Mopar to Explore Feasibility of Factory-Made Ram Runner

RamRunner II

A Mopar executive says the company will keep the Ram Runner kit under its aftermarket umbrella unless it can find a way to make a factory package profitable enough through volume.

According to a recent article in WardsAuto, Vice President of Mopar Parts, Sales and Field Operations Pat Dougherty said Mopar will study Ford's SVT Raptor — built alongside F-Series trucks on the assembly line — to see if it’s possible to add the Ram Runner kit to Ram trucks at the factory without losing money on each sale.

The complete Ram Runner kit can run upward of $70,000, or about $25,000 more than the factory-warranteed SVT Raptor ordered off the lot. The two trucks in our Duel in the Desert Shootout were approximately $22,000 apart in price, but that didn't account for the aggressive aftermarket tires and custom rims on the Ram.

To date we have not heard any supportable reports that lead us to believe a Ram 1500 Raptor competitor could be built off the same line as other Ram half-tons.


The Raptor is pretty successful (beat Ford's expectations),so if they could build the RAM RUNNER ,be profitable and sell it around the same price,it to may sell good.As the RAM RUNNER is proven to be a total beast,truly spectacular !

I am still waiting for a new RAM SRT (hopefully a SRT-10) or at least a 392 RAM SRT-8 QuadCab....My new Hemi'Ram as a daily ride and my 05 SRT-10 QuadCab as my babied weekend warrior low 12 second 1/4 mile beast !!

It would be nice for the Dodge guys to have something like that. They have a really nice truck to work from this time. I think the Raptor has been so successful in part because it just looks so damn good all around. People use them as daily drivers. I watched Fast-n-Loud on the Discovery channel last night and the owner of the shop on there had this black one for his daily driver that was just gorgeous. Chevrolet really needs to get back out there with something like this also. On all of these shows and in real life it's always the same thing, all the new trucks are Ford's, all the old trucks are Chevrolet's. It's like ever since the SFA was lost they lost their HD fanbase and ever since the GMT-800 and especially even worse 900 designs, they've lost their 1/2 ton fanbase as well. They really made a couple of ugly duds the last decade that were cheaply built. As an ex Chevy guy it's sad to watch. Yet on the other hand it's kind of neat to see how Dodge has climbed right out of the pit they were in with the 09 + model.

The Raptor has a lot of custom electronics programming. It's much more than a matter of installing a different set of A-arms and shocks, and then mounting bigger tires and wheels. Ram needs to spend some serious R & D money in tuning the package to be acceptable for a new truck driven off the lot.

I'd have to agree with Toycrusher. The Ram Runner to be a feasible mass produced factory unit needs to be a more integrated package. The suspension would need to be tuned for better all around use. Same with the electronics.
The local Chrysler dealer is owned by a spoiled rich kid who brings in all of the toys (more for him to play with than sell). They had a RamRunner (no price on the window) on a SLT. It looked cool but if you look at it more closely the front fenders don't line up well with the doors, there isn't a good fit around the headlights either. I was surprised that it sold fairly fast.
They still have a Wrangler Unlimited pickup conversion sitting on the lot that they modified last summer. Maybe DWFields could come and buy it since no one around here wants it.

" The Raptor is pretty successful," somebody just said. A Ford guy at a recent auto show told me Ford sells only about 500 a year. That's not very successful! But if they've found a way to make money on raptors, more power to'em!

They should. Not for my sake but because there is a market for it.

I wouldn't need it.

Maybe people don't want all the electronics, Toycrusher? What all are you referring to?

That 6.4 would work well for that.

While they are at it, how about an SRT-8 Ram 6.4, just to bust the bubbles of 6.2 Ford and Chevy owners.

A daily driver? Maybe if you are in the modding truck business, and need something high impact. Or just loaded with money. Or don't drive far.

@Tom Friedman
I think Ford sells over 1000 per month.

From the king of pickup trucks...

Mike Levine
1 Mar
More than a 1,000 @Ford F-150 SVT Raptors sold in Feb. 2013. Yes, Raptor once again outsold Corvette (980 units).

