Ram Interior Makes WardsAuto Top 10 List

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After evaluating close to 50 all-new 2013 cars and trucks during the course of several months, industry experts at WardsAuto have selected the Ram 1500 as having one of Ward's 10 Best Interiors in the industry. The Ram was the only pickup truck evaluated for 2013 but next year WardsAuto will have the chance to look at the new Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra. 

Judges praised the new Ram's dash and center console layout, as well as the use of higher-quality materials and textures. The specific model they evaluated for the competition was the western-themed Laramie Longhorn; judges noted other manufacturers would have a hard time meeting this level of execution and detail.

Specifically, they put it this way: "The matte-finish wood trim is natural looking and of the highest quality; the buckled saddle bags attached to the seat backs hearken back to the pony express; and the filigree looks like it belongs on expensive cowboy boots. If Bentley made a pickup truck, its cabin would look like this."

The winners will be recognized in a special ceremony at the end of May in Dearborn, Mich., so we expect to see another trophy in the Ram Truck display case at next year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

It's worth noting that WardsAuto also named the Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6 in the new Ram 1500 to its list of 2013 10 Best Engines just a few months earlier, appreciating its impressive versatility for having a "boatload" of low-end torque as well as providing class-leading fuel economy. 

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@6.4 Hemi Powerwagon,

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Can we make it thru one thread without Big Al putting a link on here to anything Commodores and midsizers? How great did that Holden GTO do in the states?

Most of us probably don't care about Mister Magoo's Maloo. Who gives a damn? They are the present day El Camino/Ranchero, although the El Camino was always more about performance. My dad always wanted a 62 ish Ranchero, but they aren't about work.

As for the interiors of midsizers, why is it I can research any sold in the states truck and get headroom, legroom, shoulder room, and hip room specs, but I can't seem to find it for a Mazda BT-50? Please link the specs if I am wrong and I missed it. I get the idea they really don't care. All the pitching you do for them is somewhat useless without some numbers. We seen the numbers for the bed (too small) and the payload numbers (over rated, that's why Mazda has had to replace some springs under warranty, wow, aren't they new for 2011 or 2012? Already replacing springs. Wow. I read it on a link from Aussie.

This brown/tan is the same color my interior is, I like it. I had grey in my 2007 Dakota, it was somewhat boring, and my 2006 Silverado was two tone blue, which wasn't a bad color...the seat wasn't lasting, but that's nothing to do with the color.

I don't want anything all black. Seems when my ex and I were shopping for an suv for her I was turned of cause one we looked at, Mitsubishi, was all black. No thanks. I do like the newer charcoal Ram came out with. Even my 1970 Dart Swinger 340 has brown seats and black doors.

@6.4 Hemi Powerwagon: Oops, I mean 2016 Powerwagon: Where does it say that the new Ram is J2807 compliant? Maybe I missed it? I can imagine it is, considering the 8 speed didn't up the tow ratings, but of course wil help make it tow better.

I just want to see it for myself.

Looks like HemiV8 changed his name to 2016 PowerWagon and/or 6.4 PowerWagon.
A bunch of wannabe weekend warriors on overpriced 1940's pushrod technology bikes showing respect to a dork in a truck?
What target audience are they trying to impress with that one?

There is nothing confirmed about the 391 hotrod car motor ending up in a pickup.

@TRX-4 Tom
You are correct about the sagging spring issue.

One of my rear springs has sagged about 1/2"-1" and I haven't really carried a big load. Or had weight sitting on the springs over a period of time. This will also cause sagging of springs.

The problem I have it is a 350km trip each way to the nearest Ford/Mazda dealer who can fix this issue. But it's not that bad yet.

I know of a carpenter who's having the same problems with a new Ford Ranger.

It's good to know you are looking at the world. If you have any other queries regarding any global motoring product or issue I'll be glad to help.

That Chev engine in the Commodore is some piece of gear, isn't it? Even from an Allpar man you must admit it.

Oh, I'm not pro GM either, its just that this looks like an awesome car to have. In any country.

I like this interior. It is different enough with the tan and brown and is a nice break from the usual. We will probably never see blue, green, or red interiors again but at least this is different enough. I agree TRX-4 Tom a steady diet of black interiors gets tiring just as a steady diet of anything. Black tends to get too hot in the warm climates and I myself would much rather have a lighter color interior. I don't necessarily hate black interiors but I am tired of looking at them. I currently have an all black truck with a charcoal interior which I swore I would never buy that color but I got a terrific buy on it. It will be my first and last black vehicle.

