Video: 2014 Toyota Tundra Walkaround

2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition II

Toyota had three 2014 Tundras at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show for us to check out; unfortunately, not all of them were available for us to climb inside of when we shot this video. In fact, the silver Limited — highlighted at the press conference and at the webcast panel discussion — was the only new truck we were able to get inside and touch. 

We can't tell how disappointing that was given the fact the two newest and most exciting trim packages Tundra will now offer (the classy Platinum in the video and saddle-leathered 1794) were not finished before the show. No doubt we'll have more details about both of the all-new interiors as we hear and see more from Toyota in the coming months.

Production for the new trucks is set to begin at the end of July at Toyota’s San Antonio plant. For now, here's our quick walk-around Toyota's 2014 Tundra.


@paul - hard to believe you. I know a couple who have a Tundra and pull a 10,000 lb camper trailer. They have a couple of little kids too. I wonder where they ride? Strapped to the hood? and he drives transport trucks for a living. They love the truck. I do not know a single person with a Tundra that has any of the complaints posted on this site. The only real complaint has been a rougher ride than the competition, especially empty and especially with the TRD OffRoad package.

What I did not like about the Tundra was it rode rougher, cost considerably more money, and did not have options I wanted.
That is why I purchased an F150 SuperCrew 6.5 box 4x4. It was the only truck that approached the Tundra in quality (JD Power and CR Reports).

Toyota needs to realize that if you want to sell a large number of pickups, you need to offer a large number of configurations. Ford was the first to really go wild on a variety of trims and configurations. Ram followed suit and has taken off in sales. GMC took a while to clue in and lost sales because of it. Toyota has always offered a limited number of options and that has hurt them.
I also suspect that one thing that hurts them is the fact that they are a Japanese company. I've seen too many posts that confirm that belief.

Liked the honest comments at the end. Really looking forward to the "showdown".

Over the past 13 years, I've owned 5 Tundra pickups, driven coast to coast, and have probably attended more Toyota truck shows than anyone here. I've been on both sides of the sales desk, and have talked with more Toyota dealerships than most regional reps. Toyota has made great strides over the years with this truck, first by listening to their owners, and then by safely delivering the rock-solid 1/2 ton pickup that we asked for.

Everyone learned a few short weeks ago that Toyota was going to debut the next generation redesigned Tundra at the Chicago auto show. Like many loyal owners, I’m thinking, finally, we’re going to be treated to a new redesigned pickup with many more options and a new power train.

But before I comment of what was actually unveiled, please read this comment in Toyota’s press release: “Toyota prides itself on listening to its customers and the development of the 2014 American-born Tundra is a perfect example,” said Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager, Toyota Division. “

The 2014 Tundra pickup shown the other day, sadly, has the same power train as the 2007 pickup. Overall the exterior cab is nearly identical as earlier years. Sure the front grill was refreshed, the rear bumper is beefier looking, and the tail gate looks stolen from a Dodge RAM. But I'm not here today to complain about the pickups exterior design elements.

This is misguided Tundra refresh, that has substituted interior leather and some massaged exterior sheet metal for what's really important to pickup truck buyers. The efforts put into this Tundra should not have been about what leather we sit on, or what sheet metal surrounds us.

It should have been about what moves us.

Any redesigned pickup should start with the power train, not the leather seats. Unfortunately in 2007 the mechanical engineers went out for cocktails and apparently never came back. Any redesigned pickup should also be supported and largely welcomed by its current ownership; but nearly every owner I speak with agrees that this one is just a bomb.

It seems Toyota has retreated to, of all places, the suburbs to try to win the battle of the wallet with well-heeled customers who aren't concerned about the power train or gas mileage, only the leather interior and fancy grill. And in doing so, Toyota has angered nearly all of their Tundra owners.


More than half of a vehicles parts contents and the most complexity comes from the cab and interior followed by the exterior...

Toyota got the difficult stuff re-engineered and the easy chassis/engine will come around in the next few years...

Looks like Tundra owners were happy with the engine/chassis...

Engines and chassis are easy developments but Toyota chose to re-engineer the most difficult and most parts content, the interior first before the rest of the truck...

