Who Sold the Most Half-Tons in 2012?

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It took a little while, but we finally got our hands on the most up-to-date 2012 model year sales information from R.L. Polk, provider of automotive information about the U.S. and global auto industry.

The sales numbers Polk provided are based on new-vehicle retail registrations for full-size pickup trucks recorded by various states. Readers who follow our monthly sales updates might have noticed that the final December 2012 and year-end numbers (insert link) seem to be slightly off from some of the Polk data; that's because the monthly numbers supplied to us by the manufacturers are the number of deliveries made to U.S. dealerships and not actual sales. As noted, Polk data is based on actual new-vehicle registrations so there is likely to be a small variation between the two numbers. The information below is based on Polk's registration data.

In this first (we'll have more sales reports in the future) 2012 sales chart we've listed all the half-ton pickups sold. The F-150 is the clear winner, outselling the second-place Chevy Silverado 1500 by more than 6,500 units per month. However, if you add the four GM pickups in the category (Silverado, Sierra, Avalanche and Escalade EXT), they outsell Ford as a manufacturer by more than 5,500 units per month.

As to half-ton market share, Ford tops at 34 percent, then Chevy at 27, Ram at 16, GMC at 11 and Tundra at 10.

In our next 2012 sales report, we'll take a look at the three-quarter-ton and one-ton segments to see how they sort out and what percentage of buyers chose the turbodiesel option.

Source: R.L. Polk

2012 Half-ton Sales 2 II

2012 Top 3 Half-ton Sales II



GM is the REAL WINNER By 158242 TRUCKS.

Obviously there's going to be a debate between individual brands and corporations...Ford outselling Chevrolet alone and GM altogether outselling Ford Motor. But I see this trend: RAM, GM and Ford altogether outsold the imports! Wake up, Toyota and Nissan, if you guys want to stay in the full size half-ton pickup arena!

This about what I expected. It is good that trucks are selling well and hopefully they will keep doing so. The new 2014 Silverado is nice, Ram has a nice truck, and the F-150 is good as well.

@Mark Williams

Did you guy's post this list for the previous year(s)?
I'd be interested to compare this one with the previous year.

Going by the graph.GM sold the most 1/2 tons, 369686 units versus Fords 343186. Ford had the best selling model the F150(do not know if that is all F150's?). There was close to a 1 Million vehicles sold overall.

3/4 and 1 tn numbers will be more interesting as that is just the big three in this case.

For me it show gm sold more pickup,,,,,refresh your article ...?

Really, Ford? GMC, the Avalanche, and the Chevys outscore Ford for about the umpteenth time. Is somebody pulling my leg here?

Thank you Mr. Doe!

What if Ford still had a Mercury division and they sold a F150 called the M150? Would it be Ford Motor and Mercury together selling the most or would it be Ford plus Mercury. I say the Ford motor company just like General Motors not by division but by total output for the company.

I do like the style of the new F150's and that does count because I drive a Silverado and love its look, but it did have to grown on me. Ford does have a nice looking truck. And the Dodge is not far behind, but not really into the over the top look they have. Cool for people that like to be noticed.

Liam, I don't think Toyota is in any danger of not staying in the half-ton arena. For all of 2011 GM sold 5.4 half-tons to every Tundra sold. Last year it was only 3.8 half-tons per Tundra.

RAM ratio varied less: 1.8 in 2011 vs. 1.7 in 2012. Either way, it looks like Tundra is gaining, not going away.

In 2013 it will interesting to see if Ford stays ahead of its Ecoboost complaints and whether Tundra sales improve as production restrictions are fully recovered from the tsunami.

There is your answer Hemi lol. Turdra didn't even come close to selling as many half-tons as Ram. Almost 2:1 Ram advantage.

There is your answer Hemi lol. Turdra didn't even come close to selling as many half-tons and Ram. Almost a 2:1 advantage for Ram.

And, of course, to see if RAM sales match the hype for the new model.

This would be a frightening time to be a truck manufacturer planning for 2015 and beyond. The new EPA CAFE standard legislation is something like 1500 pages long, with lots of room for alternative interpretations. And it will almost certainly be modified before it goes into effect. So if you're designing the truck of the future, do you give the customer what he wants or give Obama what he wants? Or do you give the customer what he wants at an additional cost of $10,000 per vehicle in additional technology and advanced materials?

