Investor: GM Pickups Could Close in on Ford

2014 Silverado front field II

Ford has a lot to worry about as the 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra get ready to enter the market, according to an investment expert.

What bodes well for the new pair of GM trucks, according to John Rosevear, veteran writer and investment guru for The Motley Fool, is the fact that Cadillac (another GM brand) is doing so well. Although Cadillac sold just more than 15,000 units in March 2013, the new ATS and CTS look to be huge hits for the luxury brand.

And that bodes well for investors watching how GM engineers and management navigate out of the company's ties to the federal government and into direct head-to-head competition with arch-rival Ford.

We should note that Rosevear does identify himself as both a Ford and GM stockholder, so he does have some skin in the game, but his point remains: Whether you're looking for a good investment decision in the stock market or need to invest in a new pickup truck, the new GM offers plenty to like.



Frank & Dave trying to sound intelligent. That's hilarious.

I don't believe Ford has anything to worry about with these new GM trucks. While they are much nicer than the current models, these trucks are no great leap forward in any respect. And the fantastic fuel mileage numbers GM has been harping about have yet to be seen in the real world. GM should've taken a chance and gone all out with a new design and new technology. Instead, they stuck to the same old formula and have pretty much ensured that Ford remains tops in truck sales.

time will tell but as an investor there's no way in hell I would put money on GM. I agree it's much more likely Ram narrows the gap on GM.

Frank and Dave are jealous. You would have to be a complete idiot to confuse a 2013 Silverado with a 2014! When we set out to perfect our Silverado, not a single component went untouched. Not a single one. We’ve reengineered and reimagined everything from interior and exterior styling to ergonomics and performance. It’s stronger, smarter and more capable than ever.

@All American or All American Chevrolet, whichever you feel like gong by: (are you Bob?) What is this WE? WE'VE done this, WE'VE done that. Are you with Chevy?

Not a single component went untouched? You mean the same old six speed? Have the safety ratings changed? Is GM still one of the weekest in a head on wreck (ok the Titan is weaker) is it still weak in a side collision? (once again, only beat by the Titan) Is the roof stronger? (once again, is the Ram roof still the only weaker roof?) The side of the truck still looks the same. The front end is more of the same, big big big. That's what people are referring to.

So the interior sorta got freshened, the grille is differant, a bit more power, and same ol drivetrain? Sounds sorta untouched.

Lol, you say Frank and Dave are jealous! Yeah, that Chevy has them shaking! LOL! Oh boy. GM would have to do ALOT MORE THEN THIS! Oh, and they are playing this towing game! Only a fool would really think a 5.3 would tow any better then an Ecoboost! And no, I can't say I am all about the Ecoboost, but low rpm power is there! It's a fact.

GM, lol!

Some of those pro-Chevy guys are sounding a lot like Bob.

Gear hunting with more gears? In theory, there should be less hunting because the truck is more likely to be in the right gear more often.
I don't have a problem with that in my 6 speed F150. The economy mapping makes it upshift to the highest possible gear to save fuel. I bet the 8 speed Ram will do the same to save fuel.

One can cause any transmission to "hunt" if the driver doesn't pay attention to road, traffic, and weather conditions and how that interacts with one's vehicle characteristics.

What does any of that have to do with the story? It makes zero sense to say that GMC is a good investment because Cadillac is selling well and GM is releasing a new pickup. What if the new GM trucks are complete duds? I doubt that would happen as they look good (my opinion), and GMC has always had a good reputation for drivetrains. (Main reason why they stuck with the same displacements and cam in block). These trucks will sell well since they seem to have addressed every issue that moved them to the bottom of my shopping list.

