Spied! Chevy Silverado HD Prototypes

Silverado2500HD 1 II

There are plenty of prototype Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 heavy duty pickups doing durability testing in and around General Motors Milford Proving Grounds outside Detroit. From what our spy shooters tell us — which we suspected — much of the design language from the 2014 Silverado will migrate into the HD trucks; however, the photos here indicate there may be something unique about the grille and front-end look. Here's what our spies tell us.

"It appears that the Silverado HD will gain the impression of greater brawn by ditching the 1500's split center bar in favor of a thicker, solid chrome bar. The result is greater visual weight and a beefier countenance. Slim horizontal slats (two above and three below) sandwich the thick horizontal grille bar, adding some further substance to the Silverado HD's grille treatment."

Silverado2500HD 2 II

Silverado2500HD 3 II

Silverado2500HD 4 II

Silverado2500HD 5 II


Can't wait for the Beast to come out!!! General Motors all the way!!!

F250 all the way

@Ford, yeah all the way back to the dealer.

Hope they start having moderators soon so this childish crap will be taken care of.

Damn, I see more frame than anything else. Horrid! SMH!

I'll pass, as always!

Ain't that the truth. Moderation please!

Can't wait to see what the Best HD truck on the market look like.

Unfortunately, based on the spy shots, nothing really new. It looks like the second refresh of the 07 HD's.

I so wish GM would lead in the truck department and take some risks with new tech and a fresh design instead of seeming to always play catch up.

I have been saying this for a long while now. Why can't we have moderators for this site to take the dumb comments down? There is nothing wrong with some humor in a post but when you get down to childish behavor saying my truck is better than yours and no its not, is to crap it just brings the entire site down to a new low. Lets get on the ball here folks.

atleast the tow mirrors sit level now.

Anyone know any good jokes? I saw a cheap hat at a gas station in Alabama that read "Those who say they would rather push a Chevy than drive a Ford usually do." I thought it was pretty funny!

One would assume that the new 6.2L gasser would end up in the HD trucks. Sure hope GM comes up with a different solution for the DEF tanks on the Duramax equipped trucks for the 2014 models.

Why hide these trucks testing in camo when its going to have the exact same sheet metal as the 1500?

Why hide these trucks testing in camo when its going to have the exact same sheet metal as the 1500?

Posted by: Mikes FX4 | Mar 18, 2013 5:48:56 PM

The HD's and light duties have never looked similar. Maybe to the average Joe who only knows a pickup truck for missing a section of a cab, but for those who know trucks the differences between an HD and light duty is painstakingly obvious. If you can't easily spot the differences between a HD and light duty from a 1/4 mile, you need glasses.

Yeap Chevy continues to base its 2500 and 3500 off the 1/2 1500. While Ford's F150 and F250, F350, where completely separated back in 1999 and are designed, engineered, manufactured on completely different manufacturing lines. Ford freed the Superduty from the F150's frame limitations 14 years ago. FORD F150 AND SUPERDUTY ARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TRUCKS, ONE ENGINEERED FOR LIGHT DUTY USAGE AND THE OTHER FOR TRUE COMMERICAL TOUGHEST.




Let the haters speak their mind, so far in head to head tests the Duramax has beaten the SuperDuty everytime.

Well the GM 1/2 tons and 3/4 are on different frames. Also Ford didn't really venture to far off with the Super Duty back in 1999. As I recall the tailgate was from the F-150 as well as the seats with doors and maybe the dash from the Econoline vans.

@ uh huh

Good catch.....I never really was a fan of the way the GM tow mirrors were mounted with that upward lean. This look is much better.

King of the hill! I can not wait and get a new 3500 with the 6.2 motor.

The frame /chassis/suspension/axles/differential/ transmission is completelety different on the GM HD trucks compared to the 1/2 ton. I can't wait for the 2014 GMC HD 3500, will be my next truck for sure. Love the old style square truck look, glad they didn't change too much of the exterior and happy that the interior gets a redo for the better.

Ford trucks sell better because they are priced the cheapest..FACT !

Funny Ford guys ditch GM trucks saying their design is old,REALLY ?

Ford F-250,350 came out in 1997 as a 1998 model,fact is its the same looking truck since 97 !

F-150 is an old design out since 2004 !

GM trucks are a newer design.

RAM is the freshest,most current up to date design,technology,performance,handling,mpg..Dodge RAM is the best looking/performing truck but sales are not the highest because Chrysler doesnt have the capacity to build more trucks (they had to cut shifts on some vehicle lines because Chrysler didnt have enough engines for their vehicles,strong demand and low supply,not enough capacity to build enough),and RAM TRUCK pricing is higher then Ford and GM trucks and people love to buy the cheaper product,so Ford is the best seller..Its like Toyota/Honda cars for decades they were cheaper,thus sales grew !

