February 2013 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Fords Pair 2013 II

February sales continue to head in a positive direction with eight of the top 10 pickups outperforming monthly sales from a year ago. GM is making a strong push to sell down the inventory of its Silverado and Sierra half-ton trucks to make room for the coming new models as it continues plant upgrades. That means that some dealers are able to offer great deals, and consumers seem to responding.

With all the attention on GM's new 1500 trucks (and for good reason — a lot is riding on their success), it's easy to forget that both Ford and Toyota continue to increase their truck sales with double-digit gains. Interestingly, the question no one is asking is what impact will it have when so many pickup nameplates leave the truck market. Will the decrease in the number of consumer choices mean higher overall prices or will the remaining competitors get even more aggressive with cash on the hood?

Look for all the full-size truckmakers to continue to benefit as the housing and construction industries make more progress, but the year is only just getting started.

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2012
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. Month 2012
1 Ford F-Series +18.1% February 2013 54,489 +15.3%
101,330 February 2012 47,273

2 Chevrolet Silverado +30.3% February 2013 41,643 +28.9%
77,088 February 2012 32,297

3 Ram Trucks +8.0% February 2013 23,289 +3.1%
43,763 February 2012 22,595

4 GMC Sierra +29.6% February 2013 14,133 +25.0%
26,979 February 2012 11,306

5 Toyota Tacoma
+24.0% February 2013 12,644 +18.5%
24,266 February 2012 10,674

6 Toyota Tundra +20.9% February 2013 7,306 +15.5%
14,310 February 2012 6,328

7 Nissan Frontier -33.2% February 2013 2,736 -35.4%
5,360 February 2012 4,237

8 Chevrolet Avalanche*
+23.2% February 2013 2,263 +26.1%
4,202 February 2012 1,794

9 Nissan Titan
+5.1% February 2013 1,634 +3.7%
3,028 February 2012


10 Honda Ridgeline -2.4% February 2013 1,301 -5.0%
2,553 February 2012


11 Chevy Colorado * -74.2% February 2013 828 -76.6%
1,650 February 2012 3,532

12 GMC Canyon * -77.3% February 2013 180 -83.1%
482 February 2012



Caddy Escalade EXT*

+40.7% February 2013 191 +27.3%
363 February 2012


14 Suzuki Equator * -3.9% February 2013 109 -27.8%
249 February 2012


15 Ford Ranger * -100% February 2013 0 -100%
0 February 2012


* No longer in production but still being sold.


So the Japanese-owned made-in-Texas Tundra is up 21%, but the Italian-owned made-in-Mexico Ram is only up 8%. I suppose that is due to supply restrictions on the new 8-speed that is too wonderful for words. Let's see what happens when they have inventory.

The (insert your favorite brand name) folks will be all over this, "blah blah blah, Ram isn't gonna catch Chevy, like that" or "Toyota's catching Ram", LOL!

Whatever. The V-6 trucks have barely been out what, maybe a month? Or a little over? They still aren't even out there at all dealerships, and and limited selection because if they only have one truck, it just might not be the pick they want.

8 speed hemis? In transit to the nearest dealership to me. One of them, anyway. Once again, it will take time to get selection.

Still no air suspension trucks.

Not many 2013 Heavy Duties.

When one of you Chevy gus pipe up, all we have to do is point at the way they GIVE them away, almost for song.

Then there is a 1500 diesel.....

@Montesa_VR: So you think all those Rams are made in Mexico?

Here's a thought....Ones made in the states (for people like you that don't know, that's crew and quadcab 1500s) also....sell in Mexico, right?

Lol, Toyota does their share of Mexico building...and Thailand, and.....

What gm sold more pickup again ???

Look like mototrend truck of the year did help??

@TRX4 Tom,

All Tundra's are made in Texas. The Ram 1500 production is in Warren MI and Saltillo Mexico as of 2013. Montesa was correct. Your post however is somewhat disingenuous in as it duplicitously attempts to infer that the Tundra is produced in Mexico and Thailand.

@ TRX4 Tom Any more excuses?