I have seen the new 2014 Chevy and GMC's in person and not one thing on them would make me trade in my 2011 F150 Screw Ecoboost especially after hearing the lack luster 5.3L performance numbers. I am not a excuse making fan boy who is married to one brand for the rest of my life but I do like the direction Ford is going with it's trucks. Ram comes in second with what have to offer with Toyota following close behind. Sorry GM, your are last in my book. GM will have to try harder then that to earn my business and I will not put up with their dismal towing performance just because my Father and Grandfather did. I thought there could be nothing better than a Chevy until I actually went out to test drive something else instead of just saying I did and saying it was junk. I found out that it was the Chevy 1/2 ton that was junk. That being said, I still think Chevy/GMC makes a better 3/4 and 1 ton, but I have not driven the new Ram 2500/3500 yet.

It's like many people say; " if you can afford a V8, then you can afford the gas for that V8". Now if you want to buy a V6 to "save fuel" while your towing that "fuel saving" is turned around to "fuel waisting". Might as well buy the V8 less BS to go wrong with it. You don't have to worry about a turbo going bad, or that 6 speed trans from ford that likes vibrating around 45mph. After the transmission has been changed 3 times. Cheap crappy trans. It's all about Chevy's 2500 duramax diesel with an Allison trans!.

@ Johnny.

I understand you being a fan boy, but at least test drive and get to know the trucks you talk crap about first. I could afford the V8, but not one V8 on the truck market had as much low end usable torque for towing between 1,700-3,500 rpms as the Ecoboost. No, not one. Not the Ford or Chevy 6.2L. Not any of the 5.x liters. In fact, the Ecoboost has more peak torque than any of the 5.x liter engines on the market so please tell me again why would I go with a less powerful engine regardless of how many cylinders or liters it has?

Did you just put down turbos and a 6-speed and then praise a TURBO diesel engine with a 6-speed in the same paragraph. Wow, don't be a blind fan boy and do some research before you prove your ignorance.

I had a conversation with a guy who owns a 2011 F150 Platinum with the EB3.5. He has a 33 ft trailer. He had a Ram diesel but found it was expensive to run all of the time. The EB3.5 is just as hard on fuel as a V8 when towing but he gets great mpg empty. He was saying that he was getting 25 mpg (US) empty on the highway when driven carefully. He was getting 18 mpg in town. I can get 20.5 highway and 15 mpg in town with my 5.4 if driven carefully. His mpg blows mine away and power wise blows mine away too.

BTW - I've never had any problems with my transmission, and neither has he.

Yeah ok! Ford has NOTHING to worry about from the bailout queen GM. When they fail, and it will only be a matter of time, they will be back in Washington with their hands out like Chrysler looking for another taxpayer hand-out! Sorry not this time. Why don't they pay back the money that they stole....I mean "borrowed"? THey claim they did but they didn't. When you keep making garbage decade after decade it finally catches up to you. Look at Chrysler they went under twice. This second time they should have been allowed to fold. Brown nose Obama maybe he will foot you a loan like he does for everything else.

I agree "AllAmerican" and "AllAmericanChevrolet" sound a lot like Bob. I think that GM must have hired his expertise on their fuel economy and how they don't sell as many trucks as Ford to put a new spin on things. Sorry Bob or whatever you call yourself the goverment is already bleeding me dry. We are going to have to cut your position. Maybe if you spent more time looking up and correctly quoting FACTS you would make yourself look a little less stupid.

@Big Al from Oz--I agree with the present trends and circumstances Ford will be the solely owned US manufacturer, but after Mullaly leaves then it will depend on who will follow him. Ford is going to have to concentrate on ironing out the quality issues soon on their newly released cars. I believe they will but the car and crossover market is so competitive that they need to act sooner than later. I do not see GM going out of business, but it would not surprise me if they go through an arranged merger similar to Fiat and Chrysler. I think the stockpiling of 2013 full size trucks was a mistake and is similar to what they have done in the past. Also think they are coming out with too many models such as the rear wheel drive Chevelle and Chevy SS. I can see a rear wheel drive V8 powered Cadillac but the rear wheel drive car market is a niche market with competition from BMW and Mercedes. They need to concentrate on quality issues and improving their trucks and midsize cars. Quality and not quantity should be their mantra. I am not anti GM, I have owned several and own two presently, but in a global market GM seems to be lacking.

