Video Find: Ford's Raptor at Nurburgring



This could be the coolest video you see all year; watch Tanner Foust go wide-open throttle on the infamous German Nurburgring and talk you through his impressions of a 2013 Ford Raptor. The undercarriage camera angles and rearview footage are the most impressive. Best viewed on a high-quality screen at full volume. Enjoy.




Cue up the hate.
Get'er done fanboi's.

Tanner is quite an accomplished driver. I wish Top Gear US was doing a little better and letting these guys have more free reign like they do in the UK. I'd hate to seem them leave to do more interesting things.

How is it that there is a ton of ford articles that stay up for weeks but the dodge and gm stuff goes away after a couple of days?

I was waiting to see if the latest news for all trucks are equally posted here or just from paid advertisers only, ford, that is.
Here is some news on some other non-ford trucks:

For every non ford truck article there is at least 4 ford article displayed on the news ticker here and the home page.

What? No lap time?

The video was cheesy but it looked like a lot of fun. I too want to see lap times. And then maybe a second run with shorter sticky tires!

Here's another Ford going around, I saw it on Top Gear several years ago. She much prettier a driver as well.

This sort of relates to the previous article.

Rick- If you haven't figured it out, this is a Ford owned website. They'll never come out and say it, but trust me, it is. It's no coincidence that Mike Levine went on to be Ford's spokesperson, hell, he knew the product so well because that's all he ever wrote or spoke about. This website has always had a MAJOR Ford "tilt" and it's gotten to the point where I don't think they care anymore. Seriously, this website should be renamed "". GM has always sold close to or more trucks than Ford but GM trucks get about 10% of the coverage on here. No big deal, it is what it is. If you want a great website with GM related info, go to:

Look at the media look at Ford's people. Did it ever cross anyone's mind that GM is just a boring company. Ford has interesting people that go out and do cool stuff. Remember GM is the company that employed Howie Long. Thats all you need to know about them. GM is just a uninteresting company with uninteresting products and people. The coolest thing GM has done lately was have Rob Dyrdek flip the Sonic.

LOL @ Chris, so many flaws in your post, you couldn't even hide your bias toward GM, so please do not lecture anybody on bias! I am so sick of fanboys!

Man, that thing handles like a truck! Not surprisingly.

Like it or not Evan is right. GM is boring. Every thing from a 3/4 ton truck to the Spark has the same exact front end on it. The new Vette should have been the most awesome looking car ever but it just looks weird. It's like they want to do poorly.

I couldn't get the video to open so I found some footage on the net. They should of handed the keys to Sabine Schmidt. She knows the ring like the back of her hand. No lap times? Sounds like it was just a PR exercise. I'd like to see how the Raptor would do with some low profile road tires. Will it beat a Transit van?


You are correct about the overly avid product supporters (fanboys). I do think this site is unbiased, now I'll be called a Ford supporter.

Look at what they are trying to do to me.

It's a pity, becasue I can add some depth to debates.

They don't realise they will turn others off of this site. This site could provide much more meaningful discussion.

Awesome video. Makes me want a new Power Wagon even more.

@HEMI V8 - I'd like to see the Power Wagon try the "ring". Mind you, Fiat has better products for that sort of thing.

Did he beat Sabine Schmitz's Mercedes Benz Van time ? Now Duck.

I have to agree with chris this time. This website pays a lot of attention to the Fords and guess what??? I'm glad they do because they make the best trucks ever and its good to see a Raptor doing this as it just adds more to its already long running resume. Hats off to FORD for making the best trucks on earth.

@Lou, With brands like Maserati, Ferrari, SRT, I would have to agree with you.

Wow - we should mark this day on our callendars - we agreed on something ;)

yes this true they tack about ford all the time look just the ford van ,,dodge have a van on the market for years but now they tack about ford van like it was a new discovery somebody have a share in pickup truck ....same whit the ford atlas...

@Mark Williams: Thanks for posting this off the beaten path video and article.

I'm not really a Ford guy but you have to admit Ford does have the biggest truck lineup with the most new and innovative product in the last couple years so its only natural we see a bit more Ford.

