Update: Total Retail + Fleet 2012 Sales

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Last week we posted a breakdown of the 2012 sales data into the midsizehalf-ton and 2500/3500 segments. Those sales numbers were based on data supplied to us by R.L. Polk.

As several of our readers have noted (and unbeknownst to us), Polk numbers are generally broken down into three different categories. In order of sales significance, they are: retail, fleet and dealer/manufacturer. The data we posted in our original graphs last week were exclusively retail sales and did not include fleet or dealer/manufacturer numbers.

Now we have Polk's "total" registration numbers (for gross vehicle weight rating classes 1, 2 and 3), so we thought you might like to look at some of the same graphs with more complete sales numbers. It's worth noting that not much has changed except for the exact total, but it is interesting how many truck sales — and what segments they're in — are designated "fleet" in a given year.


2012 R+F Sales Midsize IIa

2012 R&F Half-ton Sales IIa

2012 R+F 2500 Sales IIa

2012 R+F Sales 3500 IIa

2012 R+F Sales Makers IIa



That's right GM is number 1!

I find it interesting how many of Ford and GM's sales came from fleets instead of retail consumers like Rams. I understand fleet in this case with trucks is probably construction companies and so on but still. Ram sold far less to fleets than Ford or GM.

Lol, heavy duty one ton class, Ram outsold GM twins!

Hmm. Maybe GM should re-think their abandonment of the Avalanche. That 23 thousand are what took GM over Ford in overall numbers.

F-150 also outsold GM 1/2 ton twins

Tacoma outsold every other non-fullsize combined!

GM combined's only bright spot is gasser 3/4 ton not-so-heavy-duty trucks.

Wow, Toyota is catching Ram. Considering Toyota only had a total of 11,210 fleet sales from the Tacoma and the Tundra.

229,759 sales and 240,797 total sales including fleets, 95% of Toyota's trucks are going to retail customers. And only 5% of total sales are for fleet sales.

Which is great, considering Toyota is not even competing in the 3/4, 1 ton market.

Ford 350/450 nearly outsells Ram and GM combined

But I thought Ford beat GM b/c of fleet sales lol. Or at least thats what I always heard everyone complain about. I dont care if my favorite brand sells alot as long as they dont go out of business lol. Really nice data to see good article.

GM builds the best selling trucks today and the longest lasting trucks with the lowest cost to maintain. The facts do not lie!

I went a head and crunched the numbers for half ton trucks fleet sales and the precentage of total sales that are fleet sales.
F150 81,077 Fleet Sales 19.11% of total
Chevy Silvarado 41,764 Fleet Sales 13.66% of total
Ram 1500 22,882 Fleet Sales 12.29% of total
GMC Serria 6,968 Fleet Sales 6.59% of total
Tundra 4,197 Fleet Sales 4.17% of total
Titan 3,579 Fleet Sales 16.53% of total
Avalanche 761 Fleet Sales 3.58% of total
EXT 137 Fleet Sales 7.18% of total

This shows some interesting things, that the escalade ExT is more likly to be a fleet vehicle than the avalance and that the Titan is more likly than any vehicle exept the f150 to be a fleet vehicle which is unique as a pickup (not counting avalance and ext suv things) that is not avalible in traditional v6 or regualr cab configurations.

toycrusher: you need to check yor math! when you add up all the 1/2t trucks GM makes, there are more manufactured than Ford 1/2t, and when you add up all sizes, it still come out to more manufactured! you are correct though about the tacoma, but seeing as how there is only the tacoma and the nissan frontier, that is still in production, well that is not saying much, we need to wait a couple of yrs till the newer GM twins come back, and maybe even a newer Ford Ranger!

@Sandman - my mistake, I forgot about the SUV based avalanche/escalade. Shouldn't they be counted with SUV's though?

Yeah, Toyota's catching Ram...LOL.

Everytime a Toyota fan says that, they just need to be reminded,Ram's best stuff is not even out there yet to be bought.

Considering Ram isn't competing in the mid size truck markit.