They just did the same thing with the Tacoma and boom, sales up well over 20%!

Just sayin and thinking out loud. Makes you wonder if Toyota knew a lot of people were ignoring the old model and waiting the new model and this Pile of TuRD was an intentional stepchild. Toyota didn't have the upper levels done yet, probably again intentional. Toyota probably won't make many 2014's knowing only a blind loyalist would buy it. Toyota figured they would introduce this nightmare thinking all those waiting would see that they would be a lot happier buying a 2013 and not having to admit they had a 2014. This would clear the lots of the 2013 Tundras and Toyota could make a completely new truck for 2015 and not have to worry about having to fire sale the 2013's. I'll bet the 2015's will be a lot better looking and have other needed changes and thus will make a big jump in sales.

I just don't see what's wrong with the current power trains except the V6 is a bit outdated, but the 5.7 and 4.6 are still rather new motors and they plenty technologically advanced. Ford used the 5.4 for about 12 years before going to a new motor and the 5.0 is just up to par in terms of advancement comparing it to the 5.7., but still not as powerful. I'm sure Toyota will tweak in the coming years for a bit more power or economy.

Nice Tundra does it come with a purse?

Lon&oxi, both of your comments are right on the $, and I would agree with both of you, and would go so far as tell you what toyota missed, and that would be the frame, even the tacoma has a boxed frame doesn't it? and as far as the drivetrain, I see nothing realy wrong with it, but for the fact, toyota has a 3/4t drivetrain in a 60's-70's 1/2t frame as opposed to the comp., all they need is a frame, and a new body design, (but that is only my taste in design), but they seem to have all the other points right, but the frame, I can not ever remembering any 1/2t truck having so much twist in their frames, even the old F-150 8'bed reg cab did not have as much, and I know, my eyes are not deceiving me when I see the scatches, and in some extream instances, marks left in tundras I see metal? under the cab rear window, just like in the days when the F-150's had an open channel frame, it was just like that! The trucks are all engine, trans and brakes of a HD with a noodle for a frame, and the new interior looks like my F-150's,a lot, so the interior looks a lot better, even the seats are the same! but the sheetmetal and grill (unibrow) need some more work, but that is only my opinion, I was quite amused when I help my cousin put his new wheels on his reg cab 6' bed tundra, 33"x18 with wheels painted the color of the truck, looks real nice, and with only one jack, when we put the rears on one at a time, it was unbelievable how much of a differnce the space was from one side of the truck to the other where the bed meets the back of the cab, you could put a thumb in one side, but not even a pencil in the other!, and that is a 6' bed!!! and we could (or should I say I, as my cousin knew I was bustin) open the tailgate, but it would not close! so I am not talking about stories I have read about it, or some video that you have no idea if it is realy true, I have seen it with my own two eyes! and did I ever let him know about it! and what did he do? he tried to let the jack down, before I pulled my thumb out! then I did the same thing with his jack on my little old Dakota, and I could open and close the tailgate, and the gap between the bed and cab? no change! toyota needs a new frame in the tunrda! before they spend a dime on anything else! other than that, the truck is as good as the engine in it! it all depends on how you like the way it looks, to each their own!


I have to side w/Lon on this one as some of the Tundra Forums show that about only 1/3 like the new gen completely as the rest either think it's just a refresh and not worth them trading in what they already have. Some also think the new one is a Tundra with Ram HD's like nose and a big F-Series type chrome grill on it and, and Some people think it has GM like body lines and fenders. Then to finish it off they gave it a Ram like tailgate. The new interior reminds some people of Ford as well. Some people just don't like it because it reminds them of other trucks made into one. That would be some of what I have been reading.

I would've liked to see more too but the reality is the 5.7 is more than competitive and the interior looks be a good upgrade.

The 1749 edition looks strange with hood treatment but the silver crewmax that's been in a lot of the pictures looks pretty good IMO.

And enough with the frame already. The truck is in to its 7th year and the frames haven't folded.

It's probably not my first choice but it would be in the mix.

Every other model year their Japanese designers take a crack at the tundra and end up making it look bad and this is one of those years. The last one looked really cool.

Either way, they lost me as a buyer.