OOOOOh Mighty Al form OZ::: very good link to a very good video!!! and as far asa Mr. Ryan, Sabine was not driving a Sprinter! she was in a Ford Transit van! One more thing, Sabine could drive my truck anytime!

Very impressive truck. When I picked up our Platinum F-150 there was one sitting in the showroom of the Ford dealer. I tried to talk my wife into that one but she wasn't having it. I still imagine her pulling up into the driveway when she gets home in a Raptor. She looks pretty hot! :)

Ford's really getting it done getting this truck out into the public. Having Tanner drive it is a pretty big deal even though I think he can be annoying at times. I can't wait for the Atlas though. That's my next truck. The Raptor is nice, the Atlas is nicer. Chevrolet and Dodge will need to step up their game.

i dont think this site is bias to Ford at all, they report what's out there to report, did you want them to make stuff up for GM just so there is a GM article? GM is very boring right now and the only exciting thing they have done is the 2014 truck which was reported on in several articles and hell they even mentioned the new vette in one article, its tough to report about nothing. Mr. Williams can't help you're a fan of a boring company like GM. Lately it is all Ford and Ram so most of the articles have been about them.
so give your head a shake and think things through guys

Anybody who thinks site is biased is biased themselves.

If GM has anything exciting on the way it will be here.

I'm sure there'll be plenty of articles when they release details on the powertrains or maybe even some new models or packages.

Until then, there's nothing coming GM so chill out and go somewhere else if you can't deal with other manufacturers doing things.

Cool video and nice idea, yeah they really don't have too many pickup over there... One thing though, even in those couple of secs shown, it seams as if driver didn't make the best turns... I would really love to see his lap time.

The video was a bit on the lame side, but I don't think this site has a Ford bias. At least not any more. I think it may have leaned a bit more Ford-ward under Mike Levine (which has paid off handsomely for him), but I think Mark tries to be a bit more even-handed. It's got to be hard not to post a lot of Ford stuff...I mean, the F150 IS the best selling vehicle on the planet.

Has to be the most stupid video I've seen yet on Another pure Ford pander video.

I guarantee the folks watching it trackside were laughing and hoping it crashed out.

I cant stand those idiots.

Not only are the trolls mad, but they are whining.

Long live them haters! Go troll on your GM/Ram sites.

Cool vid!

Hey @fordsucks... How about you grow up from the 80's? Hopefully you mean that video made you happy by saying "gay". I bet you're probably a bully too... You are the type of person I'd like to smack in the head with a framing hammer... bet you think THAT's gay. Hey, how about you monitor comments like this idiot and keep the negativity to a minimum.

YA, leave the on road stuff for the RAPTOR LOL. It could get frame damage on the trail. Save the nasty stuff for the ORIGINAL 4x4. The Power Wagon.

When was this video shot? b/c thats a 2010 raptor not a 2013, the guages are white, in 2011 they went to black guage rfaces and the center info screen, no 6.2 badge on the side, so this truck might be a 5.4, no 2010s came with badges, and this is in europe so the owner might have gone smaller on the motor for mpgs. the wheels are 10-11 wheels also he is shifting the truck the 2011+ has select shift so he woulnd be using the +/- buttons not physicaly moving the shift lever to change gears.

OK Hemi you asked for it Power wagon got stuck, and it was the same guy in the same lot as the one you just linked too stopbeing a troll everyone who wheels gets stuck at some point , thats why they have recovery points.

Or how about this hydro lock i have made bigger spahes with my ford and chevy

I'm an old Chevy guy who is now driving Ford. So I can see the view on both sides of the fence. I think Ford gets a lot of ink here because they do things to create a buzz. They are on a hot streak with product and they have things to report about. I truly don't see a bias. GM is the reason why I left GM. The products are lackluster and outside of the C7 and maybe the Camaro nothing is really cutting edge and I don't see them doing anything to generate much buzz. The introduction of the SS was seemingly met with crickets. Why? Just take the SS verses a Dodge Charger SRT. Mechanically the SS is a 4 door Camaro and that's awesome but in execution it has no personality. It has a lot of resemblance to the 2013 Impala, that does not provoke an attitude or make me think excitement. The Charger has an aggressive look to it, it doesn't look like an Impala. It has attitude, the LED taillights get the car noticed at night. Probably in driving and performance the two cars are very close to each other but in spirit one looks like a taxi while the other looks like something that came from the future and wants to take names.