Ram is still waiting on the new HDs, which are quite a bit changed, the new air suspension trucks, and the 6'4" bed crewcabs. 8 speed hemis 4x4s are in transit, no 4x2s are made yet.

Toyota is waiting for: the new Tundra with new interior. Not much else is new about it, but do you think they will pick up that much?

They (Toyota) are already having big discounts-as Toyota people generally don't say happens) Te discounts are on the new (yup, 2013) Crewmaxs) Those are the ones that are usually still on the lot anyway at the end of the year. With a new interior comming, they are trying to push them hard.

But yeah, everbody knows the Tacoma owns the midsize class, atleast in the states.
They need competition, or rather, better competition.

Here are the Number of HD Fleet Trucks and their Break Downs

3/4 Ton
Ford F250 35,674 are fleet vehicles for 34.48% of sales
Chevy 2500 25,550 are fleet vehicles for 31.19% of sales
Ram 2500 12,349 are fleet vehicles for 27.75% of sales
GMC 2500 5,779 are fleet vehicles for 17.30% of sales

1 Ton
Ford F350 20,452 are fleet vehicles for 29.15% of sales
Chevy 3500 8,167 are fleet vehicles for 29.44% of sales
Ram 3500 3,788 are fleet vehicles for 9.60% of sales
GMC 3500 1,676 are fleet vehicles for 17.30% of sales
Ford F450 325 are fleet vehicles for 14.91% of sales

Ford 56,451 are fleet vehicles for 32.11% of sales
Ram 16,137 are fleet vehicles for 17.21% of sales
GM 41,172 are fleet vehicles for 26.95% of sales

Total HD Sales
Ford 175,789
GM 152,727
RAM 93,720

So the F-150 did out sell the GM twins after all. Leave it to the GM fanbois to start adding the SUV based Avalanche/Escalade EXT to top the stand alone F-150 in overall sales. Face it more people prefer the F-150 over any single truck on the market period! I love my lifted 2005 FX4 and will keep it for years to come because its such a great truck.

I find it interesting that so many EXT's were "fleet" sales. I guess that for certain security firms, a "luxury" truck like may be required to perform their duties, and that boat manufacturers may use the EXT to tow their high end boats to shows and such.

Hmmm. Still, 200 odd sales to fleets? Seems like a lot of security and boat manufacturers. Maybe companies use these are company cars for executives?

Here is midsize fleet break out

Toyota Tacoma 7,013 are fleet vehicles for 4.99% of sales
Nissan Frontier 5,213 are fleet vehicles for 9.34% of sales
Chevy Colorado 14,640are fleet vehicles for 40.82% of sales
Ford Ranger 5,500are fleet vehicles for 25.98% of sales
Honda Ridgeline 463 are fleet vehicles for 3.32% of sales
GMC Canyon 2,339 are fleet vehicles for 26.56% of sales
RAM Dakota 63 are fleet vehicles for 9.76% of sales

Mid size accoutned for only 35,231 fleet sales in 2012 by comparison Ford Sold 35,674 F250s to fleet customers in 2012 its no supprise that they are abbandoning the market.
Only Honda had lower fleet buyers by precentage than Toyota.

@ Marcus
I know of quite a few Escaldes are used a ski areas as taxis it would be safe to assume if a resort was partnered with cadilac that they would use the ext as a pick up truck instead of a chevy.

To read it more Accurately (Broken down into each Brand, rather than the Corporate combined crap..)

1 - Ford: 621,232
2 - Chevy: 475,116
3 - Ram: 280,462
4 - Toyota: 240,979
5 - GMC: 164,572
6 - Nissan: 77,422
7 - Honda: 13,939
8 - Cadillac: 1,906
9 - Hummer: 1

Just a heads up but the Honda Numbers don't match their Overall Total in the Charts above..

Before we get all excited about these sales numbers, let's not forget that GM goosed Silverado & Sierra sales in December with that "clear the inventory" blowout promotion to relieve its huge overstock of unsold trucks.

