Recall Alert: More for Ram and Dakota

2009-dodge-ram-1500 II

Chrysler is recalling 278,222 Ram, Dodge and Chrysler pickups and SUVs due to an ongoing problem with the rear axles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

Specifically, the recall affects model-year 2009-12 Ram 1500 pickup trucks manufactured between Feb. 27, 2008, and June 30, 2009, and between Dec. 1, 2009, and Oct. 20, 2011. Additionally, model-year 2009-11 Dodge and Ram Dakota pickup trucks manufactured from Feb. 27, 2007, through June 30, 2009, and from Dec. 1, 2009, through Sept. 30, 2011 are also impacted.

This recall is an expanded listing of vehicles from an earlier recall that only identified 2010 model Rams and Dakotas, although the exact same rear axle assembly issue is at the heart of the problem. The rear axle pinion nuts could work themselves loose, and the omission of a needed adhesive patch could potentially result in catastrophic axle lockup. This could increase the likelihood of a crash.

Chrysler will begin notifying owners in March, and dealers will install a pinion nut retainer clip for free. Owners with questions may contact Chrysler at 800-247-9753 or the NHTSA vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236; for more information go to

2010-dodge-dakota II



O Boy, not good for Ram

Vince says "Oh boy, not good for Ram"

This is why I never buy a Toyota.

I've heard of a couple of trucks this happened too. I don't think Ram acted quick enough, but I'm glad they finally acted.

More Problems
More Recalls
Dung Trucks!!!
Ram Trucks!!!

More Problems
More Recalls
Dung Trucks!!!
Ram Trucks!!!

This came from AllAmerican's lips.

But not the lips on his face.

The "other" lips.

Boys we got a Mexican Pablo, identified as a Dung Ram Liberal!!!

More Problems
More Recalls
Dung Trucks!!!
Ram Trucks!!!

Wait for the conparision test coming soon enough to prove who's on top!!!

I hope they get this fixed. I need to forward this to a few family members that drive Rams in those model years. Thanks for the info.

Only a few trucks not every truck..

Toyota,Ford.GM has had more serious recalls with their trucks !

Especially Toyota fans my Lord,you had axle/driveshaft/trans,engine,rust,random excelleration with your trucks lol..

Ford fires,4.6,5.4 engines spark plug in head syndrome ! GM has had axle recalls and fires as well,so RAM is just following everyone else lol !! Toyota is the worst most unreliable vehicle around,Honda next bad engines,trans total garbage !!

278,222 is more than a few trucks. Learn to spell and learn to write a coherent sentence. What is excelleration and how more serious can you get than your axle locking up while you're driving down the road?

Maybe they'll switch to a Fiat axle at some point. Don't hear about those locking up...

Any comments Hemi.??? LOL . Crickets sounds from the president of the Ram Fan club, normally he is on here 10-15 times by now slaming other brands and talking up the no recall Ram, LOL.

No problems with mine @40,000 miles.

so uhm.. where does the dakotas jd pwr rating fit in to this? must be the shortest lived award ever....

Nothing to see here.
Please disperse.
Nothing to see.

HA HA HA loser Pinto owners!

Now shove it up your rears!

Well atleast they are doing the right thing and fixing the problem.

On a side note little off topic, but a good read is a Owl that probably won't give a hoot about Fords after a 140 mile ride in the grill of one LOL!

So much for comment filtering on this site promised a few articles ago.


LOL... you didn't actually believe that did you? will abandon these Blogs almost as fast as they abandoned the PUTC Forums.

I hope the problem doesn't cause an accident. If I own a pickup listed I would have it checked out.

What is a Pinto driver?

I thought a Pinto was a Ford. Do the old Pintos have rear wheel drive and run the same axles?

An adhesive patch. It's amazing what holds our trucks' drivetrains together these days.
I'm glad they are doing the right thing, eventually.

This message was brought to you by 3M.

no problems with mine 86K miles

278k isnt that bad... and its only caused 15 accidents out of 278,000. Sounds like it's a fairly small amount that actually have the problem but they cant narrow down specifically where the problem built time was, so they're recalling all to be safe. Doesnt sound unreasonable.

