March 2013 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

Fords Pair 2013 II

Full-size pickup truck sales remain strong for the first quarter of 2013. March is traditionally a strong sales month for truck makers because of spring and the more robust work schedules planned by small-business owners. Also, the competitive nature of the segment means manufacturers are stepping up their incentives to make room for new models.

Most notably, General Motors is dealing with several plants that are making the changeover to a brand-new half-ton pickup. All-new crew cab Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500s start rolling off the line at the end of April, double cabs in the middle of July and regular cabs in the beginning of August. Additionally, the new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon models are coming, so existing stocks continue to wind down. And the same is true for the soon-to-vanish Avalanche, Cadillac Escalade EXT and Suzuki Equator.

At a certain point, we'll be forced to go to a top 10 monthly sales report rather than a top 15. 


Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2012
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales vs. Month 2012
1 Ford F-Series +17.4% March 2013 67,513 +16.3%
168,843 March 2012 58,061

2 Chevrolet Silverado +22.0% March 2013 39,561 +8.4%
116,649 March 2012 36,491

3 Ram Trucks +15.0% March 2013 33,831 +25.5%
77,594 March 2012 26,960

4 GMC Sierra +17.7% March 2013 13,817 -0.2%
40,796 March 2012 13,849

5 Toyota Tacoma
+22.9% March 2013 15,201 +21.2%
39,467 March 2012 12,547

6 Toyota Tundra +15.4% March 2013 9,270 +7.9%
23,580 March 2012 8,594

7 Nissan Frontier -13.7% March 2013 6,818 +12.0%
12,178 March 2012 6,087

8 Chevrolet Avalanche*
+13.9% March 2013 2,057 -1.2%
6,259 March 2012 2,083

9 Nissan Titan
+10.8% March 2013 2,084 +20.4%
5,112 March 2012


10 Honda Ridgeline +11.4% March 2013 1,712 +40.9%
4,265 March 2012


11 Chevy Colorado * -78.0% March 2013 560 -84.7%
2,210 March 2012 3,652

12 GMC Canyon * -79.2% March 2013 154 -83.6%
636 March 2012



Caddy Escalade EXT*

+45.7% March 2013 211 +55.1%
574 March 2012


14 Suzuki Equator * +7.7% March 2013 199 +26.8%
448 March 2012


15 Ford Ranger * -100% March 2013 0 -100%
0 March 2012


* No longer in production but still being sold.


I think ram is hunting chevys

I predict by the end of this year ram will out sell chevy (monthy sales) at least twice.

Yes, I think Ram will overtake Chevy in the next couple years, they new model GM is only good enough to temperatly give GM a slight boost but I don't think it will last.

We have hearing the same from the Ram Boys for the past 9 months lol dream on!!! Go GM!!!

I'm not a Ram boy though. Im not brand loyal to anything.

From a non biased view the 2013 Ram is clearly a much better truck then the 2014 GM twins.

If Ram is to overtake anyone, Ram needs to do something because they are STILL losing serious ground.

Ford is increasing their already outrageous lead by 17.4%.

Ford sells more than double what Ram sells.

Chevy with an old product sells 13000 more a month or over 150,000 more a year.

Add in GM and it is over 300,000 more a year. That's more than what Ram sold all last year.

@AllAmerican: Yeah, the V-6 Rams are barely out now for a few monthes, and choices are limited. The Hemi 8 speeds are barely out (at some dealerships) and in a limited amount of 4x4s. That's all. People are still waiting on the massively changed Ram HDs.

I'm sure a good deal of folks are waiting on the 2014 GM 1500s, 20 or 30 people, lol. If those sell it will just prove people will buy anything!

Wonder how good GM will do when the rebates aren't as much because they have finally got rid of the highly rebated 2013s?

I'm sure the folks in Canada will be here to say Ram has big rebates, yeah, too bad the Ram Canadian rebate is on a more expensive truck, and it's in Canadian prices. (Higher) Vs. USA rebates on GMs.

