Video: 2014 Toyota Tundra Walkaround

2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition II

Toyota had three 2014 Tundras at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show for us to check out; unfortunately, not all of them were available for us to climb inside of when we shot this video. In fact, the silver Limited — highlighted at the press conference and at the webcast panel discussion — was the only new truck we were able to get inside and touch. 

We can't tell how disappointing that was given the fact the two newest and most exciting trim packages Tundra will now offer (the classy Platinum in the video and saddle-leathered 1794) were not finished before the show. No doubt we'll have more details about both of the all-new interiors as we hear and see more from Toyota in the coming months.

Production for the new trucks is set to begin at the end of July at Toyota’s San Antonio plant. For now, here's our quick walk-around Toyota's 2014 Tundra.


Yawn! Typical boring Toyota.

The two top models were not finished before the show??? You'd think they've had enough time for that.

Toyota, Nissan, Honda, either get in the game or get out!
Build a truck that people (American's) want to buy or get out.
This truck has no advanced technology; no direct injection, no cylinder deactivation, no 8 speed transmission, no aluminum construction or other weight saving materials. Nothing! There is absolutely NO reason to by a Tundra unless you just want a Toyota.


A lot of people will buy them for just that reason...because it's a Toyota...but not traditional full-size truck buyers. They will continue to buy brands they perceive as 'American.' It says a lot about the Toyota brand that they sell as many of these as they do (especially in light of Toyota's recent quality control issues) but until Toyota steps up with a more competitive full-size truck, they're not going to be making many inroads to the traditional truck buyer market.

I see a lot of Ford on the inside, a little bit of Ram in the front and a lot of Chevy in the rear and down the side of the bed, other than that, like nip said theres really nothng to talk about. I guess if you can't beat em, or at least get close copy what you can.

@nlp - racist name and clueless.
All of the technology in pickups that "you" call advanced are not new to internal combustion engines.
In reality, the only things that are "advanced" would be hydrogen cell technology, and other non-hydrocarbon based systems.
You mention cylinder deactivation - funny how that is advanced in your eyes but is only seen in pickups with pushrod engines.
Which is more advanced?
A pushrod V8 or a VVT DOHC engine?
Isn't the 5.7 IForce all aluminum?

"There is absolutely NO reason to by a Tundra unless you just want a Toyota."
That argument can be levied against Ford, GMC, or Ram.

Advanced means being beyond others in progress or ideas.

What is the opposite of advanced?


@nip, how is Toyota not building a truck Americans want. Maybe it's not the truck you want but looking at their sales it would seem it is a truck many other Americans do want. You mention many features that are great but the funny part is that even the "American" trucks makers do not incorporate these features across the board in all their truck models.

You say that there is no reason to own a Toyota "unless you want a Toyota". I can say the same the thing about Ford, GM, and Ram owners. The bottom line though is at least with Toyota and Nissan we are see choices and competition which in turn are forcing the other companies to stay competitive. That's the great advantages of the free market and free choice.

Sorry to see you would prefer we only have a choice of clones to choose from.

I agree with nip. When I go to the offroad park to camp, I don't see Tundras pulling 4x4s or campers. When I drive down the interstate, I don't see Tundras. When I'm around town I don't see construction guys using Tundras. When I'm in the country, there are zero farmers using Tundras. Nobody wants what Toyota is offering.

The Tundra is ugly, fuel thirsty, the belt line is too high and the visibility is too bad, they're expensive, and they don't lead any hauling, towing, or MPG segments. At all.

I wish they'd pack it up and move back to Japan.

It's has a more angular and chiseled look to the front end and dash and it's a bit of a ripoff the F-150 so yeah, I like where it's headed. It should try to ripoff the F-150, why the heck not? Platinum? Medium brown metallic paint?

I don't see the new "character lines" though...

They didn't even have a pre-production models of the several top end trucks to look at? Did they just make these up last week or something? That's strange to go to the extent of this "release" and then not have the trucks they bragged about the most.
But on the other hand, we know all about how they learned to stamp more difficult panels now.

@nlp There are three good reasons to buy a Tundra:

1. Toyota's quality and reliability ratings from JD Power have been exemplary for the last 13 years. Toyota is unsurpassed in this key industry study.