That lack of leading carries on through the whole product line except C7 and Camaro.

The new trucks just caught up to Ford and Ram they didn't bring anything new to the table. Ford has EB and Ram will soon have the mythical 1/2 ton diesel along with all of the other well thought out goodness these trucks have that GM can only imitate.

The Ford Atlas looks a lot like the current F-150 platform, but where it differs from the new GM twins is that while yes there are similarities the styling is edgy enough to make it exciting.

The new Ram visually doesn't look that different from its predecessor but so much new was put into the truck that again the wheel didn't need to be reinvented but further perfected.

The GM twins problem was that they were too vanilla before the 2014 refresh and they carried forward the most vanilla parts of the truck, mostly the boxy styling and nothing that is cutting edge. That was the problem with the current gen GM's.

The engines have been improved and all of that is good but the choices are still pretty much all the same. 4.3, 5.3, or 6.2 Beyond DI and aluminum there is nothing terribly new.

I wanted the GM twins to be game changers, I wanted them to have everything I was wanting I wanted to see new things that when the new truck was parked next to my F-150 EB that I would be compelled to go back to GM.

So far I still see features that I use daily on my F-150 not even available on the new GM twins.

So to close my long thought I don't think the website is biased, I think GM doesn't know how to market attitude. In the recent product intros they seem scared, they don't seem confident and that shows in the products themselves. Its easy to follow and just keep up. You can make a living doing that but you will never be great until you take a chance and lead. GM used to do that.


@HEMI V8 - You will have to swallow all of that Union Made, USA #1 rhetoric when you go out and buy that Made In Mexico, Italian owned product.
I guess that since you are from Californa, being around all of those Hispanics have conditioned you to turning a blind eye to stuff from south of the Rio Grande.
After all........... YAWN............. Mexico is part of America.

You said you had YZF quads, seems to me, you like foreign made stuff.
Just like that Power Wagon.

I thought you said you had a close family member that fought in WW2?
You dishonour their memory more by saying one thing and living another.

Why don't you support USA and buy Polaris?

Why don't you support USA and buy from GMC?

After all, GMC is government and UAW owned.

Practice what you preach.

Any more information on Ford fires?

It's good to hear from you.

You seem to not have lost your form:)

Don't worry about Hemi V8. He's like that mosquito when your trying to go to sleep camping. Always buzzing around your ear and you can never swat it:)

It would be nice for you to have more input, are you okay, not ill or anything?

@HEMI V8 - The truck did everything it could to save the passengers from serious injury or death, but we're talking impacted spinal injury that result from these kind of crashes. That's why the guy in the video was lying flat, before paramedics arrived.

Cars and trucks aren't designed to crash from the bottom, and of course, you can't fix stupid.

@Big Al from Oz - all is good, just tons of family stuff and a shift in work assignments. My son had a science fair that he needed help with, my wife was needing help with courses she was taking, my employer is great with continuing Ed, but as fiscal year end is looming (March 31), they want to spend thier surplus cash, so there has been a heavier load.
Thanks for the concern.
As far as HemiV8, the mosquito analogy is a good one. My approach to that annoying buzz in the ear is to leave my arm out for the bug to bite on while keeping my head covered. In the morning when I get up, the lumbering, swollen, bloated thing is easy to find, and very easy to swat.
The mosquito thinks they've gotten a great meal, but in the end, is just easy prey for being turned into a bloody splotch on the tent wall.
Life does offer up great metaphors.

@DenverMike - right you are.
@HemiV8 - you ride quads, ever flat land one of them on hard gound after a big jump?
I've seen guys blow shocks, taco rims, bend frames, end up with bilateral colle's fractures and spinal injury from over jumping. I'm talking about MX bikes and race quads.
Stupid is stupid.
The badge on the product doesn't change that.

The rule of jumping, regardless of being in the cab of a truck or in the saddle of a bike or quad, is to land on the down ramp.

I wonder how a stock Power Wagon would of fared?
Easy answer - much worse than the Raptor.

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