Ram Interior Makes WardsAuto Top 10 List

Ram int 1 II

After evaluating close to 50 all-new 2013 cars and trucks during the course of several months, industry experts at WardsAuto have selected the Ram 1500 as having one of Ward's 10 Best Interiors in the industry. The Ram was the only pickup truck evaluated for 2013 but next year WardsAuto will have the chance to look at the new Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra. 

Judges praised the new Ram's dash and center console layout, as well as the use of higher-quality materials and textures. The specific model they evaluated for the competition was the western-themed Laramie Longhorn; judges noted other manufacturers would have a hard time meeting this level of execution and detail.

Specifically, they put it this way: "The matte-finish wood trim is natural looking and of the highest quality; the buckled saddle bags attached to the seat backs hearken back to the pony express; and the filigree looks like it belongs on expensive cowboy boots. If Bentley made a pickup truck, its cabin would look like this."

The winners will be recognized in a special ceremony at the end of May in Dearborn, Mich., so we expect to see another trophy in the Ram Truck display case at next year's North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

It's worth noting that WardsAuto also named the Pentastar 3.6-liter V-6 in the new Ram 1500 to its list of 2013 10 Best Engines just a few months earlier, appreciating its impressive versatility for having a "boatload" of low-end torque as well as providing class-leading fuel economy. 

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Yep, Lou is trolling. I just read his posting on manly men. I'm sorry for wasting my time.

I think by 2025-30 the US will be doing what we are doing globally.

Your light trucks will be the same. US style pickup will be what we have as pickups. The current crop of new midsizers aren't small vehicles.

This will be done so the US can integrate more into the future globalised design and manufacturing of motor vehicles.

Even prime movers and LDTs, MDTs, and HDTs will be the same across the globe.

The difference in cars globally will be the difference in the ratio of models in countries. Countries that can support larger vehicles will have the same larger vehicles, all countries will have the same midsize and compact vehicles.

Get you and you neanderthals off my A$$.

You work for Fiat.

Ever since you changed from Tom Terrific and came onto PUTC you have been on my back over mid sizers.

Why? Like I stated RAM DOESN'T have a midsizer. Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan all have one or there is one in the pipeline.

You must going to sleep every night laughing that I have to put up with the goatherders now:)

Different country, different ideas, Ram guys must be a very bigoted lot and/or inbreed hicks.

Who complains the most about my mid sizer comment. The Ramtards. Why? Maybe because they are the only manufacturer without a midsizer.

Like I said guerilla marketing, Ram looks like a loser then.

You didn't post when I said hello to Jeff S on TTAC. Doesn't suit your skewed argument. Also, I'm a prolific poster on TTAC, that failed to be in your story.

Here is an interesting link about diesels in the US, they figure within 7 years 10% of all car in the US will be diesel.

I'll bet most of these will go into light commercial vehicles first, like it happened here.

Seems I'm correct in my assumptions, again. I've stated in the past that the US is going through a similar phase as Australia in regards to diesels.

We aren't like the Europeans though, we love our V8s and performance cars more than any country in the world.


The interior is nice but not as nice as that Atlas we saw a few weeks ago. I agree with others long the Longhorn, that cowboy stuff looks ridiculous. I suppose if you're a cowboy you might like it but I'd go for the limited trim and try to avoid it. I much prefer the Platinum to the King Ranch for the same reasons. I'm just not a western guy. It's very disappointing to hear Chevrolet is only going to market to cowboys with that high country trim or whatever it is. I'll pass. Give me a Platinum and we'll talk. I also agree with other on the shifter dial in the Dodge, I don't like it. Put it back on the column or on the floor. I prefer floor shifters myself. You have something to rest your right hand on.

Top 10 Best Features From 2014 Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra

Now that we've had a little time to allow all the hoopla and hype to settle down, we can take a step back and look at the new 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra with a clear vision. From all the changes to the two new pickup trucks, we wanted to focus on those pieces of technology and features that impressed us.

No matter what you think of the redesign, you have to be impressed with attempt GM has made, introducing two new pickups (and we would argue hugely important pickups for the continued viability of the company) with vastly improved and upgraded details inside and out. No, this wasn't a "clean sheet of paper" exercise or a revolutionary redefinition of the pickup truck, but both the Chevy and GMC models are impressive nonetheless.