2. The Tundra has the best resale value and one of the lowest costs of ownership of any half-ton truck on the road (excluding stripped fleet-only pickups offered by Ford and GM).

3. The Tundra still offers many HD features and components (massive brakes, massive rear diff, etc.) at a price that's competitive.

If you need a turbocharged V6, or a sophisticated air suspension that raises and lowers your truck at certain speeds, or electric louvers on the grille, there are other trucks to buy...but the jury is still out on the reliability and utility of all of these things.

I'm not saying to you that the Tundra is unequivocally the best truck on the road - it's not as well-rounded as it's competitors, so it's just not a good choice for some buyers - but it's not like it's a jalopy. For the right person - someone who can afford a quality truck and isn't fretting about 1 or 2 mpgs - the Tundra is a worthy contender.

nlp: toyota tundra was born in america, chevy, ford, is made in foregin countries only a percentage is made/assembled in America. The tundra also uses chevys engine block

@WXman - I do see Tundra's used for work applications. The Detroit 3 sell 20 -25 % of their pickups to fleets. Several years ago Toyota officially announced that they would not actively compete in the fleet market due to the deep discounts required to be a player in that market.
That accounts for 1 huge reason why you will not see many Tundra's on job sites.
Another huge reason is - NO 3/4 ton or larger pickup.
I rarely ever see 1/2 tons used in heavy industry in my part of the world. The guys I know who had Tundra work trucks loved them for reliability, durability and real world operational costs but left Toyota because they needed 3/4 ton and larger capacity.
Another reason is shear numbers. The Tundra accounts for 6% of the full sized truck market. For every 3 Tundra's, there will be 50 of the other brands.
I know several guys who are avid hunters and fishermen and they own Tundra's.
Just because you don't see many doesn't mean that they aren't a good vehicle. Toyota is the one who has to decide whether or not it is worth it for them to build a certain product, not someone like you or nip who would never consider buying one in the first place.

You wish they'd pack up and go back to Japan.

Take a good hard look at the automotive market. If one banned every automotive product that has its origins in a foreign country you'd be left with a very limited selection of vehicles.
Most of Ford, Chrysler, and GMC products are either designed in foreign countries or based on foreign platforms. Many of the USA platforms are built in Mexico.

Juju: you had better go back, without drinking an smoking things and do your homework again, you seem to have things wrong and backwards! most of Ford Chevy and yes even Ram is made in America, but however and yes a small % is made in other countries, but still in N.America! and I have never heard of toyota using a Chevy engine block, I would say they came fairly close in the L-6 pushrod engine in the ealry Landcruisers, but that is all.

The tundra did take a step forward with this version. But only on the outside.

the inner working and support platform are the same.

This is a yuppie pickup. Nothing more.

toyota engineers would do well to read some of the comments on the direction they should go if they want to sell in larger numbers.

I complement Toyota for not getting on the Bandwagon and marketing hype of all the fuel mileage crap which adds cost and causes reliability issues. I just want a good quality truck, if it gets one mile per gallon less I'm perfectly fine with it as long as its not in the shop every week. Look at the new Dodge, they added hood lovers, air supsension, and other du dads on teh 2013 and it gets the same mileage as the 2012 at least until the new tranny comes out.


1) is that why they were removed from that list when they came out? They aren't even on the list now

2) That just isn't true, that goes to the Gm twins...

3) That is my biggest problem with the tundra, always trying to boast HD this and HD that. It isn't an HD and I can't help but laugh when Tundra owners (or any half ton owner really) buys a truck to regularly tow 10k lbs. It isn't an HD truck, it is a half ton, it can tow that on occasion, if that is your regular load you are much much safer and should upgrade to a real HD than trying to mile a half ton. Not to mention even with those "HD" parts it still isn't top in the segment and have been matched by better engineered trucks who have been building full size trucks for the better part of a century.

I do agree with those sophisticated parts the reliabilty is in quetion, especially if they see real work or leave the pavement. I would have been much more impressed if Dodge simply added helper springs instead of replacing the springs with air (even big rigs don't do that).

