Reid Bigland Gets Top Spot at Ram

Reid-Bigland II

With the sudden departure of Fred Diaz from Ram Truck last week, Fiat/Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne announced that Reid Bigland will become the new head of Ram Truck.

Bigland was the president and CEO of the Dodge Brand and Chrysler Canada. In his new role as president and CEO of Ram Truck, he will retain his positions as head of U.S. sales for Chrysler and CEO of Chrysler Canada.

Although Bigland has been focused on cars, SUVs and crossovers since he joined Chrysler in 2006, he does have a strong background in work trucks, holding key positions at medium- and heavy-duty truck makers Western Star and Freightliner. No doubt there will be a steep learning curve for the new president and CEO of Ram Truck, but with his background in the commercial and individual truck markets, this could be a huge win for Ram Truck designers and engineers looking to make a stronger impact in the pickup and commercial van segments.

To see the full press release with more Chrysler management changes, click here



I just hope macaroni let's the man do his job right.I have a feeling that one of the reasons Diaz left was because of macaroni and his pet ego.

Bigland is a fabulous choice as the replacement. That guy is a superstar in this company.

Way to go Rammie Boys!!!

Not a bad choice, but Diaz was so good lookin, I will miss him.

With Diaz at Nissan now, I'll be betting there will be some well needed changes and updates coming to the Frontier and Titan.

read ALL of the comments on this link concerning Ram you will notice a name of a contributor
what role do you play at Ram Mr. Tom Lemon
who says P.U.T.C. doesn't have the UAW commenting
interesting stuff

tom lemon=denvermike?

Here is an interesting Bio from Chrysler Canada.

It looks like Reid Bigland is a heavy hitter in the Fiat/Chrysler Organization.

AmericanPie aka Big Al from Oz,

Wrong. There is more than one Tom Lemon and no I am not Mike nor do I have any ties to the UAW.

Put your conspiracy theories to rest because you are are becoming borderline psychotic.

It seems Reid has had a very progressive career so far.

He is also at the same executive management level as his predecessor.

Sergio looks like he's picked the right guy. This is another illustration at the shakeup of management in Fiats NA operations. This is not to takeaway from Fred Diaz going to Nissan.

Like I said, Fiat will get Chrysler on its feet again.

NA vehicle manufacturers and workers still require a little more of a reality check to become more competitive.

Quality needs to improve.

@Tom Lemon/DenverDike etc
Maybe you have pissed off more people than me???

Don't know. Who else on this site might have had enough of your antics.

Al, You are becoming a joke. I haven't posted on here for weeks.

I havn't posted in over a month now.

The last post was Big Al. This guy is such a joke.

Does the top management at fiat understand the U S pickup market.I spent 2 years over there 69 to 71 do not see a pickup.They think a truck needs a flat bead or box & should be owned by a company or business.

don nc, 69-71 really? Thats almost horse and buggy time a lot has changed in over 40 years.

I did see some trailers pulled by horses.I also know that they still are not very big in the pickup market.

@Tom Lemon
You seem to have your nose out of joint.

Sure you are not a UAW stooge?

After reading American Pie's link, I researched your name on Detroit News. Makes for interesting reading.

Sure, you are not the same person?

@ Tom Lemon,

Yep,Chrysler is saving Fiat and guess what back in the late 90's early 00's Chrysler saved Mercedes..

Chrysler was the most profitable company in the 90's then the people running Chrysler swindled its stock holders into a so-called merger with Mercedes..Mercedes took Chrysler's billions in reserve money to prop up their brand while leaving Chrysler with little money.

I just hope this new merger with Fiat works,and it seems it might as long as they can control the entitled Union workers...Anyone caught damaging/doing a bad job /sabotaging a product at work should get fired right away,no excuses..The company is doing them a favor by paying them for their time,as most people are so dull/limited they dont even deserve the money they are paid.That goes for any business/job..PERIOD !

@don nc,

Fiat has a line of trucks called Iveco...

I think they can build a truck...

It's good that Fiat's Chrylser division is doing well.

Except without Fiat there would be no Chrysler, sorry. Here's a cut and paste.

Not one US company was prepared to take on the risks that Chrysler had. So Fiat should deservingly have the cream.

