J.D. Power, IntelliChoice Announce Awards

2010 GMC Sierra HD II

Each year around this time, J.D. Power and IntelliChoice reveal respective winners in two very different categories. The J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study rates the reliability of 3-year-old vehicles as they compare to direct competitors in their segment. Winners this year are all 2010 models, so in some cases the vehicles are no longer produced. The study analyzes 18 vehicle categories of which only two are pickups.

The IntelliChoice Best Overall Value of the Year award, on the other hand, predicts which current-model vehicles will be the least expensive to own and operate over five years. So winners of this award are all 2013 models. This award evaluates 29 vehicle categories — only one of which is pickup trucks, and that just seems wrong to us.

We like both of these awards in theory because they rely on mountains of data and provide information for those in the market for new or used vehicles. Of course, we recommend taking these awards with a healthy dose of caution; determining the quality of a new or used pickup truck depends on many variables such as maintenance records, structural abuse, overall mileage and more.

The winner of the 2013 J.D. Power Dependability Study in the compact/midsize pickup truck segment was the 2010 Ford Ranger, with the Ram Dakota finishing second and the Honda Ridgeline third. 

In the full-size pickup truck class, J.D. Power’s top pick was the 2010 GMC Sierra HD (2500/3500), with the light-duty GMC Sierra 1500 finishing second and the Chevy Avalanche finishing third. 

IntelliChoice called the 2013 Toyota Tundra CrewMax four-door the best overall value for any pickup truck, predicting it will cost less to own and operate during the next five years of its life. 

2013 Toyota Tundra CrewMax II

2010 Ford Ranger 1 II


Yowza...Let the Toyota hatred commence!

It's absurd that JD Power evaluates Chevy and GMC trucks separately. If the ratings of the GMC and Chevy pickups were combined, I'm all but certain the most reliable truck would be something other than a GM truck.

How, you ask, can I be "all but certain?" Look at Chevy's average brand rating.

The Tundra got robbed of a clean sweep because JD Power doesn't understand that GMC and Chevy trucks are I-D-E-N-T-I-C-A-L.

As for winning the Intellichoice award, no ***t. The Tundra has the lowest cost of ownership and highest resale value in it's class, especially if you ignore the stripped-down fleet trucks that Ford, GM, and Chrysler-Fiat offer.

How did the Dakota place second???

The GMC and Chevy trucks are not counted together in sales so why should the be counted together now?

more lame awards

JD powers are right on the target with most reliable full size trucks, by how the heck they came up with Turda as recommended for 2013? that truck is a joke!

Everybody on this site knows that the GM trucks are the most poorly engineered and lowest quality trucks on the road hands down...and yet they complete a clean sweep in this award?



Ranger and Dakota more depndable than a Taco.


This is a joke

The top two midsizers and they aren't made anymore! LOL! Can anybody say the Tacoma "inherited" the mid size truck leader sales title? Where would they be had Ford and Dodge kept making those trucks?

LOL! I can't wait to see Oxi's response! He will try to tell us Dakotas were made by Mitsubishi!

Ba Ha Ha!

Toyota is a slipping!

The GMC and Chevy trucks are not counted together in sales so why should the be counted together now?

@Bishop. This is kind of dumb. Sure they are two diffferent brands but they do have the same exact drivetrains. I can see sales of each individual brand as seperate but not something like this. The same exact underpinnings run them both down the road. It shows flaws in their ratings system to me.

Jason at TundraHQ loves to cite JD Powers dependability ratings when it works in his favor, but when it is against him, Jason cries that it is absurd. What a hypocrite crybaby.

Crewmax best value? Probably cause they barely sell, so therefore they have big sales on them.

Hmm, cost of ownership. That includes all fluids and wear items right? How does a truck that gets the worse gas mileage and who I bet has the most expensive fluid changes/wear item replacement costs cheaper than either of the domestics? My GF's rav4 wanted an arm and a leg for specific transmission fluid when I was doing a tranny drain/refill on it.

Would love to see the basis of how they come up with this.

Live by the J.D. Powers dependability ratings, die by the J.D. Powers ratings.

Let this be a lesson to you.