Some people like to badmouth commercial and government fleet sales. While it's true that such sales are not as profitable as retail sales, the commercial/government fleet market is a large one; the automakers would be foolish to ignore it. Rental fleets are a different kettle of fish.

People get so excited about who outsells who, when the real measurement of success is profitability. Marketshare may give you bragging rights, but profitability gives you a future. I'll take profits over marketshare any day.

Successful companies care about profit, fans care about marketshare, even if it is at the expense of profit. If companies ran like that, they need to run their products under two companies with much higher overhead than other companies, and it is usually those companies that require taxpayer bailouts when times get tough!

@Glenn, great minds think alike!

Percentage Shares in the Entire Truck Market (in terms of vehicles shown here)

1 - Ford 33.12% 1/3 of all Trucks are Ford's
2 - Chevy 25.33% 1/4 of all Trucks are Chevy's
3 - Ram 14.95% 1/6.67 of all Trucks are Ram's
4 - Toyota 12.85% 1/8 of all Trucks are Toyota's
5 - GMC 8.77% 1/11.5 of all Trucks are GMC's
6 - Nissan 4.13% 1/25 of all Trucks are Nissan's
7 - Honda 0.74% 1/113 of all Trucks are Honda's
8 - Cadillac 0.10% 1/1000 of all Trucks are Cadillac's
9 - Hummer 0.00005% 1/1,875,629 Trucks are Hummer's

This shows me that Ford is in control of fleet sales when companies look at the dollars and cents of their operations they get the vehicle that is the cheapest to operate for their uses and has the least down time and lower maintnce and fuel costs not just at intial purchase price. The fact that so many companies voted for Ford with their dollars tells me that their trucks are the best bang for the buck. the fact is that most people will not go in depth to look at the specs of the truck but instead are influenced by comericals and tag lines that sell trucks to Joe 6 pack phrases such as "Like a Rock, We are Profesisonal Grade, GUTs GLORY RAM, Built Ford Tough, Yah its got a HEMI," sell trucks add in marketing stunts like pulling a space shuttle, driving an f150 out of a plane and than using its breaks to stop the air craft, hoisting a Seirra up by its recovery points, or some emotional truck adds like the chevy this is our country adds back in 2007. sell trucks to little people who are swayed by advertisment, corperations are swayed by reasearch when profits are on the line and more fleets choose Ford which has to count for something.

people buy fords because they are tough.

Fleet sales go to ford because they get a great reliable and best built truck.

fords resale value are usually as high or higher then any truck.

Toyota's cost to much and repair bills are way higher as well as shop labor.

alot of commercial business's stay away from toyota because of there floppy frames.

Chevy has always been a second grade truck.

Dodge just can't seem to stay consistant on there quality.

@TRX4 Tom Say whatever you want, Toyota does not sell anything bigger than a 1/2 ton, and yet they are only 11,611 trucks behind Ram not counting fleet sales. If they made heavy duty trucks and only had 10% of the market share, that would be enough for them to surpass Ram even with a "dated" platform.
Ram with all the new cool features and great styling, still can't get past the poor reliability ratings they get year after year.
Ram is third place, soon to be fourth. Ram will not overtake GM or Ford because of the reasons below:

Highest depreciation
Highest cost to own

Cool facts!

Seriously, I didn't think there the margin was so low between Toyota and Ram. Ram had better hopes it has some better months ahead or Toyota will overtake Ram, with and old mid sizer and the Tundra.

Toyota should make a 4.5 diesel pickup and try to take HD customers. Now that would make a good story.

But they all create jobs.

toycrusher: I for one can tell you, that the Avalanche is more truck than SUV, although it has the underpinnings of the suv, it still has a bed, and open bed when needed, and a covered bed when needed, the Avalanche I owned, was a great truck! I could fit my bike in the back, tow my Airsteam, and haul firewood, driwall and many other things you would never dream of in the SUV, I know there are those out there that would disagree, but they have in all likelyhood, never owned one! and as far as having the coils in the back, like the SUV, we have to remember that it is not the only truck to not only do so, but does in fact have them still! the only thing wrong with the Avalanche, IMHO, is Chevy has refused to build one at a lower price point, probably because it could take sales from the Silverado, as I for one, when it came time to replace mine, I just could not spend over 40K on one truck, when I need to have 2 vehicles, one for me and one for the wife, so we bought a Silverado, and that has more cappability, but is not as comfy as the Avalanche, oh well, give and take, you can not have it all!

