Ford Adds Special Edition Package to 2014 SVT Raptor

Raptor SE II

At a time when the unique SVT Raptor is selling in higher numbers than anyone at Ford ever expected — we've been told close to 14,000 beasts were sold in 2012 — Ford is coming out with an even more unique option package for its desert-running F-150; unfortunately the changes are only cosmetic.

The 2014 F-150 SVT Special Edition Raptor does not have any performance modifications (meaning powertrain or suspension upgrades), but it will be offered in two exclusive colors — Ruby Red Metallic and Tuxedo Black Metallic — along with an all-new graphics package, a unique surface to the beadlock-style rims and several interior accents.

What motivated this new package?

"Raptor owners are looking for a high-performing, uncompromising off-road pickup truck with the features and luxuries found in today's premium trucks," said Doug Scott, Ford truck group marketing manager. "Since its launch in 2009, we've tried to continually move Raptor forward in capability and design… ."

Scott went on to say this package was not designed to quell a vocal group of Raptor owners looking for a more unique-looking Raptor, but instead this new SE package is a result of the truck group designers being given a little more room to "play."

Pricing for the limited-edition SVT Raptor will be announced later this summer prior to its fall on-sale date.

To read the full press release, click here.

Raptor SE 2



I was hoping for something more substantial, but I guess we'll have to wait for the next gen F150 for that. I'm sure they'll sell every one of these they make though.

The Ford Raptor has been a great formula for Ford in the States. They can only profit on it.

For us though we don't have a vehicles like it off the shelf so to speak, unless we modify a vehicle ourselves.

I would like to see this vehicle released in Australia as our own Baby Raptor. I hope this is some development work for a future vehicle.

Ford racing in South Africa has done development work with the 3.2 diesel going into your Transit.

But a 5 litre Coyote V8 Ranger would be nice, hopefully this is for us, here's a link.

A sticker kit, pseudo bead locks and a premium price. What is there not to love?

Well that's disappointing. I figured for sure they'd throw the Ecoboost in there.

LMAO! GM will crush Ford and the trolls.

New seat covers and accents? kinda weak for a "special edition".

I'd like to see some '80's era chrome rollbars with lights on top. It would really look good if you replaced the running boards with a chrome side-pipe exhaust system. Actually, why not just partner up with Bob for a blue "bigfoot" edition?

@BAFO - The point of the Raptor is to tune all the on and off-road electronics, hard parts and upgrades in one factory/turnkey package with a warranty and excellent resale as opposed to a custom modded truck that kills resale value. Some may not get the point, but plenty do.

You could not build a Raptor equivalent for the measly $3,000 Raptor pkg (over a forced Lariat equivalent plus a 6.2 V8) even if started with a new base stripper 4X4 and 6.2.

Price is too high for a half ton!

I must admint i was hopping for something more like different engine chooses such as the ecoboost... but the red looks pretty dam good on the picture. SDHQ DID IT WHY CANT FORD

Non related , but i just read the Ram 2013 HD 2500 3500 Cummins truck recall, for underhood fires, also why the new 2013 3500 Ram trucks have not been shipped and 2 months from 2014 model release. Bad start for the new Ram 3500 indeed. The fix is to replace the engine cover that is catching fire.

More BS from this website, we get great news that GM can close in on Ford and it gets replaced by more Craptor crap. What a waste of space!

Honestly it looks pretty BA but it seems as of Toyota tried to copy frnt end appearance as well as interior and rear end like all the auto makers and this in return is a copy of Toyota just the beadlock style rims. But other then that pretty tough looking truck! Where's the diesel motor? I don't believe In that ecoboost crap. It's V8 gas or diesels.

Have I mention they don't even sale tundras in Japan.!

Stickers....smfh. Same as a crappy Z-71 package, nothing but stickers. RAM RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

@AllAmerican - If GM had a notable, on or off-road Hot Rod, it would get plenty of PUTC coverage. Also, the "Investors: GM..." article threw GM a bone and was just as much about Cadillac's potential and by an admitted GM stockholder.

You should note the upcoming and all-new F-150/Atlas gives more reason for GM to be worried. GM played its 'hand', and as good as it is, Ford now knows what to shoot for.

Still, there's not one mention of the pictured GM crew cab being AllAMexican.

@Johnny Right about that they do not sell Tundra's in Japan. The Tundra is primarily a NA only vehicle.