If you know a good song you can get a GM for a song!

Hows that Tundra doing????

I don't need a midsize but Tacoma proves we need more choices.

Wonder how many Tundra future buyers are waiting on their new interior to be out, even though that new front end is almost as ugly as the new Chevy? That's all they get in the near future, a new interior, lol.

Tundra, the truck that might have changed it all, but Toyota is afraid to change.

The weird thing is Ram fans always say people are still waiting for stuff. They've been saying this for the past 4 years. I'm not buying it. When Ram came out with a new truck in 2010, they still weren't selling.

I'm sure when the all of the 8 speeds come out, and they don't overtake anyone, the next thing will be just wait for the new engine.

Then when the engine doesn't have an impact, it will be just wait for the 2016.

When the 2016 is slow to deliver, they will say just wait for the 12 speed or whatever the next thing that they are supposedly all "waiting" for.

It is a never-ending "wait for" game with Ram fans.

I think Ram could have beat Chevy, but their new trucks are going to be released very slowly, with some configurations not making it to lots until the end of the year. Between the upgraded gas engines, the 8 speeds, and the diesel, they could have made a big splash if planned right. Instead they are wasting advertising when people go to drive one and are told "wait till Aug" or "come back in November". Lost sales.

Yikes! The GMC Sierra has something to fear about, the Tacoma is at it's arse!

Has anyone tallied up all GM Products on this list? Compare it to ONLY the F-Series. Laughable at best.

Go Ram!!! #2 by years end!!! Lets get it!!!

@Ken: we are really waiting to see how short a life an Ecoboost has.

Then the truth will come out. About how they won't last, and it will be a PITA to maintain. It's 260$ for one oxygen sensor on an Egoboost. The other three cost $60 something. I can replace all four of mine for $200 or so. At some point turbos may have to be replaced, big $. I know, lots of people run over the road trucks and get a few hundred thousand miles on their turbos. That's without people playing with them, and increasing boost, and drivers that should know better then immediatly shutting them off after climbing a serious hill. I had one go bad in my trash truck, big money.

Then when these Fords start breaking (more often then they already are), Ford will question if they used premium fuel to pull that 8500 pound trailer.

Sure, a Ram 3.0 diesel turbo can get messed up as well but atleast it doesn't have a lightweight block. You want alot of cylinder pressure, you need to be able to handle it.

Call me skeptical of these lightweight castings.

What's new at Ford, anyway? Oh wait, I know: Shebly Raptors! Those won't be a big seller!

I don't think Ram people were saying that in all those years, Ken, Maybe in 2008 Ram fans might have said that, and I say now it's fixing to change.

Go back and read the posts over the years.

In 2010 when sales fell they said they were waiting for products to show on the lots.

When the 2013's aren't selling at the numbers they thought they would, it was people are waiting.

When the 8 speed falls short of expectations, my prediction is they will say they are waiting for the 2014's.

When the 2014 doesn' sell like they thought they would, it will be they are waiting for the next gen.

You can only use the everyone is waiting excuse so many times before someone calls you out on it.

RAM overtakes Chevy when they start including fire extinguishers.

Yawn...... Ford #1 again and the same trolls arguing whose truck is better and what make is better. Bottom line all trucks are built pretty well these days and looks are subjective by opinion and Ford just happens to be the "People's choice" for trucks. Get over it.....

Interesting, Tacoma outselling Sierra for another month.

Gm is only selling 8,000 trucks less then ford!!

Forgot the chevy avalanche, only 2,000 trucks less then ford!!!!

Excuse me, guys. Among 1/2 ton pickups there are two brands world wide to consider--Ford and GM. Everybody else is scratching for a place at the table. Toyota, Nissan and Ram all have trucks I'd love own but the sales numbers tell the story

Gm sales coming big next Sierra 2014 people visite the car show and answer the server said they Waite for the nex gmc pickup..