There has never been a bigger opportunity to guess wrong.

Don't let the manufactures fool you. They know the only way to meet CAFE is with less weight and small diesels for power. They all know it. Ram is already commited and do you really think Ford will keep that 3.2L baby Power Stroke in the low selling Transit? Rumor has it that Cummins is still going to be using an OEM for its smaller diesel as well, many say its going to be in the next Titan. Within a year we should know all the answers.

Ford can agian claim the most 1/2 ton pickups sold, but I know the GM products combined did outsell Ford.

Once Ram get their lineup up and running it will be interesting to see how future numbers change. I know Ram predict only 10 000 Ram diesel sales in the first year, but I hope they do have a cache of spare diesels available.

Also how many HD buyers who just want diesel will go and buy a Ram 1500 diesel.

Its good to see all vehicle sales numbers up in the US in the past 12 months.

I hope January's manufacturing numbers were just a blip on the overall picture.

More cars and trucks mean more jobs, even if some are imports.

Or Turdra lol, you could also say that Toyota sells more light-duty pickups than Fiat.

Look like it should be " FORD PICKUP TRUCK.COM" You Guys Are Part owners in Ford or something they Are always #1 and clearly Gmc And Chevy Outsold them by 26,500 units ...WTF

We have the same thing here in Australia.

A global Ranger is essentially the same as my BT50 Mazda, but the numbers aren't combined. The Holden Colorado is very similar to an Izuzu Dmax, the same.

For us it makes Toyota figures look really good, but when you combine the sibblings things change, but this is only statistics, nothing to get angry over.

I think its based on models and brands not what manufacturer or even factory they come out of.

Where's Lou??

Booo Booo Ford !

I know you are pickuptrucks is a Ford Fan, I glad see twin GM Trucks beats Ford truck on sale, GM is the REAL WINNER !

I don't think you can blame Obama for all of the current CAFE issues. I'm not an Obama supporter.

These regulatory problems started back in the 50s in the US and have evolved into quite a mess to manage now. Back then the US represented a much larger part of the global market in both demand and production.

To create this quagmire of controls and regulations takes more than one government. The energy sector, UAW, vehicle manufacturers (Big 3) and more all played a role.

Many Dems and GOP have been in government since the 50s. You just can't blame one government.

As the US's market decreases in size comparatively in relation to the global market, change will occur for your country to remain competitive. It will align more closely to other markets.

The changes other than CAFE, ie EPA will not be that hard, as the Euro VI will be quite compatable. CAFE and the footprint method of rating for mpg's is the one that is the thorn in the side of the pickup manufacturers.

All of the protection has meant that the US didn't invest enough into your motor vehicle manufacturing sector. But over the past decade a huge improvement has occurred in vehicle quality and technology. The only problem alot has to come from overseas (read Euro).


It could be said that yota sells more midsize pickups then Ram. You must not know that three quarter-ton and one-ton pickups are still classified as light duty.

"It took a little while, but we finally got our hands on the most up-to-date 2012 model year..."

I think it goes by "calender year", but because of the new generation, GM radically increased truck production, shipments as well as rebates. And for good reason. Also, 2012 was an election year and government purchase of GM vehicles 'coincidentally' rose by 79% by June 2012 vs mid year 2011. Fleet sales rose by 36%. It is a great time to buy when GM is stacking them deep and as a government or fleet buyer, you don't care that you got the old dated body style. Your existing auxiliary equipment probably won't fit the new generation of trucks anyways and the same goes for spare parts and such. Retail sales rose by 8% more than by mid year, 2011.

I'd forgot the Avalanche and EXT were considered (commercial ?) 1/2 ton pickups, but it looks like most truck buyers also forgot to consider them. Still, it's hard to imagine them cannibalizing the Silverado and Sierra twins. They're more like Suburbans with balcony than actual pickup trucks. Well, OK the Avalanche cost about the same as a similarly equipped crew cab Silverado, but with some serious limitations.

Then compare the Avalanche to the Suburban and it starts some $7,000 less (?), so you tell me which one it cannibalized?