I heard the front seat will have extended travel, I'm 6'8" and I've sat in all the trucks, the Tundra did have the most leg room and if they've added more travel this may be my ticket to a comfortable truck. I really like the Dodge but the pedals are way to close and no room to extend my legs out at all. The Ford and Nissan have the second most room with Dodge next and Chevy being the worst for front seat room.

Not bad, better than the previous model. I'm having a hard time getting past the look of the chrome strip on the front of the hood. To me the Platinum looks much better for that reason alone. The interior is a huge improvement. I personally don't like the looks of the Tundra unless they're jacked with custom wheels & larger tires and those days are gone for me.

Quote (Am I the only one that sees the Ridgeline in the front end?)

Yah I definitely see the Ridgeline, especially in the Platinum

I think the interior looks pretty good. The black one doesn't look too bad with the body color surround on the grill, but that nose on the 1794 reeks of some poorly done Frankenstein hybrid of the Ram and the Super Duty.

Rocky: have you ever sat in an Avalanche? I am 6' sn i could not reach the pedals in mine with the seat all the way back! and I am told that it and the Tahoe are the most favored in the NBA just for that reason, even more so the Escalade EXT !

Ok..I am beginning to like the new exterior. It will especially look good on the few regular cabs they sell.

I love my Tundra, and really wish they had done more here. Seriously, how hard would it be to have created something like a rambox. Or maybe replaced the pathetic base engine (which, I think, still is premium gas). They are good, reliable trucks, and when I go to a quarry or bulk mulch dealer I get respectful comments from the guys who put heavy loads in trucks all day long. I suspect those folks learn what hauls and holds up and what does not.

BUT I think Toyota threw in the towel here.. it seems they are content to be a small niche player in a big big market....

I'm not surprised Toyota hasn't made many changes. They are using the typical Toyota forumla.

Yes, Toyota's are reliable, but they are not inspiring. You pay a premium for nothing substaintial.

I do agree with Lon, when we get a "new" ute it is generally new from the ground up. There are some with reskins, new powertrains.

This vehicle isn't new, some you guys do concentrate on the less significant aspects of vehicle design and consider it a great stride.

Changing a dashboard and interior with a reskin isn't a great step forward.

But, when is all said and done, we don't know what they have done to the suspension, or drivetrain.

I'm hoping that a diesel option will be available, like the old 4.5 V8 diesel. If Ford can use the 3.2 in a Transit and meet your CAFE/EPA regulations the V8 diesel could be an option.

If Toyota can have the diesel it will take sales away from HDs. It would be a good tow vehicle and nearly tow the same as HDs. Especially with a realistic suspension setting on the truck.

The reason I say that is because of what appears to be a bonnet scoop for an intercooler on the leading edge of the hood. The V8 has the potential to develop near on 300hp and 600ftlb of torque, very usable.

Look at how we use our mid sizers and the loads they can move. The Tundra is much larger and could compete with HDs.

The guys complaining about the suspension being to stiff, well don't ever buy a mid sizer that we have in Australia. We they are supposed to be a truck to carry weight.

Pickups have to have comprises and a stiffer suspension is one aspect I do consider as part of owning one.

Some on this site must realise that Toyota probably has more expertise designing light commercials than any US manufacturer. Just look outside of your borders and look at where your commercial vehicle technology is coming from recently.

After this redesign, Toyota will have to change their strategy and start updating this Tundra throughout the life cycle as Ford and Ram is currently doing. If they wait another seven years for another major change, I fear it will become another Titan.

I agree 100% with Mark, that we will take this as a great start and patiently wait for more updates in the next few years. Just like for did in 09 with the F-150 and new engine line up for 2011 and how Ram is doing at the moment. Hopefully even conservative Toyota is on board with this. We will see.

@blueovalblood, NO.

The responses from the Tundra fans are typical when ever there are substantial changes to the looks. The same comments were being made on the 2014 Chevy threads.

