Super Bowl TV Ads Winner? American Farmer.

Super Bowl Photo II

The big story at this year's Super Bowl, with the exception of the huge power outage in the middle of the game, was the quality of the commercials. There were some special 30-, 60-and 120-second ads, but the top entries were the ones that tugged on the heartstrings.

By our unofficial estimate, the big winner was Ram with a commercial that paid homage to the American farmer. The ad used a speech given by famous radio newsman and commentator Paul Harvey in 1978 at the National Future Farmers convention; in it, he thanked God for the creation of such selfless, hard-working citizens.

Other special commercials came from Budweiser as it turned the "boy and his dog" theme into a man and his horse commercial. Likewise, Hyundai garnered quite a few comments and votes in our web search, as it had a hard-faced mother rolling the hometown streets with her kid in search of hard-nosed players for her son who needed youthful football players to combat the local park bullies.

In the Honorable Mention category, had some humorous moments as a baby wolf helped a pair of new-car shoppers experience some of the typical and painful drama involved in a normal car-buying experience.  

For those keeping count, there were not many pickup commercials during the actual game; both GM and Ford decided to make their pushes to the game-watching masses before and after the game. Who knows, with so much attention on the 2015 F-150 and the just-around-the-corner 2014 Silverado and Sierra half-tons, maybe we'll see more truck ads during the 2014’s Super Bowl XLVIII. 

Editor's Note: Story updated to better identify Paul Harvey.

Super-Bowl-2013-Ad-Ram-1500 II


Ram cant beat the other two from an engineering perspective so they go for the lowest common denominator- all about family values, God, and guns. Kind of weak.

Awesome commercial. Makes me a proud RAM owner.

Really liked the Dodge commericial....

Ram seems to have the best commercials, the Ford ones are kind of lame

Fantastic commercial, but I'll admit, it took me a while to recognize what was it for.

I like the Ram ad. Awhile go on Autoblog they had a story say GM didn't think the cost of air time wasn't worth it, that they where going to spent that money else where.

auto news not auto blog my bad.

Paaauuuuuulll Harvey....... Good day lol

@ Steve M, say RAM cant beat anybody in engineering...Funny how RAM is the most technologically advanced truck around..Years ahead of Furd/Gumby Motors trucks and the Asian trucks are so far behind its laughable !

Its a good add,going back to America's roots !!

I do see how the communist/socialist people dont like that add,as they hate any mention of God,they hate Trucks,tractors and they hate farms/acerage (they only like appartments and social communial housing ) and more importantly they hate family values !

Great for Chrysler Group to have the gutts not to suck up to the politically correct crowd !

My next truck is a RAM 1500 and I am not a farmer nor overly religious but I love the add !!!! Kudo's to Dodge with their RAM add !

Furthermore,stop it with the RAM bashing,every article about a RAM you knock it,jealous you are,deal with it,RAM is the most engineered,technologically advanced truck around !!

Sam Elliot is out of a job?

@ Hot Shot !

Good post love your line - "Its a good add,going back to America's roots !! "

I get it "farmer" - "roots" lol !

Both the Ram commercial and the Budweiser commercial were great. They both hit upon many emotions. Both are unforgettable.

@steve m, the commercial pays tribute to the american farmer and the (ffa), and less about the truck. There were more shots of fiat owned ihcase ag equipment than ram trucks.

Ram is making a donation to the ffa based on the ammout of hits that video receives on youtube. This was an excellent ad no matter which truck is your favorite.

Very classy ad

@Superduty37--Not trying to argue with you but most farms have old IH equipment and sometimes you see old Cases. At one time Tenneco Inc. owned both of them and Tenneco is a US corporation. IH at one time was the Number 1 Farm Equipment maker in the US and it was one of the top farm equipment makers in the World. Unfortunately John Deere is the only one I know of that is still US owned. My granddad always had Allis Chalmers (orange colored) which later became Deitch Allis (a unique color of green but not as nice as Deere green) and now I think it is owned by another foreign corporation (not sure but it could be Fiat). It is nothing to see old IH Farmall and Cub tractors around where I live and most are from the late 40s to the mid 60s. Many collectors are restoring these old tractors which were gas powered. Of course the bigger farmers have the big diesel tractors but I live in an area that has lots of hills and many small farms. The old small tractors are great for cultivating tobacco because you do not want to use a large tractor between the tobacco rows.

It was a great add.

Has there been any negative comments from the politically correct left?

I remember the Dodge add last year with Clint Eastwood that had the "right" all pissed off because it seemed to be pro-left, pro-Obama.

Looks like Chrysler is pushing all of the "right" buttons this year.