GM just needs to close. Chevrolet Motor Company needs to relaunch as an independent entity and really go all out. I'm so sick of the GM initials and all the drama associated with it it's not even funny. They're damaged goods plain and simple.

JeffS.: I am not trying to disagree, but when you say Chevy should not build a rearwheel drive Chevelle or SS, I believe, that is a mistake, that there are millions of us baby boomer, who would love to see such cars built, as the main reason we buy trucks is because we hate frontwheel drive cars, they do not handle like a read drive car, and drive with more of a ethusiastic appeal, the only front drive car I ever liked was a Toronado I once owned, but that was a huge car! and I have still never driven a car that was a good in the snow, but what I am trying to say, is that if GM or anybody were to come out with a nice rear drive car, for under 20K, they would sell like hot cakes! as I believe you get a lot more for your $ when you buy a truck, than any car on the market, I have not owned a car for a long time, just for that reason alone. ok, maybe 20k is a little low, but somewhere close would be nice, yes there are the Mustang, Camaro andCharger, but they are either too expensive, or two door, the Challenger is the only car right now, I would consider buying, as you can get one with room for 4 adults, and at least 300hp! with plenty of room, but I would still like something a little more simple, and less expensive.

Not likely, Ram will soon outsell GM.

@sandman--I see your point but the only problem is that the Chevelle would probably be priced around 30k or up which in that case you have the Camaro and the soon to come Chevy SS. I would much rather have a good front wheel drive car with traction control in the snow than a rear wheel drive car. My wife's 2000 Taurus with traction control is almost unstoppable in the snow and her 77 Honda Accord hatchback was one of the best vehicles I have ever driven in the snow. A 4 wheel or all wheel drive vehicle is even better. If I still lived in Texas where there is little snow and mostly interstate driving then I would not mind a rear wheel drive car. A few rear wheel drive cars in a manufacturer's product lineup is ok but you do not need one in every size category especially when it is priced at 30 to 40k. I am not sure how well the new Impala will do even though it is front wheel drive. The 2014 Impala is around 30 to 40k and although it appears to be a nice car, I question how well it will sell. Don't get me wrong sandman, I do not hate GM, I just question how successful some of their strategies are.

@Sandman4x4: You make a good point, but you missed on a detail; you got the Charger and Challenger swapped. The Challenger is the 2-door sport coupe competing with the Camaro/Mustang while the Charger is one of the few remaining RWD sedans.
Now personally, I want to see more coupes and fewer sedans. My all-time favorite car of the ones I've owned was a '75 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with that Rocket 350 under the hood. Yes, it was RWD and every car I had before it was RWD and until the '90s every car I owned after it was RWD. My first FWD car was an '87 Buick LeSabre "T" type sport coupe (NOT sedan) followed by an '86 Toronado Sport with the Corvette's transverse rear spring. From there I went back to RWD with a Camaro, then jumped to a FWD Saturn Vue which was remarkably effective in snow--as long as it didn't get too deep (could handle 3"-4" just fine.) Now I'm back to RWD/4WD with a Jeep Wrangler and RWD Ford F-150 (1990 model).

For all that RWD offers more 'fun' in your drive, it has been proven that FWD is actually significantly faster in many forms of road-course racing with Audi dominating races almost 80 years ago with FWD and even now banned from what the European circuits call "Saloon"(sedan) racing with their AWD drivetrains--they flat owned the track when going up against RWD cars even when driven by professional drivers. Most racing leagues around the world now require that all cars in a given class be equipped equally, whether that be Saloon, Coupe (which now tends to be FWD), GT, Indy, whatever.

The ONLY advantage RWD has over FWD/AWD in racing is fewer torque-bearing parts to cause a driveline breakdown. The most common breakdown point on an FWD vehicle still tends to be the CV joint at the front wheels. An FWD car has the ability to pull itself out of a slide--allowing for earlier acceleration out of a turn and the best drivers have learned that a touch of brake at the right moment can almost eliminate understeer. RWD is notorious for oversteer and empty beds on pickup trucks can and do exacerbate that problem.

