Towing? 5 Things to Never Overlook

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By H. Kent Sundling

The news that the heavy-duty 2013 Ram 3500 with a gooseneck has trailering capacity of 30,000 pounds brings into focus the important issues of hitches and other towing concerns.

The Hitch Truth

Tip No. 1: Know Your Hitch Rating

The problem is that pickup trucks are outgrowing their hitches. The Society of Automotive Engineers has a J standard up to a Class IV receiver hitch with a rating up to a 10,000-pound trailer. We should note the SAE hitch testing is a static load test, but we've heard there are plans for a new SAE J standard rating for a 20,000-pound receiver hitch in a dynamic test in the future.

Recieverhitch II

Now so-called Class V receiver hitches are here, and they are solely a creation of the truck manufacturers and hitch companies. The truth is that receiver hitches, for about the last five years, have been "rated" by the truck manufacturers for their heavy-duty truck lineup. Like some tire ratings, the hitch rating comes from the truck manufacturer and can most often be found in owner's manual and on the driver's side doorjamb.

SAE J684 Rating Classifications

Class I: Up to a 2,000-pound trailer (considered lightest-load situations)
Class II: Up to a 3,500-pound trailer (considered light-load situations; six-cylinder engine needed)
Class III: Up to a 5,000-pound trailer (considered medium-load situations; certain six- and eight-cylinder engines needed)
Class IV: Up to a 10,000-pound trailer (considered large-load situation; eight-cylinder and turbodiesel engines needed)

Believe it or not, however, there is a benefit to truck makers rating Class V hitches. Because the truck manufacturer sets the hitch rating, there's much less confusion between what's in an owner's manual and what is on the truck hitch safety sticker. In fact, most newer trucks don't have a sticker on the hitch at all, so drivers have to read the manual to find out the truck's hitch rating for weight-distributing situations and weight-combined ratings.

Effectively, no matter who makes the Class V hitch on a new truck, the truck manufacturer incurs the liability. That makes sense because the truck makers are giving specs to hitch makers to meet the desired rating sought for a given pickup. It gets a little murky when a used pickup truck gets an after-market receiver hitch. In that situation, the tow rating is likely to be lower when it is compared to the same truck that has the same hitch installed when the truck was new.

Thankfully, receiver hitches are generally standard nowadays on three-quarter-ton and one-ton trucks. A factory-installed receiver hitch and gooseneck frame hitch is likely to give a truck manufacturer the opportunity to add another crossmember or two on the ladder frame to increase load and carrying capacity.

Trailer Brakes

Tip No. 2: Brake Inspection Is a Matter of Life and Death

Trailers (and the trailer industry) are not as tightly regulated as pickup trucks and as a result are not as advanced. In fact, trailers in the U.S. are not as advanced as their counterparts in Europe and Australia.

Although crew-cab short-bed pickups have been the most popular truck choice for more than a decade, gooseneck and fifth-wheel trailers usually won't fit in short-bed trucks without a neck extension or a complicated sliding hitch. Then there's the brake issue: While your car or truck likely has hydraulic disc brakes on the front (and many modern vehicles have hydraulic disc brakes all around), electric drum brakes are the most common on trailers.

Elecbrakes II

In Europe, trailers have to have self-actuating brakes, and tongue weight there can't exceed 4 percent of the total trailer weight.

In Australia, trailers more than 10,000 pounds are required to have air brakes, as semi-trucks here are. All gooseneck trailers in Australia have 3-inch gooseneck balls instead of the 2 5/16-inch ones we use in the states. Hydraulic disc brakes are used on our trucks because they are powerful, dependable and create less heat, but there is no such requirement for our trailers now; that difference is certainly something to keep in mind when considering your own (or next) trailer.

Wiring Weakness

Tip No. 3: Check and Recheck Your Trailer's Wiring (and Check Again)

Wiring is one of the most often overlooked problems with electric drum brakes. Wires going to the trailer brakes continually flex with the axle movement. Hydraulic trailer brakes typically use steel lines that go to each wheel, and they are connected by a hydraulic hose to the brakes, made to flex with the wheel motion. Additionally, brake wires and brake light wires need to be ground back through the plug to the truck. Most trailers run the ground wire at each light and brake to an external screw in the trailer frame, and that ground is usually the first place to look for trouble when a light stops working.