Remember when the new Tundra came out a few years ago and the driveshafts were grenading, the crank shafts were cracking, and there were numerous other major defects with them that were catastrophic? It's funny how nobody said much about that... but if an American name brand truck has problems everybody wants to hang them on a fiery cross.

I've owned them all...and I'd still take a Ram over anything else on the market.

I don't understand this adhesive patch thing to fix the problem...why don't they torque the nut like everyone else?

I guess every dog has they're day. This one was way over due. I hope they get em fixed.

Just buy a Ford and you won't have to worry about it

I second All American.

Where is the mayor of Hemi? MIA.

I wonder if Fiat will be fined millions of dollars for delaying the expansion of the recall when they fully well knew it was the same assembly that impacted way more vehicles.

Scott, they do torque them down. In the old days they used a cotter key, or a washer with taps to keep the nuts from backing out. Now they use an adhesive to do the same thing...

@TRX4 Tom,

Id still have them look at your truckand make sure yours doesnt have that problem chances are your truck is fine, but you don't want to run the risk if the fix is free.

Sounds to my like some people might have forgoten adhesive here and there, we are all humans and make mistakes . and seriously about the engine fires on fords those are all in older vehciles that have been recalled if people arent paying attention to their vehicles recall than ford is no longer liable this is about doge trucks of the last modle year, not fords from a decade ago.

Shouldn't the heading read " More for 1500 and Dakota" or more for "Ram and Dondge"?

Just another day in the life of a Chrapsler/Fiat owner.
Looks like it's back to the dealer.... aaaagain.

Some of you people are something else. It's a recall for a simple fix, at least they are taking care of business. Good on them.

I don’t understand how it affects 2009-11 Ram Dakota’s and yet the article states they are “trucks manufactured from 2007-2009...” Wouldn’t that mean that the recall would affect 2007 and 2008 models as well??? I’ve never heard of a 2011 model that was being manufactured in 2007. Is this correct?

@Too Fast !!
The number of Tundras with crankshaft problems and driveshaft problems was extremely small.
Unintended Accelleration - do some reseach on that one. Every company has documented complaints of UA. Toyota's numbers we double the average but about the same as Volvo. Funny how Volvo never got dragged into Congress. Reports of Toyota UA skyrocketed once everyone jumped on the "class action" bandwagon.
The gas pedals recalled were all made by USA CTS. The Denso (Japanese) pedals of the exact same design were NOT recalled.
Ford spark plug problems are not a recall. Their cruise control switch fires were the subject of a recall.

"but if an American name brand truck has problems everybody wants to hang them on a fiery cross."
Actually for the most part - NO. Toyota got hung out on a fiery cross for UA. Isn't that a KKK type of thing to do? Both are racially motivated as far as I'm concerned. (One based on skin colour and the other based on country of origin).

Ram had a recall - humans build them and humans are falliable. Who built the axles for Ram? The badge on the hood is responsible for the recall not the sub-contractor. That is how it works.
Can any of you afford 100% QC on a pickup? That is why airplanes and military products and medical products tend to be so expensive. You are paying for 100% QC.

It is human nature to lash out at rival tribes in defence of their own tribe. In this case the Ram/Dodge tribe. As someone else pointed out, the Ram tribe was prolific at lashing out at everyone else's brands. That kind of behavior causes its own problems ie. retaliation - again another unfortunate emotional trait of human nature.

@Red - if a problem is isolated to a batch or run of sub-components they will recall all of those components. Perhaps they cannot find clear proof that the problem was not evident in earlier axles. If that is the case, they will recall earlier batches as well.

Many people do not understand why recalls are so large. Shared components save money for the manufacturer but if a component fails and it is used in multiple vehicles, that turns into a huge recall even though a small percentage of that item may be suspect. The Ford cruise control switch recall is a prime example. Toyota's gas pedal is another. It is far safer to recall every single component and not miss something. IF every Ford vehicle caught fire due to that cruise control switch, we would of had 10 million fires. did that happen? No.
It wouldn't of happened even without a recall.
but are you willing to chance it?
As TRxTom and a few other guys have pointed out, they have not had problems with their Ram trucks. BUT to be safe it is worth checking those trucks too.

