Ram Interior Makes WardsAuto Top 10 List

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After evaluating close to 50 all-new 2013 cars and trucks during the course of several months, industry experts at WardsAuto have selected the Ram 1500 as having one of Ward's 10 Best Interiors in the industry. The Ram was the only pickup truck evaluated for 2013 but next year WardsAuto will have the chance to look at the new Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra. 

Judges praised the new Ram's dash and center console layout, as well as the use of higher-quality materials and textures. The specific model they evaluated for the competition was the western-themed Laramie Longhorn; judges noted other manufacturers would have a hard time meeting this level of execution and detail.

Specifically, they put it this way: "The matte-finish wood trim is natural looking and of the highest quality; the buckled saddle bags attached to the seat backs hearken back to the pony express; and the filigree looks like it belongs on expensive cowboy boots. If Bentley made a pickup truck, its cabin would look like this."

The winners will be recognized in a special ceremony at the end of May in Dearborn, Mich., so we expect to see another trophy in the Ram Truck display case at next year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

It's worth noting that WardsAuto also named the Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6 in the new Ram 1500 to its list of 2013 10 Best Engines just a few months earlier, appreciating its impressive versatility for having a "boatload" of low-end torque as well as providing class-leading fuel economy. 

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Evidently Wards failed to look at the Escalade EXT or the Sierra Denali.

Ram and Ford hi-end trucks are surely the most OVERSTATED interiors, i.e., Harley Davidson. I just love spending six or eight hours on the Interstate with a big hard plastic emblem sticking into my back. Groovy

"highest quality" plastic wood. Really???

People need to stop romanticizing the Pony Express. It was around for less than two years, was so expensive that only the newspapers could use it, and was rendered obsolete by the telegraph.

But with that said, the interior looks very nice. I always complain about the number of luxury pickups sold by any manufacturer, because all too often those pickups aren't used as work vehicles as they should be. But dang it if some of them don't look absolutely beautiful. After years of attempts, it looks like Ram has something to rival Ford's King Ranch. Congratulations.

Um, Ward's needs to have their facts checked.

"It's worth noting that WardsAuto also named the Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6 in the new Ram 1500 to its list of 2013 10 Best Engines just a few months earlier, appreciating its impressive versatility having a "boatload" of low-end torque as well as providing class-leading fuel economy."

The Pentastar does NOT have a "boatload" of low end torque. What it has is a super low first gear in the 8-speed trans that can get the engine revving past 4k in a hurry, where the motor actually builds it's torque.

Who are you supposed to turn to when even "Ward's" doesn't understand basic vehicle functions?

@ Papa Jim.. the Sierra Denali? Yea, GM just redesigned their trucks b/c they were so kickass to start with.

Is the interior fire proof / flame retardant ?????? Or at least have a cup holder that fits a fire extinguisher ?????

@Papa Jim: Siera Denali? Ba ha ha ha!

The Chevy/ GM boys are upset. This is only the beginning of them being more upset, as we have some shootouts down the road and the new GM twins show how over rated their tow ratings are!

Good for Ram.. Competition is fantastic! But memo to truck makers. Center info screen getting bigger = speedo (& tach) get pushed further to the side. IMHO F150 was far enough. New Dodge, I mean Ram has gone to far. Think of a better way.
Was o--o
Now o-------------o

@mike: No car interior is fireproof.
But as far as flame retardant goes, every car built in the last ten years or so has a lot of it. The downside of this being that the cloth seats are nearly impossible to clean. Several years ago, my father purchased an '06 F-150 XLT, and he was shocked by not only how much the original owner had failed to maintain the interior, but how difficult it was to remove the stains. Compared to his prior vehicle, a '98 F-250 light-duty, the cloth was significantly more difficult to keep from staining. He later learned that this was because of the flame-retardant properties of the upholstery.