SAE, truck manufacturers, trailer manufacturers and trailer wiring companies are all working on a new, safer trailer plug. What we have now is an RV plug with seven blades sliding into brass plates, and they can lead to arcing when the trailer wire overflexes or bounces excessively. This arcing can cause added corrosion, and if one of the seven connections in the trailer plug happens to be a corroded ground or brake wire, you may have no trailer brakes and not even know it.

Trailer Axle Ratings

Tip No. 4: Make Sure You Have Enough Axle for Your Trailer GVW

Pay particular attention to how the gross vehicle weight rating of your trailer is calculated. A truck manufacturer calculates tow ratings this way: Take the truck's gross combined weight rating and subtract the truck's actual curb weight (with fuel tank and fluids filled). The result is your maximum trailer weight. But don't forget that the gross loaded trailer tongue weight (or the weight that the trailer transfers to the truck's bumper or bed) is part of the truck's payload weight and is not normally included in the trailer's total weight.

Trailer connect II

Based on that practice, a trailer company typically chooses axles rated for the weight of the trailer after it's been attached to a truck. In that scenario, the tongue weight isn't the trailer manufacturer's problem, and it won't be factored into the trailer's GVW. This allows trailer manufacturers to use lighter axles. For example, a trailer maker could choose two 7,000-pound-capacity axles instead of a pair of 8,000-pound-capacity axles, even if the trailer GVW was 16,800 pounds. Here's how that works: Two 7,000-pound axles should mean 14,000 pounds of capacity, but if you add 20 percent tongue weight, the factory trailer GVW could be 16,800 pounds. Or, the other way around, 20 percent of a 17,500-pound trailer is 3,500 pounds; subtracted from the total trailer GVW of 17,500 pounds, that equals 14,000 pounds, or two 7,000-pound-capacity axles.

A trailer's GVW, as well as its axle ratings, are listed on the manufacturer's vehicle identification number tag. Take note: In some states, law enforcement goes by the axle ratings and not the trailer's GVW. The resulting fines can be costly, especially if police discover a discrepancy after an accident.

Interviews with manufacturers about trailer ratings and tongue weight revealed that some use a 20 percent tongue weight for calculations and others (including users of horse-trailers and construction trailers, whose axles sit farther back) use as high as a 25 percent tongue weight. Gooseneck wedge trailers, which are open rail-car haulers (typically with cars loaded on top of the gooseneck), can have a tongue weight reaching and exceeding 30 percent. The point we're making here is that the often-cited "normal" 20 percent of tongue weight is not necessarily the standard.

A Little Help

Tip No. 5: Find a Product That Can Improve One or All Issues

We expect trailers and their accessories to get better and stronger. In fact, one option that we like (it addresses many of the issues we've brought up here) is the Automated Safety Hitch. It's an auxiliary pickup truck axle that attaches with a three-point receiver hitch, linking it horizontally to a truck's frame. It has a gooseneck or fifth-wheel hitch, so your trailer physically attaches to it and not the tow vehicle.

It has a steerable axle with its own dedicated hydraulic disc brakes, and it has an adjustable weight-distributing function to better distribute the trailer's tongue weight between the truck's axle and the Safety Hitch. This effectively gives you two rear axles (like a semi-truck) to carry and distribute your load, and it gives you an extra braking axle to boot.

Finally, because the trailer attaches behind the truck, it corners more like a bumper-pull trailer, pulling the trailer past the corner with a shorter turning radius, providing a less stressful towing experience.

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@Hemi V8 and others just want you guys to know we should continue doing what makes this country and our trucks great, which is Freedom of Expression. Yeah we bash Dodge, Ford and GM but wow this website does make Ford look al mighty. So to that Ford Sucks!!!

Since the posting rules are not enforced and the trolls and off topic posts continue i have gone back on the offence. Until the rules are enforced will see what happens.

When Ram trucks smoked Ford in Tow ratings all this site could talk about was how dangerous it is to tow that much. lol

When Ram trucks won the north american truck award all this site could talk about was Ford atlas. Then their own award given to Ford. lol

Just consider the source.

@AllAmerican and @HEMI V8 - You two should just hook-up and get it on already. The tension in the comments section between you two is too much for this site to handle.