The thing that I find the most amazing is the fact that Tundra guys are moaning about the fact that Toyota did not make any significant changes to the frame or drivetrains.
That has raised some flags in my mind.
The same guys that were saying the Tundra 5.7 drivetrain was a catalyst for huge change when it hit the market, the same drivetrain that was also just as modern and competitive as the competition after all those years.
Now, somehow, Toyota has let those guys down for not upgrading it.
Is it a great drivetrain or is it not????
Frame - I have never heard of any Tundra fans complain about the frame. But now Toyota let loyal fans down for not changing it.
Another WTF?
The interior always seemed to be a sore point with many but now people are saying Toyota should of focused their attention eslewhere?
The looks have always polarized clients. It was love or hate. Now it is mostly hate?
I do think Toyota did listen to customers. The 5.7 and the drivetrain with it is a great combination.
Why change it?
The 4.6 is also a decent engine but is overshadowed by its big brother, I don't see a need to change it.
The 4.0 is woefully inadequate even in the Tacoma, but how many Tundra owners leave the sales lot with that engine under the hood?

People hate big changes in looks.
Ford figured that one out decades ago.

It needs to go, if for no other reason than bad PR.

Toyota listened - the 5.7 drivetrain is the best part of the truck.
That part stayed the same.

Sales figures will tell the rest of the story.


Seriously, you either don't know what your talking about or just regurgitating nonsense you heard/read elsewhere. I'm on my 3rd Tundra (been driving them since 02 when I switched from GM trucks). As far as rides go, it rides like most pick-ups. The only trucks I've driven that has been consistently smoother are the Rams. As far as towing, my 2012 RW DC tows like a dream. Smooth ride and it's easy to forget there is even a load back there. The ride actually smooths out quite a bit when towing so your observation is either patently false or you don't know what you're talking about. Recall wise Toyota has no worse a track record than any of the other truck makers. What's funny is the fact that when it comes to dependability and resale value, Toyota trucks are at the top of the pack. If you want to dislike the Tundras for aesthetic reasons, more power to you. But most of your post is basically made up nonsense.

Toyota has a chassis already designed for the Landcruiser and for that matter almost a whole vehicle. The only difference is the engines, the Landcruiser only comes with V8s, diesel or petrol. I do think the Landcruiser is an attractive vehicle.

The C section chassis would be cheaper to produce, but for rigidity reasons and better ride/handling. You would have thought Toyota would have gone to a hollow section chassis. Even after reading about the shuttering of the rear end, you would think it is more than a suspension re-tune.

Toyota could have improved the engines considering they are quite new. But is this the last of the Tundra's?

I can't fathom why their is such resistance to change in the body style by NA pickup buyers. A very conservative group of people, but we don't appear to use our mid sizers as a measure for masculinity. They are more for transport and utility.

We have the 4 litre V6 in the Hilux and the preferred engine is a very outdated 3 litre diesel. The 4 litre must be not up to scratch.

We have the 2.7 liter petrol Hiluxes at work and my diesel will out perform them and it weighs 700lbs more and it returns much better fuel economy.

I hope the teaming up with BMW will get Toyota moving in the right direction with their engine lineup. Or they will lose their market lead. BMW make some nice 3 litre diesels.

The global market is more competitive, so I guess newer and better products are more frequent, especially now where the life of a model is less than 10 years. Toyota is also losing out in this department with their Hilux's.


The 5.7L is a great engine but has been passed by so Toyota could have done more as in D4 or D4S injection as Toyota stripped D4S from the engine to get the 5.7L iforce in the first place. They could have added Valvematic but they didnt so let's see if the Titan gets the new 5.6L with direct injection and VVEL. They could have added an 8-speed auto but let's see if Nissan adds the 7-speed auto. They could have added a lower air dam for the front bumper like theother half tons but they didn't. They could have added the larger fuel tank option that they promissed but they didn't. They could have added more configurations but they didn't.

I don't blem upset 2nd Gen owners one bit they already own 90% of the new 3rd Gen Tundra. We all saw the Ford concept, the refreshed Ram 1500 and even the new GMT's which got new trims, updated engines, updated aerodynamics (exterior), more configurations, updated chassis, cosmetic updated interior, updated interior physical demensions and promissed a new transmision to appear later. Then their is what Tundra owners got cosmetic changes interior and exterior and nothing promissed.

