Top 5 Options That Should Be Standard

Top 5 lead II

Over the course of a year, we drive a lot of pickup trucks. If there's another automotive outlet that drives more pickups than we do, we've never heard of it. If there's another source for pickup truck information that has more passionate and knowledgeable readers, we've never seen it.

Because of that, when we say there are certain features that should be on every pickup sold across the size and price universe, it should mean something.

We've collected our top five options - based on our own observations and comments from readers - that should not be options anymore. These need to be standard equipment.

Of course, this is only a partial list, and we want suggestions: Give us your top existing or brand-new options that should be part of the standard features list on every pickup. Although things like trailer-sway control, tire pressure monitors and backup cameras will be standard on all pickups soon, we'd like to see a few of these others as well. Join the conversation.


No. 5: Exact Tire Pressure Readouts

Top 5 Tire Press readout II
"Idiot lights" are fine for idiots, but we'd rather know exactly what is going on with each tire on our truck - in fact, we think that it's a safety issue. Depending on temperatures, tire pressure can fluctuate as much as 5 to 7 psi in either direction, and that will certainly affect how a vehicle handles and responds to varying situations. Add some center-of-gravity-shifting weight in the bed and things can get unpredictable quickly. Additionally, every truck should have some kind of switch that understands that you'll want lower tire pressure when four-wheeling (when you want a larger contact patch) and a higher threshold setting when carrying heavier loads and you need tires (especially the rears) to stay at maximum inflation. We shouldn't have to look at a "low pressure" light just because the sensor isn't smart enough to know how smart we are.


No. 4: Real-Time Transmission Gear Readout

Top 5 Trans readout II
We're not sure this is an actual safety issue, but we know we miss it every time we get into a truck that's not an F-Series. I like knowing what my transmission is doing and how much work and gear-changing it's going through, especially if there's a situation coming that could force me to drop into a manual gear-select mode. Whether it's a small digital readout in the corner of the instrument panel or a lineup of numbers at the bottom of the information screen, I paid for the whole transmission, so I want to be able to see exactly what gear I'm in at any moment. All the data and electronics are there, so use them to give us the information we need.


No. 3: Transmission Grade Braking

Top 5 Grade Braking II
This is another of those technologies that we miss when we jump from truck to truck. Your transmission is already smart enough to know: * When you're headed downhill * The size of the load you're carrying * And whether you need to be in a lower gear hold That's information engine sensors and computer controllers already have access to. Having the brake pedal available to tap once or twice to instigate a shift or two just makes it easier to keep your truck (and possibly a good-sized load) under control. Every new transmission is smart enough, so let's make the feature available to every pickup driver. And if we want a more aggressive grade-braking setting, let us hit the tow/haul button.


No. 2: Payload Readout

Top 5 Scale readout II
We know not everyone is going to pull a trailer with their pickup, so we're comfortable not making integrated brake controllers a standard feature, even though we like them a lot. Let those who need them order and pay for them separately. However, we're going to assume that every person who purchases a pickup is going to carry some kind of load in the bed, and the more educated those drivers become about the exact weight (and even distribution) of that load, the safer they'll be on the road. I don't want a driver to have the excuse that he didn't know his load was 800 pounds over the maximum payload capacity of his truck, and that's why his brakes overheated and caused him to blow through a red light. There's a $15 scale in my bathroom that lets me know how much I weigh. Why can't there be an electronic readout on my dash (or in my info center) to let me know how much weight sits in my pickup bed? It seems that any load-leveling technology offered by an original equipment manufacturer, at a minimum, should be able to get some kind of tongue-weight calculation from the sensors.


No. 1: Headlight Adjust Switch

Top 5 headlight adjust switch II
Again, we'll go out on a limb here and assume that if you want a pickup truck, you have some kind of load to carry in the bed of your truck. We understand you won't be carrying that load most of the time, but for those times when you do carry a good-sized load at night, here are some simple facts: Gravity will push the back of your truck down and point your headlights directly into the eyes of oncoming traffic. And for that reason every pickup should have a small multisetting switch that lets drivers adjust headlights down. That little safety feature (one that's on just about every family-toting minivan sold) helps keep everyone on the road safe, trucker or not.



Would love a payload readout. Does any manufacturer currently offer this? I thought RAM would do something like this when they brought out their airbag suspension option (although I also thought the air suspension would put their payload numbers at ~2K lbs). Hopefully someone implements this soon.