I have to agree with HemiV8. Since the supposed rules about trolling and off topic comments were posted as a joke then all I can say is this, if you don't drive a Tundra then you ain't shi'te!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So let the bashbest and trolling begin. I give this thread 5 posts and it will be a complete train wreck. Bwahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahaha.

p.s, Ford especially sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

@KMS Yeah Ford does suck but the rusty frames from Toyoda Hiroshima ain't far behind lol

@Tim you sound like a Liberal so thats about how much I have to say.

@Hemi V8 Yup Dodge did when The North American Truck of The Year and yeah we have to give them props no matter what. The Ford Atlas is a Joke, as much as the Raptor is Off-Roading, its a desert runner.

Thank God for a FORD TRUCK! They are #1 up one side and down the other. All the others are VERY good trucks but FORD is the only #1 truck you can buy. If you don't buy FORD then you buy #2 or #3 or #4 and so on, yeah baby!!!!

return to your corners kids.

What's that little rig in the last picture like to back up?

@K General Motors sells more chasis for trucks for many more applications then the left leaning when breaking F-150.

How many used F-150 and used F-250, F-350, F-450 and lol Raptors are sitting on Used Car Dealerships.

It's hard to find a good used Duramax or Cummins. To me it sounds like the same insane people buying the same truck to replace a 1 year old truck for problems.

Wake up every hitch has no national standards and this writer did not disclose he works and gets paid by the NATM TO LOBBY AGAINST safety standards. Go to and know 9 states have no safety chain law and in fact you can also tow a crappy homemade trailer with no license plate. Did you also know this writer fought the Referctor Tale law in Virginia with his friend the cheapest and crappyist trailer on the market Carry on

I think its about time PUTC puts up real controls to regulate the crap posted by juveniles. But, it has to be enforced.

It's not hard. Just enforce the regulations.

It's all well and good to want hits to support your advertising, but looking at the quality of the hits, these guys can't afford a Matchbox of their favourite pickup.

Their parents are probably paying for their internet access.

Come on PUTC, enough is enough.

all i have to say is the grandpa and grandma should not tow a heavy azz fith wheel RV with a half ton ford .dodge or chevy.

@ all american, well somebody needs to tell someone about this because in everybodies part of America FORD rules and just take a look around you and you'll understand what I say. The best never rest.

@all american, when you sell so many and you make changes on them year after year then yeah your gonna find used F series trucks here and there. FORD updates they're trucks often so gonna be a big turnaround and the same guys who just traded in the F150 or 250etc just bought another one because they will settle for nothing but the best. I have yet to see a used RAPTOR in my area but I see plenty of them on the road and elsewhere so people are hanging onto them because no one else makes anything that comes close.

@Big Al Admin at CARS is aware of the problem.

Hitches are a science in themselves. Shortbeds on a Pickup can be a nightmare on a 5th Wheeler especially when turning in a short space.

We have different towing regulations in Australia. A hitch can only be fitted to the rating of the ute and not much more.

He is a tow test on a Izuzu ute.

@K use this own website and how many used Raptors are in your area. Just try and see what's really around you lol yeah the best never rest lol Fix Or Repair Daily!!!


You guys are good.

But your idealogical approach is flawed:)

It's just like sports, you might win a race, but is there someone out there that would have kicked your ass?

Remember there's always someone smarter than you.

You hide like a little girl, why because you have no gonads.

You think just like a terrorist.

I travel to the US lots. How many Americans would support you? Not any that I've seen.

Anyway unAmerican, have a nice day.

@Big Al from Oz, hide like a girl lol this is a website and we have freedom of Speech here in America, so welcome to America Aussie where we'll always kick your ass lol. Un American and hiding like a girl where do you come up with this. Who ever said I was the smartest of coarse different people are specialized in different areas lol it takes allot to take smack specially with a name like yours Al from Oz, shove it and welcome to America.

Yeah I would like to see a video or that thing being used. Pretty timely article with summer coming on.

Freedom of speech? Do you know what that is? Do you know how to manage it and be accountable for what you say?

Freedom of speech doesn't exist. Freedom of ideas does exist.

Even in America. Ever heard of Wikeleaks?

Freedom of speech only applies if the culture/social group says its acceptable.

This site is a private entity in a public domain, so freedom of speech can only go so far.

Remember our social and cultural rules are no different in Australia, Canada for that matter all western cultures. We are more or less bound by the same social values.