@Lou, you have a good point. The RR does need to be more "factory" like vs. an aftermarket job. Which as of right now that's what it comes across as.

@Danny, it would not surprise me a truck outsold a sportscar. I find it odd that when you look at the new Corvette it looks like they just went balls to the wall all out on the car. Which I think is great, yet it doesn't appear they really put much if any effort into the new Silverado. Outside of fixing some standard issues with the current model. Better interior quality, stronger body metal etc.. The Atlas completely stole Chevrolet's 'thunder' in my book. It's a far better looking truck. It was smart of Chevrolet to go all out on the Corvette like that. It was smart of Ford to go all out on their trucks like they've been doing the last 10-15 years. Too bad Chevrolet doesn't have the truck program Ford does. Too bad Ford doesn't have a sportscar like the Chevrolet Corvette. The big difference to me here is Ford never really had a Corvette type car anyway so they never really lost much. Chevrolet on the other hand once upon a time had a massive truck following. Much larger than that of Ford.

As a raptor owner i can say that the electronics integration is a big plus on the truck you can really tell the deiffrence than if you where in an aftermarket truck. I and several other use them as daily drivers. Raptors are not much more expensive than comparabley equiped f150s, as we saw in the review of the xlt that truck MSRP was 46k a new crew raptor with every option but the stickers and beedlocks will set you back 54k. If you take off the luxary pkg your looking at 47k for a crew raptor that has more options than the xlt, the only diffrence is that raptors can not be had with rebates. Also the raptor has had at a few times out sold the honda ridgeline.

@Lou: DWFields might ban you from his webite for saying that, oh wait, maybe he already did?, because he didn't like some opinion?

Then again, he might call it a road whale. As he calls anything else. He can always buy a Tacoma or Nissan longbed tho.

@ carilloskis I don't disagree with what you said, but an XLT F-150 can tow ~10,000 and have a payload of ~1,800. Where the Raptor in crew cab has like ~8,000 towing and ~1,000 payload.

Great trucks if you are just looking for a daily driver, than can take mild off road. Where I'm from, there are no high speed desert courses. So people take these things out and go mudding and trail riding with Raptors, but they forget the real purpose of the Raptor. I see tons of these Raptors at Walmart parking lots, which means they are selling well.

Off topic, but the trail Toyota 4runner (or FJ Cruiser trail team) is a great package that I would like to see make its way into the Tacoma or the Tundra.

The 4runner is in a segment by itself (the Pathfinder is now a crossover), but it is not in the same league as the Raptor, but more geared for wheeling similar to what the Power Wagon is built for.

Posted on March 25th, 2013 • by David Zatz
According to data from R.L. Polk Canada, Dodge/Ram pickups are Canada’s longest-lasting trucks, as measured by the percentage of pickups sold since 1987 (25 years ago; model years 1988-2012) that are still on the road today.

79% of Ram pickups sold in the last 25 years are still registered, compared with 66% of Ford pickups and 72% of General Motors pickups.

The numbers are even better when looking at the Cummins diesel equipped pickups of the last 20 years; 87% of Ram diesels sold since 1993 are still registered as being in operation (model years 1994-2012), compared with just 69% of Fords, 79% of Chevrolets, and 83% of GMCs.

Cummins currently has a five-year, 160,000 mile powertrain warranty in Canada.

John im more of an SUV guy and with the 4 runner being the only player in the size i needed i was able to get a supper cab ford Raptor for much cheaper than the 4 runner trail.

Bring it on. Ram Runner and a 1500 Power Wagon.

@Fordtrucks1 We see GM and Ford continuing to sell roughly equal numbers of half ton trucks. The total of Sierra and Silverado trucks sold every month is about the same as the F150, right? The HD market is very specialized; the trucks like the Raptor are for fun only, like a Shelby Mustang or a V8 Camaro. Who would spend that much to buy a truck like the Raptor that doesn't have the work-truck guts underneath? It cannot be a very big market.