@Big Al, completely agree that Toyota should do a V8 diesel Tundra with the LC200 engine. Ford should also do it with the F150, Expedition, Navigator, and Super Duty, with the 4.4L V8 it already builds for Land Rover.

" not so heavy-duty 3/4 tons"? Check the GVW! The 2500HD's are GM's best trucks!

It would be not impossible to tweak the 4.5 V8 diesel to put out 300+hp and 550ftlb of torque.

Toyota will have a HD alternative. I saw alot of SUV HDs in the States.

Even if Toyota started with mid to high spec pickups. The diesel option might cost an extra $5-6 000 more.

The pricing alone would make it competitive.

As was shown even our diesel Ranger is an acceptable vehicle for towing a 5th wheel.

I would consider something like that a "mid size" HD.

Excellent work. This data shows that Toyota is building their sales not by selling cheap trucks to the phone company or rental car operators, but by convincing retail consumers to buy their product one vehicle at a time.

It is *MUCH* harder to sell one truck in a retail transaction than it is to sell 1,000 trucks in a fleet transaction, because fleet buyers only care about one thing: price. If you tell them that your truck hauls more, rides better, is safer, etc., they don't care.

But if you offer to save them $200 per truck over the competition, they're listening. That's because a fleet buyer's job is to save the company money, NOT to buy the best truck.

The Lion series of diesels have always been in prestige and luxury vehicles. The price may hinder them.

A larger V6 diesel would be nice, but the rate of diesel development is rapid compared to gas at the moment. Here diesels have doubled power and torque in a little over a decade.

The pace will slow down, but even a 30% impovement over the next 5 years will make some of the 3.0 litre diesel more powerful than the 4.5 class V8 diesels.

I would suspect a 3.0 litre class diesel in 5 years should be developing 220kw and over 650nm of torque.

My 3.2 has nearly the same power and torque as the Toyota 4.5 diesel V8 single turbo fitted to the 76 Series Landcruisers. But the Landcruiser diesels get some phonomenal torque right down low.

So all this time the GM boys were crying about Ford being the fleet queen and now we learn GM leads the pack!

Ford builds the best truck. they last longer than that junk from GM

@ Tundra HQ
Fleet buyers look at the bottom line the total cost of ownership of their fleets, not just the up front purchase price. Ford sold 76,880 more F150s to fleet customers than toyota did. also if you look at the comparably equiped trucks the toyota has a lower MSRP than Ford in fact when comparing the xlt suppercab 3.5l off road pkg to a tundra SR5 double cab 5.7 and TRD the Ford cost about 2.5k more the only way the ford is cheaper is if you downgrade to the 3.7 l and vynl which most fleet vehicles thse days are not being ordered with. The simple fact is that most corperations look at the life time cost of the vehicle not just the purchase price, and frankly businesses feel that the F150 is a better fit to their needs than the tudra and that it will cost them the least amount of money, these are people looking at the bottom line not at who pulled the space shuttle. Its probably easier to market vehicels to individuals than to retailers, how many poeple buy higher trim levels because of the color , the wheels etc? People can be easily swayed by emotions , thats why there are masive marketing departments and PR firms that work with these companies. think about the comercial that Toyota aired about the shuttle pull, they played on emotions, dodge has done the same thing with the legendary cumins comercial in the HD relm. Emotion sells more cars that practicality, how many comercials do you see for cargo vans? none because the fleet buyer or small business owner looks at all the facts including epa numbers prices and what normal repairs are for the vehicle bc when a vehicle is in the shop at best its not making money and it could even be loosing money the fact of the matter is that fleets don't see toyotas as having the lowest lifetime cost. the Fact that the titan is so close to the tundra in Fleet sales should be a wakeup call to toyota that they need to make some serious changes to their product to be competative especially since the Titan is not avilible with a v6 or regular cab, normaly a comon fleet configuration.