I'm sure some drivers do drive F-150's while others drive Ram's and Chevies, I even saw one driving a Toyota once.

The "Farmer" spot a work of art. Congratulations to Dodge Ram and to The Richards Group, the agency that put it together. Far and away the best spot in the Super Bowl.

Hot Shot,

Way to have a biggotist comment within 24 hours of PUTC stating they were going to start monitoring the site for inappropriate comments.

The ad was nice as it was an homage to hard working folks everywhere who just try and do right by themselves, their families and communities. This would encompass many people from both the left and right, social view points and religious viewpoints. I liked that I didn’t even notice the Ram trucks until about 60 seconds in. My attention was gathered right from the get-go which is effective marketing.

Steve is allowed his view point as are you. Personally I didn't care for the Jeep ad very much because I thought it was over the top pandering but I really liked Ram's "farmer" commercial. Each of us have our own opinions but please use some discretion on how you air yours. Have your opinion but don’t purposely try and insult people lest others view comments like yours and view our country like a bunch of blithering, biggotist, jerks when very few people share your thoughts.

Ram trucks have always had some pretty aggressive commercials. I remember the one's with "Guts, Glory...Ram" which they ran for about 2 yrs. I imagine they have a very good advertising team.

But you know what else? Have you guys visited their website? Every year I check out all the truck websites, and probably for the past 3 yrs, Ram has had one of the best designed sites I have seen. Every year, just like all the other truck sites, they change it, update it, but one thing I have noticed is that they really make an effort to create a network or community with their Ram truck owners, weather through social networking, through promotions, through areas of the site specifically for just 'owners'.

I had liked their facebook page last year and every day, Ram owners are posting stories and pictures of their trucks. It's a community. I find some of the other truck makers lack in this area. I'm not trying to say one is better than the other, but I applaud them for a very well done commercial. I applaud them for having the courage to keep God in it, and to have an ad that doesn't need to point out why they are better than or tow more than, or whatever... This Farmer ad was so refreshing to see, I could watch it over and over. I hope the other manufacturers take notice and also tap into some much needed creativity.

Don't know any farmers or ranchers who drive RAM in my area. Ford, yeah. GM, also quite a few. RAM? None.

See a lot of pickup trucks of all brands being driven by people who think they need a truck for show but the real working people (like contractors, repair men, vendors) I see actually working with their truck drive (1) Ford, (2) GM.

Where do RAM trucks have a strong presence in America? What do you see when you look around your area? See any real work being done with RAM trucks? Maybe those who comment can enlighten all of us.

Or is this just an attempt by Fiatsler to create a market among farmers and ranchers for RAM trucks heretofore lost to Ford and GM?

I drive Tundra 5.7 so I have no dog in this fight, and I'm not selling anything, but there is a reason why Ford is the best seller of pickup trucks. The sales numbers tell us that Ford trucks are best. RAM OTOH, not so much, eh?

I don't buy this RAM commercial at all. Nowhere I've been is RAM associated with farmers or ranchers.

Highdesertcat: Have you thought about the fact, like you say, "don't know any farmers or ranchers who drive Rams in my area" that maybe just maybe, Ram and Co. just might be reaching out (like a good ad does) to the folks you mentioned? That and the fact it was a realy nice class act! and the fact they do make a nice truck!

I liked the ad, along with the Jeep ad with Opra talking.
These are a nice change of pace from the "In your face" advertising with most car companies.
Good job Chrysler/Fiat!

sandman, yeah, I wrote "Or is this just an attempt by Fiatsler to create a market among farmers and ranchers for RAM trucks heretofore lost to Ford and GM?"

Steve M, what in the hell are you talking about? Shut your mouth please.

@highdesertcat, my uncle farms 6 thousand acres in iowa. Hes a gm diehard, however i see plenty of rams and fords. The trolling is getting old. Grow up!

I was disappointed it didnt segue into a commercial for BC powders.

@ highdesertcat

I live in Idaho (Boise specifically) and there are a very high numbr of Ram/Dodge trucks out doing real work in my area. Most tend to be a little bit older (2000-2007 models from my eye) . Most are 2500's with the Cummins. Some of these folks were my customers and they loved the reliable Cummins although most did have some story about something not working quite right.

There is a gentleman about 500 yards down the road from me that has a local HVAC company and uses only Dodge trucks in his business (he has 3 all about 2000-2002 models) although he does have two older Express vans (probably lat 90's by my guess).

That being said I also have a co-worker who just bought a Laramie Longhorn cowboy limo to haul his racing dirt bike and modest boat to the local lake (the most he tows is probably 5000 lbs or maybe 6000). This truck is definately overkill for what he needs but he loves the creature comforts and the mpg's with the diesel and he has a job that allows him to afford a $60k pickup so more power to him. I am sure there is a good mix of both types out there.