Chrysler is sizzling and so much so, notes Reuters, that Marchionne is suggesting the Chrysler-Fiat alliance might use Fiat plants in Italy to build cars for export to North America. Fiat, by the way, now owns 61.8 per cent of Chrysler. More importantly, Chrysler long ago paid off the bailout loans from the Canadian and U.S. taxpayer.

Fiat was initially given a small stake in Chrysler as part of a technology and management deal designed to help Chrysler emerge successfully from bankruptcy in 2009. Since then, Fiat has steadily increased its stake in Chrysler while also paying off the taxpayer. Talk about a success story in the making…

I have no doubt they can build a truck but they do not have pickups over there as we do.They see trucks as work trucks and think luxury,family type pickups are wasteful.

Big Al from Oz is trying to turn another post off-topic again.

Stay on topic. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post.


@mopar are smoking something.

Daimler lost HUGE money on their foolish acquisition of Chrysler. Paid $35-40 billion and received a fraction of that in May 2007 when they convinced a group of Wall Street suckers to buy it for less than FIVE billion.

Daimler got one advantage from that transaction but it cost them dearly to get it: They got introduced to a great group of American firms--suppliers-- that were already doing business with Chrysler. Apart from that they lost huge money with that deal.

Ram interior grabs major award

Reid Bigland should be proud!


@2016 Power Wagon
And you fan boys don't.

Then you and your bretheren better get together and lay off of me.

Things might improve then.

Like I've stated several times this site has www. in front of it maybe you guys will realise what that is.

Also, if you read my first comment it was to Lou about this particular article, but I know that's just an oversight on your part, whoever you are this time 2016 Powerwagon.

I'm in this for the long haul. I do know Mark Williams wants me to stay on.

Oh, by the way, the problem you are having with me is I'm not aligned to anything. Sort of makes it harder, doesn't it?

You only have two tools to employ, midsizers and anti Americanism. But somehow it isn't working to well.

Because I'm neither.


@Big Al: Ah, didn't they say (Reuters) say that in September? I thought it was 58% Fiat owned? When did it become 61.8? I think you are just trying to sway people.

@Papa Jim: Daimler also took over Jeeps plant in China, (where Jeeps were made FOR China) to get their foot in the door there. That's were Mitt Romney tried to make everyone think they were gonna build all Jeeps in China for the US. Then they sold New Venture/New Process drivetrain.

Bigland is a good choice. It appears Fiat is taking the Ram division serious and has big plans for it. I am sure Mr. Diaz will be missed but it looks like Bigland is a good choice for Chrysler. Diaz needs to work some magic with Nissan's trucks, which hopefully he will. Good luck to both Mr. Diaz and to Mr. Bigland on their new positions.

@TRX-4 Tom
It's a cut and paste.

Anyway 58% or 80%, Sergio pulls the strings.

Dang! not that I have a problem w/ bigland he seems like a very fit replacement w/ what Diaz has done for chrysler trucks chrysler used to just be about muscle and now they are a respected player in trucks watch the amazing things he will do to the titan I just hope bigland will roll w diazs momenteum

Anybody happen to get the note that RAM now gets more Consumer sales than any other brand?

Ford is the king of the Fleet sales, followed by GM.

Now, how true this may be is obviously up for discussion.

@Tom Lemon - BAFO is currently making a joke of himself of TTAC too. Possibly on other sites as well.

TRX tom, thanks for that info about Jeep and China. How's it working for Daimler? It did not help them unless Daimler stockholders still hold really huge stakes in Chrysler--which I seriously doubt. Not knocking your point here, I just don't get it.

@TRX4 Tom: @Big Al From OZ:

Here's an exerpt from the latest available financial info from Chrysler/Fiat:

"In addition, in July 2012 and January 2013, Fiat exercised its call option rights to acquire two tranches of Class A Membership Interests, each of which represent approximately 3.3 percent of the Company’s outstanding equity. The transactions are not yet complete because the VEBA Trust disagrees with Fiat’s pricing of the membership interests. The matter is currently the subject of a proceeding in the Delaware Chancery Court. In the event that these transactions are completed as contemplated, Fiat will own 65.17 percent of the ownership interests in Chrysler Group and the VEBA Trust will own the remaining 34.83 percent."