The best pickup truck in the snow? The one that has about 200 pounds of snow loaded in the bed.


Dave and myself say it like it is. Trolls can't handle the truth.

Thank GOD Hemi V8 is gone.

Posted by: Frank | Apr 9, 2013 5:18:28 PM

Hopefully it will not be long before you are banned as well. I think more people than myself are sick of your one lined mindless comments.

I don't spew BS, I post fact's and truth. You have every right to ignore my comment, obviously you are infatuated with me.

I don't go trolling comments like Hemi V8 does.

Get over it, you are doing to yourself. This is America, if you can't handle opinions, you'll never handle the truth.

GM just needs to close. Chevrolet Motor Company needs to relaunch as an independent entity and really go all out. I'm so sick of the GM initials and all the drama associated with it it's not even funny. They're damaged goods plain and simple.

@KeithS, this! Chevrolet has no soul left anyway. They're just a GMC Government Motors puppet now on the lowest of the totem pole. Take me back to Chevrolet's glory days when they just killed Ford in anything and everything! That's when I was a supporter. Not any longer. I'd rather support Ford or even Dodge. I don't even like GM. Never have.

@FIAT - No has been banned yet that I'm aware of. BAFO would be the 1st to go anyways. HEMI V8 retired in shame.

I don't spew BS, I post fact's and truth. You have every right to ignore my comment, obviously you are infatuated with me.

I don't go trolling comments like Hemi V8 does.

Get over it, you are doing to yourself. This is America, if you can't handle opinions, you'll never handle the truth.

Posted by: Frank | Apr 10, 2013 11:40:36 AM

I am proud of you Frank. You were able to put together 5 complete sentences instead of the usual one or two without using profanity or name calling. Keep up the good work.
There is no doubt in my mind that you make the majority of your comments just to get BS started. That in my book is trolling, yet you call others out when they do the same.

@DW Fields--One of the best running cars I ever had was a 73 Chevelle with a 350 2 barrel. One of the nicest and one of the smoothest riding cars I had was a 77 Monte Carlo with the swivel buckets and power everything. I have fond memories of the rear wheel drive Chevys I have owned but my point was that 2 are probably enough for the Chevy brand-a 2 door Camaro and a soon to be 4 door Chevy SS. That also goes for Chrysler with the 300, Charger, and Challenger all very nice products but that is probably enough. The panther based Crown Vic and Grand Marquis were very reliable and solid cars but their time has past. Whether Ford comes up with a rear wheel drive replacement remains to be seen, but if Ford sticks with their global vehicle policy of a few global vehicles for everyone then probably no with the exception of the F150s, F-250s, and F350s it appears Ford is going for more global vehicles.

I had hoped that GM would have come up with someing better than a sticker pakage for the z71 thing like elockers and bigger tires from the factory, better ground clearnce and aproach angels are what some of us need in a truck. something inbetween a power wagon and a raptor would be ideal, but the fact that every generation of GM trucks has lost off road performace has puched me to Ford. i should not have to modify a vehicle to get the same off road capabilities as its stock predisesor at a cost of thousands. if people want extra fu8el economy for a road warrior than they should get the fuel efficency pkg with bigger bumpers. GM has lost in the off road market, when one of the 4x4 mags did an article in 2011 they pointed out that the sfa supperduty drove smother off road than the ifs silvarado HD, which had shid plates that where like rubermade containers. seriously GM bring back a real off road pkg. Some of us need a truck to get 5-6 people and there gear to remote areas, you have left us high and dry and we have gone to ford.