You are weak, fearful and insecure, why else would you have a name like you have.

Its called a facade, you are trying to create an image of yourself that is not true.

America is not so unique in this world. There are lots of places quite similar.

@Big Al, apparently "speech" is a proper noun, questions don't need question marks, "of course" can be written as "of coarse," and "allot" is used to mean "a lot" instead of the verb it was intended to mean. This is especially interesting as those who still think it is clever to say "FORD stands for fixed or repaired daily" think that fixing and repairing aren't synonymous.

@Biggie from Oz, yes the other lol now your like us. You just called me a terrorist earlier and hint the internet is a public domain for freedom of expression. Don't get to complicated Aussie don't judge me for anything. Here in the United States we measure in Horesepower not in Kangaroos. Last time I checked Australia was importing Toyodas and had a few fires therefore was also importing Fire Extinguishers. We have industry here in the US and Freedom of Speech and you cam say what ever you want with a name like that. Big Al from Oz what a character. Go America Land of the Free and Brave.

Actually All American, Toyota builds cars in Australia, just like it does in America. Also, what is Horesepower? When did words like horsepower, kangaroos, fire, extinguishers, freedom, speech, land, free, and brave all become proper nouns? Also, I think you meant "you're," not "your."

I was born there and schooled there.

This might come as a shock to you. My family lives there.

And, I have a US passport. It appears I might be as much an American as you.

I also have the capacity to be a little more objective in my views.

I live and work in Australia, and I'm most proud of that. Australia is a great country, but so are many more including the US.

Also don't confuse patriotism with nationalism. Patriotism still leaves you with the ability to be objective. Nationalism can and has brought countries to their knees.

Be partriotic, it will leave you in a better frame of mind.

I put the "And" at the start of a sentence:)


Ford has the best selling trucks because they are cheaper,lower cost.

The cheapest trucks around are Ford then GM trucks...

Toyota/Honda sell good because for many decades they were the lowest priced cars.

Just because its the best selling doesnt mean its better..So in your ideology a Kia is a better car than a Porsche because there are more Kia's then Porsche's ? Odd way of thinking you have..

You can buy a base model 6 banger F-150 $2000 cheaper then a GM and $4,000 cheaper then a RAM..You can buy a 4 door F-150 $5,000 cheaper then a 4 door Ram. So with so many people looking for the lowest price its no wonder Ford sells the most.

Ford isnt the best,$1000 for a tune up to ensure your spark plug doesnt get stuck in the head isnt quality..

Nor Ford's odd thinking of a $7000 job to replace the injectors on a Diesel Ford,as you have to remove the cab..Not thinking so much on engineering,or quality.Remove a cab to replace injectors,what a p.o.s !!

I laugh at every diesel Furd I see,wait until they find out how much it will cost them..And the poor saps who have a spark plug stuck in head Furd,I love when they come in and ares hocked at the bill,we laugh at the SUCKERS/IGNORANT/DOLTS Furd owners are !! Now Toyota owners are another story,they are always shocked their low mileage truck needs major work,cams at 70,000 miles,ball joints,trannys,electrical lol !! Ford/Toyota owners are the most ignorant of the bunch !

I think its really funny that NONE of you have figured out that the ONLY half ton truck with a hitch rated OVER 10k is the class V hitch on the TUNDRA. every other half ton has a class IV so PLEASE tell me how in the world they can tow over 10k with a hitch that is ONLY rated up to 10k? LOL the tundra class V is rated to 15k!!! overkill yes but so is everything else on it too.

@L, I never made it to the mileage to change the spark plugs in my Ford. Wish I was that lucky. The whole car caught fire due to the recalled ignition switch. That was my first Ford and my last Ford. 1989

P.S. Does that mean the Toy o ta! Camry is the best car because it is number one in sales? ...... NOT!!!!

