We're Headed to the 2013 Chicago Auto Show

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We're on our way to Cars.com's headquarters in Chicago to have a few meetings with the bosses and prep for the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, which is held in McCormick Place and open to the public Saturday-Feb. 18.

Promoted as one of the largest auto shows serving one of the largest populations in the U.S., the Chicago show always has been a place where different manufacturers can speak out a little louder and offer showgoers quite a few interactive opportunities.

Both Toyota and Chrysler will have massive displays to allow enthusiastic consumers a chance to get behind the wheel of one of their favorite cars, SUVs, crossovers, hybrids or trucks. And from what we understand, there should be some diesel news (unfortunately, only on the car side) and some Ram van news. Toyota also will be making a pretty big deal about the world debut of its 2014 Tundra, which hasn't been touched since its introduction in 2007.

PickupTrucks.com will be trying out some new technology that should allow you to watch the press events in real time (or very soon thereafter). Additionally, we'll also be directly involved with the Tundra's post-debut panel discussion as we moderate a closer look at the new Tundra with three of Toyota's key players in the full-size truck's development.

If we find more information we think you might like, we'll be sure to pass it along but keep your eyes open for our updates, several videos and any other stories we might find at the show.





Why is it called the windy city?

A new Tundra will add some good competition. I hope you finally get some details on the GM twins too. I'm looking forward to the updates!

Because its budget is blown away into politicians pockets year after year

I'm looking forward to news about the GM twins myself.I'm hoping the new 4.3L will be offered.

"Toyota also will be making a pretty big deal about the world debut of its 2014 Tundra"
I guess their truck will have some white LED strips on the headlights, copied from Audi.

Please ask Toyota if we can expect the new power train to show up in the Tacoma? And when will it be in the Tacoma?

That is if there is an updated V6 like we are speculating.

Also if the "new" or update V6 is only mated to a 6speed auto, why? Seems like the big three will be moving to 8 or 9 speed autos

1.When will GMC release the specs on their new trucks?
2. When will we see a "new" Tundra and not a refresh labled "new"?
3. When will we see a "new" Tacoma (as per #2)?
4. Is the F150 actually going to get bigger in physical dimensions but shrink in mass?
5. Who will be first to release a diesel 1/2 ton?

ford n toyota r saving cost by doing major refresh on their trucks and calling it new.

just say a glimpse of the tundra n it does look like it followed suite like the tacoma.. physically... new front fascia n rear.. its meaner looking then the current....

uh huh, Ford did an update in 2009, but since then they've replaced all the engines, updated the interiors, added technology features, etc. They'll be due for an exterior update in 2015, which by the looks of the Atlas concept I'm interested in.

Toyota seems to have been making the same truck since 2007, with very little updating. Even though that works for the Taco, but there's no competition. I want to like the Tundra but there's not much there. Toyota is still being a little conservative with the design from what it looks like.

When is GM going to announce power numbers for there new engines?!?!?!??!

I don't see much happening here in the way of trucks...cars yes.

@Truckguy & Gregory--Go to Chicago in Jan thru Feb and you will know why. The winds off the lake blow everything in its path. I was in Chicago teaching a class in Feb 2004 and it was cold and windy. So windy it was hard to walk down the street and garbage cans were blowing everywhere.

truck guy and Jeff S.

Chicago is very windy, but that's not the reason its called the windy city.

Chicago is called the windy city, according to most local legends, because of the hot air bellowing from politicians and creating wind.

Junner...you are correct. The nickname has absolutely nothing to do with the actual wind.

Jeff S...you must have been there during an unusually windy time as the average wind speed in Chicago is lower than the national average.

I don't think GM will release any concrete engine info. Little bits and pieces maybe. I think they want to keep them in hiding for as long as they can because of competition.

I think the longer GM delays the release of the specs, the better they will be. If the numbers are good, people will wait until late this year to buy a 2014. They need to sell down a lot of inventory through this year, so they must know what they are holding is going to make people wait. That's good news for GM buyers. Think about how different the Ford release was in 2010. They were already giving test drives months prior to opening their order banks. It's interesting how they vary their marketing techniques.

GM has my undivided attention now.I like what I see with the 2014 Silverado,but I'm really more interested in the Colorado.

I would like to know anything about 1/2 ton diesels. Sure they may be expensive due to emission equipment and regulations ,but i would buy one.

@GregoryJ, Ford810.
That does make sense. If they can wait out Ram with their 8 speed, Tundra with their "new" truck, and Ford does have a habit of playing the "version 2.1" game with their computer chips and magic spring dust.
GMC could then do their own "hot" tune for their new engines and claim market superiority.
Great times for a new truck buyer who looks beyond the badge. Even if you stop at the badge, it would be hard to find a truck that won't put a smile on your face.

@TruckGuy --To just give Chicago alone that notoriety is not accurate. You would have to add Washington DC and some of the comments on PUTC.

It would be nice to see if the Big 3 are going to release diesels in their smaller pickups.

Back to the "Windy City" history lesson... It goes way back to the mid 1800's. Cincinnati and Chicago were fierce rivals, both trying to be the major city in the area. Cincinnati had the Red Stockings which were baseball's first pro team. Chicago copied them and started the White Stockings, for bragging rights. Chicago continued on with loud brash bragging about their great city, and became known as the Windy City. Wind bags. Blow hards. 150 years later, not much has changed with their attitude or their politicians. It seems like a fitting place for an auto show hosted by car salesmen ;)

@Ford850 --Thanks for the history lesson, I never knew that. I work in Cincinnati and there is not that much to get that excited about. When I have been to Chicago especially during the Winter the breezes were very noticeable. I have been to Washington DC as well but that was during Memorial Day and Congress was on recess. I will have to go to Washinton DC when they are in session to catch a breeze. Seriously the auto show in Chicago is great and well worth going to.

@Ford850--Thanks for the history lesson, I never knew that. Working in Cincinnati I know who lost the breeze contest. I have been to Chicago several times and there is a noticeable breeze. I went to Washington DC did not notice a breeze but that was on Memorial Day and Congress was in recess. I will have to go back to DC when Congress is in session to catch a warm breeze.

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