Top 10 Best Features in the 2014 Silverado and Sierra

10. Better Design Separation

Say what you will about either front ends, the fact remains the Chevy and GMC grilles are much further apart from where they were. We think that's good, especially if they want GMC to further the "premium grade" mantra. We're not sold on the headlight setup on the Chevy, but we're guessing there are several more grade levels we still haven't seen.

9. Invisible Frame Strength

Knowing GM did most of the heavy-lifting work with the last-generation frame by moving to hydroforming technology, the only place to go was the added use of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels to save weight. We like that GM spent the time and money on a place no one will typically see. We also hope that will translate into bigger towing and payload numbers and not just be used for the purpose of weight savings and MPG gains.

8. Transmission Column Shifter

Though a console-mounted shifter might be sportier, we like GM's old-school column shifter; it has a heft and weightiness to it. Sure, GM saved some money with this setup, but it can always do something later.

7. Fine-Tuned Suspension

Admittedly, this one we'll have to wait and see exactly how well GM has done and whether or competes well with Ford's dialed-in F-150 models or the new air suspension offered on the new Ram. Both offer soft and controlled rides. Our guess, especially after what those same chassis engineers did with the Silverado HD and Sierra HD rides on the 2010 redesign, is that it will be quite good.

6. New Crew Cab 6.5-Foot Bed

We've been seeing the crew cab with the longer 6.5-foot bed for quite a while in spy photography, but it will be good to see it in person. The extra room and length should help a lot of buyers and the amount of crew cab reconfiguring its done is impressive. Because the front doors are shorter and the rear door is longer, it feels like there's a ton more room for rear passengers without compromising any front passenger legroom. That's a good trick.

5. Gauges and Center Stack

The new gauge layout, which accommodates the 4.2-inch information screen between the tach and speedometer, and center stack design has a much cleaner look, and we appreciate that the full-size pickups will get their own unique look (separated from the Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, and Yukon XL full-size SUVs). The big nav screen, dual glove boxes, and toggle switches are all well done.

4. Trailer Brake Controller Positioned Up High

Finally, a brake-controller location that makes sense. No doubt some will prefer the Ford and Ram locations, but to our mind this keeps the important info in a much easier line-of-vision and makes for a quick grab if needed.

3. Extended Cab Conventional Hinge

Gone is the rear-hinged rear doors that swing open 170 degrees. Yes, they were quite handy when we were in need of a wide-mouth opening for a big-screen TV, but the move to a conventional B-pillar makes for a stronger, safer cab for passengers. Those overly complicated hinges and doors were quite expensive to replace when damaged, as well.

2. Two New V-8-Dedicated Axles

The redesigned axles paired with the two new V-8 engines have been computer designed and reinforced to be stronger and lighter (pound for pound) than the axles they replace. We assume the extra strength means we'll be seeing GVWs and payload numbers climbing to Ford heights and beyond.

1. Corvette Influences

Sure, we like that a lot of the technology found in all three new engines comes straight from the Corvette engineers (direct injection, AFM, continuously variable valve timing), but what we're most happy about is that GM didn't try to stuff a performance car motor into a base-level pickup. Keeping a V-6 truck motor available for the work trucks will pay huge long-term dividends for truck customers.


RAM's interior is very nice, but only on the highest trim levels.

While the layout is the same on the lower trim levels that they sell the most of, the quality and plastic materials used still spell "c h e a p".

I do agree that the Pentastar V6 is a great engine. We have one in our 2012 Grand Cherokee.

But anyone who buys a half-ton rated truck with a V6 is just not serious. If mpg and fuel economy is what they're after, they're better off buying an econobox and putting a 4X6 trailer behind it for the occasions they need to haul something.

""WardsAuto editors... evaluating 46 vehicles that are all-new or feature significantly upgraded interiors."

This is why cars like the Chevy Citation, Vega, Renault Alliance, etc can make a "Top 10" list or even "Car of the Year"."

Interiors don't sway me one way or another so I can't say which is better or that I care, but theses reviews are completely pointless.


I'll have to agree. A Ward's 10 Best List doesn't mean it is the best if it only includes all new vehicles.

@Paul: "The dial shifters on the cars don't save space or make room for a center seat."

and did those cars that have the rotary shifter ever have a center seat? If in the Ram it doesn't obstruct a center seat (the center hump does that, and the fact that most front center seats sit higher then they did 10 yars ago.

