Update: Total Retail + Fleet 2012 Sales

2013 KR 2012 King II
Last week we posted a breakdown of the 2012 sales data into the midsizehalf-ton and 2500/3500 segments. Those sales numbers were based on data supplied to us by R.L. Polk.

As several of our readers have noted (and unbeknownst to us), Polk numbers are generally broken down into three different categories. In order of sales significance, they are: retail, fleet and dealer/manufacturer. The data we posted in our original graphs last week were exclusively retail sales and did not include fleet or dealer/manufacturer numbers.

Now we have Polk's "total" registration numbers (for gross vehicle weight rating classes 1, 2 and 3), so we thought you might like to look at some of the same graphs with more complete sales numbers. It's worth noting that not much has changed except for the exact total, but it is interesting how many truck sales — and what segments they're in — are designated "fleet" in a given year.


2012 R+F Sales Midsize IIa

2012 R&F Half-ton Sales IIa

2012 R+F 2500 Sales IIa

2012 R+F Sales 3500 IIa

2012 R+F Sales Makers IIa



Imagine ford have problem to over sales gm pickup ?????

With hydraulics and the energy required I can forsee heat generation as an issue, heat is waste. To get any useful energy from the hydraulics I can't see any pressures under 3 000psi of being any use.

Hyd pumps require a lot of energy. Unless they come up with a new innovation. But I like innovation.

The internal combustion engine has a lot of wasted thermal energy, that's what's required to be tapped.

Even if we can only collect 50% of the wasted heat from an engine it would be fantastic. A 2.0 litre engine could drive a full size pickup. I can see the guys cringing at the thought of a 2.5 litre HD:)

BAILOUT ... Support the biggest company by buying the more expensive of their product that fits current needs to prop them up as much as possible. Yeah go GM and our tax dollars.

Congratulations GM for winning another sales category. Ford and Dodge are falling off the map.

Toyota just continues to miss the mark.There new /old tundra changed the grill [even worse then before] copied the ford interior and called it a day.

the t100 missed the mark.

the first tundra was to small with rusty frame problems.

The bass faced tundra is just too ugly with a weak frame.

Now the bass fish mouth is gone and they added a honda
ridgeline grill and ford interior but with the same weak frame.

Evolution evidently works backwards at toyota with the t100 being the best looking truck and the newest one the ugliest.

@turdra lol I call bs, I can buy a 3/4 or 1 ton diesel ram around here for $5,000 to $10,000 less than a GM or Ford diesel.

Like the numbers show, an outdated, flimsy frame, POS truck line; are only 11,611 trucks behind a "modern" rams.

Why did Dodge/Fiat/Ram kill the Dakota anyways? The Tacoma hasn’t had any major changes since 2005, yet it is still spanking the whole segment. I'd bet if Toyota made just a 3/4 gas truck, it would gain at least 11,611 sales.
Regardless of how many trucks Toyota sells, Toyota is turning more PROFITS than Dodge, Chrysler, Fiat, and Ram.

Which is what really matters right? Or just take a tax payers bailout, then get bought out by Fiat.


A humerous take on the RAM fanboys Supperbowl add.

Do fleets buy based on reliability?
Depends on the fleet, and expected amortization.
My brother's company when to GMC because studies said they were more reliable. When rubber meets the road or in his case cut block haul road, they fall apart just as fast as anyone else's trucks.
I've seen a decrease in fleet purchases for Ram trucks. That may have more to do with the fact that Marchionne said they were going to back away from fleet sales.
It is usually cyclical between Ford and Chevy in the fleet truck arena. They trade places for the lead.

One cannot slag Toyota for poor reliability for a reason for low fleet sales. A long time ago, Toyota made the decision not to court fleet sales with loss leader sales. Small truck sales tend to point that out.

In my part of the world, fleets rarely use 1/2 tons. my brother's company went with 1/2 tons during the economic downturn and they are paying the price with exceptionally high repair rates. It has nothing to do with the fact that they switched to Chevy. 1/2 tons dispite all of the advertising hype are glorified SUV's. They do not hold up well in tough environments. If my plan was to spend most of my time "in the bush", I would of purchased another 3/4 ton.

There are many stories on the net that explain that not all fleet sales are created equal. Companies do not like rental agencies. They are a double edged sword cut. It is a loss leader product. Manufacturers also get hit with poor residual value because rental fleets water down the used market.

@John: I said Ram doesn't build mid sizers. That's a statement. You said if Toyota built HDs. That's an if. Should I be iffy like you?

Oh, If Toyota sold HDs, do you not think Tundra sales would drop some either?

My point was, the Toyota buyers haven't got that much to wait for, meaning their new trucks aren;t that much changed. The big deal? The interior. Very little else.

If you don't think people plan on buying trucks and aren't waiting for the 8 speeds behind hemis, more choices of 8 speed v-6s, and the HDs that have been redesigned with better capabilities and more power, think again. Oh, and did I mention they have a diesel 1500 around the corner?

You Toyota boys would like people to think they are the greatest thing in the world, and that all Rams have issues. Mine has been dependable, as it should be, at a whopping 40,000 miles (a 2010) I know, not much miles, but it's been there when I need it. I haven't had to mess with brake rotors like some Tundra owners have either. I don't have a pogo stick ride, although I have given the Tundra credit for a well thoughtout transmission gearset. That was great for 2007. Fast forward to 2013 now.

Oh, just for the hell of it, I drove an 8 speed crewcab Ram V-6. I wouldn't be buying a v-6 for my towing needs, but I just wanted to see what it was like. I had some get up and go!

Are all you Toyota folks just po'd because Toyota doesn't update stuff too often?

They just figured they spent enough in 2005&2006 for the Tundra, and got busy on the Camry and Avoalon.

It was a good ride while it lasted for you.

What you stated about the Toyota is true in an about way.

Here the Asian manufacturers only make changes if a competitor makes one and even then it had to be like the release of these new globals like the Amarok and Ranger/BT50.

The US has been big on minor changes yearly. These changes cost money and does it make money in the end.

Well, look at how profitable Toyota is, compared to a US manufacturer. Toyota sells Tundra's on a quality basis, they are using prestige vehicle style model in some ways. Why change a Tundra if it is better than a Ram approach.

Just because you make minor changes doesn't improve a product, it makes it appear different.

What is the definition of "fleet" by R.L Polk? It's curious that 325 F-450 are sold to fleet and 1,854 F-450 are sold for retail usage. Fleet sales is only 14.9% of total which I think is way too low as you don't normally see everyday consumers driving around a F-450.

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