Ford's dash was the obvious inspiration.

@Toycrusher You are right on this one. The Pentastar does NOT have any torque.

What does it make..around 235 or 240 below 2,000 RPM? That's horrible for a full size truck. Actually, it was horrible for my Jeep Wrangler also.

The Pentastar is an excellent engine for cars...it SUCKS for 4x4s.

Chrysler Group's Pentastar V-6 "Three-peats" on Ward's 10 Best Engines List


•Lone engine among Ward's 10 Best to be tested in a truck
•"Combines luxury-car-like refinement with boatload of low-end torque," says Drew Winter ,
Ward's AutoWorld Editor-in-Chief
•Has accounted for 7 percent improvement in fuel economy across Chrysler Group lineup
•Contributes to best-in-class fuel-economy ratings for Ram 1500, Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger

"The Pentastar combines luxury-car-like refinement with a boatload of low-end torque to create an engine that seems almost too good to be in a pickup," adds Drew Winter , Editor-in-Chief, Ward's AutoWorld magazine. "In addition to delivering best-in-class fuel economy and best-in-class towing capacity, it's just plain classy."

The HEMI® also was the last winner to be tested in a pickup, garnering honors under the hood of a Ram 1500 in 2009.

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Ward's Best Interior

Ward's Best Engine

8 Speed Tranny

The Best Fuel Economy

The Best Truck




@Big Al: Even from an Allpar man? Whether you realize it or not, Allpar may have predictations on the future Chryslers, but they also have stories about Chryslers and the people who designed them. So call me whatever, I don't see why you said Allpar? Maybe a Dodge fan? Ok, but I look at other stuff. I have commented about other brands doing good many of times.

Oh I think I read on there the new Cherokee, not Grand Cherokee, will get a smaller diesel as well for Europe. Don't hold me to the size, but maybe a 1.8?? Oh, Maserati gets a turbo diesel, but I think that was on MSN.

As far as that Holden Chevy engine, wouldn't it be "heavy on gas"? as you often say? It would probably get a gas guzzler tax. What's it run on, 92 or 94 octane? What is the highest you can normally find in Aussie? Because just the plain 6.2 here in trucks require premium gas. You start putting turbos and blowers on stuff, of course they produce good numbers, with more expensive fuel, at a premium cost, and will they last as long?

That said there is a place for limited numbers of that kinda truck, and it wouldn't be rebated. That and 6.4 Hemi half tons, (at the risk of Moparman going postal on us because he doesn't think a 6.4 would handle truck duty; if it was in a truck, it would only be a hot rod truck, nothing you would work with))

@Jeff S@ Yeah, my truck has these interior colors and is black and grey outside. I actually tried to build it online in 2010 and the Dodge build site said you can't do that. Love the black and grey (NO, I AM NOT a Raiders fan!) when it's clean, otherwise, it's a mess. Maybe I shoulda learned from my black SRT-4 Neon? It also is warmer in it.

Next truck I get might be tan or Mineral grey. They have some real nice colors out there. Lots of choices nowadays.

Either that or another two tone.

Back in the 80s I had a 69 Dart and when my brother had it he stuck some other seats in it, and they broke, so I got some red seats from another 69 Dart, in a green car. I joked it was Christmas time all over.

Red can look nice, but it depends on the exterior color. I have a friend with a 65 Dart GT 273 V-8 4 speed, the red looks great in it!

Ok...I'm a FORD guy! However...Very nice touch from RAM. Looks really refined.

Good Job!

@TRX-4 Tom--I had a 73 Chevelle Deluxe 4 door sedan that I bought in the Spring of 1975 just before I graduated from Baylor University for $1,400 that had been repainted light yellow on the exterior but it had a dark green cloth interior. I told people it was my Baylor car, green and gold. I got use to the color. Whether it is good or bad there is a trend toward limited exterior colors and limited interior colors, which I believe is for cost saving and efficiency. I don't necessarily need a blue, red, or green interior but I do miss the choice. I do like this tan and brown leather interior and with the tan, gray, and black interiors that are offered by all at least this is different. You can never go back, but I do miss having a choice.

I too own a black car currently (black outside and tan inside). I HATE IT! Black is just too hot for Idaho's climate.