And I know you're not saying the $63,000 Cadillac EXT cannibalized many, if any, Silverados or Sierras, are you???



Congratulations to General Motors as the leader in sales of 1/2 ton pick ups. Nice to have honest facts and figures rather than fords lies and chart fakery. GM is number one seller of pick up in the world!

People do know that the Silverado and Sierra roll off the same assemble line, really it's like comparing a Ford F150 XL compared to a F150 Platinum, basically the same truck/same assembly line, that's how you can compare the Silverado/Sierra too. So ,Pickuptrucks.com of course shows the F150 as the winner? No surprise there...

you gm guys make me laugh all i see is waaaa waaa but gmc and chevy out sold ford, ahahaha you make 2 trucks, and the avalanche aint even a truck GM is not the #1 oickup truck make ford is, ford was smaart they drooped mercury trucks, and stuck with one, gm barely out sells with 2 brands, ford is the best pickup@ tj lol you make me lol so much, 1/2 ton leader? charts are fake? LMAO!!!! you are just a gm fanboy,

If you ask which model sold the most, it is F150. If you ask which maker sold the most trucks altogether, it is GM. Seems easy enough to understand. Why do some of you want to lump all models together as one? When you award a car model as the best selling car, do you lump all models together because the same brand built them? No, you keep the models separate. If GM wants to split their trucks into 2 distinct models to sell more, that is fine. But then to have to treat them as 2 models when you tally the sales too.

Yeap, gm chooses to make 2 truck brands and they don't even count them together because that ain't right and they know it too. Adding them together would be just like combining the camaro with the firebird years ago, they didn't do that then and they don't do it now.

Looking at the Data, it looks like GM sold the most half ton trucks. F-150 doesn't sell trucks Ford Does, just like GM. Not that it really matters.

@Turdra lol

What does that say about RAM? RAM only sold 1.7:1 more trucks than Tundra. For an updated, American made truck with the "legendary" Hemi, that's sad. Especially considering that the RAM is updated vs. the Tundra and its old looks, engines, frame, etc, etc. Tundra will never break into the top three, but the fact that they were that close to RAM (even closer to Sierra) is amazing. Now the Titan on the other hand, YIKES!!!

Anybody who thinks an auto company should stop making a high profit vehicle they sell 96,292 of is stupid. I don't think Toyota will "give it up" as some suggest. Ford sell twice as many trucks as Ram, guess Ram should give it up too. Just not worth the trouble, everyone except Ford should just stop building trucks. If your not first your last! If you don't like (insert brand here) then f--- you! A bunch of ignorant people with a Ricky Bobby mentality on this site.


Worst argument ever. Especially considering the refreshed Ram didn't start selling until the tail end of 2012.

Last Thursday I took a friend down to El Paso, TX, to look at trucks, since he recently gave his old F150 to his grandson who's joining the Army and needs transportation of his own at his new post.

So we both had a chance to look at what the biggest dealerships in El Paso carry for 2013, and the good deals to be had on left-over 2012 models: and there really are some damn good deals on left-over unsold 2012s to be had.

I drive a 2011 Tundra 5.7 by choice, but I have no idea what my friend is going to decide on, eventually. My guess would be another F150 although his old F150 was very hard on electrical switches, AC compressors and water pumps over the 6 years he owned it. Maybe the desert heat caused his problems.

From my own observations, on the 4-door trucks we looked at I liked the interiors of the 2013 RAM, didn't care for the 2012/2013 Silverado at all, and as a long time F150 owner I was neutral on the 2013 F150.

When it came to power trains, I didn't care for a V6 in the RAM but the 5.7 and Cummins do appeal. I'm not a believer in the Ford Ecoboost system V6 and Silverado really doesn't offer any improvement in its 5.3 V8. It's an old school pushrod. The RAM V6 is more advanced than the Silverado V8.

Engine-wise I'd take a Tundra 5.7 or a Titan 5.6 over any of the pushrod V8s and V6s. But there is safety in buying the best-selling F150 brand truck, and the F150 appears to stand head and shoulders above the Silverado, at least for now, until the 2014s come out. Then, who knows?