@ALEX, Ford stands for=

F ord

O wner

R ecommends

D odge

First off, please don't attack me grammar police and seriously don't wink at me... I own a couple of newer Ford's and a new Ram. The Ram rides better and has been problem free but only has about 5000 miles on it. The Ecoboost has 60000 and has also been trouble free except replacing a battery after 37000 miles or so. My Superduty has had no issues and has 13000 miles. All 3 have towed quite a bit topping out around 10000 lbs for the 1/2 tons and all 3 have performed very well towing. The only complaint about any of them I have is that the Rams transmission is actually a 3 speed with a kick down gear and 2 overdrives. It would perform much better with transmission ratios similar to the Ford's. It would also be nice to be able to completely defeat the traction control/torque management on the Ram like is possible with the Ford's. It is amazing that these trucks can tow so much weight and make it appear effortless and never be lacking for power compared to previous trucks I have owned. Ten years ago towing 10000 pounds was much more difficult even with 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. Hopefully GM will catch up with the new engines when they are finally unveiled and we will enjoy another 10 years of advancement and many more shoot outs from PUTC.
P.S. Does anyone have a link to a video of a Ute hauling or towing a load of kangaroo?

Here is kangaroo ute power:)

I figure that old ute might have been 40-50hp. So each (roopower) rp = about 5 hp (horsepower:)

@L and hemiv6, I hate it that you guys only see the bad in FORD because they are #1. No matter what you say or how hot the fire was, you have to agree that they rule. Other trucks are good and everyone is entitled to buy what they want but don't bash FORD for being the best at what they do, and that is to build trucks better than anyone else. You buy a FORD, you are buying the absolute best truck made today bar none, your money won't buy you a better truck than FORD. Man the truth hurts!!

Dodge all way
RAM !!!

@cummins power
Nissan is going to use a Cummins a 2.8 litre ISF engine. This engine is supposed to be about 210hp and over 400ftlb of torque.

The Cumminns must be good if Nissan is using it. It looks like they will be made in China. Nissan already has 2 small diesels to choose from.

There is also a 3.8 litre ISF Cummins. That should have the potential to produce about 300hp and 550ftlb of torque.

Ram could use one of them in a 2500 as an entry level HD.

The Chinese ISF 3.8 is a four cylinder. Imagine a HD getting 25mpg.

It would work quite well and make good tow vehicles.

@K, It's ok buddy. You can believe that. You can spend your hard earned money on Ford. I could give a $#!^ Just don't try to sale me a Ford. I have had all the flaming Fords to last a life time. If you have ever had to pay Ford Credit for a car you can't drive to keep your good credit like i did. You would not be in a hurry to buy another one. Phuck me once shame on you.
Phuck me twice. Shame on me.

My Dodge was doing circles around Ford with my Hemi in 03.
5.4L is a gutless dog. lol

What the hell is the matter with you people?!

LOL Y'all must be on some good drugs before you log onto here.

@hemiv6, I'm not trying to sell you anything. You have a ram and like it so good for you. I feel the same way about my FORD. As far as the fires go I have good insurance so if you would of had it then maybe you would have been a lot better off. Insurance is the name of the game so sorry your car must of burned without it, oh well.

@HEMI V8 - Full coverage insurance is required for the entire length of a loan from any and all financial institutions. It sounds like you had a "loan" from a "Buy Here Pay Here" shyster.

And that was an '89 4 cylinder Mustang with how many miles?

What was the article about? The title of the article is "Towing, 5 Things to Never Overlook". I guess I am missing something but how did this develop into a Ram vs Ford story and about American vs unAmerican. I thought all countries had people with trucks that towed with them. I guess maybe the article is not about towing.

How is insurance going to cover two young boys that lost their lives from that p.o.s. Ford?

F150 truck parked outside killed two brothers, ages 5 and 7, Tuesday morning in Southeast Austin.

@Denver mike, ". It sounds like you had a "loan" from a "Buy Here Pay Here" shyster." You got that right. Ford Credit.
It was a black LX hatch back with a 5.0L

Here is the recall for those drunk on the Ford Kool aid.
Recall number: 96V071000
Recall date: 05/01/1996
Problem Summary:
Corrective Action:

The car burnt before the recall was issued. Traded the car off before the recall. Was no longer the registered owner.
Should have sued Ford. instead I will never buy another one as long as I live.

Every time some troll gets on here and tells me Ford is number one and all others 2 3 4 etc.. I am going to troll Ford.
So we can do this all year. This is only one of Fords famous fire recalls.

@HEMI V8 - If I was heavily basing my current truck buying decisions on an '89 Chrysler recall, you'd call me insane. You had the misfortune of having one that actually burned, but cars rarely if ever burn down by their own doing and design. Maybe 1 in a million. You were "lucky", I guess.