Thanks Tom, I was not aware that some of the RAM 1500s are built in the Warren Michigan plant. I was also not aware that the Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico plant is ranked as the highest quality production facility for RAM trucks. Here is a list of the models built in Mexico:
Ram 1500 all regular cab models sold globally
Ram 2500 all models sold globally.
Ram 3500 all models sold globally.
Ram 4500 all models sold globally.
Ram 5500 all models sold globally.


I had read somewhere that US government fleet purchasing of GMC products took a huge leap. GMC sale gains may also be a case of buyers deciding that the 2014 GM is not worth waiting for, especially since great deals can be had right now on 2012/2013's.
Ram sales may be stalled due to people waiting for the holy grail of pickups (read 8 speed) to appear or maybe have decided to wait for what amounts to be the "second coming" (read diesel engine).
Has Ram hurt short to intermediate sales gains by making huge announcements that will come to fruition down the road? Flaccid performance caused by premature announcements?

It doesn't matter what buyers are wating for or not waiting for. GM counts their sales as soon as they the truck gets shipped to the dealer. It's doesn't matter if it "sells" this month or not. GM has the biggest increases in days of inventory supplry.

Therefore GM has the biggest percent increase. It's that simple. It's not about sales. This list should be retitled "Top 15 Pickup Truck INVENTORIES and Sales".

@Don Can I have what you are on or smoking?

Everybody counts their sales that way. Get over it.
Why does it bother you so much what GM does?

Great job Big 3. Nice to see those increases. It means that people are more confident what future will bring and they're investing their money in it.

So the 8-spd Hemis are in transit to dealers?

Then why don't they STILL have EPA mileage numbers out yet?

Perhaps their engineers are busy increasing tire pressure to 100 psi, taping off all seams, installing full moon wheel covers, and readying a box van to draft... .

For all of the hype and fanboy talk on here, I am expecting Fiat to post a 100% sales increase in March.

Nobody does channel stuffing like GM. Nobody.

That would account for the reported "growth" of revenue as GM is able to record vehicles that go to dealerships as "sales," even though consumers haven't purchased them. calculate that the increase in inventory (known as channel stuffing, a ploy used by GM in the past) accounts for about all of the NA revenue growth. If inventory had not increased so much in 2012, GM's overall revenue would have actually fallen by about $2 billion. And this during a perceived "great auto industry turnaround."


When I first brought up channel stuffing tactics by GM, all of the GM fans denied it. Now "everyone" does it. LOL.

What GM does affects me. We are trillions in debt. The reason it bothers me is they used a huge $50 billion dollar government bailout to fund this inventory, and they are saying they are making money when they are actually losing billions. They are using a $35 tax benefit to make it appear they made money and gaining market share when they are losing market share. Then when they get in trouble again and need another bailout, they will go back to the trough and ask for another bailout.

It would be wise for fanboys and politicians to question if GM is really now safe from a future bankruptcy that would again put taxpayers and the economy at risk. I'd like to see the government sell of their shares because it is time for them to move on and let GM operate as a truly private sector company with an eye on profits instead of on politics and faboys, before it is too late.

Ram up just 3% vs Month 2012?


You spoke your peace. Now get over it. Get a life and move on.

I love how every ford and chevy guy love when they see the number of trucks thet sell. Basically that means they are a dime a dozen. When everyone has one who cares. Try and get rid of a f150 or silverado to get a new one. Just buy a Toyota! Then u will have something of value after a few years.

GM has two truck lines. They are not improved enough. GM is headed to bankruptcy again. GM didn’t learn from near death because it was handed a get ouf of jail card with nobody holding them accountable. They are still acting as if they’re too big to fail and they will be bail out the two truck lines again. Two average truck lines that are not improved enough is a joke. They need to make one greatly impoved truck line or Government Motors will not get my business.

bloated inventories
lowest market share in 90 years
biggest discounts
reminiscent of its pre-bankruptcy days

"The incentives that changed this month are crazy. Almost everything went up," said Jill Green, owner of Green Chevrolet in East Moline, Ill. "If anyone was going to buy a truck, I can't imagine they're going to get it any cheaper than they are this month."