Needless to say, his next "nice truck" will either be a Lariat, an FX4 with leather, or a completely optioned-out XL with vinyl seats. I know, XL is the antithesis of a "nice truck," but we were surprised at all the options available on an XL. If you completely option it out, it's still cheaper than an XLT but with a black plastic grille instead of chrome.

And of course, all this is irrelevant on the "work truck" (which is an XLT, FWIW) because that one's got seat covers.

I was a little surprised that my uncle's new stripped-down F-250 he bought for his contracting business didn't even have power locks. Manual windows I understand--nothing wrong with those. But not even the ability to lock the truck with one button? Nobody in our family has had that since...2005?! Okay, I guess it wasn't that long ago.

Its funny how people say plastic wood in the Ram, its actually real wood, do alittle research before you try to bash with miss-information. Now the other trucks I can't say the same, but this Ram for sure is in a class of its own, the new chevy's don't look to compete, the new 2014 Ford, should give the Ram a run for its money, but it will be tough to top that

"WardsAuto editors... evaluating 46 vehicles that are all-new or feature significantly upgraded interiors."

This is why cars like the Chevy Citation, Vega, Renault Alliance, etc can make a "Top 10" list or even "Car of the Year".

Interiors don't sway me one way or another so I can't say which is better or that I care, but theses reviews are completely pointless.

The Sierra Denali? You can't be serious PapaJim. Add to it, what's that have anything to do with what the Chevrolet guys don't have in their Silverado? In my experience, Chevrolet guys are not necessarily GM guys. And what does the Escalade have anything to do with trucks? I will say Ford needs to be on alert against Dodge. Dodge has become one serious competitor as of late. That Atlas needs to get into production asap.

Oh look, like whatever brand you want for whatever reason, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. But I definitely agree that the Ram has the best interior. Don't be so blinded by your loyalty to one brand to overlook the strengths of another.

@Fordtrucks....have you ever even seen an Escalade EXT??? It sure looks like a truck to me. Look it up on Google.

They only test "new" designs. That limits the field dramatically. The Laramie was the only truck tested, but at least it beat out a few cars. I do like the leather, but the western theme is getting old including Ford's King Ranch.

I saw one of these Dodges at the Autin auto show last weekend and it does look very nice. About the only thing I'd change is that stupid shifter dial. It just feels so un natural to use.

Interiors are nice, but to be honest when I'm driving any vehicle I spend about 98% of my time looking at the road. Maybe there should be awards for 'top 10 best windshields" ...

@Ford850 I agree the western/ranch theme has been played out. somone should have told this to toyota. perhaps they could have invested in a diesel option instead of the 1794 edition. this coming from someone who drives a 250 and yota.

I wasn't impressed by the Ram interior at the Auto Show.
The woodgrain is not natural looking at all and looks amazingly fake and awful - almost like a brown pine formica.
The leather is too overdone.
The white circular gauges are circa 1990's and went out of style.
Shifter knob is not very truck-like.
Logos too large.
The cowboy boot theme with the saddlebags is a rip-off of the King Ranch and a little too much. If you really like the Pony Express and cowboys, then this is for you.
The scrollwork in the leather looks awfully tacky.
On the 1500 the rear seating as not as roomy as F-150.

So much for the concept of being able to use the controls while wearing gloves as in the first generation of Dodge Rams. Small heat/ventilation controls and a shifter knob are not user friendly.
What does the basic stripped dash look like?

The pictures in this aritcle are not Longhorn Interior, just Laramie. It can also be had in Black if you don't like the 2 tone.

The Longhorn does use real wood trim, the Laramie is synthetic / simulated. All the other makers use simulated on all trim levels, even King Ranch, etc. so as far as I know Ram is the only one to offer real wood. It goes farther than that though, with leatrher wrapped door panels etc. You go buy an F-150 Limited or Platinum or King Ranch and you get the same plastic fisher price door panels in the XL fleet package with a piece of plastic wood or plastic chrome trim on it.