I wasn't so lucky. Mine was a 5-speed '89 Mustang GT convertible, black with a black top and scarlet red, cloth interior and the only car I've bought new and drove for 15 trouble-free years. I've had several 5.0 Mustangs from that era and for sure I've never even hear of one burning down.

But wasn't 'full-coverage' required? Never mind that it's insane to not have it on any car especially if you still owe on it. The recall was issued some 8 years after your Mustang was new and I realize it burned before the recall, but how long before and how many miles?

There are lots of cases when either a F150 or Expedition catches on fire on night in the garage, burns the house down and its ow that is just sad.

Was PUTC's desire to clean up this site just a bunch of smoke blown up our ass's?

@HemiV8 - you troll because you are a jerk. You can blame Ford guys all you want, just like you blame the narcotics you are taking for your injury but drugs often just unmask the underlying personality. Just like an insecure ass turns into a bully at a nightclub after getting drunk.

You car burned down and you were too immature or ignorant to have proper insurance. Ford's design may of been to blame for the fire but you are to blame for the rest.

Fires - as I have pointed out, one has a 100 times greater chance of cancer than burning up due to a Ford fire. Those stats are based on the information you provided.
It didn't stop me from buying my truck since it wasn't a concern for that model.

Why don't we troll HVAC technicians for being idiots because one technician got hurt on the job, since it happened to one technician, they all must be problematic and unsafe and stupid.
That is the exact logic you apply to Ford.
Chrysler/Dodge has had a piss poor reputation for quality in the past, do I bring it up a million times?
Do I bring up transmission problems with Chrysler every time there is a Ram post?
Do I bring up Chrysler's two bankruptcies every time there is a Ram post?

You had a Mustang burn to the ground, I'd normally feel some sympathy towards that fact. I don't because you keep beating a dead horse, or in your case, a dead Mustang.

@HemiV8 - the point is............ your BS. If you want to buy a Non-union Mexican built product from an Italian company, then fill your boots. There is nothing wrong with that,


Don't go bla bla bla about American made, or foreign is bad, or non-union is bad or Ford is bad.

You either practice what you preach, or STFU. Unless you like looking like a full of sh-t fanboi.

It doesn't get any more complex than that.

@AllAmerican - Big Al summed it up wonderfully. You can blather on about exercising that freedom just like HemiV8 does, but one must realize that this site is not public. It is privately owned and the owners of this site can refuse access to anyone.
Why don't you do some research on ethics and conflicting freedoms or rights.
If, by exercising your freedom of speech, you impinge upon someone else's rights (examples: the right to be free from persecution; the right to be free from hate; the right to be free from fear), you loose the freedom of speech due to it being used incorrectly. Freedoms come with responsibility. We must be responsible to exercise our freedom appropriately.

That fact seems to be lost on many who frequent this site.

That dolly looks interesting. It is attached to the bumper on several points. How does it transfer any weight to the truck other than the force of inertia?
I do thing that since pickups now have some obscenely high tow capacities, there should be more stringent regulations concerning trailer safety standards. The thought of the truck ending up being the sole unit responsible for stopping and/or controlling 20,000 lb. or more is scary.

@Denvermike, If I was heavily basing my current truck buying decisions on an '89 Chrysler recall,
Base it recent.

2011 Ford says the faulty BCM was manufactured by Lear Corporation in Mexico. The problem was discovered after two F-150 pickups caught fire during manufacturing at Ford's Dearborn Assembly Plant in Michigan.

Ford recalls 2013 Escape,Escape has now been recalled four times since its debut this spring.

2013 Ford Escape, Fusion Recalled for Engine Fires.

Got to love those Flaming Fords. Still burning after all these years. Not much has changed since my 89 Ford burned to the ground.

Here is a 2011 F one fiffty.

Here is another 2011 Diesel.

Thursday, May 10th, 2012 @ 10:47 am Ford has announced a new recall involving some of its most popular models - the F150 pickup, Mustang sports car and the Ford Expedition/ Lincoln Navigator SUVs.
According to Ford, the vehicles in question may have left the factory with a faulty transmission.

Keep drinking that jesus juice.

Looks like the President of The Rambo Motard Sheep Herder's club is back at full strength and PUTC's interest in cleaning up this site is a farce.

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