What Ram realy needs to do as a smaller #'s manf., and that in itself is an advantage, is to have the Ram Runner package as a stand alone option across the board on all models, and all cabs, that way a customer who would realy like to have one, but does not have the total means of others, (not rich) could forgo all the bells and whistles for just the Runner works, so you could go out a get a reg cab ST, or base at the time truck, and get the Ram Runner package, or if you wanted, and had the $$$ too, go out a get the Long Horn, or any of the other higher spec. line, (SLT, Laramie, Lone/Star, Sport, Outdoorsman) this way even at the smaller numbers, Ram would be able to sell to some folks that not only do not want the high priced stuff, but would actualy sell more trucks overall, because there would be a Ram Runner for every buyer and price point, and that would equal more sales, and would make a better case thought price spreading the cost over higher sales numbers! that and I could justify spending the $$ I would need to get a Ram Runner, at the lowest cost, I would love to have a reg cab Ram Runner!!! just imagine, a Hemi Ram runner, and not weigh more than 5K!

I think, if possible, do both aftermarket and factory. with factory, the people who don't want to have to worry about getting it put on and dealing with the dealership more than they have too don't. But if you keep the aftermarket side, you can buy a good used 2009 ram with 30,000-50,000 miles for anywhere from $22,000-$29,000, greatly reducing the overall price of the entire truck+package.

5.0L V8 Cummins would be good! Torque, power, acceleration, top speed, fuel economy, and range!

It doesn't look no wheres near as good as the Raptor.

Will it sell in big enough number to use a line in a factory?

Cummins have a 4cyl 3.8 ISF diesel. If they can get the power advantages with it as they achieved with the ISF 2.8 Cummins it would put out about 300hp and 500ftlb or torque.

It would be much cheaper to build a 4cyl rather than a V8 and get vert good fuel economy.

@HEMI V8 - Dodge trucks avoid the crusher because of their Cummins. Most old Dodge survivors are 3/4 and 1tons with the Cummins. Cummins saved Dodge from extinction and the Hemi gimmick/campaign did the rest.

@Papa Jim - Anytime you see a lifted, modded truck with big tires etc, there's someone that's not to concerned with payload and work truck guts. I rarely see high end premium trucks putting in a hard day's work anyways, do you? And who buys a $50K plus premium 1/2 ton pickup to put it to hard work, fill it with tons gravel or with a concrete pump setup? How about a shiny new King Ranch or Laramie Long Horn 1/2 ton? No, that what you have a beater work truck for.

If I hear one more person ask for a 392 Ram Im gonna snap. Unless it has pretty large mechanical overhaul the 392 does not have the bottom end for a heavy truck. It would have major mechanical failures and not even be very quick. The 5.7 HEMI is a truck motor stuffed into cars, the 392 is a performance V8 ground up designed for cars. Trust me I wish there was a larger v8 srt or r/t type thing going w/ the RAM more than anyone else but IT WILL NOT BE A 392 IN ITS CURRENT FORM....gnight

@HEMI V8 - Funny attempt at trolling. Does Ram Canada's tag line sound familiar ???
"Longest lasting truck" bold print and fine print "based on registrations".

I'll give you a hint - Chevrolet has been claiming the same exact thing.

Does length of registration mean the same thing as durability or reliability?

No it doesn't.

-A guy could spend 50,000 dollars in repairs over those 25 years.
-A truck that is still registered but under active oxidization in the back 40 of a farmer's field still counts.
-A beater truck that is still registered to take the trash to the dump once a week still counts.
-A guy with a 25 year old truck who is on welfare (social assistance) and can't afford anything better still counts.
-A guy buys a Dodge er Ram and racks up low miles pulling his toy hauler every other weekend still counts.

- A work truck does not last very long in my part of the world. Does that mean no -one buys Dodge er Ram trucks for work?

Nothing indicates what the vehicles were used for, how they were maintained, and the amount of money spent keeping them running.

Another point of interest - it doesn't tell you how many trucks have been sold, now does it?
It has only been a recent phenomenon where Dodge now Ram sells pickups in any significant numbers in Canada.
1994 marks the year that Dodge came out with its new style. Prior to that, no one wanted Dodge trucks. I NEVER saw Dodge trucks. In the last 30 years there have been 4 different Chrysler/Dodge dealers in my town. They kept on going broke.