Now if you own a Tundra and like the new changes by all means go check it out also if you didn't own one but you like the new changes go check it out but let's not slam Current 2nd Gen Tundra owners who say I already own more than 90% of the new 3rd Gen Tundra when they bought their 2nd Gen Tundra. This is not keeping up with the Joneses. Since the only changes were cosmetic lets not slam the they guys who like the old one better as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

you know if you wanted the ultimate 1/2 ton you need only take this new body style and bolt up the TRD Supercharger and there you have it. NOTHING will touch it, period.

@: AD formerly 5.3L LOL - I'm not slamming Tundra owners, up until the release of this truck the 5.7 drivetrain was talked about with the utmost reverance and everyone downplayed any issues (actual or percieved) with the frame.
Now Tundra guys are saying they should of updated it?
It just seems to be a self-contradiction.
I do agree that Toyota should of did more than a body redesign and upgrade some interiors.
Some of the flack is to be expected with any redesign.

They would of been better off releasing a truck with a hydroformed boxed frame with a 6.5 box option,some tweeks to the 4.6 and 5.7, throw in a integrated trailer brake, a bigger fuel tank and left the rest alone. That is basically what Ford did in 2011 with their new engines.

This was their choice, and they said they listened to their customers.
That may be true or a case of hearing only what they want to hear.
Ford, GMC, and Chrysler will gladly sell the disenfranchised and disheartened a new truck.

The Toyota team with the interview with Mark said that they will not release anything new unless it meets customers expectations for reliablity etc. Does Toyota have some sort of plan for rolling out a new truck in sections? or were they just playing a game of smoke and mirrors?
I'm more inclined to thing that the creaky dinosaur that is Toyota's heirarchy is just moving too slow.
That will bite them in the ass since every company, whether it be USA, Europe, or Asian based are out to win market share globally and in the USA. A prime example is VW. Their plan is global #1 and they are several years ahead of schedule.

I hear too many compalints about the frame. First, the earlier models with the rust fiasco. Then on the current model with the harsh ride and bed bounce. The Tundra frame does not have a good reputation.

@ Big Al from Oz,

I like my 2.7 liter petrol engine from Toyota in my Tacoma...

It is a solid sized 4-cylinder and still iron-cast block but the beauty is the reliability and that was the biggest selling point of the Tacoma with me...

That engine mated with a 5-speed manual and 4.10's in the rear is a solid combination for the off-roading I do and with the 5-speed, getting up to speed in the city is no problem...

I would rather have a strong and reliable engine than some fancy bigger engine full of problems! 4-cylinders offer lower operating costs and are easier to work on, keys for hard-core expedition off-roading!

And really here in the U.S., nobody makes a 4-cylinder powered pickup than can really off-road as the Tacoma can!

They had a spy shot of the 2014 Tundra winter testing in Canada but can someone tell me WTF they were winter testing since all the mechanicals are the current truck?

Please Do Not sat the new gauge cluster?

Did you all ride the short bus to skewl?
How do you vapid twits even earn enough money to afford a pickup truck?
I personally want the 6+ foot bed crew cab so the Tundra is out. At least they cleaned up the design so it is not so goofy looking.

I think the current Tundra turns a lot of men off because of its childish looks both inside and out...This one looks like grown thinking men will consider it now. My husband is going with the 2014 GMC Sierra which I think is going to sell very well on its looks and structural integrity.

Hemilol: I would like you to at least look at the small co. in N.J. that takes GM products and gets lots of power out of them, it is called SLP an there are at least one other, where you can send, or bring you late md. GM car or truck, with an LS engine, and they will put a blower on top, with all the brakes and susp, mods you could pay for, and you could do this with a lowly L reg cab W/T 4x4 for about 36K, and come away with a truck that will have over 500RWHP, and have AWD if you want, there a plenty of them running around, and the owners are very happey with them, and the co. that does the work will have a warrantee on the drivetrain. The other co. is Callaway, ever hear of them?

@ Lou

I am not one of the Tundra owners that is unsatisfied with the 5.7L or the current frame.

The 2nd-gen Tundra frame perception is due to very effective propoganda from the competition. Like it has been said before, Ford led this charge by comparing it to the F150, but they use the same basic design for their HD.

I have posted links on here where a former Tundra owner/current Super Duty owed showed places where the Tundra frame was actually THICKER than the SD.