My personal choice would be Tundra, but it is by far the most expensive of the bunch and the Tundra styling and interior is not for everyone. In that case, the F150 winds hands down. The F150 is everyman's truck.

I have to agree with you on that one. People tend to focus on facts and figures in the manufacturer's brochures. I see a lot of it on this site. But they don't necessarily make the product better.

The reality is when buying a vehicle, its the "whole experience" you are paying for, not just a 0-60 acceleration time or it can tow 100lbs more than the next make.

One thing I have noticed in the US all of your car commericials are reliant on we have a bigger, most, etc approach. It's not that prevalent here in Australia, though it does occur.

Ford wouldn't sell the most if it wasn't that more people wanted it. Chev did sell more trucks than they would of, because they dumped them at a cheap price.

This over supply of vehicles in the US might benefit the customer. But it can force companies to reduce profits significantly. They can't afford to go broke again.

so it took 4 gm models to out sell ford.lol lol

Big Al from Oz | Feb 24, 2013 1:57:34 PM, in my area, now is an excellent time to buy an unsold, left-over Ford or GM full-size truck.

You can get a production-run 2012 F150 4 door with a V8 and all the toys for less than $28K plus tt&l. Production-run means assembly runs with all the left-over equipment and trim that the factory has to dispose off, usually bundled in special edition upgraded packages.

Unsold Silverado trucks in the renown Texas edition, with all the bells and whistles sell for about the same, but there are many, many more of them to choose from in this area.

There aren't many unsold 2012 RAM trucks and there are zero Titan or Tundra from 2012 left unsold.

I know several people who snatched up these unsold left-overs and traded off their older trucks, much to the delight of the dealership which grants an extra $1000 in bonus cash for a re-sellable trade-in, ensuring them of a greater profit.

Then again, a person has to be pre-disposed in the first place to want to buy a Ford, GM or RAM truck. Most of the older guys I know, like myself, choose a truck based on certain amenities like ride, handling, NVH, smoothness and power-train complexity.

Just because McDonald's sells the most hamburgers does not mean that they are the best. Ditto with pickup trucks.

From that aspect, the discerning pickup truck owner will gravitate more toward the Tundra and the Titan and, for the early adopters, the Ecoboost F150 V6.

It remains to be seen if there will be many takers for the normally aspirated Pentaster RAM with an 8-speed automatic. IMO, it's just not a real truck if it doesn't have a V8, and I put the Ecoboost F150 in that same category too although I believe that many former Ranger owners stepped up to it.

Then again, owners of the old Dakota and Ranger MAY take a liking to a V6 full-size pickup truck because they can size and heft.

But for real pickup truck aficionados like me there really is no substitute for the slow turning, stump-pulling grunt of a V8.

And the sheer number of V8-powered pickup trucks sold in America of all brands bears that out.

i don't understand the complaining. Did you read the article? They acknowledged that GM sold the most trucks, but even chevy doesn't claim to sell the most because they are two separate brands. Fact is ford takes more and more of the market share each year and they dominate (about 2 to 1 ford to gmc and chevrolet combined) 3/4 and 1 ton sales. 2012 may be the last year that general motors sells more trucks than Ford.

dude you need to live around here.There are tundras sitting everywhere at toyota dealerships. The tundra smooth riding....you are kidding right. Thats the worst riding truck on the market.

Older guys like you moving toward the tundra truck.You do realize the tundra has declined every yr sense it was interduced.

There is a loaded titan at our local dealership that has been on the lot over 6 months.A chrome edition with rear step leather fosgate and every bell and whistle for 27000.They can't give it away.

Patterson toyota has had the same 6 tundras on the lot a long long time and have you seen the redesigned old truck with the ridgeline grill.

The tundra has a very nice motor its just to bad the truck is to floppy frame wise to do anything with it.The old tundra was ugly but my God the new one is the gremlin of trucks.I see the tundra loseing alot of sales this yr and a new one never coming into production and the tundra slowly dieing out into the rusted weeds of its for fathers.

@ paul w

if tundras are sitting on the lot near you its only because they have strange packages.

YOU apparently havent driven a tundra if you think it rides bad, PERIOD. its funny you say its declined every year when just LAST YEAR its up 30%!!! thats WAY more than ANY other truck, your lost bud.

