Chevy Silverado 3500 HD Duramax Wins 2013 Canadian Truck King Challenge

Candian Truck King Challenge II

The eighth annual Canadian Truck King Challenge has crowned the 2013 Chevy Silverado 3500 Duramax the winner for 2013. For those who may not know about this competition, a group of Canadian journalists and truck experts get together annually and select a specific pickup segment to put through a battery of tests, Canadian style. That usually means there's a lot of towing, payload hauling and plenty of mud.

This year the group chose luxury heavy-duty turbodiesel dualies for the competition. The trucks were put through towing comparisons, payload driving and several other challenges. Oddly, the Ford Super Duty F-350 and Ram HD 3500 were 2012 models, while the Chevy Silverado HD was a 2013. Although most of the scoring seems to be subjective, the final "as tested" pricing of the trucks was within $200 of each other (and just shy of $75,000!).

At the end of the torture test, the judges selected the Chevy Silverado HD the winner by a nose over the Ford Super Duty. Click here for all the comparison details, scoring charts and vehicle specifications.


Canadian TKC II



wow lou: and all this time I thought a lot more highly of you, just goes to show how wrong I can be, yes those were some low blows to my Country there, I will not forget, just a couple of things though, why does all these folks want to come the the U.S. and not Canada? and then why are all the other vehicles from all the other manf. so much more expensive in Canada? all they all price gouging? or is the price of buisness so much higher than here? nothing for nothing, ask Big Al ! and I have know some folks from Canada, that come here for their health care, because is is terrible in Canada! and my folks know a lot of older folks from Canada that do that also!

socialized medicine might make treatment "affordable" but it doesn't make it "good." There's a reason that Canadian Premier had his heart surgery done in the US and not in Canada. When your life depends on it, you're not looking for discount prices!

I think in Canada they also have a combination of public/private health.

In Australia people pay a 1.8% levy on their income for Medicare. If you want private coverage it will cost a person about $2 500 per year for a family.

We in Australia are like the US and Canada and have many people from other countries come to be healed. The US system is good if you have cover, if you don't you're screwed.

My nephew who is 30 years old in NJ last year found out he had the bad diabetes and insulin is required. He had no coverage.

My family had events to collect money to help him out financially. I found that to be disgraceful. He even had a job. My mother lent him (gave) thousands of dollars.

He has had a very hard time finding future coverage, what a pity.

As you can tell from my posts I'm not a left winger, but I'm not a right winger. I look at what I would deem responsible and acceptable. Trust me public health does assist those who are less fortunate than us.

But it doesn't incentivize the recruitment of the best doctors, they will go where they can make more money. Public coverage rewards everyone, bad teachers and lazy doctors! How did we get on to this subject anyway? Why does everything have to turn into an "America vs the rest of the world" debate?

The talk started because this is a Canadian Review.

Canada is a different country than the USA and there is a differrence in the price of vehicles. Australia is the same.

I think that's how it started. But if people are talking and not fighting then that's good.

@Alex - I didn't fire the first shots.
Why does everyone make it a USA versus the world debate?

You work in realm of psychology, I'm sure that you can find ample evidence as to why that exists.

Paying the most money doesn't guarantee results.

@Sandman4x4 - This site has gotten too combative and ultimately, everyone gets defensive.
Each respective country has strengths and weaknesses.
I cited some examples of the USA side of the equation AFTER there were a few that were aimed at my side of the border.
I'm just as proud about my country as you are of yours.

Low blows perhaps and I apologize to any that have taken offence.

The Ram diesel will if anything is only marginally more powerful and torquey than the ISF 2.8 Titan diesel. The VM V6 Ram diesel would cost a lot more as well.

The biggest difference is the ISF is using much better diesel technology. No DEF will be needed. Cummins had made a fantastic little diesel.

The ISF 3.8 4 cylinder I was talking about for the Ram HDs would be more than suitable for that type of vehicle if Cummins can obtain similar power and torque as the ISF 2.8

Mathematically the 3.8 could put out 304hp and 532ftlb of torque. That seems to be enough. The engine would cost 2/3 or less than the current Ram diesels and provide much better fuel economy.