While not yet 100% owned, Fiat is only a few percent away from holding 2/3rds and is very obviously and definitely in controlling power over Chrysler at this time. There are, of course, reports that Fiat is trying to buy out that remaining 34.83%.

If one reads Reid Bigland's bio, he was a HR director at WesternStar, then became their Director of USA sales. He then moved into Director of Vocational sales for Feightliner, Sterling, WesternStar. He then Became Dealer Manager, and from there he become President of Freightliner Custom Chassis.
Does anyone get the picture?
Fiat would like to find a way to get Iveco commercial vehicles into the USA. Ram and Ram Commercial are that way. A fellow that worked his way up through the ranks of the commercial trucking business would be a good fit for a company wanting to expand commercially.
That begs the question, did Diaz feel the heat in the kitchen and chose to leave while the gettin' was good?
Bigland does seem to be a better fit for Ram as they move into the future.

@DWFields - It does look like Fiat will slowly ease the UAW and the VEBA Trust out of the picture. They want to hang on to continue to have a say in the company.

@Big Al - I expect that Fiat will be building Chrysler/Jeep/Ram vehicles in Italy in the near future.

Reid Bigland now has three jobs now. Chrysler Canada, US Sales, and Ram. Diaz was a nice fit for RAM since they build the HDs down in Mexico. Reid's duties now could have him in three countries. One would assume he will give up one of these jobs, obviously not RAM.

I think you're quite correct.

The value of the Euro isn't going to move higher for years as well.

Spain, Italy, Portugal etc are the new Mexico's.

I think the problems in the Eurozone will have an impact internally with the old Eastern Bloc countries vying for manufacturing.

Competition is great.

Reid Bigland is Canadian. If everyone is keeping track now: Ram is now Canadian managed, Italian owned, and made in Mexico (HDs and halfton RCs.) Fiat's plan from day 1 was to make Chrysler and Ram less and less American.

Fiat wants to make more Rams in Mexico or elsewhere if it can save just $1. Look for crewcab halftons to make their way sout of the border. Likewise, if firing Diaz saved just $1 the head of Sergio would have no problem doing it. Diaz might have asked for a raise.

What if Diaz asked for a $1 raise for every Ram truck that sold? Sergio Marchionne probably told him you're fired!

@Dale - Sergio Marchionne is an Italian-Canadian. So does that mean Fiat is also run by a Canadian?

Maybe Bob and Doug Mckenzie should be the new spokesmen for

If you put it that way...
Ram is run by a Canadian.
Parent company Chrysler is run by a Canadian.
Owner Fiat is run by a Canadian.
Jeep is run by Michael Manley who was born in Edenbridge, Great Britain - British.
Dodge CEO was Canadian until yesterday when Timothy Kuniskis, from NY, took over - the lone American.
Ralph Gilles, head of SRT, born in NY by Hiatin immigrants but raised in Canada - Canadian.
After 2014, most of Ram will be made in Mexico if it can save $1. Ram = Candian-Italian-Mexican brand.

I know this is going to make a lot of buy American for Ram people upset, but I had to do it.

Is it is true that the delays on the 3500 rollout was due to Marchionne trying to save a $1 on plastic engine covers? I heard something about those covers on allpar. Is Marchionne cheap? Is that why Diaz quit?

To save $1 will Marchionne move Ram production to Italy?

With Europe’s auto market in a nosedive, Fiat SpA (F)’s Italian operations are running at just half capacity. Chrysler Group LLC’s are flat out as its sales boom. So why not build Chryslers in Italy?

That’s what Sergio Marchionne, chief executive of both companies, is considering to ease the pressure on the U.S. carmaker and keep Italian workers on the job, according to three people familiar with the matter.

“Export from Italy is a way to use some of the capacity that is in Italy and the exports can go anywhere,” Mike Manley (British), the head of Chrysler’s international operations, said on Oct. 16 in his ninth-floor office at the company’s headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Manley declined to elaborate on plans for production in Italy.

tom lemon=denvermike

read ALL of the comments on this link concerning Ram you will notice a name of a contributor
what role do you play at Ram Mr. Tom Lemon
who says P.U.T.C. doesn't have the UAW commenting
interesting stuff

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