GM trucks sold the most 1/2 tons , 2nd Ford, a distant 3rd Ram. Not sure why the Ford is wearing the crown in the picture?

@snowman, again and again it has to be said over and over that gm will not combine the sales of gmc and chevy together because they are TWO different companies even though they come from the same corporation. They know they can't do it so THEY DON"T. WHY is it so hard for all the gm fan boys to understand this?????? I guess its pure ignorance.

Holy crap!!! Why don't they just say GM sold more half tons than Ford...give credit where credit is due!

Personally I'm going to agree with a lot of the comments here that GM as a corporation sold the most trucks, followed by Ford and RAM.

I also think that the RAM CEO needs to loosen up and let Jeep have at least one truck of their own because it absolutely would help Chrysler-as-a-corporation sell more trucks.

You guys complaining about how Mark has the totals calculated might as well complain to GM themselves. It's how they and everyone else calculate totals. It was GM's decision to keep 2 truck divisions. Nobody else is to blame. When Ford had Mercury they counted it as a seperate division from Ford. Just like they do with Lincoln. Likewise, Chevrolet is an entirely division from Cadillac, or Buick or GMC. You can't combine the sales of the Traverse, Enclave, Acadia and SRX even though they're the same vehicle with different trimmings. Same can be said for many GM vehicles. Likewise, The GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado are not the same division nor the same truck. Even though in many ways they are. If GM wants to end this problem, it's simple. If they're exactly the same as many of you say, simply sell 1 single truck. They really should have combined Buick into the Chevrolet/Cadillac dealers and had all 3 under on tent in my opinion. Then have higher trims for the Silverado like Ford and Dodge have. Just have a GMC trim. Chevrolet guys could stop complaining then too that they're getting screwed by the hand of GMC. And in many ways, I tend to agree they are.

This is GM's own fault and own doing. Even during the reveal I watched them try to spin things and say how different the two trucks were. It was ridiculous. It always was ridiculous. I remember seeing Chevy tailgates on GMC's and grille's too. You opened the hood and even in the early 1970's you'd see Chevrolet stickers or emblems right on the valve covers. Granted, they had tons of other so called divisions they needed to borrow the Chevy truck and rename it for. Now it's just beyond redundant. Their only other option is to cancel Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac. Then they could call everything GM/GM"c" just like Ford calls everything Ford. The GMC Camaro, GMC Corvette, GMC LaCrosse, GMC Regal, GMC Silverado, GMC Malibu etc..

And this doesn't even begin to get into totals of other GM's. They were never allowed to include Holden Colorado's and the Isuzu Colorado's (D-Max) to the Chevy Colorado's and GM Canyon's totals. Nor will they ever be able to.. This is no different. And once again, they need to figure out who they are if they want the sales crown because they have all of these other names too. Even Opel and the rest. Either call them all Chevrolet cars and trucks or call them all GMC cars and trucks. There's no other option but to accept the way things are totaled. If you want to have a dozen different companies/badges/divisons (whatever these things really are anymore), deal with it. Or become One Chevrolet or One GMC like One Ford. I remember Rick Hendrick complaining about this years ago. Tons of people have. They really should have just renamed the company Chevrolet Motor Co. and been done with it.

hemi lol

Do the ride bad, no, but they do have the roughest ride in the segment. You need to stop being such a fanboi.

What is your answer now that you know that the Turdra was outsold 2:1 by the Ram 1500?


Hemi I owned a tundra thats how I know it rides bad.I over looked its ugly looks and bought one.

It is or was by far the worst truck i've ever owned. It rode bad gas mileage was terrible and it will buck you out of the back seat .If I had towed with it or had wrode in the back seat when I test drove it i'd never bought it.

Great engine for riding around but the torque for pulling isn't there.The 5.4 I had before it pulled my trailer alot better.The brakes may be the biggest in the industry but that doesn't equal stopping ability.The brakes were shot at 18000 and I coulden't understand that no better then it stopped.

The toyota dealership is 3 miles from my house and I see them daily same trucks sitting on the lot there.Look on any lot you want toyota has tons sitting on lots about anywhere..The new one is even uglier then the one out now and thats saying something.I'll never buy another crappy toyota again.

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