@Big Al ,Toyota has used a 4.5 Litre Toyota V8 in it's Off Road program in South Africa and the Dakar, so it would make sense for Ford to do the same. Much greater chance of being further up e finishing order than the Raptor. Best result in the Dakar 40th.

special edition... Just what everyone wants a more luxurious pickup that is designed to play in the dirt...

How about a special edition basic.. I'm talking vinyl flooring, seats, and basic controls.. You know for the guys who aren't afraid to get dirty and no worry about dust building up on the air vents when the windows are down?

How about replacing the lousy constant velocity joints on the front driveshaft to double u-joints like on real 3/4 tons, it's only a matter of time before the seal goes & the bearings are shot from the abuse of offroad use..

the best part about capitalism: people can talk as much crap as they want, but if you build something you know people want, and you sell as many or more than you planned, you win.

@Greg, Price too high? And they sell every last one they build. There's no such thing as a price too high when it comes to a truck. It's the most valuable vehicle one will ever purchase. I've bought 2 new trucks from Ford in 2012 for a grand total beyond 100k. When you donsider what I got in terms of build quality and luxury in both my Platinum and KR trims I feel I got a bargain. Besides, Ford's hold the highest resale value in the industry now when it comes to trucks.

Thank you Super Duty, Thank you 2004 and up F-150 (prior F-150's sucked), Thank you Raptor, Thank you luxury trims and most of all Thank you Ford. Dodge is coming up too. I feel sorry most of all for Chevrolet. They were once the king of all these things. And I still love them in my heart for what used to be. Even to the point I'd like a new Gen 5 Chevrolet Smallblock in my new Platinum Atlas.

@DenverMike, All crewcab Chevrolets will still be Mexican trucks as far as I gather. It's despicable for a Chevrolet that's sold in America to not be Built in America. Especially after what we did to help them live. And especially how they've always wrapped themselves in the American flag. Chevrolet ='s America my ass. I would Never buy a Mexican built Chevrolet, especially not a truck of all things. It's supposed to be America's Truck, the Heartbeat of America. Sellouts.

And I don't give Dodge a pass either but Dodge has always been that way, Chevrolet was once something to be proud of.

Anything Ford can do to get a little more money out of the Raptor, right?

I feel bad for the guys that buy this truck in China - $160k+ for a new Raptor?! Crazy.

@Kyle D
You sound mad that people buy a raptor with the luxary pkg and not with vinal flooring and manual controls. you Can still get raptors with manual seats manual air and one of Fords non navigation radios. the back seat in the raptor is vinal any ways. My raptor has the luxuary package and moon roof its nice to have something comportable to ride in to off road excursions, camping trips etc. Raptors are not just toys many of the fellow ford raptor owners i know have it as their primary driver and want the luxuary featrues added. Additionaly many came to the Raptor from other brands who became upset with the continued degridation of half ton off road capability by the other makers, the off road bits on the raptor would cost a fourtune to graft onto a toyota or GM vehicle as evidence by the cost of the Ram Runner over the raptor, where the ram lacks finess on the road that is necissary in a daily driver the raptor is very good all around. while its payload and towing are low by todays standards they are in line with what older half tons could do.


People are mad just at the fact that Ford sells the most trucks. They hate that, they hate the fact that the Raptor is awesome. They hate that their favorite brand don't have it and have to put down the Raptor, they hate that.

@ Frank
Im not a ford loayalist by far the Raptor is the first Ford i owned and its going to take alot for GM to get me back. I dont get why people don't shop objectivly, and look at all the diffrent traits vehicles have. Unfortunatly there are certain features that I have determined i require that necssitate few vehicle options, the only half ton with these features was the Ford Raptor, though Fx4s now have some of the same features as well.


I am not brand loyal, however I am partial to Ford for how they have treated me. Will I buy a GM, sure a Sierra, a Ram, sure, but right now, Ford has what I want. People get me confused sometimes, but it's cool.

I admire your non-bias comment.


So, by "special" do they mean, like, "retarded"?

@Jason H - good one.

Pickup truck change you name for the ford magazine ..


People are mad just at the fact that Ford sells the most trucks. They hate that, they hate the fact that the Raptor is awesome. They hate that their favorite brand don't have it and have to put down the Raptor, they hate that.

Posted by: Frank | Apr 10, 2013 2:06:30 PM

Ok Frank. You must be referring to the same type syndrome that Ford truck fans suffer from. They can't stand it that GM has a better HD diesel on the market with roots that date back to 2001. The Ford is a much newer design, yet it still can't outperform a Duramax Allison GM truck. Nice try Frankie!

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