Green said her store is planning to advertise Silverado pickups at up to $11,000 off sticker price this month, and Green Buick-GMC, across the Mississippi River in Davenport, Iowa, expects to offer $10,000 discounts on some GMC Sierras.

GM is trying to sell down its inventory of 2012 and 2013 pickups as much as possible before introducing redesigned 2014 models by next summer.

"I'm overloaded" with pickups, said Carroll Smith, owner of Monument Chevrolet in Pasadena, Texas. "I've got them everywhere."

Read more: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20121213/carnews/121219935#ixzz2MLeZWv9A

I got em everywhere. LOL!!!!

Hey don what about the 5 billion that ford got off off the government the same month gm filed for Bankrupts did u no about that ya it on Forbes look it up

Re: GM



The 4x4 8 speed Hemis have the same fuel numbers as the EB.
15/17/21 That is a 15.4% improvement in city, a 13.3% increase in overall, and a 10.5% highway improvement. IMO pretty impressive for an engine that has only 2/3rds the amount of valves, 1/4 the number of cams, no turbos, and no DI.

Link of window sticker.

The 4x2 8 speed Hemis have not been released yet because Chrysler delayed the release till May make sure 4x4s get on the lots first.

Let me redo that link

March 1, 2013, 5:02 PM

GM Takes Pickup Sales Lead By Selling More For Less

Corporate Intelligence

By Mike Ramsey

It’s not often that a company boasts about bringing in less money on greater sales volume, but that’s what General Motors Co. did today when explaining how it outsold arch-rival Ford Motor Co. in the large pickup truck segment last month.

GM reported U.S. sales Friday and an eager spokesman pointed out that the company had retaken the lead in sales of full-sized pickups from cross-town and rival Ford. GM’s pickup truck sales rocketed up in February to a combined 55,776 vehicles, including the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, passing Ford’s still strong 54,489 F-series truck sales for the month.

A GM spokesman explained his company’s success by arguing that Ford’s trucks were too expensive to benefit from the housing resurgence. The average transaction price for a Ford pickup was $4,000 higher than a GM truck. This higher price, he said, took Ford out of the range of plumbers, framers and other contractors looking to get back into the market to catch the housing rebound. GM said its discounts on pickups last month were about $500 higher per truck than Ford’s.

Ford did fall behind in the pickup market in February, but only by about 1,300 fewer trucks. Based on GM’s figures, Ford would still have generated about $200 million more in revenue overall from the trucks it sold. More on the importance of pickups to GM and Ford’s respective profits in the full post.

WSJ: http://tinyurl.com/acllk9u

GM sells 1300 more trucks but brings in $200 million less revenue?


@turdra lol - I find it interesting that a Ram guy like you is anti-Toyota. It makes sense really. The 1st and 2nd place foreign truck companies are battling it out with each other for market share.

Dave the Trolls is back! So much for enforcing new Trolling rules.

Dave, do you realize that you spend more time hating GM then loving your beloved Ford? LOL!

I love when customers complain that the product is too cheap.
Only in America.

I drive a Ford because I felt they had the best truck to fit my needs at the time of purchase over the others I test drove. Does that mean I will bleed Ford blue until the day I die, no. I am not loyal to any truck manufacturer because simply put they are not and would not be loyal to me or any of you. They would not post until they are blue in the face one your behalf. They would not do anything special for you and would drop any loyalty they had for you in a split second if it meant increased profits. I have even gotten into this stupid my brand is better than your brand babel. I still find myself wondering why we do it especially when their is nothing to gain from it. I think it goes back to our caveman days when we used to play "my stick bigger than your stick". Guys, listen to yourselves, it's just a brand and I can guarantee that you mean nothing to them over profits.

Best post ever on this site. Right on!

and Dave, I want you to buy your next F150 at full MSRP, OK?

