Texas Journalist Watches Ram Longhorn Burn

2013-Ram-1500 motion II

Do you know what to do if your vehicle catches fire? Thankfully, Texas auto writer Terry Box knew enough to steer off the expressway to the side of the road and get out of his brand-new Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn press vehicle, not unlike the model our compatriots in Chicago had for a PUTC quick-drive. Thankfully, after seeing a few other vehicles giving him frantic hand gestures, he eventually stopped the truck, even though, he noted, none of the gauge lights gave any warning whatsoever.

According to his column in The Dallas Morning News (subscriber access is necessary to read the story), Box did later make contact with Ram CEO Fred Diaz, who, as you'd imagine, was apologetic and suggested this could be a "one-in-a-billion" situation. 

What did the grizzled veteran journalist learn from the experience? Apparently new pickups burn more quickly than old pickups, he wrote, among other things. No word on whether the auto writer's vehicle was a pre-production or new off-the-line model. 

As you might imagine, there are many unanswered questions to this story, and given the nature of our litigious culture, we don't expect to hear too much from Chrysler or Ram Truck about this (thank you lawyers), or any other Ram fire issues, in the near future. However, we have several calls and emails out to various representatives, so we'll keep an eye on this story and report any information we find or hear about.

In the meantime, this is probably a good reminder for all of us to give some serious thought to what safety equipment to keep in our rigs. We take along a few tools, a flashlight, a small fire extinguisher, some WD-40, a tire gauge, and a roll of duct tape (we like Gorilla Tape too) when we travel. What do you bring?



I do apologise. You think you are annoyed.

I do empathise with your frustration. But to be called anti American is something I will not tolerate.

Then to be multi posted thinking I will stop or PUTC will take me off the site is quite simplistic.

Remember how much is what I'm actually posting. Just because you see my name doesn't necessarily mean its my post.

As I have stated Mark Williams is trying to resolve this issue.

I have been open and have been taking much of the flak.

Sorry again, but I do lash out, which most commentors would do. Especially after reading some of the retorts.

Dozens of Ford models included in suit for unintended acceleration.

11:49 AM, March 29, 2013



I worked with a guy last year who's 2011 ram caught on fire. He said the dealer told him the tranny overheated. Dealer replaced the tranny but insurance fucked him off because he didn't specifically take out fire policy.

All manufacturers have design flaws in vehicles.

Some are luckier than others.

It's a pity when any manufacturer has problems like this that leads to bad publicity.

Components for all vehicles are made by the same manufacturers. So what happened to the Fiat/Ram could happen to any other vehicle.

What ever caused the problem Ram will find the cause, and this can only benefit future customers.

So there can be a postive from this.

@Norm - Sudden Unintended Acceleration (SUA) or Unintended Acceleration (UA) is not a new phenomenon.
Toyota saw a huge spike in complaints once the media started playing it up.
The links I have posted show complaints not PROVEN cases of mechanical fault causing UA. They do a decent job of explaining who really f--cked up ie, the government. It is far easier for a government to put on a dog and pony show to distract people from the fact that they have f--ed up the economy and gain brownie points with the conservative types who hate those godless Asians. Most investigated complaints turn out to be due to driver error.

Statistically, at least 33% or 1 out of 3 drivers should NOT have a driver's licence. Our society prefers to blame everyone else for their own personal short comings.

I know many people who have experienced UA and in virtually every brand in really cold weather. Sh-t freezes up in -35 C or colder weather.


""Daniel and Stephanie had called 911 and directed me to the back seat of their Explorer. We drove to the parking lot of Carrabba’s to wait for help and my lovely wife, Legs.
“I was really surprised at how fast that truck burned up,” Daniel said. “It took just minutes.”
Fred Diaz, CEO of Ram, was profusely apologetic about the fire — but certainly didn’t have to be. I couldn’t find anything to suggest that this was anything other than an extremely rare occurrence.
“We take these things very, very seriously,” Diaz said. “I’ve got to believe this is a one-in-a-billion situation. But we’ve got a team of engineers working on it, and we’ll figure out what happened.”""

Thats from the Journalist himself. He didn't see any reason to suspect it was Ram's fault over a freak accident. We all forgot Ford's Escape and Fusion fires? Or Honda CRV fires? Or Toyota's millions of recalls over fires? This story is hardly news any more than a reminder of the random situations that can happen with a car. It's no different than the car you drove into work this morning having the wheel fall off on the highway. It happens all over the country randomly and it's not news.

This is funny because over this past long weekend I saw a Ram 1500 on fire on the side of the highway. No Joke.

Sound like a bunch of children.....FORD better then Chevy Chevy better then Dodge. I have oned Fords all my life had problems with every one, Bought a new Ram in 2011. No probs yet but who knows? They are a machine built by humans and robots, they all have problems. As for the loser that said Ram sales are down and they dont sell, check before you yak!

A neigbor of mine here in Ga also bought a Dodge Ram brand new with a Hemi. He had it two weeks. It caught fire with him and before the fires trucks could get to him the truck burned completely up. Dodge replaced it with another new one
In the following year this pickup went thru 3 transmissions.
As the Dodge dealer mechanic was getting the pickup into the shop, some how he wrecked it.
The Dodge dealership said they would repair the damage and replace the 3rd transmission.
They said, no thanks they didn't bring a wrecked Dodge to the dealership and did not plan to take a wrecked Dodge away from the dealership.
Haven't heard how this fiasco ahs turned out for him.
This may be a truck you might want to dodge, kind of like playing dodge ball.
By the way, this gentleman is 84 years old

Thats the second time ive heard tranny related. Maybe go for the new 8 speed then is what people should do

The only reason RAM does not have as many recalls as Ford or GM is because they have not sold as many over the years. People are forgetting who keeps coming in last place in sales. And for all of you RAM fanatics out there, lets not forget who recalled 1.2 million 2500s for possible loss of steering. http://www.edmunds.com/recalls/ram.html

Bottom line is all automakers have their issues and this one is not different for Ford who was still testing the truck, so it is a mute point. Ford is not the only automaker who enjoys a good spontaneous combustion experience every so often. Get your facts straight before you start running your mouth through a forum.



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