Who cares all about Jaguar? Not the same as a Ram. Isn't Jaguar owned by Ford anyway?

How long have we had electronic controlled transmissions? That just means all the direct mechanical linkages go straight to a electronic controller in the trans, whether it's a column shift or floor shift. Just means more weight with the floor or especially column shift.

"If in the Ram it doesn't obstruct a center seat (the center hump does that, and the fact that most front center seats sit higher then they did 10 yars ago"

Tom, There is no doubt about that. My point was Ram and others have a center seat option and the premium buyers prefer the console and there are safety considerations.

If anyone thinks the premium trims should all have a jump seat, you have that right to that opinion. I thought I was giving my opinion on it and you could tell that by the way I was writing.

"Who cares all about Jaguar? Not the same as a Ram. Isn't Jaguar owned by Ford anyway?"

The point about sports cars in Europe was raised not by me and I said the dial is still on the console so what difference does it make for a jump seat?

Ford sold Jaguar in 2008 - It's a Tata or Indian company.

Specifically on the Ram, here is one mechical issue on another website:


Amanda says:

April 22, 2013 at 12:18 pm

Hate the shifter i go go for the ac knob and i get the gear shift lucky i was @ a stop sign and not on a freeway going 60 and accidentally slamming into reverse turning on the ac or volume on radio STUPID DESIGN pit it back on the column where it belongs


Take it for what it's worth. It is a Tundra site, but that doesn't take away from those that feel it's a stupid design. Others feel touch screens are stupid. Some feel push button starts are stupid. Some feel radio dial shifters are stupid. Buy what works for you.

We will hve to all tell Jason that GM screwed up the launch on the 2014 GMs...only a 5.3 at first. LOL!

I see Greg is posting all sorts of crap about the new Chevy. Hey Greg, save it for a Chevy thread? Most of us wont care, why don't you ever have something to say about the topic? Except "Go Chivy!"

@Highdesrtcat: you show a "my use of a truck is the only way they need to be used" attitude. Have you ever thought some folks maybe don't need to pull a heavy trailer all the time, or at all. Sometimes they need big space, but not much power. Some folks need either that, or they just want a truck for verstility, or they want a bit of get go. Heck a 3.55 geared Ram v-6 8 speed shortbed regular cab will run within less then a 1 second of a Tundra same cab 5.7 in a quarter mile, whether you like it or not. It'll do it and get 4-5 more mpg. I know, the typical Tundra way of thinking is to just act like mileage doesn't matter, a if your wallet is so fat. Whatever.

Will a 4x6 trailer even haul as much as even a shortbed pickup? (in the words of Si on Duck Dynasty) Nah! Besides, a trailer is one more thing to buy, register, maintain, and one more axle to pay for at a toll booth too.

The other day I seen a Jeep Patriot (Biggest engine is a 2.4L with 175 or so ft pound torque) pulling what must have been an 18-22 foot camping trailer, maybe 3200-4000 pounds. I'm not sure a 2.4 can do that very well here in the hills, but I bet the Pentastar can do it just fine. Some people will never hook up a 5-6,000 pound trailer, so why do they need V-8s all the time? To brag to the neighbor accross the street? To say "look at my Tundra! (with it's lack of finese?)

Oh, BTW, the Tundra gauges, pre 2014, spell cheap to me.

TRX-4 Tom | Apr 27, 2013 3:49:52 PM,

Someone some time ago wrote exactly that about your take on the displacement and pondered the question, "if that is the case why don't the manufacturers just put in a four-banger, with or without an air compressor?" I paraphrased, and I've used it on occasion before now.

If people buy a half-ton pickup truck just to have the big body, but they want the economy of a small engine, the technology exists to put a fully-blown four-banger under the hood.

Yes, I expressed exactly the mentality you spoke of because MY interpretation of buying a pickup truck is not for show, but for go -- as in utility application. Not fuel economy and dandy interiors. It would break my heart if some toddler barfed all over that nice interior, if it were my truck.

There are plenty of people everywhere that I see running around in an econobox with a trailer behind it, loaded with a refrigerator, or a washer and dryer, and even some sheets of plywood or wallboard.

Putting a half-ton truck with a V6 to work hauling a 1000-pound load (minus the weight of the driver) in its bed? Let's see if we still get better mileage than ANY V8.

