Recall Alert: 2013 Ram 1500 Pickups

2013 Ram 1500 II

Chrysler is recalling 6,600 2013 Ram 1500 pickup trucks in the U.S.

The pickups may be equipped with a faulty parking brake cable. Chrysler says the affected trucks were manufactured between Dec. 17, 2012, and Jan. 22, 2013. “Further investigation revealed six field reports alleging insufficient parking brake function, but Chrysler Group is unaware of any related accidents or injuries,” the automaker said in a statement.

The automaker will notify owners and dealers will inspect and replace the affected parts for free. Owners can call Chrysler at 800-853-1403 for more information or go to


@HEMI V8 - Where are you, Buddy?

Uh oh! Not again Ram!

The entire Truck is weak lol

I wonder when the Fire hazard recall will come out.

Must by putting the Fiat 500 parking brakes in their trucks.

Oh no not another Chrysler recall?????? This on top of faulty wiring harnesses that are catching fire?? I though they were the perfect hemi powered 8 speed best fuel economy truck in the world??? How will they ever bounce back?

Cathes on Fire
Faulty Parts
Recall after Recall
Not sure if it's part Chrysler

Ram the Truck who wishes 2013 will be a year to remember, yeah for all the unhappy customers lol but who blames them.

And yet it still looks better than anything Chevrolet has put out since 2002.

I hardly use the parking break on an automatic truck anyways not a big deal GM trolls.

@AllenK Yeah something Miss Piggy would drive lol

I hardly use the E Brake, when I do I forget to take it off anyway and so I'm sure mine is gone and wouldn't do much.

They better recall them for new trucks that burst into flames...

Dave: you just failed your driving test, how many times did it take you to pass in your home state? that is if your even have a license.

There will always be naysayers. 90% of the time the parking brake is never used--the exception being when you park on a hill and can't trust the transmission (in the event of an automatic) to hold. About the only owners who MIGHT notice this issue are any driving a manual transmission (and there's blinkin' few of those in RAM trucks) or those few who automatically set the brake, whether it's needed or not. I, for one, don't set the parking brake on an AT vehicle without reason, even though I always do with a manual. In all honesty, this recall doesn't deserve all the vilification being given by the haters.

I always use the parking brake, even on flat land. This is a safety issue.

Really? every major automaker has recalls, and especially on first year productions, this is nothing new. The amount of crap thats being spewed makes this site seem like it is all 12 year olds. Pathetic.

I only use the P-Brake on the boat ramp mainly because its steep and I have the added weight of the boat and trailer which is hard on the tranny to hold all the wieght, not to mention I'd rather the hole thing not go into the lake.

Actually the E brake was not on the driving test where I live. (Georgia) Or maybe I don't remember, but I drive a 5 spd manual F-250 so I have to use it. I only use it in a automatic when I am on a hill or pulling something heavy and stop somewhere.

Fix it again Tony.

Parking brake is a big deal, real hard on the transmission wile loading a skid steer without it engaged

Well look at that, they must be a normal car company: they have recalls occasionally.

The trolls need to get their immature narrow minds off the website.

Hey other Dave, Brakes are not a big deal? Wow.

I use the park brake only when I have to ie. parked on a hill, or parked on ramps, or where one doesn't want extra stress on the auto transmission park mechanism. I've had brakes freeze in the winter time so I'd rather not get into the habit of using them all of the time.
This is a minor recall but liability lawyers seem to run the North American world. Maybe the CIA can use those drones on lawyers instead of rescue workers and people attending funerals.

So does the parking brake make the truck catch on fire, or do the fires cause the parking brake to quit working?

So hard to tell on these Rams. I imagine I will see a flaming Ram rolling down a hill pretty soon.

Bad Brakes
Big Fires

@Denvermike and Dave, Weren't you saying earlier that the parking brake wasn'tn't a big deal and not to be used. Now you wanna call out Hemi V8 and Ram for a very minor issue with it. Stop being hypocrites! Only 6000 trucks are being recalled! That's nothing comared to some of the recalls from Ford.

If so few trucks are affected, (remember, they've been buiulding 'em as fast as hey can), then the problem was possibly somehing as simple as a new design that didn't have updated work instructions at the right time. Or even an audit of calibration records that showed a torque tool out of spec. These things happen.

@TAN 2016 PW - When did I say it was a "big deal"? I didn't. HEMI V8 used to be the absolute king of making something out of nothing. That's exactly why he should be here.

And where is HEMI V8? You magically appeared at the same time he disappeared (in shame). Funny how that happened, no? I knew he was... You were just going to reinvent yourself because you cannot stay away... And who else would anyone defend a notorious troll?

It's only a "big deal", if it happens to you and HEMI (You) were big on the anecdotal. Of course, HEMI (You) were talking about more than F-series, but all Ford cars. 200K Chryslers are involved?

I came on this site 7 months ago and was cool to all.
Then TROLLS like Lou, Frank, cory, Keith started in with their Ford truck bull after there precious ford got whipped by the Ram Runner. I am not the only one using the hemi name on this site.In fact someone is posting under my name at times. I could car less what you think of Ram or Dodge. I had a P.O.S Ford once it burned from a faulty switch and I lost thousands.

P.S. I can post what ever I want on here so kiss my @$$!

All Guts

All Glory

All best in class Ram!

Posted by: HEMI V8 | Oct 10, 2012 11:02:00 PM

2016 Power Wagon = HEMI V8

What a coward.