Full gauge packages.No more idiot lights thank you.

seems like a solid list of items that there should already be sensors for so these should be low cost options that are really quite functional. Tire pressure, payload and headlight adjustment seem like the most important safety items and should be a top priority for all of the truck makers.

I would say number one standard option should be a backup camera. I have heard that they may be required in the near future.

Camera front and back.

I understand that backup cameras are going to be mandated for all cars some time in the future (barring manufacturer push back) but given the height of modern trucks and the visibility issues that causes I wish my 2012 F-150 had the Raptor option of cameras front and rear. Better yet the Atlas Concept's birds-eye-view. Just think of all the little kids who's lives would be saved.

How would a payload weight readout work? How would you measure that? There are so many configurations and variables at play, plus the modifications that owners make to their trucks to personalize them.. I just don't see how you could ever accurately measure payload as an OE option.

I think all trucks should have real guages...temp. for transmission is a big one, oil pressure is a big one. No more idiot lights. Give us a reading!

Block heater, traction lok rear axle, skid plate for transfer case and transmission, large transmission cooler. These are things needed for those of us that use pickups for work. Not street cruisin.

The light adjuster is nice for anyone that doesn't have something like a load leveling air ride.

If the new Ram air suspension can tell you when you are at max weight, it should be able to tell you what your weight is all the time.

I do agree that they should have a higher payload with the air system. They aren't getting the most out out of it if it doesn't up the payload. They don't need to be in the payload wars though. Right now a crewcab Ram with alot of options might have a 1100 pound payload. 1700 or 1800 would be realistic.

There will always be somebody grumbling about the payload. Alot of those people should just as well get a 3/4 ton. The 3/4 tons would benifit if they actually could have MDS on Rams, Ecoboost for Fords, and AFM on a bigger then a 5.3 engine for GM available.

When I bought my truck I wouldn't have one that had just 1st, 2nd, drive and tow haul options. I want to be able to put it in any gear. But they are still automatic, so they will keep them from upshifting. Just not downshifting. But even if you have the above option, it will only tell you the highest gear you are letting the trans go into, if it's in manual mode.

But I wouldn't mind knowing the exact percent/degree of the hill I amgoing up or down.

I'm glad I can see exact oil temp, pressure, water temp, trans temp, and tire pressure. Some trucks don't do all that. I'm sure somebody will be along to say you don't need the air pressure sensors for your tires, nope you don't. But if it's going flat, it's nice to know before you feel it and wonder what's going on, or if it loses air so rapidly it saves you from plowing off the road with a flat tire.

But it shouldn't replace manually checking tire pressures by hand.

A really helpful feature for ford, chevy or dodge owners is a digital readout on the dash that tells you what's wrong with the truck, what it's going to cost to repair and have it locate the nearest repair shops so you can compare prices for having the repair done.

@Phillyguy yes Ram already has it

If one considers the sophistication of current onboard computer systems, any of these sensors have the capacity to send that information to the onboard system and store the data. That can have some dire consequences for those who do not properly maintain their vehicles or abuse their vehicles. It is akin to the black box on an airplane used in crash analysis. I've talked to a few mechanics and they indicate that the amount of vehicle data that is stored and monitored is amazing in its depth and breath.

I like the idea of continuous TPS, and load weight sensors.

Grade logic mapping for brakes and transmission is also cool. My wife's Sienna will shift down with a few brake applications on a hill and it does not have tow/haul. It works great.
I like the tow/haul in the winter when braking on icy roads. I'll activate it when I anticipate braking on a slippery hill and the engine braking is a welcome addition.

To take it one step further, there should be no reason why trucks do not have multiple performance mappings programmed into the truck. Raptor like settings would be handy. Tow/Haul setting for moderate to heavy loads that change power delivery as well as shifting and braking is possible. I can see it being automated if weight measurments are integrated into the system.
Fuel economy settings, icy road settings, offroad settings etc could all be programmed into the entire truck's performance mapping. It would have the benefit of giving us more choices and it would reduce the incidence of people purchasing aftermarket tuners.