(for those not familiar about Idaho climate it routinely gets to be 100+ for about 10-12 days a year with pure sun. the days over 90 are about 40 a year. I put a thermometer in my car once as a test and it well exceeded 165 degrees {that was the top of the chart})

I am really debating about what my next automobile will be but I am partial to red exterior and tan interior. Just a very sharp combo on basically anything it is put on. Same goes for a brilliant blue/tan combo.

2014 Tundra


My favorite interior is the Ram's interior wish Toyota would have copied this one and not Ford's interior. I love having a dual glove box on my current Tundra. All wanted is for Toyota to change the barrel gauge dash, add info screen to dash and make controls closer.

@ howam00--My mother back in 1984 bought a new 5th Avenue. I talked her out of the midnight blue with dark blue leather interior because in Houston, TX where we lived it was too hot most of the year. She bought a campaign with tan leather interior and loved the color. The dark blue looked beautiful but it was not a good color for that climate. That was a great car. I went against my own judgment but at 10k off sticker and a few other added things it was too good to pass up. I have had a silver truck, gold car, and my wife has a bright metallic red Taurus with a tan leather interior (really nice combination) but I will stay away from dark colored vehicles with dark interiors in the future.

One thing that Ram could of done when they moved the shifter to the dash is to make the centre area more "user freindly" as a passenger seat. I may be in the minority, but I do find it extremely convienient having a column shifter because it allows for the 6th passenger. Once one moves into the higher trim packages, you can't get seating for 6.
No longer having a console shift does free up usable space between the seats. I think the dial is a good idea since there is the "button" shift on the steering wheel. The manly traditional types that have the need to hold onto a shifter seem to be the only ones complaining about the dial.

The manly traditional types that have the need to hold onto a collumn shifter seem to be the only ones complaining about seating for 6 little people.

@JT - if one spent less time holding onto their manly shifter, they might have more time to develope a need for seating for 6.

It's nothing about being macho. The non-center console seat is actually a 40/20/40 so that is not a 3 seater either. It is more like 2 1/2. Most people who buy the premium packages don't want 6 slobs sitting in their truck to mess it up. That's what third row SUV's are for. Others can find what they are looking for in lower and mid range trims.

I'm not sure how truck guys will like the shift dial. Park, Reverse, Neutral, and Drive. That could be seen by many as a huge negative.

Posted by: Lou | Apr 4, 2012 11:34:22 PM

lol @ Lou! that was pretty damn good comeback!

WXman: I agree on the Pentastar engine, it is a very smooth engine, but kinda ricey for a truck. I thought about getting me a 2013 and trading in my 2011, but for a 5-7K loss, no way. I noticed it had to constantly turn around 2700-3K to pull as hard mine does @ 2200-2500 (although mine is a manual, vs the auto I drove). I really don't see what the hype is about the new pentastar engine after driving one. I personally felt Nissan's 4.0L VQ engine is a stronger performer for an SUV (I considered an Xterra before my Jeep) The Xterrajust felt stronger in every way.

I could supercharge my old 3.8L lump and get more torque, more HP, and better FE and come out ahead on price! It's the 8 speed auto with deep gearing that makes the 3.6L Pentastar seem so strong. I bet Ford's 3.7L is stronger as well.

@JT - that still fits with my previous comment and those echoed by others.
Most new trucks now have steering wheel select shift therefore a dial, or column lever or centre console lever really doesn't matter too much. The dial would be the least "mechanical" and would be the cheapest to repair or replace.
Bowing to orthodoxy is the only real reason to have a column or centre console shift. A push button P, D, R, N would serve the same purpose.

Should I be flattered or fearful since you have a repository of quotes penned by me?

@Jackson Lee - you are correct. If one considers the fact that 4 out of every 5 Americans are obese, maybe car makers should provide only 4 seats.

Here is a link poking some fun at Australians regarding a 'bogan' or bogan traits. If most of the commentors on this site lived in Australia they would definitely be classes as bogans. Just look at nicknames.

A bogan in Australia is similar to 'redneck' traits in the US and probably Canada.

I actually scored 25% on the test. A thong in Australia is a flip flop and the 'bin' is your trash can for collection.

I think the test transcends international boundaries in the world.

Have a look.


@ TRX-4tom look^^^ he posted another link. What a surprise.

I have no problem with this shifter, but some of the Manly Men might. I like my column shift but this is a fresh idea similar to the push button drive Chrysler had from the 50s to 64 which was left of the steering wheel but in addition to the push buttons for Drive, Reverse, and Neutral it had a lever to set the vehicle in Park. Instead of Push Putton Drive this is Dial A Drive or Select A Drive. This eliminates the large shifter in the middle and allows more room. Good idea.