The Tundra does ride a little stiff when empty or not towing--that is what a real TRUCK is supposed to do. In short, the whole frame issue is a red herring. I just think some owners wanted it changed to deflect the spoutings of the ignorant masses.

I still think that the Tundra's drivetrain is the best gas powered one in the business.

I think that some folks/fans were just hoping for some radical changes when that may not necessarily be any more profitable for Toyota at this time.

For me it's a disappointment. Toyota really had an opportunity to step up to the plate and offer something new and different and they didn't. This is not a segment where you can do that. The interior changes are nice and the new features are ok, but the exterior is something hard for me to swallow. The lack of technical and mechanical upgrades is the biggest issue however. Toyota really should have taken the opportunity to introduce a sophisticated hybrid version of the Tundra or converted one of their Hino engines. Remember the Tundra dually from a few years back?

As I've already said I like Toyota. I've had a dozen or so Toyota trucks but I needed something new and different to bring me back. It reminds of the T100 when they stubbornly refused to put a substantial engine in that truck. When the Eco-boost came out I felt like banging my head against a wal because this is the sort of thing Toyota should have done (an Ecoboost like engine probably would have made the T100 a success). Even when the 1st generation tundra came out they were reluctant about a v8. For whatever reason Toyota is downright stubborn in this segment. It's a shame...

I just cant see my self buying one of these over the F-150. The Tundra is a nice truck and the interior looks like a huge step above the blatantly cheap and cheesy interior on the current Tundra. The 5.7 is a nice enough engine, and so is the 4.6. Even the base 4.0 V6 is class competitive. Toyota needs to make gains in fuel economy and make use of more innovative features to draw in more truck buyers.

Dav - I think that the whole frame thing is for the most part, a red herring. It has turned into a PR problem for Toyota. I hear about the bed bounce thing over and over again on the net but in real life, I don't know any Tundra owners that have complained about it. My truck rides nicer with some weight in the box too.

GMC did the same thing to Ford with their HD's. They come out with a boxed frame and then tried to make Ford HD's look bad. No one cares about it in HD's because Ford is Ford and has a loyal following. Toyota on the otherhand gets hammered by everyone.

I made my post because I found it odd that Tundra guys went from loving the drivetrain to saying they were disapointed because Toyota didn't change it.

@AD formerly 5.3L LOL - you raise a valid point with your comment about the spy shot. Winter testing...... Why? To see if the plastic in the interior will crack? or the body panels will freeze and fall off?
I think that Toyota is playing a waiting game. The Ram 8 speed will show up with revised HP and MPG numbers, GMC will finally release their numbers, Ford will do the typical version 2.1 ECU reflash and magic spring dust announcement, and then Toyota (hopefully) will unveil some engine/drivetrain upgrades for the Tundra.


Thanks Ford Ranger, Dodge Dakota and GM Colorado for being lousy competitors! Toyota is slowing its developments in the Tacoma because you guys suck!

Posted by: oxi | Jul 29, 2011 7:23:58 PM

As far as a total redesign, sorry another 3 years thanks to the lack of competition in this segment. Wayy to go Ford, GM and that other brand!

Posted by: oxi | Jul 29, 2011 7:36:10 PM

There isn't any evidence of Toyota slowing redesigns because of the lack of competion. Toyota is slowing all of their redesigns, competion notwithstanding, see Tundra. Toyota is slowing because of lack of sales.

"As for a redesign, my understanding was 2015 but it's been pushed back to 2017 or 2018 because of the economy."

Posted by: Mike Levine | Jul 29, 2011 7:55:30 PM

Toyota's real redesign was pushed back to 2017/2018 (2018/2019 model years), but keep blaming Ford/Ram/GM if that makes you feel better.

Toyota have the Landcruiser chassis/suspension to use. I think this would improve the vehicle quite a bit.

I appears that Toyota only want to hang on it's existing customer base and not expand. Unless they reduce prices significantly like they have done with the Hilux here to remain competitive.

I do think Toyota make a good product, but I also wouldn't buy one because it is overrated and valued.

I recent times Toyota has had its share of bad publicity and this will have a toll on it's percieved reliability record.