Those five are excellent as well as the standard cameras.
I agree with common sense on rear traction aids. Everyone should do as Ford does and offer electronic locking rear axle on 2wd models. In most cases, 4wd is not even necessary when you can lock your back axle.

tow mirrors
Real guages for oil temp, coolant. egt (diesels)

In bed camera for those 5er and goosneck apps

an option to disble traction control for more that just the current drive cycle for those off road applications

an option for tow/haul to be engaged all the time versus having to hit the switch for us constant towing

This is a great list, but would've been more useful to potential truck buyers if it listed WHICH trucks have said feature and which ones don't (and whether it's standard or available as an option).

Just sayin'...

[4wd is not even necessary when you can lock your back axle.]

Doesn't it snow where you live?

Well, there is a reason why block heaters aren't in the south. But if people wanted those, and skid plates everwhere, and tow hooks...they would drive up the cost. Pretty soon people will be complaining why a 4x2 full size might cost $28,000, base...just a number I threw out there.

We already have people stuck in the 70/80s complaining about the cost of new vehicles. With the cost that cat convertors (and oh yeah, the guy at the auto recycling place says Toyotas have more platinum in some) pollusion control stuff, safety, atleast 4 airbags, and alot more research and developement then ever.

Trucks are alot safer, stop alot better, with antilock brakes and traction control. They also have alot more features on base models now that alot of people stuck in the 70s or 80s think they are so expensive, or they want to compare their stripped down trucks mileage to modern day one: "My 1985 Chevy with a 305 (less power then a 5.3, or probably less then their new 4.3 will have) gets better mileage (although it crumples like a tin can in a wreck and their is alot of wind noise @ 70 mph.) That can be said of all three, not just Chevy....

@MaXx: I see where you are comming from with that: would you like the Toyota one to just say YOUR SCREWED! when it has an issue, and yes, they do have issues, they aren't the perfect picture you would like to paint. But considering what Toyota gets for parts....

I once hauled a friends 97 Camry to Toyota, her mom was insistent it go to the dealership for a transmission she could get raked over the coals when my step bro has a trans shop with 30 years of experience, and he doesn't just swap them, he takes them appart, sees what goes on, and fixs it and gets an idea WHY IT BROKE, instead of just being a swapper.

Since we are talking about lights, my 96 Camry has the dash light constantly on saying no tail lights. but they work. It is a typical problem with them.

But we get YOUR POINT, MaXx, those TOYOTAS NEVER break..yeah....whatever.


why are you sooooooo bitter toward toyota???? EVERY post you make throws hatred toward Toyota, WHY? sure Toyota's break too its a piece of machinery its not a matter of if but when it will happen. The DIFFERENCE is they dont break nearly as often.

Just because you know someone who paid a premium for parts or service doesnt make Toyota the bad guy, thats the dealer they took it too. BTW, parts for a toyota DO generally cost more, know why? BECAUSE ITS A BETTER PART that typically lasts way longer than a typical part from another truck. For instance; an F150 2 piston floating front caliper cost about 150 bucks over the counter and ford dealers STOCK them since its so common to have problems with the phenalic resin pistons. Now, take a Tundra caliper that is a 4 piston fixed position caliper made with stainless steel pistons and your cost on one is 350 bucks! the difference is the guy that bought the Toyota doesnt have down time with his/her truck because of a poorly engineered cheap part failure. its just that simple.

I always thought it would be nice if trucks had a brake pad meter gauge. Like a gauge that measured the pad life percent left for each wheel. So that we know when to replace the pads without having to look at the pads.

well 3 of the 5 are standard on Tundras. No payload readout and typical TPMS system but they DO have gear readout for each individual gear as manual mode (sequencial shift) and the FIRST to have grade logic trans breaking NO MATTER WHETHER YOUR IN TOW/HAUL OR NOT! every other truck must be in tow/haul for this feature to operate. and a headlight leveler is STANDARD on even base work truck models.

whoever said you dont need a headlight leveler because you have air ride has never had air ride! those systems are not full proof and when it breaks you should still be able to adjust your headlight angle..

I have a 2008 GMC 3500 Duramax, I really liked the heated windshield washer fluid option.
Having a scale for the load would be nice, with the truck knowing the power needed to brake and accelerate a trailer, I am sure they could program a probable trailer weight.
While driving if I want to know exactly what gear the transmission is in all I do is drop it into manual and it tells me. Having owned it for 5 years I can tell from the speed and tack.
Having a camera with say a 5 minute memory, before a button is pushed, or a crash happens, with every parameter also would be a great idea.
I have tire management it works great for me, I live in the mountains and am in the bush a lot, never had to lower the tire preasure, the G80 locker works great, with 4x4 you have to be stupid to get stuck. you have 3 wheels driven

OH forgot to mention a payload readout would be GREAT! making one stand the elements might be another story........