For upfitting I typically see Ford 450-550's with say the remaining half of the market split between GM and Ram/Dodge.

It is narrow minded to say a certain group like farmers only drive Ram or only drive Ford, or only drive Chevy. I should mention Toyota and Nissan.

I have family in Alberta and in the small farming community they live most everyone does in fact drive Dodge er Ram trucks. I could say that the majority of farmers I know drive Ram based on that observation but it is far removed from reality.

Ram didn't directly pitch their product during the commercial. By associating their product with tough, hard working people, they infer that their truck is the same.

Whether or not you like Ram trucks, it has gotten all of you talking about Ram trucks.

Great strategy.

Great add.

Great commercial. Love the big farming equipment shots. We have a ranch which leads to farming( hay/corn). We don't drive Ram but a few ranches around here use them( mostly the 3500's, no 1/2 tons), they get the job done like the others, but the interiors are cheap materials and rattle apartdoor hinges seem to wear out qiuckly. As long as it runs good farmers don't care what the body looks like. Our trucks have so many dents from steers and hiefers rubbing and butting them.

Just so you guys know, I also own a 2012 Grand Cherokee Overland Summit 4X4, made by the UAW and imported from Detroit, and I have to say that I do see a lot of them around, being driven by all sorts of folks, especially in the mountainous rural area where I live, including farmers' and ranchers' wives.

My neighbor had two RAM halfton trucks, of different years, that he traded for the 2010 Tundra Limited 5.7 he now drives. And his son used to work at the local Chrysler dealer until he and several others were let go a couple of years back.

That son now lives outside of Pembina, ND, where he runs the family farm and drives....... of all things......... an F250 HD Diesel. Not the wares of his former employer.

I'm old enough to remember Paul Harvey's commentary at noon on a local radio station, but I do not believe that Paul Harvey wanted to be affiliated with Dodge or RAM trucks. Then again, money talks, and I hope the Harvey estate was paid well for the use of Paul Harvey's commentary.

Simply put, the ad with Paul Harvey's commentary about farmers would have been better suited for Ford trucks. In my mind, the commentary about farmers and RAM just didn't seem to go together.

During the wide-shots of the open spaces I fully expected to see a Ford truck pop into view, or maybe a professional grade GM. But RAM?

So, we should all be on the edge of our seats waiting to see if RAM is going to overtake Ford and GM in the sales of trucks next month, or even in 2013. Somehow that's just not plausible to me.

Congrats to Ram for a great commercial. It served it's purpose, everyone is talking about it and I'm sure that is what Ram wanted.

Highdesertcat: the last time I looked Sheep and Rams were grown on farms, or ranches so yu could say they go together quite well in fact, I mean I have heard of a Cadilac ranch, but no Ford, Chevy/Gmc ranches? well you could say that Ford does have something they call King Ranch though I guess.

Nice add, I like it. I say give those marketing guys at Ram a bonus since they not only did what they get paid to do, they did it extremely well.

Having said that, the commercial does not make me want to go out and buy one or make me proud of owning a Ram if I did. It is just commercial used to sell trucks just as Ram's parent company, Chrysler, makes their commercials geared towards a certain stereotype. I have no doubt that Paul Harvey was sincere when he said those words many years ago, but to act as if Ram would spend millions with no intentions in using those words and the commercial to sell trucks is quite ignorant. It is still a great peace of work though.

Not many Ram trucks used on farms around me. Mostly Ford or GM. Rams are mostly driven by wanna-be's around here, and have fat exhausts and they like to make noise. All for show. We joke about Ram being the hick's ricer. Most of the real work is being done by the other brands. But this was a great add. And as others have said it pushed the Fiat tractors more than anything. They are big around here. I guess Fiat is hoping to get their tractor customers to buy their trucks. Good marketing.

I really enjoyed the RAM ad. They have a advertising agency that hits home runs with most of their commercials. However I felt like they were trying to claim a part of the market that wasnt theres. I never hardly see RAM trucks on farm here in Georgia. Mostly Ford and GM, but mainly Ford probably 70% plus.

Absolutely awesome ad! my hats off too those who farm....Paul Harvey(RIP) for the beautiful tribute....too Ram for presenting it!

best ad of the broadcast, topping only a man and his horse. kudos to chrysler for having the balls to run an ad surely to irritate lefties and brand x owners everywhere. trucks, independent people who work hard, and god, all disliked by commies were out in front. and with only voice-over provided by paul harvey. excellent ad. shame ford only has lameass commercials for lameass trucks. i know you're going to screech about how ford outsells everybody, but people usually go for the cheapest prices. and you surely don't get out much if you never see anyone using dodge trucks for work. king ranch, what a joke. if there were no dodge trucks i'd have a jeep, international, studebaker, anything but a ford or chevrolet.