My mother loved the push button drive that we had on our 57 Chrysler Windsor sedan and 59 Plymouth Sport Suburban nine passenger station wagon. That was one reason my parents bought Chrysler products along with the low slung bodies, tail fins, and dual headlights.

Like it or not, the automakers moved from bench/jump seats to bucket seats with the large center console for safety reasons. The seats are safer. In addition, for insurance purposes, 2 in the front instead of 3, means one less person can be injured in a crash.

The center console can be considered a tool. It's storage and better than the flip down jump seat variety.

As for the collumn or floor shifter, either works for me.

Ram's dial shifter doesn't seem to add much room, but a couple more cup holders. Maybe it will catch on; however, I can see this gimmick vanishing quietly.

Looks good I like it along with the new GM trucks. Its a simple easy to use lay out like the new GM trucks too. The Ford just looks odd with chunks of plastic popping out at you. I think Ford was just trying to keep people with ADHD happy with bumps and odd shapes of cheesy plastic.

@johnny, 2014 Chevrolet Silverado interior pictures


Interior bit starts at 2:58

2014 Silverado has 4 power soruces and a completely configureable storage area in the middle

Customers begged for more interior stowage space, so the glove box grows, door pockets are enlarged, and the center console is configured to accept hanging file folders. Multiple USB ports and a 110-volt plug are provided, and all trucks get either a 4.2-inch or 8-inch color information screen, with MyLink (Chevy) or IntelliLink (GMC) available.


The All-New Silverado is
More Capable
Coming Summer 2013!

And if you want to talk “organized,” new control pods connect you to top-of-the-line technology while the reconfigurable center console features spaces for laptops, hanging file storage, multiple USB ports†, and more.


@ The Greg's

We got you covered 8 ways to Sunday!


Lets not forget PRIORITY!



I traded my Ford truck for a RAM. I have never been happier. Go RAM! Great job!

If you count your toes and fingers how many do you have all up? 23? You seem to have a future with the UAW.

You work for Fiat.

@Paul - dial shifters appeared first in high end European sports cars.

I see that. And not all reviewers of those sports cars like the rotating dial either. C&D had mechanical issues with the spinning dial.

"We were also disappointed, but not surprised to find a few electronics issues with our Jaguar. One staffer slowed to maneuver through some bumps in the road and emerged on the other side to find that the transmission had disengaged. The twirling tranny knob still pointed at D, but the D was blinking. He rotated the knob to sport, which did nothing, and then to neutral, which did nothing. So he stopped, put the car in park and back in drive, and was only then able to continue on his way." -- Car and Driver

The bottom line is whether you are a manly man or not, the dainty dial fixes something that wasn't broken and may lead to more mechanical problems. Like push button start - some may think it's cool but it's a ton more work for very little benefit and lots more issues that I won't spell out here.

@Paul - there have been recalls involving domestic trucks and cars with column or console shifts. I doubt that there are any new vehicles with automatic transmissions that have mechanical linkages connecting the shifter to the tranny.
If that is the case, it matters little whether or not the position of the electronic contacts are changed with a dial, buttons, lever, or stick.
Even current ignition keys are vestiges of days gone bye. The chip inside the key is more important than the pattern cut into the key. Whether or not you start your vehicle with a key, USB type key, remote chip and button or just remote, the processes aren't much different.

The dial shifters on the cars don't save space or make room for a center seat. It takes up the same space, but instead of a collumn or console shifter, it's a console dial shifter. Given the choice the between the three, the dial would not be my first.

Car and Driver: 2014 Range Rover Mule has Jaguar Dial Shifter

It's so unusual to see Lou pushing hard for eletronic dial shifters. Usually Lou is a KISS kind of guy. Do you also like push button start? I’d personally rather have the old-style ignition switch and a collumn shifter.

The latest Shift "Dial"

It may look cool to some and you can "stick it to the 'manly' men", but be careful what you wish for. There is too much going on here. Next you'll here is people wanting to eliminate the dial shifter altogether to add another cup holder.

J Doe and Greg,

The new Chevy trucks are a lot better looking, but I just saw the build and price for the 2014 Chevy on AOL. There are no premium trims, no High Country models, like many told us there was going to be in the order guide. Not cool.

I also think Lou is trolling with his stupid "manly man" put down. He was voted #2 troll awile back.

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