OH and if you have a TPMS system with individual readouts you must have them reset so they know which position they are in or that feature is USELESS

I think some options are significant to the vehicles operating environment.

Like, where I live you would want 1.Bullbar, 2. Driving Lights, 3. Air Con, 4. Tinted Window, 5. Some form of traction ie 4x4, locking diffs etc.

Most options that are safety related eventually become mandatory equipment anyway.

As vehicle's progress it seems what were options sooner or later become standards features.

I would like to see what comparable vehicles in developing nations have in their base model vehicles. Even things like power windows/air con/mp3-stereo are becoming standardised.

@hemi lol

"BECAUSE ITS A BETTER PART" Typical Toyota fanboy, every single part on the Tundra is made so much better that is why everything is so much more expensive than domestics... Get real, your telling me that plastic turn signal stalk is more expensive because it is better yet does less than the domestics even though the domestics have more technology on them? Come one, it is because it is a foreign company and have to spread the costs over the brand. Also did you ever think that maybe because no one buys that hunk of junk that not many are produced and parts can't be made it high numbers to reduce costs that maybe that is part of the reason? Or how about because domestics have been building trucks for the better part of a century that their tooling and design processes have been improved so much over the many years rather than Toyota just trying (and pityfully at that) to build a half ass full size truck for the last decade and doesn't have the years of R&D and costs saving measures that the others have?

Go ahead and enjoy your foreign paper weight while the rest of us enjoy trucks that last and have been proven over many decades instead of making outrageous claims on how 3/4 like their trucks are like Toyota.

I have nothing against Toyota, I really dig their tacoma's but Tundra owners are horrible. Oh, let me buy a Tundra to tow by 10,500 lb trailer all over the country, it pulls it like it isn't even there, blah blah blah, really? It is funny listening to the Tundra owners that claim to have sold their diesels and the new 5.7 pulls the big trailer so much better...

How's that bed bounce for ya hemi lol?

I think every truck should come standard with a plug in in the back of the bed. There have been many a time when I have worked off of the tailgate of my truck and since trucks are supposed to be instruments of work I do believe we need them.

Fix the omission in the headlight laws of the US.
Headlight aim should be dependent on headlight mounting height. That would level the playing field.
Manual remote headlight leveling is contingent on the driver remember to use it.
That is a bad idea, just use automatic leveling. (and dynamic auto leveling with HIDs)

@Jason H - Um, my area has had snow twice in the past 100 years, and one of those times was just flurries that melted before they reached the ground.

A locking rear diff is at times more capable than a 4wd with no traction aids. For towing up wet boat ramps, or light muddy roads, a locked 2wd is plenty capable without the cost of a 4wd system that will rarely ever be used.

I can see why it would be handy to have a display telling you what gear your truck is in but really? I can tell you what gear my truck is in 99% of the time. Same goes for any dirt bike, quad, or street bike I've ever ridden.

@Scott - If you hold the traction control button down for 8 second IIRC, it should shut off both traction control and stability control. That is how it works on my wife's Toyota and my Ford. Most have the ability to disable the system, I think that some systems will reactivate once you hit 30 mph. If I go into 4 lo, it shuts of the nannies as well. I've been in muddy conditions where the traction control does kill foreward momemtum. Hit the button for the required time and the problem goes away.
If that is an important feature to you, it just means paying attention to the owners manual. You can find most manuals on line. I wouldn't trust most salesmen to be able to tell me the finer details of any new vehicle.
I hope that politicians do not kill our ability to disable the nannies.

@ Toycrusher: Just for an example,GM offers the G80 auto locker on both 2 and 4 wheel drive.It's fully automatic and works just great,much better then a limited slip.I've had 2 of them.Just a fyi...

This is my list of things I would have liked to come on my 2012 f150 fx4 6.5ft box crewcab with 5.0.

Back up lights integrated into the bumper or somewhere that height. In the bush it's necessary and when out of the city (no street lights) i have a hard time seeing in reverse.

A feature in the menu for personalization where you can reverse the function of select switches/buttons. I.e. Traction control always off until I want it on.