The people who buy the six-cylinder trucks are also the ones who piss and moan the loudest about fuel economy in a pickup truck. Well, DUH! A lot of weight there for that squirrel to pull around.

That's just not a viable reason to buy a six cylinder truck since ANY pickup truck will return piss-poor fuel economy under ALL circumstances except maybe coasting downhill.

I've done six cylinder trucks in my early days. Compared to ANY V8 pickup truck from ANY manufacturer the V6 jobs just aren't real trucks. They're all show.

Seriously, people who buy V6 pickup trucks are just wannabees who want to look like they drive a real truck. A work truck is one thing. But a non-working, nicely-specced truck with a V6?

Naw, man, I can't see that as being anything but pretense.

I understand your love of the V8, as you know we in Australia are quite addicted to V8s.

But I do think you are incorrect in your assumptions about engines. I tend to agree with TRX-4 Tom on this one. (2nd in a month TRX-4 Tom :-)

It's 'horses for courses' that's why the trucking industry has a wide range of vehicle sizes and engines.

As for the 4 and 6 cylinder theory you have, I think it is a little short sighted. When I was building my home 4 years ago I used my Kia Sorento to tow my tandem trailer with up to 6 500lbs. You know what? It moved the weight easily. It only had a 200hp V6 with less than 230ftlb of torque.

Also, what about the 4 and 6 cylinder diesels? Some like my Mazda BT50 has more torque than many on your V8s and it tows exceptionally well.

I do know that there are 6 cylinder 14 litre diesels in prime movers as well.

New engines irrespective if they are gasoline or diesel are producing power and torque than was the realm of V8s only 20 years and even less in some cases.

V8 power is great and addictive, but some just can't afford the gas and others just don't see the need.

That's why we have choice.

Get you and you neanderthals off my A$$.

You work for Fiat.

Ever since you changed from Tom Terrific and came onto PUTC you have been on my back over mid sizers.

Why? Like I stated RAM DOESN'T have a midsizer. Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan all have one or there is one in the pipeline.

Here is a link poking some fun at Australians regarding a 'bogan' or bogan traits. If most of the commentors on this site lived in Australia they would definitely be classes as bogans. Just look at nicknames.

A bogan in Australia is similar to 'redneck' traits in the US and probably Canada.

I actually scored 25% on the test. A thong in Australia is a flip flop and the 'bin' is your trash can for collection.

I think the test transcends international boundaries in the world.

Have a look.


@TRX4 Tom, Luentenslager (including Tom Lemon)
"Did I just read ANCAP said safest truck in the world?"

Reading most of your posts I can see why you make so many errors.

You really are a fool. I would have thought people choosen for marketing would be smarter.

TRX4 Tom and your other aliases, you are dumber than dog s.................wow, try and add quality and truth in your statements. But from what I've read truth and guerilla marketing have nothing to do with each other.

I gave the Atlas some thought since the article came out. I think there is a limit on what is acceptable.

People do buy HDs for SUVs in the US but how many? There is a market but it isn't that large.

There would be a much larger market for midsizers if they weren't penalised through regulations and tariffs in the US.

The Atlas with all of its oh ah factors is not very viable.

Big Al from Oz | Apr 27, 2013 5:45:47 PM

I agree, that's why we have a choice. The opinions I hold are my own of course but I believe I share them with quite a few half-ton pickup truck aficionados, regardless of brand.

There are quite a few good men (and women) in America who, when faced with the choice of a V6 for their halfton truck, opt for the dated pushrod 4-8 Silverado, or the 4-8 RAM. They get even better fuel economy running on 4 cylinders than they do running on 8.

I don't know anyone who traded their V8 halfton pickup truck for one of the new V6 models, ecoboost or normally aspirated.

Then again, I live in the Great American Southwest where trucks are the best selling vehicles. Maybe V6 halfton pickup trucks are chic for the citified folk. Maybe someone could do the research to see where the V6 halfton trucks sell best and in what percentage, by state.

In my area I haven't seen many V6 fullsize halfton pickup trucks, aside from the work trucks and fleet applications. I'm sure they're out there, there's just not a lot of them in my area.

@Tom Lemon/DenverMike/TRX-4 Tom and all the other detractors,

The more you push the more I will become resolute.

What I find intriguing is that you have labelled me a midsize zealot, when in fact I don't support anything.

I give midsize feedback because you guys don't have what we have.