I'm sure JD Power understands that Chevy and GMC trucks are identical mechanically, but their owners differ. The Vehicle Dependability Study reports "problems" reported by the trucks' original owners, and those "probelms" may vary widely from one group of owners to another. How exactly, I don't know. Maybe the differing share of retail versus fleet buyers between the two brands has an effect. Maybe GMC dealers do a better job of explaining features, thus avoiding future problems. Maybe Chevy buyers just report more small problems then GMC buyers. But whatever the reasons, as long as GM trucks are sold under two different brands, those brands will be reported on individually.

@Luke - I hear you, but it seems fundamentally unsound. Two trucks share the same engine, transmission, etc...why aren't their reliability scores averaged?

As @FordTrucks1 says, the trucks have the same underpinnings...

@Paul "Jason cries that it is absurd. What a hypocrite crybaby."

What's hypocritical, exactly?

If GM really is producing the most reliable "apocalypse proof" trucks on the road, averaging the scores between Chevy and GMC shouldn't hurt them, right?

At the very least, if JD Power doesn't want to average data, couldn't they provide a third data point (GM Truck Average) and report that?

I call em' like I see em. That's why TundraHeadquarters is the best place to go to find out about Tundra TSBs and quality issues. We make no mistakes for reporting about Toyota's shortcomings - what's your problem with the work we do, exactly?






Dakota 2nd!!!!! heheheh, and where was the precious tacoma? and the Dakota is not even made anymore, and the reason it is there, is because they do not break!!! mine has not and I have owned it for almost 10 yrs, and nothing of any conseqence has gone wrong! and I do beat the living daylights out of it, ball joint recall, and waterpump, all fixed under warrantee, no replaced frame, and still has an original bed, granted it does not get great mileage, but it does run great! and is fun to drive, I will agree the last gen was ugly, but that is the actual truck they are talking about! there a 20yr old Dakotas running around here with over 200K on them, and they still have their beds! and rear bumpers!

Just to many problems with the f-150, maybe the next generation will be better.

Wxman writes:"Everybody on this site knows that the GM trucks are the most poorly engineered and lowest quality trucks on the road hands down...and yet they complete a clean sweep in this award?"

Well not quite everybody , my GMC 3500 HD has been trouble free ,just over 170,000 miles so it is just getting broken in, but still it has been a great towing machine so far.

I luagh at the comments Chevy and GMC are the same, of course they are, untill it comes time to see who sells the most, then they are completely different trucks all of a sudden LOL.

Buy what you want guys, and quit worrying about these tests, if your truck is treating you right , then you shouldn't worry about the competition so much. Everybody has their favorite....

But where do you draw the line? The Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ are identical, same goes for the old Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe. Should the scores for those vehicles be averaged as well?

evidently they diden't test my tundra.It spent more time in the shop then in my driveway.

Tundra and Tacoma are slipping

Ram > Toyota Trucks


What about Ranger, a truck that was dicontinued over a year ago which was a decades old truck and still rates high on quality. Ford's one truck strategy is still questionable. It remains to be seen if Ford will decide to bring over the global Ranger and possibly rebadge it as a F-100.

@Jeff S
We may never see the global Ranger. Here's an interesting interview Car and Driver did with Ford Truck's marketing manager. If Ford ever does produce anything for NA smaller than an F-150, it will probably be a truly compact truck, possibly unibody, and possibly built off the Transit Connect platform.


The new old tundra remake has got to make it the gremlin of trucks.

The tundra was homely and I even over looked it's uglyness to try something new and was very disappointed in the trucks quality or lack of.

Now they made it look like a ridgeline's bigger fatter sister with club feet. I really look for the tundra to fade off into the sunset and not ever be redesigned and just maked up as a toyota model that just missed the mark again and again.

I'll never own another toyota anything if the tundra's quality speaks for the rest of the toyota products.The tundra is by far the least dependable truck i've ever owned.

These bedroom and tv set magazines who judge cars and trucks once a yr like cr and jd need to stick to there household products because it clearly has no clue when it comes to trucks.


It's weird, my experience with the Tundra has been exactly the opposite as yours.

I guess I just got lucky.

Fu$k you Pinto owners, Toyota Tundra is the best!

Now shove it up your rears morons!

