Mopar to Explore Feasibility of Factory-Made Ram Runner

RamRunner II

A Mopar executive says the company will keep the Ram Runner kit under its aftermarket umbrella unless it can find a way to make a factory package profitable enough through volume.

According to a recent article in WardsAuto, Vice President of Mopar Parts, Sales and Field Operations Pat Dougherty said Mopar will study Ford's SVT Raptor — built alongside F-Series trucks on the assembly line — to see if it’s possible to add the Ram Runner kit to Ram trucks at the factory without losing money on each sale.

The complete Ram Runner kit can run upward of $70,000, or about $25,000 more than the factory-warranteed SVT Raptor ordered off the lot. The two trucks in our Duel in the Desert Shootout were approximately $22,000 apart in price, but that didn't account for the aggressive aftermarket tires and custom rims on the Ram.

To date we have not heard any supportable reports that lead us to believe a Ram 1500 Raptor competitor could be built off the same line as other Ram half-tons.


I agree with Sandman 4x4, if they make them, make them in a variety of trim packages. Not all will want a Larimie equiped one, and others will want more stuff. Let there be a lower dollar one, for people that don't want all the extras, or want to mod it themselves.

@Moparman: Well then get to snapping! LOL! What is so not strong enough in a 6.4 for a truck? You know they drop those engines in super stock dragcars, right? They don't just make an SRP run fast. They do some work on them. Come on, it's a 470 foot pound/hp engine, with a warranty on it, and they even put a manual trans behind it.

It must be pretty weak huh?

@HEMI V8 - A lift kit and big tires just make you less stable, but every pound of aftermarket stuff you add to your truck, reduces the payload and towing by and equal amount. You didn't have much payload to start with, and the weight of the bigger rims/tires and tongue weight of a 9,000 lbs trailer "alone" puts you right at or just a bit over your max payload. Add passengers, camping gear etc and you're way overloaded. I hope your not putting another quad in your pickup bed too.

Bigger rim/tires also create extra parasitic drag, added rolling resistance, added stress on bearings, bushings, ball joints and make your brakes less effective and build much more heat.

Get the right tool for the job next time. My cousin had your same Ram 1500, (except stock) and pulled a big toy hauler for family outings. Unlike you, he was well within his capacity, but after his 2nd blown rear end (fixed under warranty 2x), I explained how 3/4 ton axles are much beefier, come with bearings about 10X more massive and have axle shafts that are held in by 8 bolt vs C-clips on 1/2 ton axles that are known to slide out and take the wheels with them. With this knowledge and concern for his family's safety, he traded his newer Ram 1500 in on a used Excursion with a Powerstroke and hasn't had a problem since. OK, his Powerstroke has had some issues, but still.

@Denvermike, I appreciate your concern. I have been towing my trailer for six years with no problems. On road or off. I do not go to 9,000lbs till I am close to were I am going. No water on board no fuel for the bikes. Along with my 4.56 gears I have an Auburn rear end. Tows my trailer great. Smooth. Even better when I add a 1,000lbs of water and twenty gallons of gas for the bikes. I do want the Power Wagon which was not made when I bought my Ram in 03. Just for the extra capacity for more fire wood and gear plus more off road capable with lockers front and rear. Crew cab with 6'4" bed with Ram box and Alpine stereo. I want a 4" Mopar lift and 37" tires. Silver with all black grill and front bumper and black after market rims.

@HemiV8 - what part of my post did you NOT understand? I did say that Ram has not sold well until recently. They do currently sell well. That would be since they came out with the new styles.

Your typical cut and paste without ANY comprehension of the content is once again evident.

Cummins is what sells Ram HD. Funny though, I just talked to a guy with a 2011 Ford Platinum with Ecoboost engine. He had a Ram Cummins diesel truck. He traded it off on the Ford because he got tired of the extra expense of a HD diesel since, like you, he tows heavy occasionally. He loves how his truck tows his 33 foot camper trailer which loaded is around 11,000 lbs. He says loaded mpg sucks, but empty he is getting 22 city and 30 highway. That is based on a larger Canadian gallon. I'll convert it to USA gallons = 18city, 25 highway.

You DO sound like Oxi - using the wrong tool for the job at hand.

Please don't cut and paste Canadian statistics. You are already clueless when you cut and paste from USA sources that you are allegedly more familiar with. Either way, you still make yourself look like a major doofus.

Good luck with that 391 Hemi powered Power Wagon. Are those Mexicans building it as we speak?

I do remember you telling a story about your 10sq home and your very meagre paying job.

As you stated you don't need much to get by with and never had and you pay cash for everything.

You have 2 oldish F-150s and use them to do odd jobs.

Remember you told Robert Ryan that last year.

You are very full of $hit.

DenverMike, some people have incredibly good memories. You tell porkies pies (Aussie slang for lying) I'll remind you and others that you are trying to impress.

So a Caddy, like I said in your dreams.

@turda lol
Sorry, but these guy(s) have been duplicate posting me now for sometime.

I would love to go back to my usual writing but they keep on duplicate posting it.

After this I'll try to keep you happy:) But if they start up again, why don't you past judgement on them.

@Big Al from Oz - I've never discussed my income here or anywhere. My friends and (extended) family don't know and don't ask. It's called 'etiquette'. And I've never financed any major purchases. I have another '04 F-150 shop truck and both have many miles and years left on them. These are not disposable mid-size or global pickups based on suvs. My home is 800 sqft as I've said before.

