Ford Announces 2014 SVT Raptor Special Edition

2013-SVT Raptor 1 II

For the first time since its debut almost three years ago, the 2014 Ford SVT Raptor will offer a factory-made Special Edition model. Special editions are becoming popular for both Ford and Ram Truck, and Ford will be showing its newest SE at a media press luncheon April 9, hosted by the Motor Press Guild at the Ford Motor Co. Design Center in Southern California.

There are no details about exactly what changes, improvements or mechanical upgrades might be on this SE package, but we'd expect it to be a limited run and include some kind of dramatic new look — and hopefully more. We'll even keep our fingers crossed for a possible EcoBoost under the hood.

During the luncheon, Ford Truck Group Marketing Manager Doug Scott will speak about Ford truck strategy and what the future may look like with more aggressive EPA regulations looming. We have not heard whether a Special Edition will be at the event, but we're told there will be more information about the new truck during the presentation. More to come.



The truck is a special edition in of itself, I don't see a need for it

I hope Ram comes out with a competitor for this truck. I want one. But I will not buy a Ford.

Maybe a winch or something would be special.

EcoBoost 5.0 V8 for Raptor and next GT500?

What I would love to see is a "striper" model, you know a Raptor, without all the bells and wistles, that do nothig for the trusks cappabilities, just adds comfort and convenience, maybe even a reg cab with roll-up windows, and no carpet? I bet they could do that, and keep the price around 30-35K! now that would be special! even a smaller engine would be fine, as long as it is the 5.0!

Boring. How many special editions of the Raptor do we need? Especially considering the Raptor itself is a special edition of the F150? It's easy to build a large, expensive off-roader. It's getting old. I'll be impressed when Ford builds a mid-size truck that gets better mileage but maintains respectful towing and hauling capacities, while making few compromises on interior space and crash test ratings. Or they could just build the global Ranger here. I'd buy one tomorrow.

I hope the Ecoboost goes in to the Raptor, the 6.2 is honestly just old technology. The Ecoboost could be tuned a little differently to make more power in the Raptor. Maybe 385 HP /440 TQ. That would be a good choice, and gets much better MPGs compared to the 6.2 now.

Where I am they can't keep Raptors on the lot. So if people are going to keep buying them, they are going to keep making them. It's just smart business.

Haters going to hate!!!! Build it and they will buy.

I might get it with the reliable 5.4L.

These are high margin vehciles and if Ford can introduce yet another variant and make an extra $4-5k I say go for it. If someone wants to buy it, let them.

That said I hope they showcase some new tech in lieu of some fancier dead cow skin on the inside. Maybe as some are saying a new Ecoboost with more power or some new suspension/frame?!

It also sounds like Ford will be showing some production ready ideas for the new F-150 at this private show. let's hope some of that "leaks" to us common folk.

I'm hoping it is a new engine. A new version of the 3.5 or 5.0, with better performance. The Raptor can be it's initiation, and then they could make it available for more of the F150 line next year to keep sales up as they approach the 2015 model.

Ford has to say, look at me, a day after GM boot stomps them with the new 5.3.

GM hasn't stomped anyone they just caught up to the pack. This is where they should have been 2 years ago.

What kinds of jobs are these people working to afford a $50K pickup with 35 inch tires and 80s japanese style graphics on the side? Apparently I took a wrong turn in life.

Some are high rollers, others are not. You see these parked in front of Single wides down south.

Well said Evan!

An EB on this thing would be horrible. The reputation for the EB to drink fuel when working, is already well know. Can you imagion what it would get moving a truck this big and heavy! Keep the 6.2 and be happy with the 12mpg because an EB isn't going to get any better on-road and worse off road.

As for the Ecoboost not working, here is a quote from yesterday by a guy on GMI who has a fleet of 20 pickup trucks:
Don't try your BS about the Ford Ecoboost on me. I have purchased many Silverados over the past years (business) and we not long ago put a few F150 Ecoboost vehicles into our fleet. From our experience with many Silverados and now the F150, I think you are delusional! The Silverados drivetrain is good but far from the "most durable power trains on the market." The Ford EcoBoost has proven to get about 20% better FE and the F150s have fewer days out of service than is typical for the Silverados.

Is this Special Edition going to race in any Off Road event? Seems the Raptor has become a more PR vehicle than an actual Off Road Competitor.