@DWFields - High horsepower front drive cars are usually plagued by torque steer. Expensive and sophisticated differentials are necessary to mitigate the problem. Another side effect is understeer. As the old saying goes, "Understeer scares the driver and oversteer scares the passengers." Racing is a different animal than street driving. In low traction cornering, a racer will use the park brake hand lever to induce oversteer and apply power to pull them through. A rear drive vehicle can be made to induce oversteer but in can be more likely to cause understeer or a rougher transition between the two.
In street applications, we don't see the same extremes and for most drivers, understeer is easier to correct.
I prefer to contend with oversteer. That is one area where I find traction/stability control a pain in the ass. I'd rather power out of oversteer. Transitions are much smoother. Computer nannies cut power when yaw is detected and plays with the brakes. This never happens smoothly.
The best pickup in the snow?
A moderately loaded full sized crewcab long box 4x4 with winter tires. Width adds to stability and so does length. A longer truck is less likely to spin ie. Oversteer. If it does, the length makes oversteer easier to control. 4x4 is a worthwhile luxury to be used in very poor conditions.
Weight depends on placement. A bunch of sandbags at the rear (tailgate) end of the box just become frozen loose projectiles in a crash. A canopy or cap adds weight and makes a truck more versatile and liveable in the winter. I have a steel toolbox that I use to carry winter/offroad tools that settles the back nicely. The only negative to a big truck in winter is that most people think they are invincible and overdrive conditions. When you do loose it it tends to be worse. Newton's laws stop being a friend and turn into a nasty enemy.

why is everyone so negative on Chevy Trucks? no one is going to make you buy one.

@JD-Shifty | There's never any negativity towards Chevy trucks although some of their fanboys are defective and GM the OEM needs to be recalled.

GM trucks have been number one for 30 years with knowledgeable truck buyers. Basing being "number 1" on how ford can manipulate sales numbers is like cutting thru the infield to win a race. Speaking of racing, the Indianapolis 500 picks the top of the line for its rescue, pace, and utility vehicles, its been Chevy 80% of the time over the past 30 years. Ford has not had a truck there for 20 years. Speaks millions for what is number 1.

just wait for the 2015 FORD

"Basing being "number 1" on how ford can manipulate sales numbers is like cutting thru the infield to win a race."

How does Ford "manipulate" sales numbers?

"Speaking of racing, the Indianapolis 500 picks the top of the line for its rescue, pace, and utility vehicles, its been Chevy 80% of the time over the past 30 years. Ford has not had a truck there for 20 years. Speaks millions for what is number 1."

Rest assured that GM pays for its trucks to be used during the Indy 500. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway isn't going to let its name and reputation be used free gratis by *any* automaker ...

That looks like a truck from the eighties , dont compare to the ram

Judging by the lack of attention these trucks were getting at the Chicago auto show. I would say GM is in trouble. There was literally nobody looking at these when I walked up to them. The new Corvette however, had people four or five rows deep trying to get a glimpse.

GM has lost in the off road market, when one of the 4x4 mags did an article in 2011 they pointed out that the sfa supperduty drove smother off road than the ifs silvarado HD

@Carilloskis, I own a Super Duty but have been in the new Chevy HD several times. My Super Duty rides better on pavement and off road. The Chevy rides like a dump truck in comparison, very bumpy. You will never get a torsion bar suspension to ride nice unless the torsion rods are flimsy which then decreases your load handling rate. Torsion bars can't collapse softly like coil springs. That's why all Chevy 1500's ditched their torsion bars for a better ride. The SFA with swing arm Coils ride so much smoother. Dodge and Ford have this one right. Chevrolet is at a huge disadvantage here. And when you factor in their low frame rails and lack of off road capability, you're not getting as much truck for your money.

I'd never have switched to Chevy except my '95 F-150 lacked 4WD and I need that on the farm. Plus the Chevy came at a price hard to beat :)

I sure hope the General has improved reliability since it made my '03 Silverado. I've had a lot of trouble with the front end and steering...old-school GM problems. Luckily, I have a great mechanic and he has not robbed us (yet).

Otherwise the Chevy is a great 4WD farm truck, and that is a lot coming from a guy who'd otherwise be driving a Ford or Toyota to do work. I use a car when I need to go places and save gas.

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