I really think the Tundra should be essentially a larger slightly different looking version of the Taco. The taco is pretty slick looking and the Tundra is quite possibly the ugliest thing this side of a super duty with out date engines. Im not a yota hater b/c its a "foreign make" I just hate the ugly outdated Tundra before yota lovers freak out.

@Ken: Actaully in 2010 they sold more then 2009, so what was the big deal they might have waited for the 2010? They didn't hardly change the 2010s from the 2009s. Trailer brake controllers? That wasn't the deal maker/breaker. Of course, Toyota is just now figuring that one out.

They were slowly starting to recover, as was all of the big three, after 2009.

You say "in 2010 when sales fell" sales were 177K in 2009 and 199K in 2010. You might want to check some posts. There has been a steady improvement.

@ moparman

i happen to like the looks of the tundra the best.................

PLEASE tell us how the Tundra has outdated engines when the engines in the tundra STILL have technology in them since 07 that the "new" ram DOESNT have?

You can argue opinion and thought all you want. Ultimately all you're left with are the facts. The facts are that the F-Series is the best-selling line of trucks month after month, year after year. That's all there is to it.
Another fact? The RAM outsells the GM trucks in the heavy-duty category (it's here on PUTC, go find it). So, when people buy trucks to do the 'hard work', they're buying Fords and Rams.

I love how the ram girls think they are going to catch gm. Chrysler does not have the capacity to build enough trucks to overtake gm. Gm has 3 truck plants all of which build more trucks than their chrysler countrr parts. Chrysler has 2 plants flirting with capacity. They cant build anymore.

Many GM truck buyers are waiting for the new pickups besides me. I am buying a GMC 3500 HD dual wheel with the 6.2 to haul my 4500 pound truck camper. And I will drive it for the next 500,000 miles like I have done with my last two GM trucks.

Just adding a dash in you name will not help.

Remember Apollo 13 is watching:)

I don't get you GM guys counting all of the GM models put together when just a few years ago some of you would blaspheme anyone who would count the Ranger into the all out Ford sales.

@BAFO - Still with the whole "Apollo 13:) is watching"???

Apollo 13:) shows up when you do, fights or backs up your battle, knows all about the Aussie pickups market and drives a Mazda BT50 just like you do???????????

It's clear Apollo 13:) is another one of your personalities if not 'invisible friend'...

You just forgot which of your many personalities you were signed in under and thought you were "Big Al from Oz " (BAFO) for that moment.

"The BT50 (like my ute), VW Amarok, Holden Colorado, Izuzu Dmax are all 5 star ENCAP and ANCAP."
Posted by: Apollo 13 :-) | Mar 30, 2013 7:01:04 PM (NY Auto Show thread)

ur chart should only include the top ten... anything else below that is being or is discontinued anyways.

no one is waiting on the new ugly chevy


@ Ken

What are you talking about? Chevy sells 13K more units per month than RAM? Did you even look at the chart above. It looks like 6K more. How can anyone take what you say seriously when you make an error like that in the comment section of the article that *definitively* proves your statement wrong.

Aside from that I am going to be entertained if the Ridgeline can catch the Titan by the end of the year.

@Ken Lyns - Not to take anything away from the Tacoma, but at the moment, it has virtually the entire mid-size class to itself. Most Tacoma sales seem to be low-profit regular-cab strippers and that's why it outsells the Frontier by almost 10X.. Nissan dropped all their regular cabs, years ago and sales absolutely tanked.

hemi lol

What is the point of having that "technology" when the engine can't out perform the Hemi?

IForce v8s overcomplicated underperforming.

@Turdra lol - Point 1. You say you aren't brand loyal to anything, then why not use a neutral name?
Point 2. Quote "From a non biased view the 2013 Ram is clearly a much better truck then the 2014 GM twins." How can you say the Ram is a much better truck than the 2014 GM twins?

No one has tested the new GMC trucks and we do not know all of the specifications for those trucks.
We also do not know how well the new Rams will perform with the 5.7/8 speed combo.

To the Ram will catch Chevy prognosticators: Ram does not have the capacity to catch GMC in truck sales.