@Lou: So if Ram is giving free Cummins with a 2500, pretty sure Ford and Chevy, especially Chevy, are taking equal value off their 2500 and F-250 diesel sales. What's the differance in a Hemi and Cummins Ram, if you canged nothing but the engine and the required trans change, $8,000 or less? (whatever the Canadian equil is) Most people that buy a 40,000 (Sport or Larimie, or possibly loaded SLT-I'm talking only 1500s) in US money truck somehow get 8,000 off, so I would expect more then that on 2500 Rams that cost alot more then 45,000 here. I would bet 12,000 to come off a 50K USA money or 15,000 off a 60K Canadian is no biggie.

Whatever the deal, they have outsold the GM twins in Canada, and they have a better truck comming to you all up there soon, so do you think it's all over an advertisement of a free Cummins?

The level of income must me alot higher?

@Lou, actually it does if the good practitioners can make more money for good work and the bad ones aren't incentivized. Operant conditioning! If people get the same reward without doing the hard work, they are "negatively reinforced" for not doing the work. That's why socialism is bad!

@Big Al, the ISF 2.8 is 131-163 HP and 207-266 lb-ft. Hardly competitive with the 3.0 V6 with 240 HP 420 lb-ft.

The 3.8 has less power and only has slightly more torque in its highest tune. 143-170 HP with 332-443 lb-ft. It's 800cc bigger!

Ram used to brag that the 6.7 I6 Cummins didn't require DEF too, but it is switching to using DEF because it will get better fuel economy by meeting emissions standards that way. It's not that it "NEEDS" it, it's more that it's better to use it.

If Ram HD gets a smaller diesel option, I think it will be the Cummins 5.0 V8. It fits nicely between the 3.0 V6 and the 6.7 I-6.

All of you Ford fanboi girly girls just NEED TO GET OVER IT, PERIOD!! If you precious SUPER DOOTY won you would be throwing a party and jumping for joy. Every comparison that a Ford truck does not win is flawed in your eyes somewhere.

^^ Wow, the troll is back in ACTION!!!!

Get em, troll, go get 'em boi!!!!!

^^ Wow, the troll is back in ACTION!!!!

Get em, troll, go get 'em boi!!!!!

Posted by: Frank | Apr 24, 2013 12:36:42 PM

You are one to talk Frank. IT IS LIKE THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK IF YOU ASK ME. What you said is no surprise to me really coming from the #1 FORD FANBOI TROLL.

I nearly forgot to ask you this Frank. Do you still wear your Ford cheerleader uniform with the blue oval on it and shake your pretty blue and white pom poms?? LMAO

Dude, your are the biggest TROLL on the face of the earth.


Trust me. You obviously don't read links, I've posted this a few times already and more.

@Big Al, I didn't realize I was required to read all of your links. Yes the Titan will get the Cummins 2.8, we already know that. I bet you that the Ram 2500 and 3500 will NOT get the 3.8 ISF. No, I will not just take your word for it!

the fact that people are complaining about the year difference. The 3500 chevy has the exact same torque and towing numbers as the 2012 one so whats the big madness.

You aren't required to read my links, but if you doubt me then google a little more to ensure what you have is correct.

I generally don't put in data and info if I haven't checked it out. I thought you would have noticed this.

I have made errors, but I do apologise when I do.

It looks like Frank is out in full force today and has got his pom poms all in a wad. hahahaha

That was about the only good comment that Michigan Bob has ever made.

@Big Al, I am only doubting your speculation that the ISF will make its way into the Ram 2500. I don't even care if there are respected auto journalists making that prediction, I don't think it is going to happen.

"I am only doubting your speculation that the ISF will make its way into the Ram 2500"

Did I speculate that this would occur? I mentioned it would be a good idea to offer this.

I have never speculated this would occur.

It would be a great idea if they could fly and get 2000 miles per gallon too.