Chrysler delivered the first of 242 new 2013 Ram 2500 pickups running on compressed natural gas to the State of Oklahoma, in what has been the largest customer order since production of the trucks began in October. The Ram 2500 CNG is the only OEM-built compressed natural gas-powered pickup truck in North America; competitors are modified by authorized aftermarket companies.

Read more at: http://www.allpar.com/news/index.php/2013/03/oklahoma-buys-242-cng-rams?fb_source=pubv1
Text copyright © Allpar, LLC, publishers of the massive Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and other Mopar site allpar.com

^ Wasn't somebody supposed to moderate this?
Mark Williams. This site is a joke. You are a joke. Period.
"Pickuptrucks.com" is a waste of an awesome domain. Somebody else with little more dedication would have done wonders with site like this.

Well, Ford's are built strong, they have probably the best looking truck on the market along with the new Dodge and they most certainly have the nicest interiors. Ford has done no wrong on their F-150 since 2004. That's where their domination began. That's when Chevrolet went completely into the toilet never to recover and Dodge didn't have anything to fight back with until 2009. Ford had a solid 5 years unchallenged. Only the 03-07 Sierra looked like a competitor during that timeframe from GM. And only the 07 and up Sierra once again had the looks to be a competitor. The problem there was, they weren't Silverado's. Chevrolet's have been pretty ugly for 10 years now. I don't know who approves the Chevy designs at GM but they should have been fired years ago. Only the current Avalanche won't scare away little children.

Had the Chevrolet's looked more like the Sierra's of the last decade, I venture to say Ford wouldn't have as large of a lead in sales over Chevy. Dodge and Toyota are both really impressive to me here. Bring on the new Atlas!

You should ad "in my opinion" at the end or IMO if you prefer.

John you better update your opinions

According to ALG for 2013 Ram has higher resale then Ford or Chevy

According to JDPower Ram has better brand reliability then Ford or Chevy.

BTW your argument about yota catching Ram and yota not out selling Ram because yoda doesn't have an HD would only work if Ram sold a midsize, which they don't.

Compare half-ton to half-ton and see that the 1500 out sells turdra almost 2 to 1.

In my opinion, Gregory J is a troll!

Allpar are at it, I wonder if they are paid for by Fiat.

Yeehaw, trolls are at it still, i thought there was going to be some editing and moderation here, LOL, PUTC the soap opera of trucks. By the way , my truck is so much better than anyones here , just remember that and you'll be fine LOL. Well off to the store to pick up some DEF, my tank is getting low and i need to stopmp some fanboys on the way.

@Big Al, BMW has already surpassed that, albeit with 3 turbochargers. But you're spot on. With every generation of common rail injection, diesels just keep getting better. I would like to see a powerful 3L diesel coupled with hydraulic hybrid technology that Ford was supposed to be working on for the F-150. Toyota has never been a leader in diesel technology. They have always been reliable, but never ahead of the game. That's always been the Europeans (inc the Euro subsidiaries of American companies).

Y don't thing you get a 350 because the truck is stronger,,specialy the ford frame ,,,,is more a flee deal to the companies .....

I'm not talking the prestige Euro diesels. These engines have to be affordable. What the top end Euro diesels are doing now will be "normal" in 5 years or so.

I like the Porche 4.2 V8 diesel, it puts out as much power and torque as an HD diesel. The Cayenne it powers weighs nearly 5 000lbs and it is getting over 30mpg on the highway.

The best cheap "little" diesel at the moment is the Kia Sorento 2.2 diesel (German designed). The engine puts out 190hp and 330ftlb of torque.

I can see our mid sizers eventually using 2.0 litre diesels like the Amarok, but more powerful and torquey.

As for the hydraulic motor, I don't know how efficient you can make it in comparison to the conversion of a generator into electrical power. Hydraulics can produce extremely high torque motors, but so can DC.

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