Chevy Silverado 3500 HD Duramax Wins 2013 Canadian Truck King Challenge

Candian Truck King Challenge II

The eighth annual Canadian Truck King Challenge has crowned the 2013 Chevy Silverado 3500 Duramax the winner for 2013. For those who may not know about this competition, a group of Canadian journalists and truck experts get together annually and select a specific pickup segment to put through a battery of tests, Canadian style. That usually means there's a lot of towing, payload hauling and plenty of mud.

This year the group chose luxury heavy-duty turbodiesel dualies for the competition. The trucks were put through towing comparisons, payload driving and several other challenges. Oddly, the Ford Super Duty F-350 and Ram HD 3500 were 2012 models, while the Chevy Silverado HD was a 2013. Although most of the scoring seems to be subjective, the final "as tested" pricing of the trucks was within $200 of each other (and just shy of $75,000!).

At the end of the torture test, the judges selected the Chevy Silverado HD the winner by a nose over the Ford Super Duty. Click here for all the comparison details, scoring charts and vehicle specifications.


Canadian TKC II



This was absolutely useless. Why would you compare a 2012 Ram to a 2013 GM? The 2013 Ram has 150lb/ft of torque more than the 2012 Ram and a different auto trans. Talk about a BS comparison. The 2013 Ram is pretty much an all new drivetrain, new suspension, new front linkage, and more. I'm not sure about any changes on the 2013 Fords, but I'm sure there were improvements there too.

All in all there is nothing useful to take from this other than they compared a new GM to an old Ram and an old Ford. Nice job....

Do you thing gm new dmax conning whit more horsepower and biger foot pound ??

@ Sam I don't think the new HD Ram trucks are out yet probably the reason why they was not tested. Ford, and Chevy nothing has changed on them.

To Sam:

Problem with testing the 2013 ram is finding one. Have any even hit the lots yet?

2013 Ram pickups are starting to trickle into dealers as we speak. The clear lack of thought into just asking Chrysler to borrow an HD is beyond me. Same with the Ford, there is absolutely no reason why they should be comparing different model year trucks. This brings into account the veracity of this auto guild's findings.

Fuel economy averaged over the 2500 kilometer test: (results converted to MPG)

Ford: 12.93
Chevy: 12.64
Ram: 10.79

Average Unloaded MPG:

Ford: 18.16
Chevy: 18.45
RAM: 14.34

Looks like not having DEF is really putting a hurting on the RAMS fuel economy. About 15% worse, on average, than the next closest competitor.

It will be interesting to see how much the 2013 improves on that now that it uses DEF.

@ Miath: ?? Are you asking a question or just babbling? Make spell check your friend while you compose your answer.

Yes, the new Rams are available. A friend ordered one and it's enroute for a 5/1 delivery. Yes, that's not today but I'm sure he's not the first person to have ordered one.

This test is meaningless to anyone other than those who want to toot their favorite brand's horn without divulging the details. to have any significance to the real world they would have to compare the most current of each brand.

If any of you were to read the details of said test you would know the Ram will not be ready till the fall of 13, and the writers explained all of that, and Ram was fine with sending the "old" truck, just for the fact, they could show just how they will be addresing the issues when the new one comes around! and with that said GO CHEVY! and then we will be seeing the newer one in a little while!

No surprise here! GM ROCKS!

hey guys 2013 Ram trucks are out. IN AMERICA. they are not out tin Canada yet. and

@ Mark Williams
when will you guys get your hands on 2013 Ram trucks? no1 has put a video of a test drive yet. just first look.

when you read the details about the test. seems like they do not like Ram trucks> they don't say anything about its towing or its payload or hp and torque ratings. I Know 2012 Ram has better towing then 2012 Chevy and 2012 Ram was only behind 2013 Chevys max towing by 1000lbs. just saying looks like the Canadians got a favorite....

@Frank: Well did they even try to find a new Ram? I don't think they tried too hard.

Sounds like the same people that are saying the 8 speeds aren't out in the 1500s are now saying the new Ram 3500s aren't out. They coulda got a test one, but they didn't try.

Chevrolet is what? #3 in Canada? They will stay that way. Ram upgraded most of the stuff they were lacking on here.

Also, if a buyer wants a more comfortable bigger cab, this is the biggest for Chevy and Ford, Ram has the Megacab.
Can't believe Chevy still makes that extended cab in dually 4x4 LTZ diesel. I'm guessing Jil must be small, and fits well in a stuffy Chevy cab, and must be ok with the out of date stuff or lack of, in a Chevy.

This coulda been alot more of a test, I don't see much about braking.

and before somebody comments, yeah, I know, these are all crewcabs. Just saying.

Guys, I'm sorry, I was wrong! What was I thinking, Chevy was number 3? DUH! They are number 4! Add the GM twins up and they are still less trucks selling in Canada then Ram! And Ram has a helluva alot of new stuff, GM? A still ugly new 1500 with a tow ratings inflated!

