......this engine is for people towing, not "what can you do empty".

Ok, now you can go back to crying in your beer, or soda, whatever it is.

This.... win

I spent 2 years in Latin America drooling over all the small diesel trucks there... finally!

We have Medium Duty and HDT trucks on Australian Farms. They do carry enormous loads as well as tow, Utes, and Pickups carry tools or are used as cars.

"Someone here posted this is an industry first for Ram, think again guy, we still own a GM 1/2 ton diesel from the 1980's"

In 1978 Dodge offered a 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Diesel in pickups and Power Wagons.

You all seem to forget. Take the 3.5 liter eco-boost engine put load on the truck = instant 9 MPG.

Take a diesel put a load on the truck = proportional drop in MPG but nowhere near the 60%+ decrease in fuel economy seen with eco-boost.

Eco-boost is fuel efficiency unloaded and power when you are loaded.

Diesel is fuel efficiency unloaded and loaded.

column shifter with the 8 speed please! I don't want that rotary dial! Also, I want flappy paddles and exhaust brake!

In the VM plant near Cento (province of Ferrara) not far from Maranello, there are currently working around 1,100 employees, but it is expected another 300 will be added to that. At the moment daily production capacity is 150 engines, but could be more than doubled, up to 400 by the end of 2012. The highly skilled Italian technicians are believed to be involved in a massive FGA offensive for North America; an industrial plan by Marchionne to sell FPT diesel technology on a much larger scale. Though he said no Chrysler, Fiat and Alfa Romeo diesels will be introduced in the US.

Man, I wish Chevy was already doing this. But, I bet with it being a diesel there's still going to be a bunch of emission bullcrap that will be deleted soon anyways.

Glad Ram is offering a diesel half ton truck I think GM will to with new diesel some in the Cruze and mostly the Colorado. People will buy them, then some people won't. It's just nice to have the choice to buy one if you want or need one, even if some will dog the choice cause of the higher cost of buy, haveing, and owning a diesel. Some people just love diesels and some hate them.

Oh Johnny doe, how dare you offer a non-flaming, fanboi comment.

I agree with you.


@ Wyo2track

I don't have a distaste for diesels, I just don't like the added cost of owning one if it is not needed. I am more of a utilitarian when comes to stuff like that and would rather spend the money on another toy like an ATV or boat. Especially when I already have a truck and engine that easily handles the 10K lbs I occasionally. I can see paying the added cost if I had an N/A V8, but not with having my current truck.

To those that say that this diesel will get great fuel mileage loaded and unload should check again. The reason loads that effect a gas half ton but don't even phase the fuel mileage of a 3/4 or 1 ton diesel is because the load is small in proportion the the engines power output. Diesels in 3/4 and 1 tons just have so much torque that it will take more weight than what a half ton can tow to even effect it's mpg.

someone mentioned the GM having diesels 1/2 ton diesels back in the 80's. Well Dodge did back in the late 70's, a Mitsubishi if I remember right.

@ ALL1 (To those that say that this diesel will get great fuel mileage loaded and unload should check again. The reason loads that effect a gas half ton but don't even phase the fuel mileage of a 3/4 or 1 ton diesel is because the load is small in proportion the the engines power output. Diesels in 3/4 and 1 tons just have so much torque that it will take more weight than what a half ton can tow to even effect it's mpg.)

Take any diesel and same displament gas enigine, heck take any gas engine you want put them in the same truck same everything put 10,000 behind it the diesel easily wins the mpg war every time. Diesel are more fuel efficient at doing work. Yeah they do cost more, BUT it all comes down to needs, and wants. I think what most of them people are trying to tell you.

@Gom I am open minded, and think I post alot of decent comments. Yeah some time I get a little carry a way with Chevy trucks, but they do me well with little to no problems from other trucks I've own and I am damn pround of it. Yeah I get little carry away some times, but who doesn't when a product severs them well time and time again.

@buck GM's 5.7L show up in 1978 too, they put these motors in trucks and cars. There is a good link on them.

I think where the confusion is in this being a first is that it says "a TURBOdiesel in a halfton" not just a old GM non turbo deisel of the 80s (as I drove a few in the Army.) Ah yes, the sound of an improperly shimmed GM trying to start! Music to my ears, well, unless it was the one I had to drive! (or not!)LOL! Most the time I just drove a 5 ton.

