Shelby Raptor Revealed at N.Y. Auto Show


Need a truck for the zombie apocalypse? Ford and Shelby have just the thing.

Just in case the 411-horsepower, 6.2-liter V-8 Ford SVT Raptor isn't enough for your needs, the performance experts at Shelby American Inc. have constructed a 575-hp Raptor. The Shelby Raptor is the big brother to the monster GT500 Super Snake Mustang, the special-option package that just debuted at the 2013 New York International Auto Show; this promises to be the most impressive muscle truck offered to date.

Here's how Shelby describes this new limited-edition package:

"Shelby American takes the impressive Ford SVT Raptor and adds some 'Shelby Magic' to create the ultimate muscle truck."

Shelby America will produce the trucks at its headquarters in Las Vegas; base packages (after the cost of a new SVT Raptor) will start at $18,000 and include a supercharger, some suspension modifications, a custom exhaust and several interior upgrades. Of course, Shelby will offer more dress-up and performance mods as well. The company says it doesn't plan to make more than 100 units per year to keep them exclusive. Each Shelby Raptor sold will be registered in the Shelby Registry.

2 1989-Dodge-Dakota-Shelby

This is the first pickup truck for Shelby in more than 30 years; in 1989, it offered a two-wheel-drive featherweight Dodge Dakota with the electronic fuel-injected 5.2-liter V-8. Only 1,500 units were sold — about 1,000 red and 500 white — and not many have survived. Additionally, some credit the Shelby Dakota with starting the muscle truck craze, which included the GMC Syclone and Ford Lightning.

Stay tuned, as we're hoping to have more detailed coverage of how the Shelby performance package works in the real world after we get behind the wheel. 

To read the full press release, click here.


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"$4 a gallon gas and this is where F.O.R.D. is focusing its efforts?"

MaXx, did you read the article? It's a limited-production(100 per year, no more) truck; the people who would buy this truck, which will come in at $60,000 and up, aren't worried about $4/gas.

@Ken Lyns

I don't think so. Maybe Shelby and other similar companies are exempt.

Here a link I had in another article on this site.

You must going to sleep every night laughing that I have to put up with the goatherders now:)

Different country, different ideas, Ram guys must be a very bigoted lot and/or inbreed hicks.

Who complains the most about my mid sizer comment. The Ramtards. Why? Maybe because they are the only manufacturer without a midsizer.

Like I said guerilla marketing, Ram looks like a loser then.

You didn't post when I said hello to Jeff S on TTAC. Doesn't suit your skewed argument. Also, I'm a prolific poster on TTAC, that failed to be in your story.

I have nothing against most of you guys.

But you all sat back and let me be attacked and multi posted and not one of you stood up to the fools causing the disruption. Now defend them?

When I defend myself against them you reject what I say?

No, be a little more consistent with your critisism.

TRX4 Tom is an aggresive fool, dominating. Hemi V8 posts crap and DenverMike is a lying troll. From what I can gather they seem to be one.

I do know this site is supposed to be a forum.

I will lay off of the fools, but I do expect you guys to offer support.

Or just sit back like what has been going on and it will continue until they they are caught out.

There is also more going on than meets the eye.

@ToyotaLOL - typical sheep humping Fiat nutswinger. A Raptor is not a street truck just like a diesel 4x4 isn't supposed to be a street truck. The problem with a diesel truck is the weight. You do not want a truck designed to handle some jumping to be front heavy.
That SRT10 is such a great truck, why dont Sheep inc keep makin it?

Nice looking truck,

ought to be a great conversation piece for the suburbanite yuppies to talk about while they stand in their loafers and golf shirts.

Other than that, the ecoboost would make a MUCH better solution to this raptor...err.....toy. Doubt this type of truck would see much offroad at all....most will be pavement queens. Again, EcoBoost makes much better sense in this Raptor...

hey guys :D

Is a Ram pickup a decendent of a Model T pickup. Without the Model T you would have Ford inspired Aussie utes now. Not your pickups.

Thank HemiV8.

Posted by: Big Al

-When most people think of old cars, the Ford Model T comes to mind. It is little known, however, that the Dodge Brothers of Detroit, Michigan, are in many ways responsible for Ford’s success, which eventually led to their own success in the automotive industry, and made for the brothers a vast personal fortune.

Henry Ford WOULD be impressed. He strived to improve productivity, and by having a custom truck like the Raptor being produced on an assembly line to sell for thousands less than any competitor would make him very happy! It's funny when I see comments about "the only reason Ford sells more trucks is they are cheaper". THAT was Henry's goal, to perfect the assembly line to build quality products at a lower price. Thank you Ford!!

Looks like Hemiroid V8 has dusted off the hemi is the drag queen story once again. Top Fuel, who the f--k cares. Do those engines live longer than 15 seconds? What a flaming idiot. He is having wet dreams over his Mexican Imigrant Wagon to pull his Jap toys. What a f--in' fool. Inhaled too much freon or something has fried his brains.

@sheep patrol, So yes your Ford is fast with that Chrysler Power under the hood. LOL That thing Got A Hemi?

I'm not feeling the love here. 575 hp, tweaked suspension and lots of flat black graphics and a big stupid sticker in the rear window. Does $18,000 on this Raptor put it in the same price range as the Ram Runner?
For that price, a Shelby supercharged 5.8 should be under the hood.


"$4 a gallon gas and this is where F.O.R.D. is focusing its efforts?"

Shelby is not Ford, nor are they owned or supported by Ford in any way. They're their own company, and they just happen to have a relationship with Ford. So, you're asking a company that builds performance cars, specializing in performance cars, that has only ever built performance cars... to focus on fuel efficiency.

This is not the ultimate pickup truck. Hennessy still has the 800 horsepower Velociraptor.

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