@All1 - exactly. It is human nature to join a tribe and fight for that tribe. We have a strange need to place a personality onto our trucks or act like the thing has a soul. Trucks are machines. Pure and simple. As you have pointed out, car companies are not loyal to us. I'm not loyal to a machine or who builds it.
I'll buy the vehicle that is the closest to what I want for the price I'm willing to pay.
The clash of the clans can be entertaining and educational if done on the relative merits of each truck. Unfortunately we tend to revert to cavemen and just grunt and groan and throw sticks, stones and dung at each other.
Maybe Darwin was wrong.

I thought the WSJ piece provided some interesting on topic info on this specific topic of sales. The WSJ piece goes against everything the GM fans claimed. Ford sold the most because they were the cheapest? No, in actuallity Ford sells the most and they make the most.

(By the way, this Greg guy is a real weirdo. Just go over some of the creepy posts he made such as this:)

Ford girly boys,
Just give it up already. Stop whining! You'll get your time in the spot light around 2015. For now just shut it! And take it like a man! or rather like a boy in your cases.
I can see a lot of wet bed sheets tomorrow morning thou.

Posted by: Gregory J. | Dec 6, 2012 4:29:29 PM


In Fiat-Ram's defense, I would rather have an 8% increase on 40k+ sales than a 20% increase on 11k. But Fiat needs to step it up fast. The sales on the new model is slacking for some reason.

@Dave - Weirdo? You are starting to sound like oxi. What kind of wetness were you thinking about?? Now that is weird.

That wasn't my comment. That was Greg's.

Ram up 3%, down 11% from a 14.3% increase last month. The 2013 Ram may turn out to be a sales flop.

When I first brought up channel stuffing tactics by GM, all of the GM fans denied it. Now "everyone" does it. LOL.
(What GM does affects me. We are trillions in debt. The reason it bothers me is they used a huge $50 billion dollar government bailout to fund this inventory, and they are saying they are making money when they are actually losing billions. They are using a $35 tax benefit to make it appear they made money and gaining market share when they are losing market share. Then when they get in trouble again and need another bailout, they will go back to the trough and ask for another bailout.)

Um yeah they are not makeing profits only from gov taxs deal, LOOK AT THE NUMBERS YEAR TO YEAR like I said earlier give me what you are smoking cause it must be some good stuff.

@Tom There is so many Chevy/GMC truck because they need them to hold them over till plants were retooled for the next gen trucks.


GM selling more for less gives credibility those that say the two truck lines are not working. GM should sell one truck line with many trim levels like Ford does. I always thought two truck lines was stupid and this confirms it.

More on this topic

GM’s Two-Brand Truck Strategy Is BS, So Is GMC

“After watching GM’s dog-and-pony show that was the unveiling of the 2014 Silverado and Sierra, I realized just how big of a crock the GMC brand really is."


It would be interesting to see what would happen if Chevy suddenly came out with a trim level analogous to the Denali, along with competitors to the King Ranch and Raptor as well… no? And round wheel wells.

“After watching GM’s dog-and-pony show that was the unveiling of the 2014 Silverado and Sierra, I realized just how big of a crock the GMC brand really is. I mean I already knew GMC has no unique products and is “differentiated” from Chevy by new grilles, lights and logos, along with a catchy (but baseless) tagline (Professional Grade, eh?). Where to begin? How about GM’s presentation that made a piss-poor attempt to present the different between Chevy and GMC. Take Mark Reuss’ comments during the presentation, breaking down the types of customers buying Silverado and Sierra.

Humor me by reading the transcription of Mark Ruess’ speech: “At Chevrolet and GMC, our goal is simple: to meet the specific needs of a broad customer base: no compromises, not for our customers, and certainly not in our trucks.

But let me correct myself: it’s really not a three-trucks strategy, it’s in fact a six-truck strategy — three sizes off of two brands.

Because in addition to different needs, customers also have different styles and personalities. And they want completely different styles and personalities from their trucks. They also want their brand to be a reflection of who they are and what they stand for. The key is to provide clearly differentiated trucks that appeal to different customers and then deliver an equally distinct retail experience and service experience in our showrooms. The new Sierra and Silverado are more differentiated than ever before in our history, in unique features and materials, in their standard content, and in their design and details. These are two strong and distinct brands, each one appealing to a different kind of customer.