@Alex - true, but majority of physicians in the Canadian system are paid "fee for service" therefore the more you work, the more you make. There are private profit based centres in Canada too. Insurance companies and Workers Compensation Plans love them because they'd rather pay extra to get someone to the "front of the line" to minimize length of claim.
A "for profit" system usually means there is more individual variation in wages. A surgeon with a stellar reputation can negotiate a more profitable wage. The flipside is that one may be inclined to cut corners to make more money. Physicians may be "conditioned" to biopsy the wallet before touching a patient.
I do agree that a purely socialistic system is bad just like a purely capitalistic system is bad.
There needs to be a blend. The "socialistic system is bad" ideology interfers with the ability to provide help to those who are helpless. The rant "I ain't paying for those lazy bums to site at home on welfare" is a prime example and I've seen similar commentary on this site.
The able bodied/able minded do not deserve any assistance but a cart blanche "help no one" or the opposite "help everyone" is equally flawed. Conservatives and liberals get blinded by ideology and see that existing somewhere in the middle ultimately is the best option.

@TRX-Tom - yes, Ford and GMC offer incentives as well. The advertising is different. Ram has agressively pushed the "free diesel" even though it is just a rebate. They've pushed the "no DEF" aspect as well even though every test shows a MPG advantage to DEF.
Ram Canada took a page right out of GMC USA's "longest lasting trucks" advertising campaign by using it in Canada. Both are based on registration data.
The Ram fanboys say Ram brand is the best (or to imply it is) based on registration data is just as flawed as when GMC fans make the same claim based on USA registration.
To say a brand is best because it is number one doesn't mean it is the best. The guys saying Ram is #1 in Canada based on sales is just as flawed as when the Ford fanboys use the same approach for the USA market.

The very first "Canadian Truck King Challenge" was interesting but I've always found their testing criteria and choice of winners flawed. Their scoring is too subjective. Ford and Toyota has had wins just like Ram and GMC.

FORD has the best truck period...end of story!

Chevy is and will always be second place!

Dodge is and will always be in third place. A Cummins engine in a Dodge truck is like a diamond in a goat's a#s.

junk won with there junk engines pos trucks and there junk cars rot buckets they never made anything good cummins motor is ok I love the powerstroke and ford builds the best trucks and has the best looking trucks and the biggest and widest trucks hands down

@Lou, true, there needs to be a balance. Another point is people still have a delusion that things can be for free. Nothing is free, and the ordinary middle-class worker will pay for things that are passed off as "free." I moved here from Australia, and while Big Al likes his "free" health care," I'm sure he doesn't like paying double the price for his car, double the price for his fuel, double the price for his house, all financed under double the interest rate, while his groceries cost double the price every week. There's no such thing as a free lunch, you will pay for it one way or another. In the Australian system, the government does your budgeting and saving for you for health care you may not need, in the American system you need to do your own preparation. I prefer self-reliance, that's why I like living here, but that's just me. Under Obama, it looks like I am getting no choice in the end anyway. Another down side is the country paying for medications and treatments that are not necessary. I see it all the time in America under this supposedly "unaffordable" system - I work in a hospital. The regulations have made insurance pay for stupid things at ridiculous prices. It drives up the price of premiums. I have a much better idea for driving down the cost of health care than ObamaCare.

You are writing like DenverMike. Come on mate really. Double the cost of everything. Are you not as happy as you thought you would be in the US?

You need to distort figures, who are you trying to impress. Scared you will be multiposted?

Remember my family lives in the US and I do know the costs of living in the US. Ask my nephew with diabetes about his standard of living. Or the person at Wawa pumping gas or the Supermarket worker at Shoprite or Acme where my niece works.

You tend to look at the 'me' factor in most of your statements, look at the 'group' picture.

Alex, if you are earning $30 000 in Australia or the US the US would be a better place (if you had decent health and retirement). But in Australia our minimum wage is higher than that.

The Wawa worker is on about $350 a week (less than $18 000 per annum half our minimum wage nearly). The only people who make that kind of money in Australia is a 15 year old kid flipping burgers at Macca's.

Two different countries with different systems yes. But who is the better or worse.

Google the HDI figures you will be surprised where the world's better countries are by standard of living. The US is broken down into two figures believe it or not, because there are two distinct socio economic groups, something we don't have.