@HEMI V8 - I truly hope you don't have an incident, or accident but if you look overloaded, the CHP will weigh your combination. That said, I don't know why you didn't just spend a few hundred more on a 3/4 ton RAM. The difference is about $1,500 before rebates.
You've already spent close to $10,000 mostly on its looks.

I love my F-150 and is the perfect tool for what I ask of it, but if Big Al was here, he'd remind me it's just a glorified muscle car. This is true. That's why I have a '95 F-350 (srw) crew cab for doing real work (noncommercial). Factory aluminum wheels with 33" BFGs and 2" of lift. I love it. Manual trans, manual transfer case, manual hubs.

If your truck went back to the factory to get new specs with all your mods, it's new payload and towing capacity would look just like the Raptor's, so I don't know why you're laughing.

@ Hemi
I have a supper cab raptor and the 5.4s actually got 100lbs more payload I acctualy read what the door jam says about my payload and towing and make sure i dont go over that. Also i mentioned data for a supercrew raptor that most people buy its a 4 door pick up which is comparable to your 4 door ram in terms of wheel base and size.
Lets look at it this way 2013 F150 crew 145" fx4 with 6.2L and 3.73 has a payload of 1,860lbs and can tow 11,100lbs a 2013 F150 crew 145" raptor 6.2L and 4.10 has a payload of 1,180 lbs, and 8,000lbs towing so the 35in tires and suspension cause a significant loss in capabilities. A 28% loss in towing and 36.5% loss in payload. now lets apply that to your truck, SO by my calculations even with going to a bigger gear 3.73 to 4.10 for the ford or 3.92 to 4.96 for your ram you loose payload and towing from suspension mods and larger tires, the raptor even has smaller 17in wheels than the Fx4 and its tires are load range D. my calculations show that with your mods your payload is around 812lbs and your towing capability is around 5,436lbs well below that of a stock extended cab raptor. Please dont exceed these weights Hemi we all drive on these roads and dont want you putting our families at risk.

@Denvermike, REPOST. READ THIS BUD. My needs expanded over the years along with my waste band.

I do want the Power Wagon which was not made when I bought my Ram in 03. Just for the extra capacity for more fire wood and gear plus more off road capable with lockers front and rear. Crew cab with 6'4" bed with Ram box and Alpine stereo. I want a 4" Mopar lift and 37" tires. Silver with all black grill and front bumper and black after market rims.

@HEMI V8 - I hope you get that Power Wagon soon. For everyone's sake. There's no shame in 'used trucks' and Power Wagons go from current to 2005. Their payload and towing (1,880/10,250 lbs) are right about where you're at now when fully (wet) loaded. Of course you're going to blow past that too, from what you're saying. But why wait any longer? You need it like yesterday...

@carilloski, Where are you getting 1,180 from? super crew is 1,020lb payload and 8,000lb towing. So i sure has hell dont trust your math.

If your so safety minded why do you put your family at such risk with that Fire waiting to happen king of flaming recalls Ford F one Fiddy burning before they leave the assembly plant Craptor?

@HemiOxi - "My needs expanded over the years along with my waste band."

Looks like wisdom didn't expand with age like it is supposed to do.

Ram - America's most dangerous pickup and the 3/4 ton caught fire during NHTSA crash test.

After the test, the NHTSA said that the Ram showed smoke and flames from the engine compartment. It appears they developed in the area around the area where the radiator smashed into the engine.

The NHTSA awarded the Ram just two stars for driver safety in a head on collision.

@Mark, Ya, With the F one Fiddy you just turn the key off and wait. LOL NO CRASH REQUIRED LOL.

At last Ford discovered the problem at the plant and no other fires were reported.

With Ram the buyer has to deal with it while driving.

@Hemi i got the information from Fords web site
133" raptor 5.4l 1020lb payload 6000 towing
133" Raptor 6.2l 980lb payload 6000 towing
145" Raptor 6.2l 1180 payload 8000 towing And hemi I dont trust your reading comprehension.
On the saftey unlike you i keep my vehicles inssured to cover them incase for a wide variety of reasons they could get damaged or destroyed.
On saftey IIHS rated the current gen f150 good in roof strength with a strength to weight ratio of 4.72 the best the ram recived a marginaland the lowest strength to weight of 2.97. the dodge also scored marginal in side impact but the f150 scored good in all areas it seems apparent to me which vehicel is a winner. your just jealous that the raptor is more capable in every way than your truck hemi, its ok not to have the best but to rip other people and belittle us is something else. i used simple math to ilistrate that the tires and suspenssion can surverly affect payload and towing. but you rather make personal attacks if you used a power wagon the way it was designed to be used nobody would care its when you attack other people that upsets the rest of us. there are people out there with mopar products that caught on fire. people dont keep beating a dead horse

@ Carilloski, What good does all those safety ratings while it's burning to the ground. I get it. This is fords first real capable 4x4. Cool for the blue oval crowd. Good for you. I was simply proving for me a Ford Raptor does nothing. I can and will buy a more capable Power Wagon with more of everything I use my truck for, including off road for around the same amount of money. I have different needs then you in a truck.

Didn't you mention something about wanting more capability out of your Raptor once before?

@Hemiroid V8 - your dumbassed 10 year old POS truck is more dangerous pulling a trailer than any new Raptor.
What a flaming sheep butt hole. Baaa Baaa butt sheep.

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