PUTC Survey Calls For Higher Standards

High-Standards II

We've recently finished conducting a reader survey at PickupTrucks.com where we asked about what we're doing right and what we need to improve. For those who took the time to participate in the survey, your opinions and time were very much appreciated.

For those who missed the opportunity, we can say this is likely to be something we'll continue on a regular basis, so keep your eyes open for the next one (usually identified in a small box at the top of the homepage) and you'll once again be able to pass along your ideas. 

The results were quite instructive and have let us know we need to do a better job of monitoring and enforcing our site standards. We will make the statement now that we plan to work harder to apply those standards, meaning if we see users making inappropriate comments (meaning, those comments do not contribute to the specific on-topic conversation), than those posts and the computer's IP addresses from which they came will be removed from the community.

Likewise, if we find that a single IP address is posting comments under multiple names in order to promote questionable points of view, we will also take action.  

We take great pride in the quality of our readership, especially most of those who respond to the many news sections postings we provide (and we're told the manufacturers watch them closely as well), and as a result are going to be more dilligent about separating the spoiled apples that can give a this pickup community meeting area a bitter aftertaste.



poor bob what will he be able to do with out posting under 25 different names . Thanks for cleaning that up guys .

Bye bob!

It's going to be interesting to see how many names magically disappear.

Finally will get rid of those annoying ram guys. I mean they should post facts and real opinions instead of posting junk all the time.

i think it will be nice to see people stay a little closer to topic instead of this off topic bashing that has been going on. this could stay constructive and more of a debate if people would just respect one another.

Awesome. I thought this day would never come. Thanks Mark.
You should make us register our usernames.

See what you Ram Spammers caused and before you ask me about my friends truck, yes it is still leaning to the right when braking in his new 2013 Ram. Numbers and real life test don't lie go General Motors and Ford Motor Company!!!

And absolutely nothing said about the FORUMS. What a surprise. What a joke. Well done Mark!

I have seen plenty of trolling from ford and gm not just ram. This change is long overdue and will be interesting to see how many are weeded out.

Cool - looking forward to having constructive conversations in the comment section again.

I didn't partake in the survey.

But the PUTC articles are quite interesting generally.

Have more articles relating to engineering/manufacturing and also the related sectors that affect pickups/utes.

Also, look at what is going on in the world, internationalise this site. Pickups, utes, bakkies or whatever else they are called globally are all interesting.

More and more of what is going on globally is affecting the NA light commercial vehicle market.

More on the commercial vehicle racing scene would be nice, globally.

Freedom is great, but what is freedom? Freedom also comes with a restrictions, believe it or not. It's called accountability.

That's why we have censorship on games, movies etc, because people can't be trusted to use their freedoms sensibly.

The brand boys have to start to realise this, and so should PUTC. Just have a moderator to delete their comments swiftly.

Irrespective of the brand, the fanboi's are quite annoying.

It's not hard 3 strikes and your out, bar the IP addresses.

I think once PUTC can control the fanboism, the quality of the clientle will improve and good discussion and debate can occur without the continual schoolyard bullying and bull$hit.

I don't frequent this site anywhere near what I used to do because of the constant "my d*ck is bigger than yours" arguments that contribute nothing to the site. Looking forward to the changes.

Thanks Mark, I have enjoyed this website since 1999 and I look forward to the much-needed changes. Perhaps using a 3rd party comment interface like Disqus might be a good option. If you're looking for volunteers to help moderate, please let us know.

@Mark Williams,
I think you will get more posts from the occasional poster. Probably a few more International ones as well. The Fan Boy stuff was an adolescent posting, more in depth analysis of current issues is what makes this site work.
RV Owners I know browse this site a fair bit.

The changes will definitely be welcome. It would be good to have a ignore feature to avoid to avoid those who post within the rules but write paragraph after paragraph of the same monotonous drivel.

It is hard staying on topic in these threads so any extra vigilance will only help the site.

I also believe Mark has a day job and can't cater to us hand and foot so while constructive critism is good simply complaining about the blogs or forums doesn't help anything. Having this outlet isn't a right and we should be thankful that it's available. If anybody can build a better site then do it.

This is absolutely fantastic news! Can't wait!!!

The product bashing is Boring as stated by others.
I really would like to see future test drives of HD pick-ups done down I 90 from Seattle up to Lethbridge into Canada, down #3 highway to #33 highway then up 97C to the #5 and back to Seattle.
Say three trucks at their max payloads and three at the lowest, max posted payload of the three. This is a route that would test a truck, no pre-drives or short time drives, two 6 hour drives a day Just like real world users do.
Great site.

100% GUTS
100% GLORY

And the HEMI fools are right on Cue! I really hope PUTC is going to enforce these new rules as these guys are just ridiculous. I have no problem with a little Fanboism as we are all very passionate about trucks. However, there are passionate people and then there are just plain fools. Not trying to out or throw anyone under the bus, but here are my examples. TRX4 Tom and Oxi are passionate people. They love their respective brands and are able to articulate their views relative to the articles, however one sided it my be. But thats ok. HEMIv8, Moparmadness and Michigan Bob are the fools. Their comments are inappropriate and meant to antagonize the other users of this site. I am definitely looking forward to the new rules.