Ford F-series truck has been the best-selling vehicle in Canada for the past three years and the best-selling truck in Canada for 47 consecutive years.
In the USA I believe that number to be 33 years in a row.

Thanks again for the comic relief.

@TRX-4 Tom - Our mutual friend thinks that the Tacoma and Frontier are also too big.

He pines away for some '70s era truck.

The poor guy is like a hound dog baying up an empty tree. That racoon is long gone.

@DenverMike - you'd be surprised by the number of fully loaded HD pickups that are used in Northern BC in logging. The only one's using plain jane trucks around my part of the world are large fleet buyers.

@Lou - We were talking 1/2 ton premium fancy trucks. Premium HDs? You must already need a truck that's can do tons of hard labor if you've stepped up to an HD even if it's pretty. And pretty damn expensive.

Raptors are selling like Hotcakes here in Southeastern Idaho. Farmers are to blame. They love the way they drive out on the field. My Bosses brother just bought 3 for him and his Boys for their Farm. I think They should Build the Ram-Runner. But they need to make sure it has its own unique look. Besides, the Diesel would make it very attractive do to the MPG. Besides, you know in a year they will have a chip that will boost it up to 350+ horses and 500+ for the Torque without sacifising any gas. Which is good.

@HEMI V8 - Dodge trucks avoid the crusher because of their Cummins. Most old Dodge survivors are 3/4 and 1tons with the Cummins. Cummins saved Dodge from extinction and the Hemi gimmick/campaign did the rest.

Posted by: DenverMike | Mar 25, 2013 9:20:47 PM

@Denvermike, Why don't you stick to what you do know? Your local Ford dealers service manager.

Dodge offered the Cummins diesel in 1989.

The redesigned 1994 Ram was a sales success, with sales rocketing from 100,000 units in 1993 to 240,000 in 1994, 280,000 in 1995, and nearly 400,000 in 1996.
Dodge dropped a bombshell — the 1994 Dodge Ram. Its styling was far from any other pickup, with a clean look that mimicked heavy trucks; it was more aerodynamic outside, and its interiors were far more convenient and better-looking than those of the competitors. It had a full range of gas and diesel engines, and the highest chassis load and tow ratings. This was the truck that tripled Dodge’s full-size-pickup market share in the course of a few years.

The new Dodge Ram pickup had a long list of industry firsts and exclusives, including the largest standard and optional payloads. The Ram had the roomiest standard cab in the industry, with the first reclining seats in a regular cab pickup, and the longest seat track travel. Safety was augmented by a standard driver air bag, side door beams, and optional four-wheel anti-lock brakes. The Magnum engines had more horsepower and torque than competitors ’ engines, and in midyear, they were joined by a V-10 producing 300 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque. The new Ram also had the first factory-installed power take-off adapter on a 4x2 truck with an automatic transmission; and the best-in-class Cummins turbodiesel continued.

Chrysler Retains Sales Lead in Canadian Market
Several models set new sales records.
by Joseph Szczesny on Mar.06, 2013

Chrysler set a new Canadian sales record with its Town & Country minivan - shown rolling down a Canadian assembly line.
Chrysler Canada, with 39th consecutive months of year-over-year sales increases, is tightening its grip as the best-selling automaker in the vast market north of the U.S. border.
Chrysler has become the unlikely market leader in Canada, pushing past domestic rivals General Motors and Ford Motor Co., as well as key imports like Toyota and Honda, and it continues gaining ground, sales for February increasing by 2% to 16,832 vehicles.

Thank you for your comic relief. lol

@HEMI V8 - I was working at a Chyrsler/Plymouth/Dodge dealer starting in '87 and the Dodge truck offering was a piss poor '73 design that we couldn't give away other than thin fleet sales. Once they came with the Cummins, people were buying them before they even hit the lot. Test drives all day long with guys buying them sight unseen.

The '94 redesign was a knockout, but what I'm saying is there may not have been a Dodge truck to redesign if it wasn't for Cummins. The Dodge Ram line was definitely on the chopping block beforehand.