I do agree it isn't a bad truck and is pretty darn capable, just toyota owners have this mystique in their head on because it is a Toyota it is the best, most capable and actually a 3/4 ton truck when many points have been proven that it actually is far from that (removed from a few components). let's not get started on the ones who think act like hemi owners and think their full size trucks are muscle cars and can out run base vettes and cobras and what not...

@JUJU, they don't use chevy blocks!

Fleet sales are really the testing grounds for reliability for the big three, without that the real world reliability would be even lower. I think it would benefit Toyota more to get into that market. I agree many are HD's but there are plenty using half tons for pest control, part running, interior refinishing, ect... There is a reason Toyota hasn't made a big impact on the full size catagory, they aren't proven and even though the last gen looked like they were wanting to compete this MCE looks like otherwise. Honestly they still make a badass midsize, I hope they do something great with that.

That thing looks like a monster, it looks really tall and wide. I don't know how tall Mark William is, but the bedsides look like you barely be to reach in and grab something out of the bed. I know other trucks have pain in the butt tall bedsides, but this thing just looks huge and tall.

Though I'm not a big fan of the Tundra, it's a welcome sight of an update for the most part, though sources say the powertrain and frame are carryovers from the current generation, Toyota has always been known not to put out all the information about it's new products until the very last minute, which means there may even be another new engine yet to be revieled just to throw the competition off guard, we'll just have to see. With the Silverado and Sierra preping for production late this Spring and with a new 2014 Titan on the Horizon this year also, the competition on who may be the breadwinner here may be more obvious than already expected. 2014 MT TOY- Silverado, and the 2015 MT TOY - Ford F-150; it'll be a serious uphill battle for the Tundra to regain that title, at least for now!

Stronger frame and a Diesel engine with a mpg of 30 plus .

Whats the point of claiming best in class brake size when others in the segment, with smaller brakes, out brake it.

This truck remains the joke that it has been since 08.

A joke? Hardly, Why wouldn't they claim biggest brakes, its called Marketing budy. Even if it doesn't stop the shortest any good marketing department will promote having the biggest front brakes. Why does Ram promote 25 MPG showing a Laramie truck in thier commercials which only gets 19?


This is from Car Advice in Australia.

"Mike Sweers, the chief engineer for the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma vehicle programs, told the Australian automotive media at today’s Chicago auto show that it would be possible to build the Tundra in right-hand drive.

“Well of course it’s possible to change it to right-hand drive, we do that for some of our export vehicles now,” Sweers said.

“Right-hand drive, left-hand drive is not that difficult to switch. The biggest difficulty is re-engineering the instrument panel."

"At this time we DON’T HAVE ANY PLANS to introduce a full-sized pick-up in Australia. I haven’t seen any MARKET DATA THAT SAYS IT IS .SOMETHING THAT THE AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC DEMANDS.We have the HiLux in Australia, it’s popular and does well, if there’s a demand we could always look to introduce it [Tundra] but at this time HiLux fits our needs in the Australian market

What a sad ugly truck!

@turdra lol - most tests don't do back to back braking tests. They do a test, let the brakes cool then repeat. A drum brake will do great in that kind of test.
Try braking repeatedly with a heavy load and then see how those "bigger" brakes work. A larger brake surface will dissipate heat better. That means that they will last longer.

Has any shootout done brake fade testing?

RHD Ram.

Maybe, maybe not.
"“We are completely open-minded. If there is other Dodge product we can have then it starts to make sense again.

Enquiries about the RAM showed strong promise, Mr Campbell said: “Talking to the chief engineer he is saying once you have done the engineering work you should be able to have almost any platform within the RAM family: 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, for almost the one investment.

“You are talking about altering some chassis stuff and some engine placement stuff but ultimately there are only two or three drivelines we are talking about and if you are going to do one you would do them all and have a crack at it.”

If it gets here the RAM would be pitched at HEAVY DUTY HAULERS and TOWERSand the mining industry. The most likely drivetrain would be the 6.7-litre Cummins turbo-diesel with 1100Nm. The Pentastar and Hemi petrols are also available. '

Wow, with the body colored grill frame it actually looks pretty nice... I retract 60% of my hate from my comments in the previous thread

"Nothing to talk about" means Nothing to squawk about. Think about it.

