Texas Journalist Watches Ram Longhorn Burn

2013-Ram-1500 motion II

Do you know what to do if your vehicle catches fire? Thankfully, Texas auto writer Terry Box knew enough to steer off the expressway to the side of the road and get out of his brand-new Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn press vehicle, not unlike the model our compatriots in Chicago had for a PUTC quick-drive. Thankfully, after seeing a few other vehicles giving him frantic hand gestures, he eventually stopped the truck, even though, he noted, none of the gauge lights gave any warning whatsoever.

According to his column in The Dallas Morning News (subscriber access is necessary to read the story), Box did later make contact with Ram CEO Fred Diaz, who, as you'd imagine, was apologetic and suggested this could be a "one-in-a-billion" situation. 

What did the grizzled veteran journalist learn from the experience? Apparently new pickups burn more quickly than old pickups, he wrote, among other things. No word on whether the auto writer's vehicle was a pre-production or new off-the-line model. 

As you might imagine, there are many unanswered questions to this story, and given the nature of our litigious culture, we don't expect to hear too much from Chrysler or Ram Truck about this (thank you lawyers), or any other Ram fire issues, in the near future. However, we have several calls and emails out to various representatives, so we'll keep an eye on this story and report any information we find or hear about.

In the meantime, this is probably a good reminder for all of us to give some serious thought to what safety equipment to keep in our rigs. We take along a few tools, a flashlight, a small fire extinguisher, some WD-40, a tire gauge, and a roll of duct tape (we like Gorilla Tape too) when we travel. What do you bring?



This will tarnish whatever reliability Ram promised on these new models. More electronic features can result in more fires. I like his quote "could be one in a billion", with Ram's poor sales, that could take another decade to reach that number.

In Mexico, the Ford F150 is known as the Ford Lobo. "Lobo" is the Spanish word for "wolf". A ram is a male sheep. As much as I love Fords, I know Fords have a reputation for spontaneous combustion. So I wonder is the whole "Ram on fire" incident is a matter of "wolf in sheep's clothing."

Hello? Hemi? TRX? can you guys hear me? Hello? Calling Hemi and TRX, your comments are wanted below...

Here's the full story for anyone lucky to read before Dallas takes it down.


The two most important items to have in any vehicle, is a St.Christopher medal, and fire-extingusher, both of which is in all my vehicles that have 4 wheels.

I don't carry a fire extinguisher, I figure if by the time something is on fire it's probably damage more then I care to deal with so let it burn and collect the insurance money.

Lol! Yes, I can't wait for the Ram fanboy comments (I've owned several Rams and currently drive a lifted 4x4 Ram, but don't call me a fanboy)

Will probably catch on fire and explode (if you're lucky)...


I drive a 2012 Ram. Should I be worried???

The Ram Boys can always carry a fire extinguisher in their all New Ram ToolBox lol oh man talk about timing. I know the Ram looks like Miss Piggy but wow not infront of Fred Diaz and not during a media outlet and not during a track test lol.

I'd be more worried if I was driving a Ford.

Im sure they have built less than 100,000 of these All New Dodge sorry I mean Ram Trucks. So Mr. diaz it's more like 1 in every 100,000 or less chances it could happen.

Queue the Hemi boys and their umpteen links to old Ford fire stories as they try to deflect attention to this.
I hope Ram figures out the problem before someone is hurt.

There has to be a cheaper way to make S'mores .

Gasoline Fire!

Ram's diaz statement about 'one in a billion' is pure bull$hit.It's the tip of the iceberg.Just like Jeep JK's with auto are prone to torching.How many of you heard about that? Macaroni and company have been especially good at keeping the lid on all kinds of problems under the chrysler/fiat umbrella.I will be watching this outcome very closely as I am seriously thinking about the 1500 diesel.But for now I'll just wait and see....

Gutted from the fire

Glorious flames

Ram that p.o.s. into the compactor

Where is the village simpleton who rants infinitely about his car being burnt (he did not purchase 'fire insurance - obviously he is a genius') - who appear that he cannot move on - while the world has moved forward.