To the guy complaining about the size of the screen, I have this dash and it is not a problem at all with the tach and speedo on the left and right edges. Easily legible. Besides, the speedo can be displayed in the center electronic screen as well if you want.

Looks cartoonish.

The Laramie Longhorn in the interior with the ugly leather with the scrollwork.


Looks awful.

^ Seriously? It's classy and it's got character. Why are people so obsessed with bland? It's like when Ford redesigned the tailgate on the F150, people were having a fit because it finally had some styling to it. Though Ford did make the front more bland.

I have NEVER been a fan of Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep interiors, with their cheap plastics, fabrics, and stuff they call leather.
That is until now. What an improvement Fiat has made. Only time will tell how these materials look after 10 years, but it looks to be a huge improvement over the pre-government bailout interiors.

The interiour of this truck is beautiful. Of course we all have our preferences, but some of the comments here are just outright stupid! People should start the brain before the fingers.........

The etching on the seats of the Longhorn is not required. It can be ordered without if you don't like it.

All guts
All glory
All best in class interiors
Ward's best

Any accolade for any product is good, irrespective of the manufacturer.

The only thing I don't like about this interior shown in this article is the colour, how terrible.

I like blacks, greys and even some gunmetal tones.

@Oz - That is what the Laramie Limited is for. Check it out, very nicely done as well, very modernistic and cityish.

The Limited interior is light years in front.

If they sold that here with the diesel I would have considered something like that.

In the late 90s Chrysler was talking of bringing the Ram into Australia. They didn't because of quality issues.



I think all of the trucks have made tremendous strides over the last 5-7 years. None are bad, just some are more pleasing than others. I personally HATE black interiors and merely dislike grey. Based on my discussions with dealers this puts me in the 20-30% minority since that is how seldom they order any vehicles in the lighter tan/sand/beige colors.

To me this Ram interior is really nice but I don't like the cowboy theme (despite growing up in a small town of 300 people in Idaho I am not a cowboy and would never pretend that I was). The quality of materials really is excellent though, but caling it Bentley level might be a little on the extreme side (yes I have spent time in Bentley's). Maybe Audi quality (which is very damn good).

Personally I'd like to order the medium blue that Ddoge/Ram used on the 2006-2008 trucks but with the light interior but Dodge/Ram said that wasn't possible. Any one else remeber getting a red Silverado with red interior? or blue and blue? Why are we so limited now?

Here's a photo of the interior of my pickup. The only difference other than a few buttons and knobs is mine is all black leather.

It's more car like than the other pickups we have. Very comfortable inside. Even the back has large enough for adults in these things now.


I like the tan and brown interior. I have a charcoal leather interior in my truck but this is a nice change. Also the darker brown leather interiors on the King Ranch are nice. Many of the wood trim has a polymer coating which can give you the impression that it is plastic. Manufacturers on many luxury cars and crossovers are doing this to protect the wood. I would not doubt that Ram is doing the same thing. Ram has some nice interiors.

@howam00: I sympathize with you. I have nothing against gray interiors, but I much prefer tan. Gray is depressing, and black is just boring. When you look at 70-80% of new vehicles, they've got black leather: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD2UyHq06kE&t=39s]
I can recall quite vividly one of the first pickups I rode in, my father's '77 F-250 Ranger SuperCab. Completely blue upholstery (to match the exterior), except for the bench, that had an Indian-blanket seat cover.
I also know that my Grandpa's pickup, a '97 F-150 XLT, has a kind of teal-green fabric, but otherwise the same as our '98 F-250 light-duty SuperCab, which was gray.
Hell, even our farm truck, the '96 Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie SLT (which was cloth back then, but still the most luxurious package) had little flecks of color in the otherwise gray upholstery. You just never saw it 'cause it, too, was concealed by an Indian-blanket seat cover. But I know for a fact that you could still get colored interiors in '96: http://www.allpar.com/photos/dodge/ram/1997/ram-club-cab-1996-interior.jpg