Silverado customers want a truck that’s honest, hardworking, and dependable — just like they are. One they can pass on to their children. This has been the Silverado mission for generations and we will not waiver from it.”

So what GM seems to be implying here is that Sierra buyers aren’t “honest, hardworking, and dependable”, and they don’t want to pass on their Sierras to their children. I call BS on that. But that’s not even the end of it:


“But the Silverado won’t take on the competition by itself alone. Sierra customers are the people that others turn to for expertise and advice. They know that the devil is in the details, and believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. So, they look for things that make them better at what they do. And they are willing to pay more for premium products with distinctive craftsmanship and the content that they want. For these customers, we’re using professional-grade engineering to carve out an all-new 2014 GMC Sierra.”

And here, the implied message is that Silverado owners don’t pay attention to detail, and don’t believe that “if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well”. And what the heck is this “professional-grade engineering” business? Let’s call it for what it is: the same engineering that’s on the Silverado, with different front/rear ends and a higher quality interior materials that could just as easily be found on the Chevy.

Then there’s this: “The 2014 GMC Sierra offers our customers things no other pickup truck has, like projector headlamps, forward collision alert, lane departure warning, and safety alert seat. Plus, a host of other features, all built with an attention to detail and quality materials like real aluminum in the interior. That’s on top of the refinement of a premium cabin that’s exceptionally quiet and extremely comfortable.”

So here’s my question: why can’t the Silverado offer features like projector headlamps, forward collision alert, lane departure warning, and safety alert seat? Why can’t the Silvaerdo, or a trim level of the Silverado, be built with “attention to detail” and quality materials?

The answer is clear: it can. And it should.

But rather than doing the right thing and killing off GMC, GM is hell-bent on creating a purely artificial separation between the two trucks. What’s even more concerning to me is that GM doesn’t even begin to understand its truck customers; it seems to think that Silverado buyers are rednecks who are “good ol’ boys”, while Sierra customers are a discerning bunch… like foremen on construction sites? Puh-lease!

Ford does it all with the F-Series by having different trim levels and different price points; some have “quality” materials on the inside… some don’t. There’s no reason GM can’t do the same with the Silverado while sparing everyone the superfluous and artificial differentiation BS that is the Sierra. Because everyone knows that the Sierra is still a rebadged Silverado.


I'm not a Ram guy (I do believe they have the best trucks on the market right now; my current truck is actually a 08 Ford F150), I'm anti yota. I've only owned a couple in my life, but I never had one that has been dependable, reliable, or "built better." The FJ cruiser I had, the frame cracked while off-roading, and the t100 I had a cam failure and grenaded the rest of the engine with just over 100K miles.


Ram sales are slow because people are waiting for the 8 speeds, which only started production (and is seems the majority are going to the Grand Cherokee) a couple of months ago and are still ramping up production with it.

putc is like the old jerry springer show.... arguing over stupid stuff for others entertainment....

a reason moderators dont enforce these posts bcuz we're getting good hits n ratings...

Ram is fading fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Lou--A truck is just a machine and as long as it gives good service it is a useful tool. I agree that I buy what best meets my needs regardless of brand. I do become a little attached to a vehicle that I have owned for many years especially when it has given me relatively low cost reliable service. Sometimes I think may of us have reverted back to cave dwelling. The World is ever changing and what we like can either change or go away. Look at all the loyal Mercury, Pontiac, Saturn, Saab, Plymouth, Oldsmobile, Studebaker, Kaiser, Edsel, Desota, Nash, Ramber, AMC, and other owners of brands that have disappeared. I really liked Noma all wheel steer riding mowers but they disappeared and after my last Noma wore out I had to buy another brand. I had to adapt to my favorite product being bought out by Murray and then disappearing. I would adapt as well if GM disappeared. Life goes on and as you said it is just a machine.


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