The Ecoboost only does better than a bigger V8 when it gets to run at part load for much of the operation. The Raptor has a lot more rolling resistance than a regular 4wd F150. You would only get to realize par-load savings for a very small portion of the drive cycle, so it doesn't get an advantage in this truck- at least not on the EPA sticker (which is what matters to Ford and Ford Marketing). The EB3.5 is also more expensive than the Boss 6.2.
Sadly, a low spec Raptor isn't in the cards, because there isn't enough margin to pay for the fancy off-road stuff. In the Power Wagon this isn't a problem because the package was developed to be a stand-alone option.

The 6.2 costs more than the EB.3.5 $2500 more.

I suppose the marketing department at Ford run production.

I has worked in the past.

Of all the F-150s at the moment I do think the Raptor is the least versitle for any application.

But, I bought a ute with leather seats etc and there are some who say that is a waste.

If everyone bought Rams or another vehicle and nothing else the world would be boring.

I am sure Mr. Knowitall was referring not to consumer MSRP for the 6.2 versus EB 3.5 but Ford's cost to manufacture. teh 6.2 likely does cost less to produce.

GM has referred to this in the past as to wy they don't always go with the newest and most trendy items to sell. They feel that it is risky to try and make up for a higher cost item with increased volume when they know they have a solid base of buyers and if they can just drop the manufacturing costs but keep everything else the same they'll make more money. That works for a time but it is hard to play the "also ran" card for very long before people perceive the quality to be lower and refuse to buy at the given prices.

I think, in general, that even with some early growing pains most consumers are forgiving of mild mistakes if they feel the company they are buying from has their best interest at heart (eg Hyundai/Kia's surgence over the past 5 years compare to the general market and Toyota and Honda both shrinking). Ford has had some issues over the past few years (as all automakers have) but customers perceive that Ford is doing the most they can to push the bar forward so to speak and in general despite some issues (Sync, drivelines, etc) Ford has been rewarded with increased sales and increased perceived quality.

Anyone who thinks that an EcoBoost would not work well in a Raptor needs to check out this video, especially from 2:00 to 2:30.

Anyone who thinks that an EcoBoost would not work well in a Raptor needs to watch this video:

Walt, Yep. EB will definitely outperforma a 6.2 Raptor. 16 mpg vs 11 mpg. Enough said.

EB Raptor 16.8 mpg
6.2 Raptor 11.5 mpg
And EB is faster.

Someone said something about the new GM 5.3 stomping the Ecoboost? GM fans shouldn't be bragging. Fords 5.0 has 5 more hp, 3 less ft lbs torque without direct injection and smaller displacement! That's not even the engine that competes with the 5.3! I expected those numbers to be higher.

The EB3.5 would be a good engine for the Raptor. It has plenty of low rpm torque and is much lighter than a 6.2. A lighter nose would make it a better jumper and make it better over soft ground. The suspension would perform better or the extra weight saved form the engine could be added to the cargo capacity.
I have to laugh when ever I hear the "but it is hard on fuel under load" comments. Dumb. A Raptor with EB 3.5 is going to get better highway MPG compared to a 6.2 regardless of how you want to slice it. I had a conversation with a guy who owns a 2011 Platinum with EB3.5. He is getting 25 mpg highway which is almost 5 mpg better than I can milk out of my 5.4 SuperCrew. Under load, his truck is just as hard on fuel as mine. The point is, most 1/2 ton trucks rarely run under load.

Special edition means , lets dump the old model before the new Model comes out in 2015 ..
can't. blame for for making a few extra bucks from the yuppies ..

@ Tundra lol -

Here is what Droid stated in another forum regarding an estimation on how the EB would do in the Raptor. If he is even a little close, you bet people would be interested.

"For a wild ass approximation of what a Raptor would do with an Ecoboost, start with a 2011 Harley or Lariat Limited with the 6.2L and compare that to a similar Ecoboost. Then multiply the Raptor's mileage by that factor."

Ecoboost 4WD = 15/21
6.2L 4WD = 12/16

Factor = 1.25/1.3125

Raptor = 11/14

Hypothetical EcoRaptor = 13.75 / 18.375


My above post is in the wrong article.

Why do you complain when Ford does something no one else has done? You can't say that very often this day in age. Always have to put it down somehow.

It is 100% ecoboost for sure.

Nothing will make the raptor a special truck .... it is special already

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