@Mark Williams

I believe you have your first IP address to block ^^^^^^

@hemi lol,

I find it ironic ....You complain about bashing,yet YOU ARE THE ONE BASHING with your name hemi lol ! STOP BASHING LISTEN TO YOUR OWN POST !! I know you are jealous about the HEMI,best excellerating truck around,best power/mpg combo and best looks,best driving/handling ect...

And Toyota/GM/Ford use a Chrysler HEMI in Drag racing,Power Boat Racing,Top Fuel ect...Mopar Rules and jealous people will always bash Mopar because they cant beat them,they bash/name call !

Furthermore,people complain about RAM Spam,but yet all they do is bash Dodge RAM trucks,so again they make no point and are clueless !! Why is it o.k to bash RAM but yet when they then call out a Ford/GM/Toyota you get upset and call it Ram Spam ? You people are clueless jealous dolts !

Great! It was getting tiresome wading through adolescent comments to find worthwhile on-point posts. Pickups, are after all, just transportation devices and tools.

Even though I don't make my living with one, I want to know (1) which one will best serve in my landscaping and gardening hobbies-and do this economically and with the best ease-of-use, and; (2) Be a comfortable daily driver, month after month.

I think the announced changes will help this.

I do think that a three strikes your out policy is a good idea even though it is a bit harder to keep track of. If someone makes a troll comment, personal attack, or obvious multiple personality posts - leave their "posted by" information on the blog but post comment deleted above it. Another option is to have a separate link that displays the blog names of deleted posts.
Some wandering off the specific news story should be acceptable as long as it is respectful and broadens our understanding and respect of/for other bloggers and where they are coming from.

Thanks for doing this. Its about time someone stepped up. I like this site and we all love our trucks and a little arguement here and there is good, its just the stupidity of some of these so called people goes to far. As I can already tell they are getting in they're comments now but I do hope this puts a stop to such ignorant and stupid comments from we all know who. Time will tell. Sorry I let them get to me.

good ole all lowercase jason will still be here!!! LOL

@HemiRam.. My Denali will smoke your hemi anyday... and you know it... just do some research, heck even check out Youtube.. about 99 of 100 Hemi vs 6.2 drag races end up in a Hemi Butt whoopin'...

Great! I love trucks. All trucks! Any company that produces pickup trucks. Go RAMGMFORDTOYOTANISSAN!

If they take away all that drama,then what's left?

@ Jason, the only thing is to get the 6.2 in any gm, you nave to stack up so many options it ends up costing 10,000 more than a ram express. That was the main reason I went with the ram, the $$$ to horse ratio was much better

Zviera - kangaroos are more interesting than sheep.


A most welcome change IMO. This is a great site but the juvenile nonsense from the small but very vocal minority here really takes away from this site.

Zviera - kangaroos are more interesting than sheep.

Posted by: Lou | Feb 3, 2013 10:50:20 PM

This is the type of troll postings we don't need.

@LMF - and do you know what I am talking about?

@Hemi V8 - The Farmer Commercial by Ram, all it was to remind me who really pulls this country. Farmers who drive Fords and Chevy's. God Bless America!!!

One thing I will say is that oxi can take the heat better than TRX4 Tom.

Oxi uses words like hater or jealous, I remember when that Alaskan showgirl tried to become someones running mate continually used those words and I disliked those terms ever since.

TRX4 Tom can just spew out meaningless crap that he has little comprehension on, but it is entertaining at times.

The Hemi Clan are pathetic and so are a couple of the Chev and Ford guys.

If you "mouth off" by being overly passionate when debating then take the medicine, but don't whinge and cry with your tail between your legs when trounced.

Also being overly passionate distorts what the truth maybe, because you are fighting as opposed to debating emotionally and subjectively.

We use the word passionate in our personnel reports to politically correctly describe an argumentative person who also creates conflict.

Im with truckerman thats why i come to this site and to check out the articles . And yea we dont want no kangaroos

In my above post where I used the word "subjective" I should have used "objective".

@big man
You live in a little world. Open yourself up to the world.

Remember, the world is an amazing place. Don't lock yourself in.

I love it as it has so much to offer, that.

I actually had kangaroo tail at lunch. They were cut as medallions, the porterhouse with peppercorn sauce was better:)

Lamb or Ram is great when BBQ'd with beers of course:)

Thanks Mark. Hopefully this will make this a more enjoyable and informative site. I too did not get a survey, but if PUTC is responding to this concern then my survey is unnecessary. Thanks again.

It does appear that the Sheep Herder Clan is the most put off by those pesky kangaroo's from down under?
I wonder why?

@HemiV8 - looks like Chrysler tried a variation of the Clint Eastwood commercial from last year except this year's add isn't going to push anyone's political buttons.
A politically correct patriotic tug on the heart strings.