@Oxi - fixated on Pinto's? What is is about rear end collisions and balls of fire do you find appealing?

@carilloskis: Oh, they sent me the recall notice, and it says the parts required to "remedy" it are not available. I aint too worried, when they have the parts they will contact me, and it will get done. I haul cars, and parts, and it's been to the northwest from Arkansas.

I really thing if it was to be an issue, it woulda beeen already, but I don't build rear axles.

Another supplier issue!

@Kevin: No, with a Ford you have other issues. I won't post any childish videos of them burning, but if there is a vehicle catches on fire more then the others, it is a Ford. How many recalls did Ford get, three on the Escape since August?? Yeah Kevin, Ford is so great!

They also have transmission issues, and they are busy trying to cover the Ecoboost intercooler, something about condensation.....That Ecoboost combo is still not straighened out.

Oh, and what about the spark plug issues on 5.4s?

Ram had a few problems (as in accidents, not potential), and they are going to try to fix any more before they become an issue.

I could be wrong, but I believe Ram hasn't had near the recalls of Toyota and Honda in the last year.

Whether you currently have the loose nut or not is not the point. Just because you don't currently have a problem now doesn't mean you won't have one later. The nut can become loose. That is why they want you to go in for the retainer clip BEFORE it becomes lose and fails.

If you don't go in, and if you damage the axle because you refused to go in after you were informed of the notification, it should be on your dime in my opinion.

The ignorance shown here is simply amazing. They have a problem, they fix it. No manufacture tries to have issues like this. I have never owned a Ram/Dodge, but this issue wouldn't keep me from considering one.

@CreigMac - Fair enough. But with the reliability ratings and issues Ram is having, I don't know why anyone would buy a Ram, America's most dangerous pickup.

@Ken - Ram has improved dramatically. They improved 30% from 2012 to 2013 based on Jd Power dependability data. They were ranked 20th in durability and now rank 9th. 2013 data is based on 2010 MY trucks.
The Tundra had been the perennial #1 and they didn't even make the Top 3 this year. it was a clean sweep for GMC products in the top 3.
The Tundra lost its Top Spot due to the improving quality of the USA based brands. The Tundra didn't get worse in quality. Toyota by not improving or changiing its truck is loosing ground because the competition has gotten better.

I can't believe Toyota would blatantly rip off my entire family. After being a third generation Toyota truck buyer, Toyota ouright refused to compensate my family for all they have caused. HOW DARE YOU TOYOTA! My wife was in a coma for two months, and my dog died as a result of Toyota's inability to properly engineer an truck. They have refused to address issues surrounding their braking system failures and I SWEAR TO NEVER BUY A TOYOTA AGAIN!

@David L. - I hope your wife is well. It is sad when one loses a cherished pet.

You mention brake system failure, what happened and what model did you have?

Lou, It's none of your business. Stop trying to answer every post that is not directed at you and go spend time with your family.

@James - why the concern for my personal life? Thanks. I didn't know you cared.

Why the defensiveness to a post that, as you have pointed out, wasn't directed to you either?
Are you afraid of something, like the truth coming out?
Any post on this site is open to question or comment. That is the purpose of a blog.
My wife and I own a Toyota. Don't you think that it would be prudent for me to find out the kind of brake problem just in case it may be an issue with our Sienna?


Someone had to say it. But the truth is that Toyota had some major recalls and you never hear about it. Even the floor mat problems was in the news less. We know it would have been in the new 24/7 with a Ford, GM, or Dodge product.

I think all three make a nice looking pickup.

@Peter - I'd have to disagree.There was tremendous coverage of Toyota with the UA problem. That could be because the mass media tend to be lemmings that go with whatever will be popular at the time. The downturn in the economy coupled with the fact that Toyota is a foreign company that has been extremely successful in the USA played well to the public.
The only other recall that seemed to get similar coverage was Ford with their roll overs and tire blowouts with the Explorer.

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