Toyota made a name in the 80s when it was the first to build respectable Japanese vehicles, but other manufacturers have caught up and in some cases overtaken them, even some Korean vehicles.

The other consideration is Toyota is waiting until 2015 when CAFE/EPA changes come into full.

@ lou

for the record i HAVE worked my truck hard with more load than it should have and towed more than it should have and i'm hear to tell you the frame on the Tundra needs NOTHING! that frame works flawlessly! Also the crew max ride quality it great and i think it rides as well as anyone elses truck. maybe people make the comment for sales reasons. ford did such a good job of marketing the box frame as a good idea that people that truly dont understand engineering will easily believe the box is better/stronger when in fact its simply not true at all. I agree they need a 6.5 ft. bed on the crew max. the ITBC from what i understand will be there on the 14 as well as the larger fuel tank. I dont believe Toyota has shown their whole hand just yet.

@ sandman4x4

you just dont get it do you? with a tundra the TRD Supercharger IS a factory piece meaning Toyota R&D'd it so that it integrates with everything on the truck properly. Sure i've heard of Callaway, Lingenfelter, ASC Mclaren ect. ect. ect. that is STILL AFTERMARKET and will not have the same reliability as a factory tested/ designed piece that is covered under the FACTORY warranty. There is NOTHING you can do or say that would change the fact that the 5.7 DOHC iforce engine is FAR and away superior to the old pushrod GM motors. dont forget i OWN an 86 Grand National so i dont need you to tell me about the difference between the OHV and DOHC engines. the DOHC is better is every single way they are just more expensive to design and build than an OHV.

@ bryan

lack of sales? are you blind? Toyota sold 250,000 trucks last year. Ram sold 293,000 last year and GM and ford sold about 650,000. PLEASE explain to everyone how in the WORLD you say Toyota has a lack of truck sales when they only build a tacoma and a tundra half ton with VERY VERY LITTLE in the way of fleet sales. MEANWHILE with fleet sales to large manufacturers and rental companies AND given the fact that they sell 1500,2500,3500,4500, & 5500 commercial vehicles and they ONLY managed to outsell Toyota by 40,000 units? seriously? IF you dog Toyota for lack of truck sales you better throw Ram right in there with em. Fact is in the next couple years your going to see Toyota surpass Ram in truck sales.

To everyone who seems to think Toyota doesnt get it on how and when to redesign vehicles.................. The Camry has been the top selling sedan 15 of the last 16 YEARS. they sold OVER 400,000 Camry's last year. I think its funny how some of you people on here seem to think Toyota doesnt understand trucks, they have OWNED the small truck market for years because of how well they're built. Do you REALLY think that going to a bigger truck means they dont get it? FYI have ANY of you ever heard of Hino? or for that matter driven one? ask someone who drives one and you'll hear they are one of the nicest most reliable comfortable truck you can buy and guess what? Hino is Toyota's Heavy Duty company. Fun note; every FJ Cruiser is assembled in a Hino plant.

@ sandman 4x4

BTW the frame on the Tacoma is EXACTLY the same style as the Tundra................. but since noone made marketing propaganda against it and it works wonderfully no one complains. the difference is with the Tundra you have Ford build a frame that cost 40% LESS than the Tundra frame and then market that its better and the american "sheeple" follow right along for the ride because ford's marketing dept. did a great job spinning it in their favor.

Hemi, Go back and read the artiles from 2008 to 2011. Toyota brazenly predicted 200,000 in sales in 2007 and came close with 197,000. But Tundra sales are down 50% from 2007 and Tacoma down 40% from 2007 to 2011.


"slowing Tundra sales are all said to have combined to cancel those plans at least for the time being...Sources say Toyota doesn't think enough diesel-equipped Tundras would be sold to be profitable"

"We've pushed back the [Tundra diesel] until we can figure out where the market is going," Esmond said, citing the dramatic slowdown in full-size truck sales thanks to the poor economy and high fuel prices.

While Toyota waits for the recovery, the company is moving its truck staff to other vehicle programs.

"We're prioritizing engineering resources assigned to the Tundra elsewhere," Esmond said.

The company is currently re-evaluating all its truck programs..."