Looks like I'll be hitting up AEV to get the truck I want unless Jeep beats them to it. Of course, having a base rig to start with (Ok, not base, it's an '08 Sahara) means a mod job would be that much less expensive in the long run.


I agree 100%. Toyota fans can cry all they want that Toyota is making a competitive truck, but what I find is Toyota is selling them to people who want to buy a Toyota, not who need a truck. They simply don't fair as well in performance against the big 3, let alone the horrendous looks of that truck. I thought the new Chevy 1500 was a terrible looking truck, next to that Toyota it'd look spectacular!


You're ridiculous, my friend. Satisfy your ways of why Toyota doesn't sell as many as the big 3 any way you want, but the facts are they aren't as good of a truck for those who use them as a truck. Most pickups are 1/2 tons, most people who buy pickups are not business pros, but weekend warriors, people who have a small ranch or haul a camper. These people all agree that Toyota isn't the right truck for them. Maybe inner city people drive a lot of Toyota pickups, but in the country, with people who are using a pickup as so, do not drive a Toyota.

Wow, JC Whitney grill add-on, and a surplus Ford dash. What's not to like?

People in the Country are usually more apt to buy from the dealer in town that their daddy bought from, you don't see to many Toyota dealers out in the middle of farm land and so you don't see a lot of Toyota trucks, here in Baltimore you see more Toyota's then Fords and their not all driven by business men, their driven mostly by tradesman. JD Power and Consumer reports rate the Tundra as best in dependability, but most on here don't want to here it because it means the Toyota is better then their truck. They will slap CR and JD but the facts don't lie.

@Durastrokinns - really? so people's preconceived notions of WHO makes a good truck have nothing to do with it? Brand loyalty or "country of badge" have nothing to do with it? Emotions have nothing to do with it?
It is entirely based on the fact that Toyota makes a crappy pickup?

I do not know where you live and you do not know where I live, but the odds are that I can find a very inhospitable environment for any truck minutes from my home.

BTW - I own an F150.

I side with the Tundra in these kinds of debates because most do not produce a logical reason for not buying one.
How many people who slag it have driven it?
How many people know someone who actually has worked the balls off of one?

I can list my reasons rather logically for not buying one. I can do that without bashing or presenting lame arguments.

The same cannot be said for most of the comments.

@ DW Fields: There's an outfit down in Florida that is doing 4bt JK conversions.Those can be had pretty much set up anyway you want it.None of the electronic crap either.

Fact not Fiction:
I bought a 2010 Tundra because it was the most and best quality truck for the Dollar. Engine is quiet smooth and Hauls A$$. I towed over 8K from colo to az with no trailer brakes and it did just fine. Sure only got 9mpg but i was going 80-85 the whole way with a huge headwind most of the drive. Empty i avg 17 in a lifted 4x4 with 5.7L. not bad and i have a camper shell on it, a heavy snug top. I drove all the trucks and imo no other mfg can touch that engine trans combo in smoothness and performance. Cyl deactivation is a waste of $$ and doesn't do much at all but make the engine have premature failure. Go read the forums on the chevy's with Cyl deactivation. I like the changes to the new tundra, they addressed a lot of little things i mentioned before. Ive owned fords and dodge trucks. The Pre 2004 fords imo were great trucks. The 02 dodge i had blew a head gasket right at the warranty. dodge didnt cover it. I bought a diesel (5.9) dodge, was great but didnt need a diesel. Besides EPA have ruined all the new diesels. Friends drive plenty of Chevys to know to never buy another. I Now drive a tundra and dont think i will go back to the domestics which is laughable because the Tundra is more USA made than the domestics. Just had a Life Long Chevy guy buy a tundra after we test drove em all.
Chevy was dead last on his list. IF i were in the mkt for a new truck i would look at the 2014 chevy, dodge of course Toyota. But most of these vehicles are getting so high priced.
I may just sell my Tundra with the best resale and buy an older more basic truck with hand crank windows if i can. Getting Tired of all this overpriced stuff that doesn't get much better mileage than trucks from 40years ago.

Wipe it, flush it and start over.