You seem to talk about midsizers much more than I do, you must very interested in them.

Give it up, between all of you I don't think you are convincing.

It's all well and good to be loyal. But loyalty can only go so far.

When there is a plethora of facts and data supporting an argument it becomes rather boring. Sort of like re-inventing the wheel, if you have heard of that phrase.

Most of the time the impression I'm gaining is that I'm debating the same person, but with different names.

Post what you want, I have proven all of you are just ignorant and fearful of what you deem the unknown.

Our country went more or less what you are going through now. You have nothing to worry about. No matter what happens in your vehicle market there will always be some form of light commercial vehicle.

@Paul - I'm not pushing anything, shifters used to be mechanical devices. That was true whether or not you drove an automatic or standard. All of the automatics (correct me if I'm wrong) are electronically controlled. A dial will select gears no better or worse than a column or console shifter. It is just an electronic switch. It works no differently than the dial for your heater fan.

@TRX-Tom - Ford sold Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata. Aston Martin was bought by an Arab company.

@Lou--I agree. Even power steering has gone electric for weight reduction a preciseness. Hydralics are a thing of the past. Why do you need a lever or shifter, it is just a vestige of the past.

RAM had many nice interiors in the past,as with Chrysler cars,their leather was always top notch.

Some models suffered when Chrysler was under Mercedes control,the leather on some models went south around 2006.

But not on my My 2005 SRT-10 QC has the best,most comfortable seats ever,and its a very good looking overall clean interior design.

Heck Chrysler was one of the first with the modern thick leather wrapped steering wheel..My 70 'Cuda has one,factory tuff wheel !

@ Lou ,

I just bought a 2013 RAM 1500 Laramie QC with the 8 speed ,dial shifter on the dash and it fits 6 people.

Do some research and you can find out they offer a ton of packages,with the console and without !

Another thing the Air Suspension is great,it raises like a lifted truck,stock height or low like a lowered truck,people assume its just self levelling(I assume you think so as you were off about the seating capacity).I had it up and people ask what lift did I put in it,I lower it and people ask me what did you do to slam it down.FYI,It handles corners awesome when the setting slammed down.

Furthermore,Pushrod engines are more reliable..Ford had a load of problems with its ohc engine,Tundra 5.7 ohc also eats cams.

FYI,Dodge had a ohc V-8,the 4.7 was a ohc engine and it didnt get better gas mileage than a good old pushrod..Heck my 505 c.i,8.3 L V-10 in my '05 RAM SRT-10 is a pushrod based on the old 360 !! Reliable,powerful and no stupid ohc !

I bet you think electric vehicles are state of the art,modern technology..In fact Electric vehicles are OLDER then a pushrod gas powered engine.

By the way Dodge had dash mounted shifters on its trucks since the 1950's..My 1970 D-200 had a dash mounted shifter.

And finally,the 6.4 is a 392 cu.in ,not a 391 ! And its not just a car motor,its also in the Grand Cherokee SRT-8.

Good Day.

I think somebody got it wrong, you can't get the 40/20/40 bench sear in a Ram Sport (would it be a Sport without a console?) Or you can't get the 40/20/40 in a Larimie Longhorn, but you can get it in the Larimie. Is that a high enough trim package for you?

As for Amanda almost turning the shifter dual at speed, wow, she must be a real smart one! I can't see how she could confuse it with a/c or stereo, but what can you say? Is she damn near legally blind? Other peoples kids....

Probably why she likes Tundras, made so the people with poor eyesight can see from the back seat

She drives a Ram. How does she like Tundras? If it was Ford that went with the radio dial I am sure you would be bashing it.

My test vehicle is the four-wheel-drive model, which has a slightly lower rating of 23 mpg. Still, I’ll believe it when I see it.

So that’s my long-term plan for the new Ram. But at the moment I’m struggling with a kneejerk first impression. The truck has a rotary knob for shifting its automatic transmission, instead of the usual lever on the steering column. And I don’ t like it.

The Chrysler Group LLC division last fall revealed a television ad that showed the new dial-style shifter.

Perhaps the new system will catch on and even become the standard eventually, but for now I’d prefer the interactive, engaging lever (like the one in the Chevrolet Silverado). A pickup truck is a big, mechanical thing designed for hard work. Their manufacturers may slather on layers of luxury features, but they can’t change the beasts’ basic nature.