I do like it.

But will it sell trucks?

I was hoping that the fanbois have disappeared but no such luck.Too bad as this site has tremendous potential to grow and I love nothing better then intelligent discourse of the trucks we love.I'll keep looking in and seeing if in fact this site has been 'cleaned' up.

I look forward to the changes. A little conflict here or there is ok, and even the occasional obnoxious from ones like Oxi can be entertaining, but copy and pasting press releases from other websites is a no-no, and mindlessly repeating advertising slogans is a direct indication of intelligence levels.

@AL: I discuss truck stuff, sorry you don't like it all the time, and it doesn't always fit your opinion.

Not everybody has the same opinion as you.

Lots of points I have brought up, only to have traybacks compaired to dumptrucks, which is a very poor comparison.

Al, you seem to want to push midsize trucks on the world, we don't all want them. When I say that, you take that as "not wanting change"

It seems I have alot more comprehension on trucks then you, but because you touch a plane every now and then, you think you are so smart.

Your view is more like "an engineer designed it, it will do it just fine"

Lol at you!
I am all for change, make the front end more aero. Shorten it. But you Al, are sorta like a politicain if anybody is, with your "we need to tax to gas more" in the states.

But just because I like fullsize trucks Al, I need the space. Your traybacks are a an option yes, but it won't work for me. That's not a brand statement! I would take a F-150, or a Tundra, before I take a midsize truck THAT DOESN'T SUIT MY NEEDS.

Just because your limited time in the states you don't see many half tons working, in the limited places you go to, you have a very limited narrow opinion.

You constantly try to force your opinion, and when others don't agree, they are against change, as you say. Sorry Al, we aint all like you! Some of use a truck as a truck, not an SUV, like you. I have a car that gets much better mileage then your diesel for when I don't need a truck, and that's before the extra cost of diesel.

Funny Al, as you are the one "mouthing off" and calling anybody that seems to like Rams the same name. Hey, they like Ram, must be all one person? It's not whether or not you would take it as a complimant if I called you Robert Ryan, but would it be right for me to call you Robert Ryan because you both have similar views of global trucks?

Heck, Lou said I was sounding like Hemi, cause I talked about three issues Ford had with the Escape. They weren't old problems, current up to date stuff.

I guess I could have said he sounds somewhat like Hemi himself when he gets to flamming Dodge vans. My dad had very little issues with 4 of them. But I don't say that about Lou.

Unlike some of the old stuff Hemi goes on about 15 year old recalls, or whatever.

Then Al gets on here, telling us Chrysler has problems, well in the past. Which would you want to talk about, problems of the 70/80s, or current issues?

Sounds to me you are ok with bashing Dodge, but we can't say anything bad about Fords or Toyota's issues, huh? Even if it's current.

Oh well, you're welcome to your opinion, it's just that, and no more.

poor bob what will he be able to do with out posting under 25 different names . Thanks for cleaning that up guys .

Bye bob!

Posted by: paul | Feb 3, 2013 10:33:06 AM

Too funny! I like how everyone likes to lay all of the blame on myself and the other Bobs whoever they are. What about all of the FORD FAN BOIS posting under 50 different names that talk about low slung frames, IFS, etc etc?! If they ban me then they need to go after those guys, too. Let's not forget about all of the HEMI fanbois!!! They clutter up the blog more than anyone else!!!

Maybe something will be done about the poeple that seem to want to post in somebody elses name?

I guess some folks get upset when you tell them your truck actually gets decent mileage, and maybe they have an issue because "their friends at work" or whatever don't get that mileage, so they post a bunch of junk in your name.

@TRXTom - Sorry for linking you to HemiV8. I definately should of worded my comment differently. The combative nature of this site will take some time to leave.
My comment was aimed at the war of words between you and a few other Ram fans with Big Al.
Unfortunately Big Al has also ramped up the rhetoric.
I don't mind if you point out flaws, weak points, and/or problems with Ford. That is the point of this site.

We all need to tone down the combat. Myself included.

My apologies.

I am so happy that zviera is gone.Thank you Mark for doing this.

When will the changes be effective?
Comments need to be moderated before they are posted. If not, just disable the comment area entirely.

Changes are effective already. At least for me. All my comments has been deleted from this topic.
I have the privilege to be the only one. I really enjoy that. It won't change my point of view at anything I have written before.

@zviera - sensorship usually doesn't change the opinions of those making the comments, that is a universal truth. What it does do is reduce the deleterious effects of those comments to the rest of the group.
It is a case of the rights of the group outweighing the rights of the individual.
One can cry foul and say one's rights are being violated ie. freedom of speech, but one must remember that this is a privately owned site that allows open access. They can curtail or limit that access anytime they see fit.
Accessing this site is NOT a right but a privilege.
Privileges are not protected by any country's constitution - at least not constitutions under democratic rule.

Another teacher ? Is it you Bigal?

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