@2016 Power Wagon Freedom of Speech, all the way and hell yeah you can post what ever you want. We all may have or opions and so on but I'm with you 100% on Freedome of Speech.

There's a few guys that will say this and that about Freedom of Speech that I'm wrong and they are always right, but the fact is that the Internet is Free for all us to use and express our own opions, even if we disagree that's what makes us Great!!!

Yes FORD sucks!!!

The trucks were not the only vehicle recalled. They recalled over 200,000 vehicles for various problems including Jeeps and some cars. They better start working on their quality issues or they will lose repeat buyers.

@AllAmerican,, SO DO YOU!!

@K Yeah I do express my opion based on facts and yeah I do get a little carried away with being a GM Fan but that's what Freedom of Speech is all about.

I never say hey your wrong and I'm right or try to bully someone, everyone is entitled to their own opion.

Anyone can say this and that about GM but we all work hard for own dollars and we can take those dollars to the dealer and purchase the Truck we can afford.

As an American I hated when Ford would promote that there quality has now surpased that of Toyota, hell Toyota's are crappy as can be!!!

***Ford has always had the best Interiors.

***GM has always had the best Engines and Transmissions!!!

***Ram has always had the best Standard Pick-up Truck with Balls

But at the end of the day in my opion GM Makes a better truck!!!

I get the feeling that HemiV8 has changed his name to 2016 PowerWagon. Is that when the PW will get that 391 car motor ?
@allAmerican - freedom of speech? This site is privately owned and they allow us the privilege to post on this site. Please note "PRIVILEGE". That is by definition a permission or benefit granted to an individual. They can withdraw or withhold that privilege any time they want.
What does one do when there are conflicting rights? One may have the right to free speech but a person also has the right to happiness,and freedom from persecution. If, by exercising one's right to free speech, one ends up persecuting or inciting hatred towards another, then that right can be sanctioned.

Great Job Mark Williams... you are a whole day late on the news and mentioned nothing about the Diesel issue... Where is the other guy that ran this thing???

Please forgive me RAM truck owners for talking negatively about you and your trucks. I really fear that my Ford truck will catch fire one day. I'm concerned enough that I don't park it in my garage at night, and I do carry two large fire extinguishers in the cab just incase. You are not alone RAM owners. I feel your pain.

Some bleach and a broom to clean up the guts.

Couldn't resist. ;)

@Lou That's the key not stepping on anyone's right. Once this website or blog makes a post it is done on something called the Free Internet, thus making it possibly to write your opion just as you see it!!! Come on we are talking about a website not a physical wall where you can damage it by writing non-sense on it lol you guys just make me laugh thinking your so smart!!!

And yes Ford Sucks!!!

@AllAmerican - incorrect. Posts get deleted and IP addresses have been banned from this site. The site administrator can delete any posts stored on this sites server. Unless one takes every post on this site and permanently stores it on their computer, it can be removed.
This news area is free in as much as one does not need to register or have a legitimate email address to post. The fact that one does need to enter an email address and enter an anti-spam code indicates it is not totally free.
One does not need to vandalize a wall, I assume you are referring to graffiti, when one is talking about violating one's rights. It does not damage this sites server by posting derogatory, inflammatory, incorrect, contrived, slanderous, or hateful information. It does damage the credibility of this site, the credibility of the brand that one is posting about, and also damages the credibility of the brand one supports.

One can post what ever they think is their opinion, I do suspect that you are very familiar with that age old saying, "Opinions are like a--holes, everyone has one". The interesting thing about that saying is that the "a--holes" seem to have the most inflammatory opinions.

@Lou, Wrong. Posts used to get deleted, but no ip's have been banned. As long as you're not posting a bunch of links or posting anything illegal, basically anything goes.

Ouch for Chrysler/Fiat SpA!!!

This Ram recall and a global recall of 263.000 vehicles announced earlier today. I home they get things together over their. Even though I do not buy their brands, I still do no want to see them go under. Although I don't want to pay tax dollars to keep them afloat either.

home = hope in my previous post. Damn phone spell checker!!

Lou is correct.

I can assure you IP addresses are and have been getting deleted very, very recently.

Glory... or maybe not
LOL yeah...
after my 02 Dakota.. wont buy another dodge...clunking in front end (normal) leaking front main seal.. (not bad enough) transmission popping out of gear...(while drivining) no parking brake was needed for that one Dave...only had 567 miles on it.. they had to "rebuild it"

This site is about trucks and we can post our opinion and our opinions are protected here in the United States.

Who's post have been deleted? Who, no one point exactly!!!

And Yes Ford Sucks!!!

Al, You lie. You wish ip's were banned but no ips are banned. This is a fact. If anyone should be banned, I think you should be the first.

Looks like Bob and HemiV8 has a cousin who has learned to type.
Yes, IP's have been banned unless you happen to be one of the trolls working the site with multiple IP addresses or IP disguising software and know that you've managed to keep multiple personality posting and they haven't caught you.

"our opinions are protected here in the United States."


There are civil rights groups in the USA that would disagree.

Do some research on the powers of Homeland Security.

At least you are safe from drone attacks and kidnappings where one wakes up in a Cuban beachfront cell.

As previously pointed out - one can have any opinion they want but expressing those opinions on a public forum are another story.

You missed the part about this site being privately owned?

Why don't you read the "Privacy Agreement", and the "Terms of Service".

You've posted your opinions and since you have an extremely limited range of opinions and flexibility in relation to those opinions, you don't need to post again since you've said it all.

I wonder how many names you will come up with for your rebuttal?

You people are idiots.

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