Ram said the transmission knob works well with gloved hands and fits the truck’s macho image, but in everyday use it feels counterintuitive and downright dainty. I expected it to be bigger. It’s almost as small as the nearby radio and climate-control dials. I imagine reaching to turn down the volume and suddenly winding up in “park.”

I’m not sure this setup will fly with traditional truck buyers. Indeed, I can imagine Ram quietly switching back to the old-fashioned lever in a year or two.


Like Josh posted, why can't this site test trucks on thier own. Do a long term test on these so called fancy interiors that will look like crap in a few years. I thought this site was going to moderate the posts, ya right.


Re-read my posts.

I was defending the dial shifter.

I liked the fact that it freed up room in the truck.

Does your new truck have the 5.7 or V6?

Please show me where I have said push rod engines were less reliable than OHC in a slow revving pickup V8.

The only place a push rod engine would in theory be less reliable is in high rpm settings. Which doesn't exist in the majority of NA stock V8 engines.

Actually, the 6.4 came up in discussion a while back.
Bore 4.07 and stroke 3.72 = 391 (390.993)
Some one else had confirmed the 391 math.

MT also had issue with the rotory dial shifter.

Also big news, according to Chrysler, is the eight speed's twist-dial transmission control. Some of our testers, myself included, found it untrucklike, but it is nice to have it mounted on the dash and not on the column or console. We disagree with Ram's assertion that it's easier to operate while wearing gloves; it seems a column shifter is almost ideal for that. It is probably just a question of getting used to it, but I wasn't the only tester to turn up the volume on the radio while trying to go from reverse to drive in a three-point turn.

Read more: http://www.motortrend.com/oftheyear/truck/1302_2013_truck_of_the_year_ram_1500/viewall.html#ixzz2RovTV2i6

A lot of guys are going to need time to get used to this or they will go to the compeition. I also disagree on the dial shifter being easier to used with gloves.

Owners will appreciate an innovative rotary e-shift dial for trucks equipped with the new TorqueFlite 8-speed transmission that replaces both column and floor shifters. The exclusive rotary e-shift enables intuitive operation with a direct and confident feel, even with gloves on. The convenient, dash-mounted, easy-to-understand and operate system provides total control of the sophisticated eight-speed transmission and is Ram Truck's innovative approach to electronic shifters, already used in Class 6-8 trucks. This new design allows quick blind-shift transitions from "Reverse" to "Drive" when towing or navigating out of mud, snow or busy parking lots and crowded worksites. The new rotary e-shift dial also yields space for more functional and usable storage in the console.

The Ram 1500’s new, exclusive eight-speed transmission created the need for an innovative rotary e-shift dial in the cockpit to replace the center console gate shifter – a first for pickups. The new shifter works in a multitude of seating configurations and will replace floor and column shifters for use in the eight-speed transmission. Realizing this is a dramatic change in the way trucks have historically shifted gears, the interior design team accepted the challenge with a new shift knob, naturally and prominently placed to the driver’s right, at the lower left-hand side of the center stack, in place of the previous transfer case shift knob. The rotary dial enables intuitive blind-shift transitions between “Drive” and “Reverse” with a direct and confident feel. The transfer case retains full capability with push buttons located directly under the e-shift dial.

First pickup with a rotary dial shifter

@KLP: Amanda was on Tundra HQ badmouthing the Ram, was she not? My point? It shouldn't be too hard to tell between the shifter dial and the radio and a/c and heater control. One has big letters that say P R N D. And she was at a stop sign? People complaining like that possibly can't walk and chew bubble gum.

With all the posting about the rotary shifter in the Ram, Mopar could have, and I believe should have reached into their bag of tricks, and used the old Push Button type of shift from the 50's-60's cars, my dad had a couple of Chryslers, back in the day, (58 New Yorker, 61 New Yorker, and 64 Imperial Crown Coupe ) all with the Push Button shifting, and from what I remember as a kid, there were no problems, and those cars were realy something! I can even remember, as a young one, I would lay down on the rear shelf under the rear window in the 58, but was too big after that, I do remember the Imperial had a 413 Dual Quad Wedge engine, and all my cousins, that were old enough to drive, and own cars, could not beat my dads Imperial in a drag race! and one of them had a 66 GTO and the other had a 66 Barracuda, the only down side was gas mileage, but at $.25/gal, who cared? I do know my dad said if he drove at a normal pace, he could gat as much a 14MPG on the hyw. but in town would only get about 10, and when he raced them, you could se the gas gauge move!, Those big Chryslers were realy someting else! and the push button shifts were cool!

