Video: 2013 Work Truck Show


We spent a lot of time at the recent 2013 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis and found quite a few problem-solving products and ideas. We also found a few cool trucks and work vans. We'll have more from the NTEA Work Truck Show, but here's our first video from, of all places, the Mercedes-Benz booth, where we found some interesting ideas for those who love pickups or anything else that can work like a pickup truck. 



the first truck is neat but good god that thing is UGLY!!! looks like a really pratical application though

Off-topic, but...

GM unveiled their EcoBoost rival (first appearing in Cadillacs)...

3.6L DOHC Twin Turbo V6 VVT DI 420 hp 430 lb-ft

Back in my Ford dealership days, we'd put utility bodies on F250/F350/F450 cab-and-chassis all the time. They were part pickup bed, part toolbox, and very popular with people who worked for a living.

Quite frankly, I'm not sure what the news is here...Ford, GM, and Ram have been selling vans and pickups with all the features shown for years. Is is the fact that MB is now really into the mix?

@Jason- part of the big deal is how light that utility body is- 1200#.

@Robert Ryan
Up here in the Top End I've notice a larger than expected number of specialist ute backs on 4x4s.

I think it offers better protection traversing some of the terrain and roads up here. There are some ingenious setups.

V8 diesel Landcruisers seem to be the choice for the more arduous requirements from pickups.

@:Big Al from Oz
You get a lot here as well on the Landcruiser, but a lot more on Ford and Holden Utes, not so prevalent in the Top End.

1,200 lbs. is light for a utility deck. The significance of the utility body is that you can mount it on any of these new unibody vans like the Transit and Promaster. The deck height is lower and the weight is lower. That means that one of these vans can carry more than a conventional 3500 chassis cab truck. This kind of setup will cut into HD sales. The crew cab van is a great idea and also will do a better job of combining capacity and versatility than a full sized HD pickup.

State Rail of NSW had a few F250/F350 maintenance Pickups but the bulk of their vehicles were much heavier Japanese 4 X4 Trucks. Now IVECO Daily Cab Chassis's have replaced the F250/F350's

I think Daimler is missing a golden opportunity here.

If they could design a conventional bed for the Sprinter, it could be a interesting alternative to our current full-size pickups.

I could suggest the same for the Ram Promaster, but I'm still not sold on that FWD platform.

I really like Mercedes bench. But this Mercedes bench platforms looks like a pickup is really awesome. Thanks for sharing this informative video Mark.

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