If you think the reason old Dodge trucks tend to out live Ford and GM for anything other than their Cummins, that says it all.

Most 1/2 ton crew cab buyers dont use their trucks for work they get them to tow their travel trailer, their atvs, boats, go camping and in the raptors place go off roading. Half ton trucks are used for play. As a raptor owner who has talked to other raptor owners, most of us came over from other brands i personaly came from chevy, while there are some that like the looks of the truck most of us where disapointed by the trend towards fuel economy over off raod prowess, as approach angles diminished and ground clearnce was reduced you could no longer go to the same fishing and camping spots that you used to with older trucks, many of us raptor owners bought the trucks to continue our hobbies as it became the only option for us from the factory, and we simply dont want to deal with lifts and the problems that they cause with vehicles being heavily computerized these days.

@carilloskies, The Raptor is less 1/2 ton then the Toyota tacoma. I use my lifted RAM with Rancho suspension and 35" B.F.G's for my hobbies as well. With 4.56 gears I tow my 9,000lb toy hauler OFF ROAD. Soft sand DUNES of Pismo, Dumont, Glamis to have a great camping spot away from the clowns. Riding Quads all day and sometimes @ night. If I wanted a 4x4 only vehicle it wood be the jeep Rubicon. Since I need a 4x4 Tow vehicle I don't drive a jeep. I am waiting to see if Ram puts the 6.4L in the Power Wagon. For less money then a Raptor I can get a Power Wagon and have more Towing, Hauling and when the road gets real bad, more off road capability then the Raptor.

@Denver Mike: while Ram was last to use overdrive autos I believe, they were ahead of Chevy in multipoint fuel injection. Heck I parted out a 92 K2500 TBI 350, while Dodge had the 318 Magnum out in 91 and the 360 in 92 with multipoint injection.

Chevy didn't change their trucks much for most the 73 and up till late 80s, right?

My dad bought a 97 Ford to tow his trailers, no more 351, he had the 5.4, for a month. It just wouldn't do it, he knew it was a mistake withen 1 mile from the house, so he got a 98 Dodge 5.9 v-8 with 3.91 gears, problem solved and it still runs fine.

Fords were darn near the same from early 80s to 96.

"1994 marks the year that Dodge came out with its new style. Prior to that, no one wanted Dodge trucks. I NEVER saw Dodge trucks."

Lou, well said. Prior to 1994, nobody here drove Dodge trucks, either - except for the local utility companies, and that was because they could buy Dodge trucks at rock-bottom fleet prices. The local Dodge dealers seldom had more than three or four on their lots for retail sale.

@Hemi the power wagon starts at 42k with vinal seats the raptor starts at 43 with leather. if your ram is lifted than chances are your payload rating and tow rating have gone down as well the 35' tires and what ever susspension modds you have done. some of us need a vehicle to go 4x4 in that has more cargo room than the jeep so a short bed pickup is the ticket. also since your truck was not designed for big tires how bad is your stoping distance? You sound like Oxi withh his piecemeal toyota. you need to think about the saftey of others Hemi stop talking BS and get the power wagon oh and i highly doubt with new cafe numbers that the 6.4 will show up in a vehicle where most are either cumins or fleet buyers, neither party would be intrested in a 6.4. Also i recal that the raptor won the stock 4x4 shootout. Since you would tow off road the PW makes sense so get it. But for people like me the raptor makes the most sence you cannot get into a new truck with all the features the raptor has for less than $20k worth of parts and labor as evidence by the ramrunner, which motar trend said was not as livable as a raptor yah its faster off road but so are score trucks, but i would not want to drive to work in a score truck. every raptor owner i know uses it as their daily driver. By the way Hemi your half ton Ram is rated at 7500 lbs towing and 1280 payload a crew svt raptor is rated at 8,000lbs towing and 1180 payload so 100lbs less than your hemi Ram 1500s payload and 500lbs more towing the raptor can off road and rides better too, and tows better than your ram even some of the new half ton rams have a lower payload and only 200lbs more towing than a raptor. i guess these trucks are less capable than the tacoma. Fords 3.7 is rated better than rams 3.6 in towing as well , by 2,000 lbs stop being a troll and do some freaking research.