And I've ridden in plenty of trucks with red or blue interiors. What happened? They just fell out of fashion, I guess. Gray and black are seen as more professional, and primary interior colors only look good with certain exterior colors, most of which are generally only seen on older vehicles as well. When was the last time you saw a brand-new Ford or Chevy in "puke green"? http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j308/Darkbirdy/38674590001_large_zpsba61eb17.jpg

@David--More of a cost cutting measure. Many customers would like more choice. Limit choice to plain gray, black, and tan means that a manufacture stocks less inventory at the factory and it is much less expensive to make generic interiors. Most manufacturers and retailers are keep close tabs on how much inventory of parts and products they have on hand and with quicker and more shipping options you can minimize the inventory on hand and thus reduce costs. This is something the Japanese have been doing for years and now almost everyone is doing it. I miss blue and red interiors as well but unless it is offered on a King Ranch like the red interior then you will not see it and even then they give you a black or tan dashboard and door trim.

I hate Fiat/Ram but I will admit it's a sharp interior.

Ram truck have more technologies compare to ford

I wish there was a greater choice of colours in the interior of trucks. I'm not a fan of the cowboy interiors. Great if you live in Texas or Alberta.
How about a "loggers" interior. Looks oil and mud stained, chronic dust coating and has a diesel odour to it ;)

Nice looking place to spend the day.

this is why i don't frequently post on pickuptrucks.com. look at this article. instead of testing things yourself you just post another website testing crap, useless crap. why can't you, pickuptrucks.com at least have short cheap tests like car and driver. test a ram sport R/T. test an FX2 Sport F-150 with a 5.0 and ecoboost. test a tundra with the warrantied supercharger. test a callaway chevy. damn, test something. test a 3500 regular cab. have a regular cab short bed 2wd powerfullest motor shortest rear end comparo, don't just copy and paste from another website. i could google this if i wanted to. hell, at least give some detailed articles about each manufacturer's engines and engine family and history. give us a tip of the day, something. besides, who gives a damn about interiors unless you have the money to order one brand new.

@miath: Really, please explain. We all get you don't like Ford. Do you even own a truck? Your useless posts are well.....useless. Rosetta Stone is your friend, you should try it.

@Miath - you just said that Ram has more technologies that compare to Ford.
Actually, some of their "technologies" are comparable to your wet dream company, GMC.
Pushrod engines, cylinder deactivation, bankruptcy.....

I'll dust of my English/French dictionary just in case you don't get the sarcasm.

You like Justin Trudeau or are you a supporter of the "Bloc"?

this should be under "buyer's tools" or something, not under "news". and yes i am a ram man but don't care about interior awards. give us an article to really blog/post about. give us a reason to share knowledge. this website reminds me of those bullshit websites that you accidently go to when you misspell the web address and the page has just a bunch of advertising and links that go on and on. to give you an example of what we should see: "the history of the chevy small block" or "when ford moved to OHC" or "what makes a modern hemi a hemi" or "Tested: 2013 Ram 1500 Sport R/T" with full 0-60, 1/4 mile, and top speed specs.

Not much to do with this article. But interesting for the V8 crowd.

If Chev can get this engine into a pickup it would sell more.

Not a bad engine from GM. Not a bad car either, one step up from the new Chev SS.

I've read that this engine might come in a Maloo ute as well.


I think Miath is the only commentor on this site that doesn't offend anyone. If you can understand his posts.

@Big Al from Oz - I got the impression that the purpose of this site was to offend people ;)

@Josh - agreed. I'd like to see more gearhead stuff instead of wannabe cowboy or wannabe biker interior stories.

I liked the mid 90s Ram interiors...

That shifter knob is more then enough reason for me to not buy a ram. Its a nice interior but i dont buy a certain vehicle because it has a better looking interior. Its not essential to the truck.

@2016 Power Wagon,




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