@TRX-Tom - I agree that Toyota is a company afraid of change. They are too conservative. That hurts them when competing in more competitive segments. The Tacoma has no competition. The Tundra is uncompetitive. The Camry was outsold by the Altima in March and the Accord is nipping at its heels.
Time will tell as to how reliable the EB3.5 will be in the long term. If gasoline DI injectors wear out like diesel injectors, one will see higher costs with any DI engine. Will automotive turbo's wear at the same rate as commercial truck turbo's? Time will tell. I don't think that a turbo gasser will have problems due to a weaker block. The EB3.5 was built with turbocharging in mind. That engine also doesn't run the same kind of compression ratio's that is run in a diesel.

I think Ram is doing an awesome job with their trucks as well as Ford. GM is lagging behind and I agree with others here concerning Toyota being afraid of change. The only way for Ram to catch or come ahead of Chevy Silverado sales is if they increase their capacity with another plant. The Ram sales have been increasing well so maybe this will be a future event. I do question the comment on the Tundra being more technical advanced than the others because if that is so why is the mpg ratings poor compared to the rest (except the Titan that is the worst). The Tundra 5.7L is a good powertrain but as an unbiased truck buyer the Hemi 8 speed is going to probably do much better at least comparing the Trans gear ratios between the Tundra and Ram for an example. I like Toyota trucks just like the rest of them but they need to upgrade to be competitive or they can end up like the current Titan selling as much in one year as each big 3 truck sells in one month.
One more thing I will point out that if the trend continues the Toyota Tacoma will be the new 4th place bumping the Sierra to 5th. Which will be interesting because the top 4 have not been changed for a long time.

Ram will sell better once the Diesel comes out. Whether they pass GM or not I don't know. Better sells leads to being able to take chances on new products. Ram Runner.

@DenverMike Last time I read about Tacoma sales, the cab config breakdown was about 55/35/15 for double cab / extended cab / regular cab. Most of the Tacoma sales are in fact well optioned models. The regular cab stripper models sell poorly that Toyota doesn't even offer them in Canada.

Same old Dodge swan song, everyone is waiting for XXXXX new item on the truck then they will buy. Dodge buyers have spoken, their sales won't increase much, let alone enough to even pass Chevy or even GM as a whole in half ton trucks. They have too much baggage holding them back, a halfway descent looking truck won't cover that. Not to mention throwing a bunch of car based unproven technology at it won't help it with truck buyers.


Sure, no DI, no Displacment on Demand, no changes since new, far behind in MPG's, lagging back in power and refinement, should I keep going?


Clearly better, hmm, have you driven the new trucks yet? Do you own one? You are going just based on looks it sounds like, and given the dodge an edge because of a bunch of car tech on it? Dodge's hemi doesn't do anything well, it is middle pack, out performed by the larger Ford/GM engines and out mpg'd by the smaller but not insanely less powerful smaller motors. All that motor does is masturbate to it's nickname (hemi) which it isn't even really a true one anymore.

The new GM trucks have much improved interiors which are more geared to truck buyers than former Dodge Charger drivers who just trade up to a truck because it has a similar interior as well as beefed up drive trains, highest towing/hauling, mpg's and power when the 6.2's are introduced. Eat your heart out...

Many people think these new GM trucks look great, some not so much. Some think the Dodges look great, others think not so much. Looks are subjective, but sales speak, and watching Dodge get out sold by a 7 year old GM truck horribly and to keep hearing the fan boys like you saying just wait for this or that is comical. Dodge will always be number three, like someone pointed out capacity plays a big role in that as well for how many dodges can be built. Just be happy Dodge has finallly improved quality and reliability (hopefully as there is a bunch of new questionable tech being put on these cuv's err I mean trucks) as opposed to years ago.

Sure is a great time to be a car guy, though I think we are starting to see the limits, hence the switch to smaller displacements for improved mpg's.

Just wait until the midsize GM twins come out. Im sure they'll take a chunck out of tacoma sales.