Somebody also said a Dodge Powerwagon, nope. Dodge D-50 and Mitsubishi Mighty max had deisels. Now, were they turbo'd, and were they even half tons? You know, the little trucks, not to confused with a Dakota, as Oxi does.

Wow this is some development! Away from PUTC for a week and Ram pulls another surprise out of the hat. Big Al is a prophet, he said that Fiat might use one of their diesels in the Ram pickup. If Ram is successful with this Ford and GM will follow. You might yet see a diesel Colorado/Canyon. Fiat has really done some amazing things with Chrysler, unlike Mercedes who sucked the life out of Chrysler.

Diesel torque, air suspension, 4x4 locking Dana axles, and 8 speed transmission, how can this not be a wining concept? Drop in a Rino lined bed, step bars, PowerWagon winch bumper, let it rip for a hair under $40K, and they won't be able to build enough of them..

@Jeff, not to take anything away from Big Al, but has been reporting the VM Motori engine in the Ram 1500 since about the middle of last year when they had spy pics. In addition, it is the same engine Jeep uses in its export vehicles, so it is only logical.

@ Big Al from Oz,

Toyota has been planning a diesel in the Tundra since 2007.

The CURRENT Tundra has a "hood scoop block off plate" (for lack of a better term) at the leading edge of the hood. I agree that they could probably drop the 4.5L diesel in at any time since the Tundra and Land Cruiser are off a similar platform.

Kudos to Ram--we'll see if all of their fans step up. Then again, it is a OHC engine, so how good can it be... .

Good for the Italians!
Nice shot.

There has been many diesel stories for your half ton pickups. I actually remember last year when PUTC did an article on a diesel Ram.

I'm not the only person who realised what is going on, there are probably 1 000s that realise this. I is a very logical progression.

I have been saying (and so has Robert Ryan) for a long time that your pickups will get these 3.0 litre classs diesels and eventually you will be using mid sizers like we have, this is the begining, you still have a couple of decades to catch up.

I have had many heated debates regarding this issue. You haven't seen the end of the changes I have been describing.

It's a real pity that the US manufacturers haven't been able to compete effectively in gaining this technology and now much diesel technology will be imported. The reality is now the US diesel manufactureres will need to step up and take on these new challenges and design truely efficient engines.

The reason why I support the European model of vehicle design over the US model, especially in the area of pollution regulation is that the European are relying on developing existing technologies and the US has to invent or create technologies to achieve the same goals.

Look at shutter, cylinder deactivation, suspension lowering etc. Exotic materials will soon come into play. But as I have stated this stuff will be costly and diesel will become more viable.

This has been caused by decades of increasing trade barriers through ridiculous regulation. Like I have stated in the past the US would be better off adopting what the rest of us do, it will force your manufacturers to build globally competitive vehicles that the world will want. And then you will find you can export more.

Ram started out looking at a diesel Ram using the 3.0 litre Mercedes engine. Ram and Nissan also looked at the 2.8 Cummins, but that engine isn't suitable as it isn't powerful enough.

What GM will do I don't know, but the 2.8 could be an option if they can develop it further.

Toyota could really surprise everyone by building a "mid size" HD. A Tundra with a 4.5 V8 diesel.

But I'm exceptionally happy you guys can have a taste of what we have, finally.

Finally Finally finally!! I have only waited about 10 years for this to happen! I will be buying this truck!!!

It isn't that simple to convert what we pay against what you pay in the US.

I've actually had a number of "conversations" on this site regarding this particular issue.

First, we earn approximately 40% more in our wages than in the US, the average wage in Australia is over AUD $70 000 per year.

Second, our currency has only recently risen to these levels and it takes years for the "flow on" to occur.

Third, the US auto industry often has an over supply of vehicles, this forces prices down. We rarely have this situation.

Fourth, market size, the NA market is larger than the Australian/New Zealand market by at least 15 fold.

In Australia a Hemi V8 and VM V6 diesel option on the Grand Cherokee costs $5 000. I don't think a Hemi V8 option in a Ram/Cherokee would cost anything like that.

So, when you work it out everything is quite relative. Recently though, prices are starting to drop on some items.

The rise in the value of our dollar 4 years ago has been beneficial for us in some ways. It has kept inflation low with a much higher rate of growth in our GDP.

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