Absolutely dumb test. Waste of money.

@TRX-Tom - The majority of tests are done with manufacturer test fleets. The 2013 Ram wasn't available. IIRC, the "Canadian Truck King Challenge" is a copyrighted name owned by a journalist. I suspect that they are inflexible with testing dates because this test is "sold" to various retail news outlets.
"The Ram will be coming to us as an almost-new 2013 in the early spring"
This is poorly written. In my books, early spring is now!
I'm not sure when they did this test. I can't find a specific test date.

Canadian availability dates may differ from USA dates considering the fact that the USA is a 10X bigger market.
We get screwed by car makers because we get stuck with much higher prices than the same trucks in the USA market.

No surprise really that the Ford lost the competition. Oldest truck in the competition with the newest engine, but still cannot pull off the win. They should get an award, however, for the ugliest front clip. That is the most hideous designs I have seen in my life. GM has the best powertrain hands down! RAM has the most appealing truck. Go RAM...kicking ass and taking names!!

2013 Ram trucks have been on dealer lots in NJ for over a month now (that I have noticed, could be longer). Whats the point of making a big deal out of a head to head test if you aren't going to compare the same model year trucks? If that's the case lets bring out an 89 Ram for mpg purposes... The old 12v 5.9's got over 20mpgs....just saying. Speaking of mileage, that was possibly the most important change to the Ram for 2013. They added urea to the system like the other trucks to increase mpg. Prob a more important change than the tow rating for most...

My opinion has not changed, pointless test and conclusion.

2013 Rams on the lot for over a month - Yes of course.

2013 Ram 3500's - No.

"We get screwed by car makers because we get stuck with much higher prices than the same trucks in the USA market."
Same here.

@Robert Ryan - prices in Canada did come down a while back. Car companies used to say the reason was the difference of the dollar. When we hit par with the USA greenback there was a huge protest through the land. Most of Canada's population lives within 100km of the USA border. People started buying new cars next door. Prices have climbed back up to previous prices. If one is patient, there are huge discounts that tend to be offered seasonally. There is no reason for it since most vehicles are covered reciprocally under NAFTA.

As Ed up above said....

"2013 Ram pickups are starting to trickle into dealers as we speak. The clear lack of thought into just asking Chrysler to borrow an HD is beyond me. Same with the Ford, there is absolutely no reason why they should be comparing different model year trucks. This brings into account the veracity of this auto guild's findings."


It it very strange ,you can buy a Chevrolet SS(Or Pontiac G8) cheaper in the US, then you can buy the equivalent Holden model here?

Ford/GM winners, Ram the loser again, no surprise there.

It seems a few people are complaining about the difference of one year working against the Ram.

Looking at the fuel consumption Ram has to improve it fuel economy by over 25%.

That is a big ask in a one year step, from any manufacturer.

If Ram continue with Cummins they could probably build the most economical HD with the new Cummins ISF 3.8 litre engine.

The 2.8 ISF Cummins is reported to be able to produce over 220hp and over 400ftlb of torque. Great effort from Cummins and Nissan.

This diesel will not require AddBlue either, great for all of the people turned off of diesel for that reason.

I figure the 3.8 ISF should be able to produce about 300hp and over 500ftlb of torque and it would improve the Rams fuel economy significantly. I would think it would return over 20mpg.

This would be enough to move a HD, even loaded.

The engine would be thousands of dollars cheaper than the current Ram Cummins as it is only a 4 cylinder. A very big 4 at that.

Big obviously want Ram HD sales to plummet. A 4 cyl in an HD in the states, BIG NO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can already see the Ford and GM commercials now. smfh. Next time you're gonna post something that dumb, don't.

You can knock Ram HD Diesels all you want but it still out sells Ford and the GM twins in Canada. Canadians buy more trucks per capita than the US. So we know what works best in this country.

I love how these Ram guys were all beating their chests a few years ago on how their trucks were DEF free and so much better. Ram even advertised it. Now that they saw how stupid they were, they can't wait to tell us we got DEF too! It's coming! What a bunch of phony hypocrites and losers.

"This year the group chose luxury heavy-duty turbodiesel dualies for the competition"

Sorry but that's laughable. Chevrolet and the term Luxury do not go hand in hand. Dodge? Yes. Ford? Yes. Chevrolet? No. Chevrolet's interiors, interiors packages and trims are like the Dollar General of the industry in both their trucks and cars. I'd laugh at a comparison from the Platinum Ford or Laramie Limited Dodge to the Chevrolet LTZ whatever that even means. And their new country western interior isn't gonna cut it unless they only plan on selling them in South to the line dance crowd. They do have a nice Duramax engine though. It is however stretched to the maximum of it's limits. I know this for a fact as I routinely work with the parts suppliers for not only our companies diesels but those who supply parts for the Duramax as well. The design is superb but it's reached it's full potential without a complete redesign. And out of the 3 trucks only 1 cannot be taken off pavement because of low urea tank placement and low frame rails. Ford and Dodge can both go off the pavement. I love old Chevrolet's and their powertrain packages but this whole thing reads like a paid off GM fluff piece.

