Make a Truck App for Ford


Ford wants you to work for it, according to Jim Farley, executive vice president of sales, marketing and service for Lincoln. In a speech at the New York International Auto Show, Farley issued a challenge to web developers to create an app to help drivers monitor their fuel economy. According to The Detroit News, Farley wants to encourage drivers to get the most mileage they can out of their vehicles and is willing to pay up to $50,000 for apps that can help them do so.

Although it's likely Farley was specifically referring to Ford-made cars — both hybrid and non-hybrid — there's no reason why there shouldn't be similar apps for trucks to help drivers stretch their gas-pump dollars. In fact, one can argue that there is more to gain from changing the behavior of drivers piloting big-engine work-duty vehicles. If there was an app to help drivers of super-duty pickups become smarter and more efficient haulers, that could be worth quite a bit to fleet owners as well as families looking to save money.

Let us know what kinds of apps you would like — whether it's for locating your favorite back-country getaway spot, towing safely or stretching your fill-up dollars.


If it has voice recognition, ensure it can comprehend as many variations of speech and accents as possible.

I have the Ford system in my Mazda BT-50 and it has trouble with differing accents, particularly vowels.

They ought to make an app that makes the current My Ford Touch system work before doing something else do half ass.

Fix Or Repair Daily or update it now and then basically same old crap from same old FORD, Henry must be proud!!!

It realy is as simple as a vacume gage! and lighter shoes, that would be a "better idea" Ford!

What doesn't work on the F150? MFT works plus it has all real buttons on the F150 unlike some of the other Ford models. I haven't read one complaint on the F150 system.

I agree with Big Al, Sync is lousy as can be expected of a Microsoft product. I'm on my second Sync vehicle and it just isn't getting any better.

Yeah, Henry has a lot to be proud of. The best never rest.

Here's an idea... Instead of trying to get the driver to adjust their habits, how about F.O.R.D. innovates for a change and produces a truly fuel efficient vehicle for sale in north america?

Great another touch screen to distract drivers and fail precisely at 36,001 miles.

I think Ford is incredibly smart to embrace open-source app development so quickly, as this model is proven to be the most efficient in terms of innovation as well as the fastest-moving.

The downside to letting anyone and everyone design apps, however, is that that anyone and everyone *shouldn't* design apps. Ford must be careful to vet every app carefully.

Still, this is yet another example of Ford innovation that is both exciting and commendable. I was a fan of Ford trucks before, but it's features like this that make Ford trucks even more enviable.

All the haters out there are people that either haven't used SYNC or have only used it a couple time. SYNC is an amazing feature and with stuff like making your own app is only getting better.

In other news when are we moving on to this?

That's pretty bold of Ford to open up their hardware and software for developers to dig deep. It's ironic that they use Microsoft structure, since this move sound more like Apple.

Sorry, but I'll stick with my '97 Chevy Silverado. These new trucks have way too much computer software, electronics or whatever you want to call it. Not just trucks, but all new vehicles nowadays, in my opinion, are basically a computer on wheels.

1) Get rid of Microsoft as a partner. I don't have a problem using the OS, but get them out of the rest of the truck's software; they don't know trucks.
2) Ensure display integration. All those apps need to be visually compatible. Having several different 'looks' on the display depending on the app will create more distraction than drivability.
3) Keep in mind the driver will only follow those app's instructions if they want to. In other words, while those apps MAY help the driver to get more gas mileage, they simply can't guarantee success in every case--or even a majority of cases.

Maybe it can send an electric shock through the heated steering wheel when someone is driving like an asshat?

How about tweaking what's already installed? Sync still doesn't recognize Ogg Vorbis music files which I have on all of my other devices I.e. phone, audio player, computer. Also it doesn't scroll song or artist on the display..The Starmate unit can do that - why not Sync?

There's already an app for this. Its called "Automatic"

If it was GM officials to announce this challenge, we wouldn't be reading that story o this site. This site is biased!

It seems whener Ford MoCo puts out to someone else to make working devices in their own vehicles, it backfires, and when they themsleves finaly get around to doing it themselves, it is fine, this is just one example ,and the diesel engines are another.

"Sorry, but I'll stick with my '97 Chevy Silverado. "

@Steven, I'd keep that truck if I were you. It was Chevrolet's last great 1500 in my book. They went downhill after that. Actually after 98 or the 2002 GMT800 model to stretch it. I had a GMT400 in the earlier part of the 90's and it was one of the best trucks. The new ones are just cheaply built and extremely ugly I think. I wouldn't be scared of new electronics though. We have a loaded Super Duty and new Platinum F-150 both in our household now and never have had an issue with anything electronic. I much prefer a loaded truck these days.

@howam00 -good idea but the upgrade to the alternator and all of those extra batteries to keep the shock system working would counter any benefits.

Is there a way to have an app that can calculate distance in feet/meters instead of miles. (on the trip odometer possibly). As a contractor we are stuck with expensive after market add-on devices to measure distances accurately. With the technology available today this should be a very easy task.

As per as I know there are already lot of app listed in TutuApp Store such as Automatic.

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