@Canadian Dodge Ram Owner: The problem with the 4.7 Dodge is it is not variable valvetrain.

You say with the air ride in the low setting it corners great, I don't doubt you, but are you referring to the low setting to get in and out of it and load and offload? Or the setting at speed, what over 55 mph? I wouldn't think it would go into the load/unload super low setting at speed, but I have never een one.

I would think it would work fine for me considering I caught my air damn on a tree limb and broke a fastener. I wouldn't want it to raiseit up so I could go "offroading" I would just want a tad more clearance, especially for snow.

I could use it when it lowers it for loading, to make it easier, or the ramp angles be less if I am loading my dune buggy or using a dolly loading engines.

Lou is right, it is officially a 391 but they call it a 392 to cash in onthe 1956-1958 392 Hemi engines.

@Highdesertcat: Sure, at some point a v-6 moving something heavy will only get the same mileage as a v-8, at ome point. I hardly doubt it is only 1,000 pounds as you say. Maybe 5-6,000 pounds? But what if that person doesn't pull even 5,000 pounds on a regular bases? Maybe once or twice a month they tow that 3500-4500 pound camper? Maybe they are more in the suburbs? Most of us know the city just puts the hurt on v-8 gas mileage.

It would be a good shootout/comparison to see, if they did gas mileage comparisons at every 1,000 pounds until the v-6 is maxed out.

Since you are always talking about finese, here is an idea: the Ram and Ford trucks with all aluminum v-6s will out handle the v-8 trucks all day long. Probably stop faster too. I would say the Tundra as well, but you and your buddies will cry about the electronic nannies engaging on the Tundra.

But since you always call v-6 truck owner wannabes, sounds like you truck is nothing but an extension of something else, that makes you seem manly.

I didn't buy mine to go racing. If I want to race I have a 400 HP 340 Dodge and a car that weighs 3200. With no pollution controls, less rules, less regulations.

@sandman4X4--My mother really love the push button drives on our 57 Chrysler Windsor Sedan and 59 Plymouth Sport Suburban wagon. As Lou said all the newer shift mechanisms work on electrical instead of mechanical so it doesn't really matter it it is a dial, push button, or leaver. I do see where many guys will want the shifter in the middle, but for reliability and function it makes no difference. I always wonder why the push button drive went away after 1964, it was actually a selling point for many.

TRX-4 Tom--I agree, in all honesty I would hardly ever use the capacities of a V8 and the Penstar V6 would be good enought for me. I drove a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Penstar V6. The V6 is more than adequate for my purposes.

This interior did not help their first quarter earnings, down over 60%. Back to the drawing board! By the way, pretty interiors do not make it a good and reliable truck.

Greg, no interiors don't make a good and reliable truck but this thread is about the Rams interior and the Ram has a pretty good one. A high quality interior does help in reliabilty of the interior though.

Watch this!


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^^^^^Damn spam^^^^!!! (2016 Power Wagon)

@Greg: Here is an idea: why don't you wait three days or so and see the April sales?

I've said it before, I'll say it again. Alot of folks were waiting on the 8 speed Hemis. They are selling now. The v-6s were out in most areas by February, but part of the deal was, the dealers were told to hold them, and always keep one v-6 on the lot. The March sales got better. They still can't keep them on the lots. (except for the 1 they were told to keep) It's only gonna get better, as the HDs are starting to appear. Chevy? Waiting for September for their limited release. Of a 5.3 only, and nothing new in the HDs.

I gotta think GMs big rebates will be much less on their new ones.

It seems HEMI V8 has been re-incarnated as 2016 Power Wagon.

I believe so, Al. And somebody can't leave your old posts alone and they keep screwing around posting it (it's not me)

It's interesting that there are 75,478 opinions..


The people like me that have owned and worked with ALL of these full size trucks will tell you without hesitation that the Ram 1500 is the best of the bunch.

Fewer trips to the shop for warranty work, fewer rattles and creaks and moans, better ride quality, more power, MUCH more reliable 4-wheel-drive system, just a better truck all around. The only thing that hurt the Ram compared to Furd and GM in the past was fuel economy...but that is finally starting to change.