Very good Commercial it praised the man on the land more than the product. It that case it could be a bad one as people will have problems thinking of the brand it is trying to promote.
Would be irrelevant here as we do not use Pickups on farms like the US/Canada, but the sentiments about Farmers is universal.

I see yall Ford guys kinda jealous its funny Lol since your diesels can't really benefit from free flowing exhaust since your diesels are kinda all maxed out without stronger internals. Thats why u bearly see furds at diesel truck pulls they dont stand a chance with the dodges diesel with up to 1000 HP on stock internals!! Powerstrokes are a joke.
And by the way really nice ad!!!
Go RAM!!!

It was only a commercial so come on guys get a life.

@ anyone who didn't like the ad! It celebrated the farmer more than anything. So I take it you would have bashed the as just as your favorite brand did it? No! But you would be up in arms at anyone complaining about it. Grow up! It was a great ad that celebrated the farmer more than the truck. And if there were no farmers how would you get food on your plate? Pass on credit where credit is due. No matter the brand of truck.
Btw I have driven Semi Truck across North America and have seen every brand of truck on a farm. So give the b.s. up!

Very good post.

@ram cummins,
I'm not sure why you think I am jealous. I said nothing bad about Ram. My point was, in MY area, they are not big on farms. I'm sure in other areas they are. Around here, they are mostly street or mall queens, and that hurts the sales to farmers somewhat. That's not the truck's fault, but it comes from the mentality of the buyers, and what they want to use. The Fiat tractors are really popular here, and I own one. The ad was a good marketing idea to cross sell Fiat tractor owners, and make them to realize they can drive Fiat trucks too. If you think truck buyers are loyal to their brand, you should see how most farmers back their tractor brands.

Ya we knew all along , Tractors rule...we are skiing behind this Steiger....

Hot Shot/bomb thrower:

Are you referring to people like Willie? The one individual who took it upon himself to raise money to help the American farmers survive when the corporations were buying up bankrupt family farms to get on the government welfare TEET? They get paid to NOT farm the land! Big profit corps. don't care about the little people. It takes real people to help hard working folks get through tuff times.
How much did you donate to Farm Aid? I know your answer: "I don't support bleeding heart liberal causes."

The soundtrack is a really old recording Paul did back when farms were a family tradition. Now it is a romantic notion that we want to still be true. Fact is, this commercial is about a dying breed that made America great. Unfortunately, the new backbone is a profit focused corporate zombie that worships the almighty dollar. They have no fear of the wrath of God. If you don't believe it, ask a real farmer. If you can find one.

On a lighter note;
I did associate this subject matter with Ford when it came on.

@highdesertcat-I have seen lots of Fords, Chevys, Dodge/Ram trucks on farms where I live. Do not see many Toyotas or Nissans on farms. In the suburban areas you see Tacomas and Tundras. I have seen a fair amount of old S-10s, Rangers, Dakotas, and pre Tacoma Toyota trucks. Many of the farmers buy 3/4 ton and HD trucks and that is where you see many Ford Powerstrokes and Dodge/Ram Cummins.

@ Stevadore--I agree with you for the most part. In KY we still have a fair number of small independent farmers but most of those have regular daytime jobs and they have little acreage. Most of the farmers are big and lease thousands of acres of farm lands. A lot of soybean and corn with big tractors and big combines with GPS. Since the end of the Tabacco program there has been a steeper decline in small farms. I liked the Ram ad very much but you are correct the farmer as we have known them have become more myth than reality. What a shame that we have lost much of what was Americana.

Stevadore: You have just said something that I could not agree with more!!! right on! except the part about Ford relating to this particular commercial, that would be like saying because there were barn doors in the commercial, it was a commercial about barn doors! and when I think about farms, the only things that generaly comes to mind is rusting old farm equipment in the lower forty, and the newer equipment up nearer the house and barn, and they could be of any manufacturer. Not to mention the fact that I see more old Fords running around with Chevy S/B in them, than original engines in them, I cant remember the last time I have seen an original old Ford V-8, older than the 260-289's and newer than the Flathead's, I know there were some painted gold, and some gray, but cannot remember the sizes (352)? I believe was one and maybe a 312?, that is because I have seen very very few of them still running, but a lot of the flatheads, and the generation the 260-289's came from.

It's an Italian company now .... I hate Chrysler. They should have gone into bankruptcy ... I will never go back to them for nothing

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