I'll also add that in 09, it was reported that Volkeswagon would need to sell at least 100,000 Amaroks to be profitable. Toyota sold as few as 79,385 Tundras that year. Hence, Toyota truck development got pushed back to 2018.

More articles on slowing sales.....

Toyota Committed to Tundra Despite Slowing Sales
Last year, Toyota sold 79,385 Tundra pickups, down from 196,555 in 2007, a drop off of almost 60%.

Tacoma dropped off 36% in that same time period.

Article on the cancelled compact:
“We have a lot of top priorities right now, and A-BAT isn’t one of them,” Bob Carter, Toyota Motor Sales USA vice president and general manager, said at the New York auto show. “The market has changed dramatically over the last 12 months. We always keep reprioritizing

Lastly, one more article on Toyota Tundra 3/4 and 1 ton trucks being shelved due to market conditions (poor sales)....

This adds credence to Mike Levine's post as to the why the development was pushed back to 2018 - sales.

"As for a redesign, my understanding was 2015 but it's been pushed back to 2017 or 2018 because of the economy."

Posted by: Mike Levine | Jul 29, 2011 7:55:30 PM

It seems like Toyota is moving resources and cancelling truck programs and updates all on their OWN. But like I said before, keep blaming Ford/Ram/GM for the lack of updates if that makes you feel better.

Here is the drop off in plain site.

49% vs 7%...

Tundra 196,000
Tundra 101,621
49% drop

F-series 690,589
F-series 645,316
7% drop

As for Ram vs Tundra, you're adding in Tacomas to make Tundra sales look better. Last year Toyota sold 101,621 Tundras, less than half the 293,363 Ram pickups that Chrysler sold.

Toyota spent a billion dollars to redesign the 2007 Tundra. If the sales aren't there they just aren't going to put the money into a complete redesign. Hence why Toyota did the bare minimum.

Another recent article on Toyota's Tundra sales.....and why they only did a bigger grille and more options instead of a redesign. The reason: slowing sales.

I really hope Toyota gets their features ane engineering right on the next Tundra.I will be the first to stand up and applaud. - Mike Levine

I didn't see Mike applauding the 2014 Tundra. Toyota updated some features but left the engineering alone. Hopefully in 2017 they'll get to some of that.


The resident Toyota hater!

Now why did Ford drop the Ranger and Fiat the Dakota again?

Could not compete in this segment could they?

@ bryan

OH so its ok if Ram includes 5 MODELS to total there truck sales. BUT that is the "total" amount of trucks they sold.......... the Total trucks that toyota sold is what i published. i included all models for GM as well, bet you didnt figure that out huh.

Toyota doesnt aim at fleet sales which if you looked it up youll see that there is probably 20% of fseries, and ram, and Gm trucks are fleet.

Your sadly mistaken if you think that Toyota doesnt have something up their sleeve and furthermore the total incoming profits from the tacoma and tundra are profits that go to R&D for the next trucks just the same way all 5 models do for Ram and Ford. You keep quoting slumping sales and i laugh harder and harder EVERY time you do. Guess which truck had the highest growth last year? Tacoma did at over 30% guess which one was second at 28%??????????? Tundra! "Tell him what he's won BOB!"

The "REAL" reason the diesel didnt launch in 2010 is because the governments cafe standards and emissions standards make it very hard to put a diesel in a half ton pickup. the diesel Toyota has didnt pass the emissions standard for a half ton. OH DID YOU NOTICE that noone else has launched a diesel in a half ton either? Yes Toyota is a Conservative company and yes they may have drawn back 4 YEARS AGO to decide where that market was going and THAT is why you saw sales go down. Last thing you quote fseries sales and they consistently have 5 to 10k in rebates and discounts so of course they sold more, however that doesnt make them the best. Mcdonalds Dam sure dont have the best burger, but they sure sell the most dont they? The Tundra holds its value much better than the Ford, GM, and Ram per KBB and Edmunds and JD power says its the most dependable 7 years in a row. Toyota just isnt pushing it that hard to make those extra sales. When people that dont blindly bash the truck and give it a chance they change and then they tell someone. then maybe they get one and so on.... you'll see in the next 10 years just how much more ground they cover, mark my words.

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