Where are the village changelings who like to yell.

So not to be a hater, but I'd argue the odds of this happening are a little less than one in a billion. According to AutoBlog.com, Ram was/is having trouble with quality control because the workers are mad about working weekends.

See http://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/2013/03/06/chrysler-workers-sabotage-ram/

The sad fact is, these trucks are only as good as the people who build them. Best of luck to anyone who just bought a Ram...be safe.

The last thing you do is put the fire out thats what insurance is for. You don't want a burn victim back. Accidents are bad enough but fire is worse.

Now all the GM,Ford,Toyota fanboi's,spammers are coming out !! As RAM is the most slammed truck on this site,GM,Ford,Toyota are the biggest spammers on this site !


GM has many recalls for fires..

Ford is the King for Fires !!

Toyota also is known for fires and many recalls for fires !!

New vehicles are not as reliable as old ones,that is a fact we all know,and plastic in an engine is a disaster in waiting,ever wonder why GM,Ford,Toyota are the King and Queen of FIRE'S !! Plastic ! They were the first to cover their engines in plastic !

At the speed that Fiat/Ram releases vehicles and the problems they incur on release it would be wise to wait.

The Colorado might have a slightly smaller engine but over here so far the Colorado hasn't had any issues.

As for the fires just ensure your vehicle is insured, at least you'll get money back.

Actually, I'm very pleased with this article.

HEMI V8, where are you?

Hey Auzzie, ever even seen a real truck? Notice 'truck'? NOT Colorado.

This RAM is on FIRE!!!!!

Burn baby burn, 'nother dodge inferno
Burn baby burn, burn that Ram down.

Dodge started another Fire!
This truck has been burning since the wheels started turning!
Dodge started another Fire!
When the truck is gone, my payments go on, and on, and on...

Goodness Gracious, my Ram's on FIRE!

I fell into a burning Ram of fire
I went down, down, down and the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns, the Ram of fire
The Ram of fire

@kent (Here's one)
You Yank's don't know what trucks are do you? This is what trucks are where I live.

Here an Aussie truck (with s's).

I suppose you think you have a large wanger as well.


I wonder if this is covered under the powertrain warrenty or if you insurance will take a hit.

You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Your new Ram it can't catch on fire
Girl, we couldn't get much higher

Come on baby, Ram's on fire
Come on baby, Ram's on fire
Try to set the Dodge on fire

Dammit Johnny, that's our song!

You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Your new Ram it can't catch on fire
Girl, we couldn't get much higher

Come on baby, Ram's on fire
Come on baby, Ram's on fire
Try to set the Dodge on fire

Ram, you're FIRED!

I've had every brand of truck catch on fire on me throughout my past... you think they would make fire extinguishers mandatory equipment like a spare tire and jack. Lets face it, it doesn't take much for any vehicle to catch fire. A rusted line starts to ooze on the exhaust and you've got a potential fire. I've carried one sine we lost our 88 chevy.

Here is the export version of a Ram fuel tanker:)


1.5 Toyota's recalled for Fire's !

90,000 Ford's recalled for Fires !


3.6 Million Ford's fire risk !

GM recalls 250,000 for fire risk !

GM recalls Suv's for fire risk ! 30 caught fire !

Chevy Volt recalled for Fires !


Any fool, who would rather have their truck burn, to collect insurance $$, has obviously never had to deal with an ins. adjuster, and I hate to tell you, but you NEVER get back what you have into the truck, and if you do have ins. to replace a totaled vehicle, your ins. would have to fix whatever damage is done in the fire to begin with, and you would not loose as much $$, and the truck would be fixed! that is IF you were smart enough to have the fire ext. to begin with! as the sooner you put the damage out, the less damage there would be, what a concept huh bubba?

It caught fire on the TEST DRIVE???? Glad no one was hurt, but man that is funny.


"We take along a few tools, a flashlight, a small fire extinguisher, some WD-40, a tire gauge, and a roll of duct tape (we like Gorilla Tape too) when we travel. What do you bring?"

If you drive a Ram you better bring along an extra vehicle.