@Luke in CO --You might be right but stranger things have happened. I agree we could see a smaller unibodied Ford compact truck. It does say something when an obsolete design such as the Ranger still managed to top the sales charts and quality charts. I would like to see Tacoma get some real competition and force them to update their truck. We will see what happens with the Colorado/Canyon after it is introduced but a little more competition would be good for everyone. At the very least I would like to see a new Frontier.

@paul: You're nothing more than a crap sack and therefore full of it.

The main reason why there's so much hatred for the Tundra is Toyota gave the truck traits you haters wish your truck had.
You preceive this as a threat, which only shows how imature you are. I can only imagine how pathetic your life must be.

But ya know, I love it! Because I know it really bothers you so keep it comin! :) Keep up with the therapy! :)

Will soeone please throw a net over oxi! he is going off the deep end!

@Jeff S
You're right, the fact that the outdated Ranger sold as well as it did shows there is still a market for a compact, affordable (albeit discounted) truck. Greater movement in the midsize segment would benefit everyone, but it's not going to happen unless the manufacturers believe they can make solid profits.

Toyota the most dependable... what a surprise.

@Luke in CO - A fair point. If you average GMC and Chevy, you have to either do the same thing for other models or explain why you didn't.

I guess that's the problem with offering this sort of data. Someone always criticizes it.

This is funny, really funny.
I got a kick out of the comment "Those who live by JDPower, die by JD Power.

Any of you take the time to look at the overall statistics or dig deeper into the reports?????????
I'd have to say a resounding NO.

Just because a truck or two fell from top spot does not mean those trucks actually fell in quality and/or durability. Ever stop to think that others just happened to improve enough to move into the top three spots?
The industry average for 2012 was 132/100 or 132 problems for every 100 vehicles. 2013 shows 126/100 or 126 problems per 100 vehicles. That is an improvement of 5%.

The biigest overall imrovement that impressed me was RAm. They went from #20 in the rankings to #9 in the standings. Kudo's to Ram.
They went from 174/100 down to 122/100. That is an improvement of 30%.
Ford slipped slightly from 127 to 124/100.
Toyota also slipped a little from 104 to 112.
Chevy improved 135 to 125
GMC improved 158 to 134
Chrysler improved 192 to 153
Jeep improved 179 to 176
Dodge worsened 183 to 190.
Chrysler/Jeep/dodge were at the bottom of the list for durability. Looks like separating Ram from Dodge was an excellent idea.
Toyota and its associated brands were still at the top end of the list.

It is easier for tribal members to attack the data or critisize the data than to accept that their own religion(truck badge)has flaws.

GMC and Chevrolet are separate brands. One can argue that they are built the same and on assembly lines but JD Power has released data in the past that has given different ratings to each brand. The PUTC shootout in 2008 showed completely different test results between the 2 brands.

Sorry got Ford backwards - they scored 124/100 in 2012 and slipped to 127/100 in 2013.

Dat Dad Gum Turdra id nut eben ferrin no more.

Lets call it for what it is:
Without the Cummins, there would be no Ram. Its unsafe too.
GMC/Chevy are junk. Their cars are too.
Toyota is for recreational truckers.
Ford sells a lot, so they sell more. Its just okay looking.
Avalanche- discontinued because it was stupid. really.

The truck market is so lucrative and competitive, yet the vehicles are so dissapointing. That new Ford truck soming looks like a star trek concept. The new tundra looks like it was built by transformers.

So dissapointed. We need a new truck Company to create a new competitive product.

It might take much higher gas prices and the Chinese to manufacturer small trucks in NA to get the attention of the major manufacturers. This would be similiar to the 70s Datsun and Toyota truck successes that got Detroit's attention. Who knows what the future brings but it should get interesting.

Better (too) late than never, for the Ford Ranger I guess

I see lots of Rangers around where I live both newer and older. To me that would attest to the fact they were a good trucks. Same with S-10s. I see just as many or more Rangers and S-10s than Tacomas both new and old. The beds on the Rangers and S-10s are in much better shape than the older Toyotas and Nissans of the same vintage. The newer Toyotas and Nissans beds do not rust out like the older ones.

is it just me, or does the JD power web site really suck?

I drive the most American made sedan in
on the road...Camry and have the best truck on the road...TUNDRA!!

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