I must say,on a personal note and to many astute observers I have spoken to ,GM trucks look better then Ford..The Ford 250/350 have a hideous front end,the HUGE headlights are cheap plastic and cover the whole front end and half of the front fender ,looks very cheap ! And ugly ! Ford's dashes are again hideous,mix match of shape and design,but again, the lower price point brings sales up.

@ L Mar

Dude, you should really research before you post. Fords average transaction price is right at $4000 more than GM trucks. Really, cheaper. Look around, google is your friend. It is obvious that you don't work in manufacturing or the auto industry. All head lights are made from thermo resins. Yes the super duty HL's are large, but are manufactured with the same materials and methods as GM and RAM. Your comment on RAM sales is just to funny to reply to. RAM trucks will never out sell Chevy or Ford regardless of manufacturing capacity. The current RAM trucks are a nice truck. I would take the RAM HD over a 1500 though.

If your gonna go for IFS on your hd, cant you atleast keep it from being a torsion bar setup? lol

Ram already out sales Ford. In Canada. Where men are men and sheep are scared.

@Mikes FX4 - OEMs will camo a truck to draw media attention. It obviously works and in this case, no one would have otherwise noticed this truck if it was painted day-glow fluorescent green with hot pink polka dots.

@ unbiased Ram

Not. Ford out sold Ram by almost 40k units in 2012. Nice try.

First off the brand bickering is stupid. GM's mirrors were leveled out in 07. They were only at an angle for the 05 through 07 classics. Then there is the never ending bashing about GM having 2 truck lines. To set the record straight, this is more than a GM thing. In the mid size trucks this has been going on for years... Chevy/ Isuzu... Mazda/ford. So for the Ford faithfull who complains... If Lincoln's black wood or mark LT trucks would have been even slightly successful they would still be selling them as re-badged F150's. so yes Chevy and GMC have been successful with the marketing and sales, and will continue. I appreciate all the technology that has been coming to the market over the last couple years. With out the competiton do you think we would have some of the most comfortable, capable and smoothest trucks ever.

Why do they have a 2013 covered up?

It appears to me that the gille now has a badge in the center just like ford does. About the same size and shape.

That along with the other design of it lends itself to being a copycat design.

GM and Chevy Truck all the way!! And The small block is power!

gotta love the hideous mirrors, doesn't look much different, still the same boring old 2008 model

Nothing to do with this article. This croc was caught near where I live.

Good photo of a Toyota Hilux.



Spot on, couldn't have said it better myself

I'll be glad when they get rid of the 6.0L. Never liked that engine much, at least in the HD trucks. It did much better in the 1500's as the 'Vortec Max.'

I'm surprised they never came up with a 6.6L version of the Vortec for the HD trucks. Would have been right around 400 cubic inches, a proven displacement with the SBC of 'ole, and would have likely had nearly as much torque as the old 8.1L big block. Doubt it would have seen any worse fuel economy than the 6.0L does now, either.

Mark do you have a date when the motor numbers will be out on the HD's?
I asked the product specialist at N.A.I.A.S. he would not say a word.

1) Ugly, poor ground clearance, Low Slung frame that looks like it came from a junkyard after the Cheap Wax dip comes off and it gets all covered in rust within two years while the body is still nice and shiny- Check.

2) Cheap poor riding Torsion bars (horizontal springs) that do Not have a progressive rate of twist instead of proper swing arm SFA with Coil springs that Do have a progressive rate of collapse giving a better ride- Check.

3) Poor articulation front suspension set up with half shafts that can only handle X amount of angle before failure limiting not only tire size and wheel travel but stress it can ultimately transfer to the ground - Check.

4) Baby spare donut tires that don't fill out those Massive Ugly square wheelwells - Check.

Yep, looks like it's all there. Your typical one size fits all crap pavement pounder set up from Chevrolet since 1988 (92 for some 3500's). The worst HD truck chassis design in the business powered by the best engine and transmission combination money can buy. Same as it ever was.

I own a 2002 2500HD CrewCab 4x4 Duramax-Allison with 250,000 miles and counting. I'm not a brand loyalist. My two trucks before the Duramax was an F150 and a Toyota.