A compressor and tank mounted under the bed somewhere with fittings in the bed in a panel also with 12v.

Tonneau cover ( hard folding, lockable, water tight snd easily removable) such as the backflip.

Louder exhaust note and dual exhaust (hemi ram is decent from factory)

A horn that doesn't sound like a camry.

The ability to disable abs for certain conditions in winter. If i pull the fuse it messes with 4wd because it cant judge wheel speed to spin the front drive shaft accordingly. And if im not mistaken disables low gear. Been awhile since i tried.

Maybe an 8 speed? I just want my 4.10 gears back I had in fx4 ranger but with more fuel economy in high gear cruising on the highway than I currently have with my 6 speed and 3.73 gears.

Never change-

the console shifter. I love it's placement and manual mode. I love being able downshift/limit the gear in automatic and the display of current gear. Excellent system.

Locking rear diff/ lsd front diff

Crewcab 6.5ft box

Flat load floor/fold up rear seats

How many litres burned on trip meter

Heated mirrors

@hemi lol: I didn't say anything bitter at all till ol MaXx old ran his yap.

It's the arrogance you Toyota folks have.

If it really is better, why would it need replacing? And if it's not stocked, HOW MUCH DOWN TIME DOES YOUR BUYER HAVE WAITING FOR A NEW ONE?

I said if you have air suspension, you don't need headlight levelers, you need to fix the damn airbag first! DUH! You don't keep riding around.

Does a Tundra even tell you what the exact oil temp/pressure/ water temp and trans fluid is?

I dislike cocky, arrogent, egotistical people, and you are one of them. You get on here and tell us nothing but how great Toyota is. Like hey man, (or hey woman?) can Toyota do any wrong? Apparently not to you. Toyota, always best! To you, anyway. You cant even say, "yeah, looks like we didn't win that or this" How about those two newley designed Toyotas that got a POOR rating in the small overlap tests?? Still top safety pick, huh? $ goes a long way I guess.

The new Ram can do the top four. Good day.

mechanical limited slip
block heater
reciever hitch
110v inverter
carpet delete
power windows

Wow you make me laugh whit the ford atlas look the gm all terrain the body style front side integration the new gm inside you have a real pickup anyway the ford use gm front grill??

@Miath - maybe you need a built in universal translator in that GMC of yours?

+1 on Carpet delete I initially planned on getting an stx because of that but the fx4 was a way better deal.

I wonder if heated washer fluid could pose a potential problem with shock on the windshield and crack it at say -30c when the windshieldis still cold?

Hello??? C'mon guys! How about standard 4 wheel disc brakes--that technology has been around since WW2. What about overhead camshaft engines? That technology appeared in the Indy 500 back around 1925 or so. What about a diesel option for half ton trucks? This stuff about cute electronics is actually annoying. Dodge and GM are still putting pushrod engines in a lot of their half ton trucks--lame. Most of the big 3 didnt' have 4 wheel disc brakes until the last few years. Just think of all the makers who were putting 4-speed autos in their base trucks until very recently. Or putting last-generation six-cylinders in their base models.

I love the power adjust headlights in my tundra, since I lifted it I had to aim them down a bit. But piss me off and they are going all the way back up.

RPM gauges should be standard on all trucks regardless of trim level or size. I like all these suggestions especially the tire monitor that gives you the exact pressure of each tire. Locking tailgates should be standard on all pickups I agree with all gauges and no idiot lights, I want to see what is happening before total failure. I would also like a block heater as standard equipment.

I would prefer to have fewer standard features to keep the price down.

@papa jim

First off, this is a top 5 options that should be standard, not a wish list.

Second, it is funny you are trying to bash the pushrod engines yet they are cheaper, more economical, more reliable, lighter, easier to maintain/workon and just flat out overall better than the others that are multi over head cam. Get real man, its laughable when manufacturers need to go to a DOHC just to get close to matching what a CIB will do. GM's CIB motors are some of the best in the world, it is commical to watch how easy those motors are working when compared to some high strung OHC motor, then you watch when they get near 30mpg on the highway (I was seeing almost 29 doing 75 with cruise control in my old GTO in 6th) and I could add 50+ hp at the wheels with some an I/E/T. Yup, these things are junk old tech. Can't wait to see how crappy the new LT1's are or what NA HP the next gen Z06 will do (rumored to be 600 with plenty of room for bolt ons). Did you know those motors can be beat on for years and well over 100k miles sprayed and modded? You don't see many OHC engines doing that...