There more to life than how much you can buy for a dollar, especially if you don't earn many dollars.

@Big Al, you talk about Australia like I didn't spend 25 years of my life there.

"Are you not as happy as you thought you would be in the US? Yeah, I keep forgetting that I have an Australian passport and citizenship, and can return whenever I want- you have got me there!

You need to distort figures, who are you trying to impress. Scared you will be multiposted?"

Ok you totally lost me on this multiposting thing. So I am sure it scares me... whatever it is?

So to bring this conversation back on topic, I drove a 2013 Duramax Z71 3500 yesterday and was very impressed with the way it drove. Interior is a let down, I am looking at replacing my F150 in about 6 months, let's see what the 2014 brings, but overall I think the current truck is still excellent.

Alex, You're pretty cool and I'm glad you are here. This country needs more people like you. That Big Al is a clown and I hope not all Australians are like him.

The grille on that Ford is about as attractive as a donkey's behind. How freaking ugly!!! That is enough to make me eliminate Ford from my shopping list. BARF!

Tom and your other aliases, you are dumber than dog s.................

Thanks Tom, that means a lot to me. I love living here! There are a lot of Australians who love America. Many live here, others love traveling here and doing road trips.

@ BigAl : I honestly don't mean any disrespect, but.... Most of we frequent readers do realize your love of small diesels and smaller trucks. I feel safe saying the majority don't share this passion quite as much. It seems many articles I read you have posted links and talked about small diesels where it was not exactly the topic of the article. It does seem like a pattern and that may be part of the reason for the attacks on you.

@Whoever brought up healthcare: WTF? I missed the part of the very through truck review that mentioned healthcare.... Some people just love the drama I suppose.

I almost forgot!

@MichiganBob: Welcome back man!! Don't be such a stranger from now on buddy. Oh Yeah (my completely off topic addition) ROLL TIDE!! :)

When the do a test drive in Washington state and BC it will be interesting, and will separate the want to be's from the real contenders. drag racing and driving around on the flats,BORING.
Put the trucks at their own maximum weights and take them down a 5 mile hill with a 30 MPH corner at the bottom, that is a test, 7 or 8 hills over 5 miles long that is a test.

well judging by the comments nobody read the specifics for the testing or even the truck specs. did you know that the trailer they hauled was only 14,500Ibs? i have a 97 2500 that will haul that comfortably. who in their right mind would waste a 1 ton truck on a 3/4 ton load? kudos to dodge for having the highest ride height. on a side note the dodge is the easiest to "clean up" and turn into a proper truck with real grunt. i cant believe that the chev has the same 5th wheel rating has my 97 2500. that just blows my mind.

To Angus who posted on May 28th. 14,500 pounds is not a full 1 ton load but all three trucks were tested under identical weights, etc.. and the Chevy came out on top in all categories. I have a 2012 Chev LTZ dually crew cab and it is by far the best dually I have ever had and I have had 6 in the past four years. Angus, don't take it so personal - Chev won this one and maybe Ford or Dodge will win at some point in the future. I tow a 17,000 fifth wheel, yes you can probably tow it with a 3/4 truck but can your STOP it quickly. Angus, don't compare the abilities of a 3/4 to a 1 ton dually. Completely different trucks, the 3/4 is OK for the wife to pick up groceries and the 1 ton dually is for real work.

I had a 2013 Chevy HD Duramax it couldn't even pull 28,000lbs my old 97 Dodge cummins pulls 31,000 lbs max stock! I just sold that chevy nice looking tuck but doesnt have the muscle the Ram trucks have Im waiting on the new 2013 Ram with 850 pounds feet of torque thats got muscle and yes you cant put a 2012 vs 2013 truck its a false advertisement, but the chevy does have a very nice ride but whens the last time you saw a IFS on a 18 wheeler and a V8 diesel, but the interior is outstanding in the chevy but I sat in that Ram long horn phenomenal!

My father has an 2013 there is nothing that it can't pass but I can see what your saying I can give you more info on the truck if you like I am an die hard Chevy man but I can see what you are angry about them comparing new to the older models

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