Seriously, spend time with them all and then you don't even have to think about it. The Ram clearly feels like the better truck.

I don't, however, trust the Pentastar engine to go the distance so I would only buy the Hemi.

Ok! there must be some more news on the truck seen? as this post is getting old! However, I have just came back from the local Ram dealer yesterday! the same dealer I bought my 03 Dakota at exactly 10 yrs ago tomorrow, and I was able to drive the new V-6 Ram, as I was able to find a reg cab 4x4 Tradesman, with P/W/L 6.5' bed and the nicer radio and screen, and the V-6 option over the 4.7 ($1,000 ttl), and the dealer did not go with me! so I had a really nice test drive! and what do I think? it is a nice truck, but the price was over $28K! for a 6 cyl truck! granted it drove nice and all, but it is good they put the 8 spd with this motor, because I was able to hook up to a travel trailer, (mine) and gave it a real test, granted my trl is over the weight of what the truck is rated for, ( under 1k more)with the V-6, but not the Hemi, and I did not go to far, BUT it was terrible! and the computer was telling me I was getting 9! 9! 9! MPG!!! while towing the same trl I get 10-14 with the Chevy I own!! and I did get to drive a reg cab Chevy, the same day, a W/T with the 4.8 V-8 4x4 in it, with almost the same options as the Ram, (not as nice a radio) but the Chevy did have On-Star, and I now some of you hate that, but I like it, and, the Chevy did a better job than the new Ram V-6, granted that is a V-8 against the V-6, but with half the gears! and the rear end was higher in the Chevy 3:42 as the Ram had the 3:55, but the Chevy did not get any better MPG towing, and when empty and just crusin, got less, but the power felt better in the Chevy! but it does have more power, (slightly), but the bottom line was far apart, as the Ram was over 28K like I said, and the Chevy? was under 24K out the door, the list prices were about the same, but the Chevy has a lot more $ on the hood, and I am still not sure what I want, and I believe I will wait till the new Chevy comes out, it will be one or the other !!!

oh yea! this story is about the way the interiors on the Ram looks, and from what I can see, the Tradesman int. is not bad, but it is not that much better than on the W/T Chevy! with the LS package! and I think the seat in the Chevy was nicer! as it had the fold down console in cloth, and the Ram had the standard vinyl seat!

@Sandman 4x4: So if you KNEW it was over by close to 1,000 pounds with the Ram V-6, why would you bother hooking up to it? What would that be, a 6500 ish pound trailer, or more?

On the other hand you can always test the other side of that as well, test it empty and see if that 4.8 will get within 2 mpg of that v-6, which I doubt. More likely 3 differance in empty mileage.

If a person wants to tow even 5500 pounds regularly with a 4x4, the V-6 aint for them.

Al says (and Allpar says as well) they had thought about a 4.0 V-6. Maybe that will someday happen, but this is really just the beginning. The 3.9 and 3.7 V-6s they really didn't put much work into them.

The 4.8 should tow better, because isn't it 305 or so ft pounds of torque?

I wouldn't want the 4 speed anywhere hilly, been there done that with my 3.42 geared 5.3 ext cab 2006 Chevy 4x4. If it couldn't pull in drive it was revving to the moon.

I don't think you would be happy at all with a 4.8, you'd be happier with the 5.3 or the Hemi. Was there an 8 speed hemi you coulda hooked up to?

Yeah, there is a reason they have so much cash on the hood of that Chevy 4.8. Around here they are the trucks that you see the last years model on the lot in January with huge discounts. In my hilly area.

I think the salesperson riding with you is a Toyota / Ford deal. I have test drove two F-150s and both times dealers told me where to drive, same as the Focus I drove in 2005. The Tundra salesman rode along, but let me go wherever.

I have to wonder what the folks talking about truck and cars in the 60s said about the old pushbutton Dodges?

About time for some new news. But since they can't do shootouts every month ($$$$$) they give us this so we can atleast read and voice our opinion. It keeps us comming back. Sure, I wish they could road test more, but it takes money for shootouts. Wonder what's comming next?

I don't like the black plastic bezel around the GPS/Audio System, it looks really cheap. I thought the 2009-2012 trucks look a lot better and more expensive looking. In my opinion it is a downgrade.

Good job Ram and Chrysler interiors have come a long way since you got Daimler off your back!!! Them selling you was a blessing in disguise.

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