Here, in Australia we tend to have an aftermarket outfit modify our 4x4s to suit the application required. A one size fits all 4x4 tune wouldn't work here because of the varied conditions we use them for.

Off roading is quite varied, so the type and style of vehicle is different, but most require the same underpinnings.

Most 4x4 midsizers we have are used for extended journeys, towing and carrying up to 5-6000lbs for several weeks in remote areas, not a day or weekend trip to a 4x4 park or camping.

Aftermarket will probably comes out cheaper in the long term and provide a better safer vehicle to suit your requirements.

So, our 4x4s are tuned differently for hauling and arduous off roading with large loads not boy racing.

As I stated the Raptor looks very nice but its ability to do more than cruise around shopping malls or go to 4x4 parks/sand dunes is limited.

Even though the Power Wagon is butt ugly and Asianesque in some looks it can work a little more. But it is still limited by a relatively low payload by our standards.

I would want the off road ability/style of a Raptor and the load capacity of the Powerwagon. That would make the best of both worlds.

But Ram has to resolve their factory production/quality issues fisrt.

@HEMI V8 - Are you ever going to get that Power Wagon? Either way, I hope you stop dangerously overloading your 1500. Your mods reduce payload and towing even further.

@TRX-4 Tom - By the late '80s, the F-series and Silverado/Sierras were modern and up to date while Dodge trucks were basically '70s inside and out. Our shop truck was an '85 1500 (in '87) and we hated it. It felt like an old truck and you had to slam the door hard. By the '90s, you could always tell past Dodge truck owners when they'd get in or out your GM, Ford or current Dodge truck and slam the hell out of your door.

I'm glad it worked out for Dodge and Ram, but in back in '87, there was little doubt Chrysler was hanging their trucks out to dry. No different to how Ford let the Ranger dry out before putting it out of its misery.

Follow the leader RAM.....follow the LEADER SHEEP!!!!

Just like the statement you made that "when you have driven a Cadillac it always had to have a V8".

In your dreams?

You drive an old Ford pickup with the wheel alignment out, over inflated tyres to save fuel. Living in a 10sq home.

But you own a trucking company that's going to buy V-10, F-650s.

Come on get real!

You talk as much BS as he does, why put him down?

@Big Al from Oz - I don't assume anyone's a liar, but why would I lie to you? We're not even sleeping together. I'm not a millionaire by any stretch, but I live comfortably and well within my means. I don't have any fancy things, but all I have was paid for in cash including my modest home/horse property and commercial location. The same goes for my pickups and work trucks all purchased new.

Of course I'm not like any American you've ever met, but here's some vids I've put up over the years just screwing around. One features one of my work trucks with diesel issues and one of my dogs (just in case you think I don't really have dogs).

@carilloski, Why don't you do some research homer? READ IT AND WEEP!

Ford Raptor towing and payload.

Base curb weight 6,016
Payload capacity 920
GVWR 7,000
Axle ratio 4.10
Maximum GCWR 12,500
Maximum trailer tow 6,000

HEMI V8 - Once again you've proven there's no free lunch. Expect a similar substantial drop in capacity in a Ram Runner. Or your modded 1500.

@Denvermike, Can you explain how I reduced my capacity with d load tires and bigger and stiffer shocks and 4.56 gears?

Correction, E load tires.

@Denvermike, carilloski, I can easly add a 1,000lbs to my tow rating with a simple rim swap. Take of the twenties which are aluminum rim for a steel 17" making the tow rating @ 8,400lbs.
Two wheel drive more, single cab more. 9,200lbs. 392 ring. Mine has 4.56's

@Lou: dang, if a Tacoma single cab or Frontier Single cab isn't small enough, I don't know what he is waiting on. They do have some China made little trucks that are rather small, I don't guess they would be very safe or handle 55 mph, if they can get to 55.

Maybe he has a fear of anything wider then 5 feet?

I actually shopped Frontiers, but I would be pulling max weight most to all the time, so I skipped that idea.

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