Regarding the next generation Chevy 2500-3500HD, I hate to see all that frame hanging below the truck. It hurts the coefficient of drag, thus mpg's. The Allison is the best transmission currently available in any truck, but I would love to see an 8spd or even 10 spd Allison. My Duramax-Allison is has only 5 gears and the engine is turning way too many rpm's at 75 mph ~3000+ rpm's. During non-towing conditions, a turbo-diesel with 520 ft-lbs of torque should cruise at 75 mph at about 1800-1900 rpm's for optimal mpg's.

@Unbiased Ford: Interesting that you should say that, when everywhere I look FMC and Ford dealers are offering as much as $8000 off the MSRP of their trucks in order to move them--meaning their off-the-lot price is roughly $5000 BELOW that of a roughly-equivalent Chevy and about $3000 below that of a RAM.

@Big Al from Oz: and if they had a fullsize, be it a Ford, GM, Ram, or Tundra they could have actually put the tail in the bed, instead of that little Toyota.

I'm with Keith /\

Chevy needs to fix all of those things.

Yawn, more boring news from GM

For the folks talking about what sells in Canada:


Yes, Ford is currently selling more F-series then Rams. But does Ford have anything new comming this year? Nope. Maybe some new pencil whipped tow ratings?

Chrysler as a group (Ram, Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler) sells more vehicles in Canada then Ford, GM, or Toyota sells.

Ram sells more trucks in Canada then the two GM twins, and Ford outsold Ram by about the same margin as Ram beat the Silverado.

If they're going to keep making the wheel openings on their truck bodies so damn huge they need to do 1 of 2 things. Either fill them up with a larger tire or put some damn wheel well liners in there like Dodge does on their trucks. This looks ridiculous and unfinished. Very cheap and old GM like. And since Chevrolet/GM trucks are limited on tire size for warranty reasons on their HD's because of their stupid 1/2 ton design IFS, they can't fill up the wheel opening with a nice tire. Quit being so cheap GM. Dodge has wheel liners on all of their trucks and they have nice sized tires that fit properly into their nicely shaped round wheel openings. You guys take a jigsaw to your metal and create these horrible looking HUGE wheel openings and then just leave them empty with a little tire in there. Just terrible.

I'm not even going to get started on their drop down frame.

It does look like they are going to adopt the 1500 body work. Hard to see clearly. What's with the "big bold" plastic grill treatment? I don't like the Ford HD grill and if they make this one bigger it probably will look lame too.
The crew cab looks bigger which is a good thing for Chevy.

Sales figures always comes out in these debates. It always seems to turn into a "combined" sales argument as well. Fiat, once you combine all of its divisions is the best corporate seller in Canada. Ram has been having the biggest sales since the new Ram's have been advertised. They have been advertising free Cummins and have been heavily pushing "no DEF" in advertising. The 1/2 tons are currently offering over 12k in rebates. The local dealer is always advertising big sales. Chevy is up there in rebates on the 1/2 tons. Ford, for most of the year was offering minimal rebates and now they are up to 8k.
I see mostly Ford or Ram HD's. Probably a 40/40% split with GM/Chevy at 20%. I do see way more Chevy HD gassers than Ram or Ford. GM/Chevy currently are the fleet queens in my area.

I see it has the air defussers in front of the back tires like on the half tons, Looks like somebody stuck mud flaps on the wrong side of the tire.


Guess they won't be pushing "no DEF" anymore.

@Lou: I think you are seeing Ram have big rebates now until their new HDs get out, and the rest of the 1500 stuff out, which is an ongoing thing considering how much they are changing things. I would think alot that want new Rams are holding out for the redone HDs, and the 8 speed hemis. So far I've seen one Hemi Big Horn on the lot nearby with an 8 speed.

I don't think you will see the big rebates on the 8 speed hemis, and the new HDs when they get out.

Damn, I see more frame than anything else. Horrid! SMH!

I'll pass, as always!

Posted by: Frank | Mar 18, 2013 4:55:19 PM

I thought this guy might have been banned already. Wishful thinking on my part.

@ Paul810 - true, funny how they aren't mentioning that fact in their advertising.

@TRX4 Tom - Ram is also offering price reductions on the 2013's. The 2012's are heavily marked down. I can see why the 2013's are marked down too since most of the trucks I looked at on the dealer webpage are identical to the old trucks. It may be a case of people waiting for the 8 speed and new diesel. Ram's plan of unveiling the new truck features too far in advance may hurt them. People will show up at the dealer wanting an 8 speed just to be told that they'll have to wait 6 months more and get pissed off. A good salesman can talk them into buying the current truck which may be their strategy. Sales have dropped for Ram so I doubt it is working.

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