Sorry Guys but these trucks are junk. Just a week ago another few hundred thousand trucks were recalled because the "spare tire can detach from the frame". Can you say; rusty frames for 40 years? Absolute junk but the PR they do is amazing, along w a certain anti american part....

This Toyota looks like the new Ram , but it will kick the Ram when it comes to using it for work.

Red turn signals?
Way to lower the bar Toyota!


What are you the local Nazi?

Folks are buying Tundra's in this nation and Toyota has every right to build and sell a full-size!

You must be a liberal Obama apologist or something like that...

I don't want to hear any more hogwash from oxi and others that blame Ford for Toyota's lack of updates. With this new Tundra it is clear that Toyota doesn't improve despite the competition. As Mark Williams stated, facing violent competition they still have the same chasis and suspenion. Same sets of powertrains. Same cab and bed configurations. Same old. Same old.

I would tell anybody that I really enjoy my Tundra but as most you know because I posted my truck before I have a customized exterior so a new and improved interior is not enough to make me buy what I already have.

I told people a while back that I had a feeling and why I had a bad feeling that this this would be the case but they were not ready to here it @ Tundra HQ I hate to say I told you so but I told you so. I think you guys were not ready to here the truth.


Your funny!

I see Tundra's at construction sites...

I see Tundra's pulling trailers with contractor sings on their sides...

I see farmers driving Tundra's...

I see Tundra's on the highways...

I see Tundra's pulling race cars and trailers to the local road course and tracks...

I see Tundra's pulling horse trailers...

You must be so blind by the big 3 propaganda to not notice things like this...

In fact we have 2 Tundra's in our neighborhood, one a cop drives and another that pulls the kids local bike race enclosed trailer...

Good to see we still have the adolescent posters like nip, sandman, rick and couple of others who either spew nonsense or mis-truths. How sad.

@ Bryan,

What the heck are you talking about?

This Tundra has huge improvements. Just because the chassis is carryover does not mean this is a new pickup!

You guys are so lame and ignorant to what a vehicle is...

The cab and interior alone probably reflect more than half of the parts and content of a pickup. It is more difficult to engineer the cab and interior as well as sheetmetal than the easy chassis...

Also think about employee training for the new interior, plenty of new training involved, etc...

I am sure Toyota will update the engines and chassis in the coming years to focus on the interior and exterior for now and when those become reliable like the current generation then it will be easy to incorporate new engines and chassis...

Does this full size 4 door still only come with a stupid 5 foot bed?

They said no changes for cab configurations, therefore assuming it is true it comes with 5.5' bed in the CrewMax which is pictured above, 6.5' or 8' bed in the DoubleCab (4 door, but more like extended cab dimensions) and 6.5' or 8' bed in Regular Cab.

I think many wished for a 6.5' CrewMax, especially since now even GM twins offer one if I remember correctly from their launch in December?

@ balrog: For now, the CrewMax seems to be only available with a 5'6" bed. But since Ram and GM have announced a crew-cab half-ton 6.5' bed for their 2013 and 2014 models, respectively (not to mention Ford having this configuration since 2006), it's almost certain that Toyota will follow suit in the next few months.
Hopefully they'll still offer the Double Cab (extended cab) with an 8' bed, too. I've always thought an extended cab with a full 8' bed gives you the most truck for your money if you don't care about how long it is.

Ride in the back seat of a tundra and it'll make you cough up your lunch. Its bouncy as hell and the ride is terrible.

Anyone who says otherwise has never ridden in one in the back seat.Towing is even worse with violent bucking back there.

I owned a tundra and by far its the worst truck I ever owned.I fell for the toyota quality myth and thats all it is is a myth.

Not sure who hyped the toyota quality but evidently you haven't seen toyota has had more recalls in the last 4 yrs then anyone and toyota has set aside billions for lawsuits for acc issues and rust issues and quality issues.

cr is a joke at best.I think i'll rely on auto magazines for a unbiased opinion instead of the usual toyota cr laugh fest.

What is toyota trying to do with the new unibrow across the hood. .Horrible looking and with that kmart blue light special grill that should pretty much put the fork in it it's done!

Am I the only one that sees the Ridgeline in the front end?

@blueovalblood, NO.

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