I agree with you on most points but when the Hemi gets its 8 speed I think it will put it in the competitive market with the EB, 5.3L and 5.0L. That being said I really want to see a shootout with those Trucks and engine combos once all is released. Ram does need a big 6L engine to compete with the 6.2L Ford and 6.2L GM trucks though there is no doubt about that. Even though those two motors are a small percentage sold between the two companies its a fact that its a probably loss in percentage that Dodge is facing in sales for not offering it.

Ford buyers don't have to wait. It's always a good time to buy a Ford.

MT's sister site has given the 2013 Best Crewcab back to F150. Best topline HD to SD Plat. Silvy HD got best work truck. Ram? Nada. Go to trucktrend to confirm it.


Yes the Ram is clearly better. The 2014 GMs are just good enough to compete again.

BTW the Hemi will outperform the any engine similar sized (the 2013 hemi humiliates the current GM 6.2 in performance and FE and has very similar performance to the Ford 6.2 while killing it in FE), and gets the same most times better then the smaller engines (Right in line with the current 5.3 just a tick behind the DI 5.3, kills ford 5.0, and equals the "mighty" EB).

BTW Rumors are an updated Hemi is just a year or two from being released with DI, MA, and lighter CGI block (which is said to be stronger and just as light as aluminum).

Wow, some of you guys really take it to heart should anybody choose to drive a different piece of machinery than you.

But I guess these pissing matches is what some folks need to get by.

Well, you can count me as +1 that is waiting for the right Ram truck (Hemi/8speed combo + other options) before buying.

Or am I not allowed to wait?

And I'm OK with Ram always being number 3. It's still a great truck!

Congrats to the Ford and GM owners. Your respective #1 and #2 sales rankings means that you are simply awesome people!

LOL some yall are funny. Ram won't out sell Chevy in the USA. The GM 800 outsold the f150 with the crappy insides they got now, let alone the much needed update they have now. The old 5.3 aint much in todays standard, but its been in service since 1999 with little upgrades, and it just got a whole new redo for 2014, there is a lot of room to grow in power vs the 5.7L eninges. Hey lets not forget mpg after they said GM was more for power then mpg and they got more mpg with out the 8 speed due later this year. Don't forget GM has a HISTORY of whooping butt with less. They all build nice trucks, but you can't go wrong with a GM truck.

@Big Al from Oz Watch what you post. A lot of us are okay with change, but how you post some things turn poeple off to how you think.

@Johnny doe: and the 5.7 Hemi was built on tech 5 years older and you say there is room to grow? Wow, woulda thought this would be the year to "grow" atleast if that means making more torque.

I am not in favor of the high dollar (direct) injectors, (well, the buying part down the road) but we may not have a choice, just think how a hemi would be if it was DI'd.

The 8 speed (thought GM was getting a 10 speed? in a few years) Won't help their highway mileage much, like I say, GM already has rpm slowed down. It can help in trailer towing and getting up to speed.

I had a 2006 5.3, it would ping alot.

GM whooping butt with less? They are a pretty big company, so I wonder what is less about GM?

@TRX-4 Tom Stop being a ding dong you got good info, just start useinf it in the right way. You wonder why people get pissed off at you, stop being an ahole. you just pick at poeple to piss them off none stop, poeple like you need to be banned from posting on here!

You have never presented data in the past. When debating you the argument tended to drift as you continually ask slightly different questions purposely orchestrated to keep someone "wound up" and yet never answer a question presented to you. (trolling?)

When you offer to sate a person request, you make an outrageous comment, ie DOT was form prior to UNECE. Something you have no knowledge of eg, DOT 1967, UNECE 1952.

That's why I have the "keep on debate" comment to you.

Lou has given you an opportune moment here to "shine" and prove Lou and myself wrong.

With your insistence that you have presented past data it shouldn't be hard to produce the 'list' of information requested to support your claims by Lou.

Lets see it. I've been waiting over 12 months for this.

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