Even though the Duramax is the quickest truck, I would probably take a new Power Stroke or Cummins over it. I am just completely unimpressed with GM interiors these days, even on the 2014 models. Even the exterior is let down compared to the other two. Mechanically, the Duramax is a pretty good package though, but then, so are the Ford and Dodge.

Quit your griping that they compared 2 different model years. When the media asks Ford/Chrysler of Canada to provide them with their biggest baddest pickup, they shouldn't even have an old model year truck on hand, especially if they made sweeping changes like RAM. Ford and Chrysler press vehi le mgr. are the real losers here.

............................and at the end of the day it's still a General Motors poorly engineered piece of garbage. By 100K you'll drop a fortune keeping it on the road and by 200K it's in a salvage yard being picked by vultures.

But they always leave that off the end of the story.

"Howard J Elmer is an automotive editor, writer and author, based in Brampton, ON"

Wow, less then 250 miles from Detriot, yet they couldn't drive down there and get a new Ram (yes, I know they aren't built there in 3500 series) but they are there.

We don't know if they had time restraints to where they needed a truck like NOW. Or if they coulda planned ahead.

Stop making excuses. There was nothing wrong with their time restraints. If you read the article you would have know they tested this last year (from their comment about the Ram being availabe early Spring "next" year) and 2013 Rams weren't available, and still are not available.

They performed this test sometime last year, probably late last year.

In the US production start up on the 2013 was February 25, 2013.

In Canda it was January 7, 2013.

How is anyone to test what hasn't even been built, let a lone shipped and received by anyone.

Wonder why PUTC hasn't been able to get behind the wheel of a 2013 Ram 3500? The last we heard from PUTC on the this was in February...."Although we haven't been able to get behind the wheel of a new 2013 Ram HD"

Ram dropped the ball by not getting these trucks out to anyone to test earlier.

Wow!! That was some amazingly detailed information on the testing process and qualities the judges were looking for. I was very impressed with the charts and data that accompanied the detailed reviews from each tester. The performance charts that detailed why each tester rated each truck the way they did were some of the best I've ever seen. I completely agree with Jil on his/her reasoning for rating the Ford and Ram interior so poorly compared to the luxurious chevy. I will definitely look for advice for this group of intrepid and highly knowledgeable journalist when the time comes to make my next truck purchase.....

Sore losers LOL! Must hurt bad to be burn by an old Chevrolet.

@wasillybilly: I can't even get Google translate to make sense of that particularly insightful post from Miath.

@ Alton:Lmao...


Who said anything about still not having a V8 diesel and gas engines?

You don't have to buy one, but a base model ISF Cummins HD for a business would be attractive.

There's a lot of HDT's with only six cylinders, it's not the number of cylinders that moves a vehicle.

Full size trucks will be getting 4 cylinder engines as well.

@Big Al, can't see the ISF happening for Ram.

I wouldn't agree or disagree, it was a comment on what's available. It would make sense, remember CAFE, it will force companies to do some unusual stuff.

18 months ago you wouldn't have agreed with me a 4 cylinder diesel would be going into a full size truck either, I would have bet. But it will happen.

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the comment about class 8 trucks getting a 4 cylinder, why stop there, we used to have huge 1 cylinder engines, just go back to that. Imagine a 16 liter 1 cylinder "hit and miss" engine in your new truck, wahoo.. you'd measure going over the great divide in meters per minute, not kp/h..

@Big Al, I'm not so traditional that I do not see changes being made, I just don't see the ISF being competitive enough for that market in terms of power. Remember the VM Motori that the 1500 will use has way more power and torque. So why would the 2500 have less? My philosophy is simple: if it doesn't make sense, it won't happen. Clearly, the ISF is for more industrial applications.

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The only people in Australia that make money like your doctors are our vets and dentist.

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Actually people from the US go to countries like Thailand and India for medical treatment.

Google medical tourism, it a large and expanding industry in developing economies. There main customers are from developed economies.

Australians will not go to the US or would I think many other OECD countries. Why would we? It's cheaper here.

@sandman4X4 - The price of these trucks are pre-sales tax. NAFTA says that they can enter Canada duty free. It amounts to price goughing by the automotive companies. A fully loaded Ford HD Limited is 82,000. More often than not, most trucks in Canada sell with huge discounts. I've seen 16,000 off.
The guys blathering on about Ram Cummins selling so well in Canada is partially due to the "free Cummins" discount that gets offered every year. They also advertise DEF free all of the time.

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