In addition to a fire extinguisher, RAM owners should keep a few bags of marshmallows on hand too.


Well they better get ahold of that issue (while they are still ahead of Ford-Ford has burnt alot more down and people still buy them#1 seller!) This happens to be a reviewer.

I could be childish and post pictures of EVERY BRAND of cars burning, because they all have had an issue at one time or another. But that aint cool and wastes alot of space. That wont fix this truck, nor would it fix whatever situation it could have started, ie, somebody burnt, or killed, or damage to some other vehicle/property.

Bottom line, figure it out Ram! Yes, it probably is a 1 and a million deal, who wants to me the million person? Or even if it was 2 in a million.

@Big Al: No, I think that was a Mazda BT-50.

Actually I bets it's neither Ram nor Mazda, as I don't believe either make big trucks. But it goes to show your mentality.

@TRX4 Tom
With the reported wiring problems holding up the new 8 speed Rams. I hope you're correct in Fiat/Ram fixing their wiring or potential fire problems.

Maybe Ford isn't so unique after all.

@TRX4 Tom
How can you have answered me prior to my post being delivered?

Can you see what I'm talking about. I'm not have a go at you or anything. Something is odd.

You must going to sleep every night laughing that I have to put up with the goatherders now:)

Different country, different ideas, Ram guys must be a very bigoted lot and/or inbreed hicks.

Who complains the most about my mid sizer comment. The Ramtards. Why? Maybe because they are the only manufacturer without a midsizer.

Like I said guerilla marketing, Ram looks like a loser then.

You didn't post when I said hello to Jeff S on TTAC. Doesn't suit your skewed argument. Also, I'm a prolific poster on TTAC, that failed to be in your story.

I have nothing against most of you guys.

But you all sat back and let me be attacked and multi posted and not one of you stood up to the fools causing the disruption. Now defend them?

When I defend myself against them you reject what I say?

No, be a little more consistent with your critisism.

TRX4 Tom is an aggresive fool, dominating. Hemi V8 posts crap and DenverMike is a lying troll. From what I can gather they seem to be one.

I do know this site is supposed to be a forum.

I will lay off of the fools, but I do expect you guys to offer support.

Or just sit back like what has been going on and it will continue until they they are caught out.

There is also more going on than meets the eye.

Get you and you neanderthals off my A$$.

You work for Fiat.

Ever since you changed from Tom Terrific and came onto PUTC you have been on my back over mid sizers.

Why? Like I stated RAM DOESN'T have a midsizer. Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan all have one or there is one in the pipeline.



Doesn't keep people from buying Escapes. #1 seller in Canada, and USA in Feb 2013. I could go on, but they are not perfect. Nor are their pickups. And Toyota fan boys think their stuff is perfect, wrong, as they lead in recalls, right up there with Honda.

GM? I shouldn't even say perfect and GM together, I thought their new car was going to be called the "Total Recall"

Volts have had issues.

I see Al is wasting space here again, and accusing me some BS.

Really Al, how did I answer whatever you said? Cause I don't know where you are going with your BS accusation this time. I come here to talk trucks, if you don't want to talk trucks Al, quite wasting space on here. What, you or your buddies copy your posts. Then blame me. What do you and them think your clever?

Sounds like you are the ones with neanderthals.

Just stop your BS Al.

You don't like me, oh well.

Lets stay on topic.

Then again it could be someone that's totally unrelated to you, as alot of people aren't my buddies here. I can think of a few people that haven't commented on here in a bit, maybe they keep all yours and my old posts at the touch of a button.

Sure the hell aint me as I aint really computor savoy.

"I’ve got to believe this is a one-in-a-billion situation" - Fred Diaz, CEO Ram

Think again, Fred. There were several 2012's that burned up on this one forum alone. Ram sold 163,000 half tons. On this forum alone it's 1 out of 40,000. How many don't get reported on the forum? Probably many more. I bet it's a 1 out of 10,000+/- that burn up. No offense to the Ram guys but Fred is just trying to sweep this under the rug or being ignorant.

2012 ram catching on fire?

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