Go ahead and enjoy your top heavy, ever weight DOHC, let me know how a simple plug change goes for you!

PS, the hemi motors for the most part fall in that same catagory, though GM still has them beat they are still very good and most of what I said applies to those as well.

Opposite of the question posed in the article, but . . .
I would like to see more of the optional equipment available seperately and on more trim levels. For example, the wider aluminum wheels on an ST package Ram 2500 as a stand alone option (with the factory option pricing rather than the much higher dealer accessory price). Why should I have to get the fancier interior to get the nicer wheels that would also better fit larger tires. And if I remember right on the Ford Super Duty XL you have to get the exterior chrome package to get a CD player? Like the upfitter switches being seperate is good.

@Tyler - do F1 engines use pushrods?

How about an f'ing manual transmission... .

@ Tyler

awh seriously? are you really that blind?

First of all YES the parts are more expensive. The turn signal stalk? really? EVERY manufacturer has the same turn stalk on their trucks as well as many of their cars. Toyota sells THE MOST AUTOMOBILES the world over so the amount of parts is a lame idea, duh. that company your runnin your mouth about has been building trucks since the late 40's so bein new to trucks is not true at all and makes you look like a fool for saying so LOL.

Secondly Toyota spends MANY times more than the other manufacturers on R&D! you OBVIOUSLY have zero idea about the Tundra as you make empty bogus claims about it which makes you the fanboy.

OH and my tundra has ZERO bed bounce. good day

5,2, & 1 would be nice to have on all trucks.

4 I could care less about because I control my transmission more then the computer does, however a trans temp gague should be in every truck.

3 Don't need, same reason as #4, I control my truck, not the computer.

hemi lol:

your truck has ZERO bed bounce? really what did you spend the R&D time to fully box the frame your self, something yota should have done when the truck was released and still hasn't done for 2014. Yota has the weakest frame in the segment, and every turdra sufferes from it on rough road.

It is more like you have ZERO IQ.

I would argue that Tundra has the STRONGEST frame in the segment, albeit not the stiffest.

But based on your username, I don't think you are too objective to listen to any reason, so that's all I'll say.


arrogance? if you mean how i have to constantly defend Toyota against people that know NOTHING about a product yet bash it like ole Tyler????

the parts normally DONT need replacing thats the dang point! and the turn around for a part thats not stocked is a day or two SINCE THE PARTS ARE MADE HERE if thats where you were goin with that..

Yes my tundra has CLEAR gauges that display my oil pressure, water temp, and trans temp.

finally i say when toyota does wrong and watch and comment on how other trucks outperform the tundra (mostly on subjective subjects) and i complain all the time that they dont build an HD with a diesel. YOU are the one who seems to have a problem with admitting your truck doesnt perform the best. arrogant i am not, informed and factual, i am. If you REALLY took a hard look at the parts and the quality of them WITHOUT your chrysler blinders on you would see alot more. My WHOLE life growing up i had GM blinders on. in some ways they build some good stuff, same with ALL manufacturers. Becoming PART of the automotive industry has been a REAL eye opener. I work with toyota's for a reason and its NOT because i dont have a choice, its because its the most conservatively advanced auto manufacturer in the world, PERIOD. The companies whole objective is to build the best, safest, most efficient cars and trucks possible. they dont build off the bottom line which is whats SO WRONG with the other manufacturers.

@ turdra lol

My truck has no more bounce than yours and my frame wont fail when its overloaded. sorry your soooooo misinformed

@ hemi lol "OH and if you have a TPMS system with individual readouts you must have them reset so they know which position they are in or that feature is USELESS"
Maybe on a Toyota but not all brands are still using ancient TPM systems. Haven't had to do that on any Chrysler built in the last 8 or so years. Stick to Toyotas, you seem to know your way around them pretty well but not so much with the other brands.

@papa jim Hello?Come on? Gm is the only maker thats had drums in recent half ton history. Its been a very long time Ford or Ram had drums. Nissan and Toyota never had them. Why compain about 4 speed autos when only GM has them and this is the last model year? For the arguement of pushrod vs OHC: does it really matter? Provided its powerfull, effiecent, and reliable which all the big engines are from every maker.

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