Spied! Chevy Silverado HD Prototypes

Silverado2500HD 1 II

There are plenty of prototype Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 heavy duty pickups doing durability testing in and around General Motors Milford Proving Grounds outside Detroit. From what our spy shooters tell us — which we suspected — much of the design language from the 2014 Silverado will migrate into the HD trucks; however, the photos here indicate there may be something unique about the grille and front-end look. Here's what our spies tell us.

"It appears that the Silverado HD will gain the impression of greater brawn by ditching the 1500's split center bar in favor of a thicker, solid chrome bar. The result is greater visual weight and a beefier countenance. Slim horizontal slats (two above and three below) sandwich the thick horizontal grille bar, adding some further substance to the Silverado HD's grille treatment."

Silverado2500HD 2 II

Silverado2500HD 3 II

Silverado2500HD 4 II

Silverado2500HD 5 II



Me banned, yeah right. I am not insulting anyone. That is my opinion, if you can not handle it, don't comment.

At least PUTC isn't wasting time on that GOVTMOCO SIERRA. I STILL Want my Money BACK for that POS! NO company NEEDS TWO truck lines!! NONE. What a Taxpayer Waste!. Chevrolet is FINE. SCREW GMC.

If they're going to make us PAY for "heavy duty", then they should at least delivery heavy duty.

I think full-floating hubs should be part of that deal.

Well, that surely didn't last very long. The first 20 or so comments were actually worth reading, then almost everything after that turned out to be the typical GM bashing that's become the norm around here. Same old complaints of how our tax dollars were or are wasted on two truck lines, a low hanging frame and use of IFS instead of a SFA.

I wonder if it still takes half an acre to turn around in?

still comes stock with the 6" body lift

considering the difference between a quad/crew or extended/crew cabs now days, why don't truck manufacturers just be done with the extended cabs? nissan has only extended and crew but all should have regular and crew. a crew cab standard bed will replace an extended cab with a standard bed (i know this isn't completely on topic, but in 2009 ram made cab changes and i was just wondering if gm will follow suit because they obviously followed the 1500s "quad cab").

I agree with Lou and doubt it is working either. Ram jumped the gun on the reveal so they could steal some of Chevy's thunder. But the article on the Ram 8 speed debut was April 2012. It's now almost 1 year later and still no 8 speeds anywhere. (I don't buy the base engine.) Ram dropped the ball big time. I am sure I will be hearing from Ram fans now that "they are coming." Whatever.

imo 18 inch rims and extended cab trucks are a waste of time. just have 17s for the people who like smaller rim bigger tire and the ease of finding LT tires, 20s for dressed up trucks, and 22s for sport/accessory wheels. if you want more than a regular cab just get 2 extra doors and get a real 4 door. that extend cab crap has become useless now days as they have become just short crew cabs and everyone buys the true crew cabs anyway (just make sure to have a standard bed alongside the short bed for crew cabs). regular cab with standard and long beds or crew with short or standard beds on 1500 and 2500s. 3500s should be the same except for the addition of a crew cab long bed for those who need it, say duallie (did i spell dooley right?).

lol, true. they should have just waited till 2014 as that is when the "guts and glory" come out :P

Keith's chassis comments were the best and most spot on I've seen about the HD trucks.


Extended cabs are popular as work trucks, as they have more room than a regular cab truck (you can actually recline the front seats) but yet are available with an 8 foot bed. Crew-cabs aren't available with 8-ft beds in half-tons. You would have to buy a HD crew/8-ft, which is ridiculously huge.

Ford spelt backwards in Australia means "Drivers Return On Foot"


Me banned, yeah right. I am not insulting anyone. That is my opinion, if you can not handle it, don't comment.

Posted by: Frank | Mar 19, 2013 12:57:46 PM

That's funny. I have seen you insult people on a regular basis if they don't share your beliefs or ideas with name calling, etc. The adjective "dolt" comes to mind. That's one of your favorites Frankie. Are you still denying that you trolled the forum regularly? You never did answer me back when I asked you about that.

I do agree with the comments on the unfinished wheelwell look and too small of tires. This has been a problem with the Chevrolet HD's for many years now. Particularly the small tires. The wheelwells were never an issue until the 900 bodies came along. It looks like the new bodies are just as bad if not worse in that area. Liners in the rear and a slightly larger tire would go a long way in fixing this. Hopefully the finished product will have fixed these things. We're just seeing prototypes afterall. Concerning that low frame you see, that's nothing new. HD Chevy's have been that way since the 90's. I always hated the low slung frames but they have to be that way for their suspension. I much prefer the way my Super Duty looks but to each their own. Chevrolet does have great engines and transmissions though.

@ uh huh - The mirrors have sat "level" since the GMT900s made their debut in '07.

Though I drive a 2500HD now, I would have to say that this is the design that should have appeared on the 2011 Models, but insiders stated that GM didn't have the budget to take the appearance a step further to really seperate the 2014's from the 2007-2013 models, but GM shouldn't feel too bad, the new 2014 Tundra thats due out this year doesn't pack that much exciting news either, their entire engine powertrain choices are complete carryovers from the 2007 models.

I ain't going to argue about which is better in my mind chevy is better when the lost lasting truck on the rd today and chevy runs deep its true I see more old chevy then ford and dodge I love chevy because of performance and sound chevy to

I drove fords dodge chevy not much on the new Chevys I love the older ones i love the most the 350s they are the best there is no truck out there is better chevy to the rescue later guys

i own an 2011 3500hd with a 6.0l the frame is not rusty its almost 2 years old it called spray bomb on a side note i hope they put the 6.2L in the HD TRUCKS i had no problems with it 27k on the clock to each his own on which brand he buys

wheel liners cheapo plastic its called line x

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